KITHKINCAID's SparkPeople Blog KITHKINCAID's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Athlete Interrupted When you run - you're an athlete. When you swim - you're an athlete. When you hike, or bike, or curl, or skate, or ski, or play really hard - you're an athlete. Even when "you're only doing it to lose weight." <BR> <BR> I'm beginning to realize that the biggest mistake I made a few years ago was not recognizing what I had become. An athlete. <BR> <BR> Athlete's train. They take care of their bodies. They seek nutritious fuel for their daily activities and refrain from intaking things that a... Thu, 22 Mar 2018 00:00:53 EST Write It Down Three people in the last 2 weeks have told me to "write it down." My doctors want me to keep logs of pain, my therapist thinks writing things down is a good way to keep track of trends, and I've been trying to food journal again. But it wasn't until having a conversation with my massage therapist today while he was working out some kinks that it finally clicked - the thing that has been missing in my various attempts at losing weight and sticking to a plan for the past 5 years has been my lac... Thu, 15 Mar 2018 01:14:31 EST Binge Busting Things have been going well for a few weeks now. I have found a bit of a groove with cooking meals, and exercising and have posted losses on the scale. Until this past week. Despite my best efforts, I've been hungry all week, have eaten well over my calorie range every day, only exercised once and posted a 4 pound gain today. Ugh. But, I've done a ton of emotional work this week and between that and a pattern that I have discovered concerning my actual, physical hunger approximately 3-4... Sun, 17 Apr 2016 14:16:21 EST What Next? It's been a while since I was able to answer the question "What makes me feel good?" <BR> <BR> I find when I can't answer that question, it's because the only answer I have is food. It's a sad state of affairs when I can't come up with one other thing in my life that doesn't feel like an effort or "work." The standards: reading a book, having a bath, going for a walk - all TERRIBLE suggestions because that would require me to do something other than getting off the couch or out of bed and th... Fri, 1 Apr 2016 12:30:00 EST The Definition of Insanity We all know this one, right? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different outcome. <BR> <BR> So, by definition, I'm currently insane. And boy, oh boy, do I ever feel it. <BR> <BR> I have taken some time over the past couple of days to revisit some of my old blog posts and I almost don't recognize the voice of the person who wrote them. I kinda want to punch her she's so chipper and happy and such a damn know-it-all :) That's how f... Tue, 29 Mar 2016 13:37:40 EST New Beginnings? I'm lying in bed on Easter morning, drinking decaf and cuddling with my cat. Sounds idyllic, right? Like the stuff of a Folgers commercial, all shiny-happy. <BR> <BR> But the reality is that I'm lying in bed because I'm so depressed, I can't get out of it, except to get the coffee. My life is anything but what it was 6 years ago when I was here for the first time. And I guess I'm back now looking for the thing that brought me here in the first place and from which I derived so much success i... Sun, 27 Mar 2016 13:24:10 EST The Key To Starting Over Is Starting Over I'm a different person than I was when I started Spark in 2010. In the 4 years that I have spent in and out of this friendly confine I have lost countless pounds, gained some back, run countless miles, moved, changed jobs, changed boyfriends, made new friends, lost a few friends, and lived a full and eventful life in a progressively healthier body and mind. I have grown and I have experienced. <BR> <BR> But when setbacks occur - and they always do, the biggest mistake that we tend to make is... Fri, 15 Aug 2014 15:15:08 EST Give Me Back My Spark! I now know why this site is called SparkPeople. It's because when it's working and you're successfully achieving goals and losing weight, you've got that "thing," that SPARK, that accounts for so much more than just simple motivation. It's a drive to keep going and keep pushing beyond anything else - beyond the small set-backs, or random life happenings that can otherwise derail a person who doesn't have "it." It's the thing that makes you push through the pain, muddle through the negative th... Mon, 7 Apr 2014 23:39:58 EST Life Happens! Hi Sparkies! I'm BAAAACCCKKK! <BR> <BR> Be honest - you missed me, right? :) <BR> <BR> This is just a quick note to tell you the reasons that I have returned and just a brief "here's what's up in my life right now" update. <BR> <BR> I didn't fall (totally) off the wagon. I've gained about 20 pounds back this winter (a lot of people have - screw you winter!), but for the most part I've actually done a really great job in the past year of maintaining everything that I accomplished with Spark... Thu, 20 Mar 2014 12:49:15 EST New Life, New Blog Yesterday marked another Sparkversary for me. Hard to believe it's been 3 years. But yesterday also marked another anniversary. Yesterday I quit my full-time job. Amidst the bombs in Boston, my heart was racing for oh so many reasons. So many things in my life came full circle yesterday, and so, what better way to commemorate all those changes than with a new blog? <BR> <BR> Follow me over here, won't you? <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Tue, 16 Apr 2013 14:48:31 EST Ten Things I Hate About Binging I'm going to post this blog on my cupboard and try to refer to it when I get in that unstoppable mindset. Waking up the morning after a binge (a really big binge) has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. So here's a list of everything I really hate about what binge eating does to my body: <BR> <BR> 1. Heart palpitations and sweats from my body working so hard to digest all that extra food. <BR> 2. The salt hangover sensation in my mouth, like I haven't brushed my teeth in weeks. <BR... Sun, 24 Mar 2013 10:44:15 EST NO. How many times have you said "No" today? Last week? Last month? <BR> <BR> It's a powerful word, but we tend to live in a "Yes" society and I can bet that most people here have a bit of a "Yes" problem. I know I do. I have guilt, I don't like to close doors, I feel like I'm going to miss out, like someone might be mad at me, like I'm obligated to participate, like I won't be asked again if I say "No". <BR> <BR> And so I "Yes" all over the place. "Yes" to work, "Yes" to fun, "Yes" to socia... Mon, 11 Mar 2013 14:32:05 EST Reset. Start Again. I'm not proud. I said that I would NEVER EVER EVER again see a 2 in front of my weight. Currently I weigh 206.6 pounds. I need to fix that. <BR> <BR> First goal is to get back to Onederland. <BR> <BR> Second goal is to stop feeling like a sausage in my clothing. <BR> <BR> Achievement of first goal will likely help the second. <BR> <BR> I don't have time today for a long blog - my parents are in town and I'm going bike shopping for my Tri bike. Time to get back out there. <BR> <BR> To... Fri, 1 Mar 2013 11:35:50 EST Ten Pound Warning I've gained a solid ten pounds since running the Marathon in October. <BR> <BR> This happened in a myriad of ways - injury prevented me from running or zumba, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, a month without drinking for December made me into a drinking fiend for January to make up for it, my schedule has been a nightmare leaving zero time for planning, cooking, or exercise, and to tell you the honest truth - eating like a glutton feels really good...until it doesn't. <BR> <BR> Last wee... Thu, 7 Feb 2013 15:11:30 EST Living In The Glow It's been almost a month since my last WEIGHTY blog. Didn't mean to leave anyone hanging, but you know how it is - things be busy yo! <BR> <BR> A short update: my boyfriend and I are fine, the parties haven't stopped - but my attitude towards them is a little different than it was previously, and I'm trying - ever so hard - to forgive myself and just live with it and through it, as hard as it is on a daily basis. <BR> <BR> That last blog lead to some of the longest and most supportive resp... Tue, 4 Dec 2012 13:46:41 EST When Things Fall Apart If I were a hermit I would be skinny. <BR> <BR> Seriously - if all I had to think about was myself, my daily caloric intake and expenditure and had zero distractions from the outside world, this whole thing would be a piece of cake (or piece of reduced fat, sugar free banana bread). <BR> <BR> But we all know that's not normal, and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to live IN THE MIDDLE. I'm either on the wagon or off the wagon and for a whopping 10 days in a row now (or more), I... Tue, 6 Nov 2012 14:25:48 EST Stress Fracture About 3 months ago, the top of my right foot started hurting me. It was exacerbated by a hip issue (likely bursitis of the hip) that came on right before the marathon. Trying to favour those injuries resulted in a lot of stress on my left knee, which for those of you who have read my marathon blog, know was a big issue for the last 10 miles of that race. <BR> <BR> I've been deliberately ignoring the warning signs for a long time now. I didn't want the bad news and I definitely didn't want... Wed, 24 Oct 2012 13:54:59 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 27 (Like It Never Happened? Moving Past The Marathon) Congratulations. You've made it. This is the last blog in my Weekly Mile Series! <BR> <BR> Bittersweet. <BR> <BR> I remember ON2VICTORY's blog at this point in the game, so I can't say that I wasn't prepared to be a little...depressed about the whole thing. It's like post-partum, or post-wedding, or post- any other huge life event - I just trained 9 MONTHS for this one day in my life, and now it's over. Sure, I have other things to move on to, but my first marathon has come and gone, an... Fri, 19 Oct 2012 18:53:33 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 26.2 (The Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2012 - RACE REPORT!) Well... I managed to write the title and now I have writer's block. I've been staring at the blinky cursor thingy for about 10 minutes now... <BR> <BR> Where does one start when trying to describe running their first Marathon? <BR> <BR> The day before? The night before? The Expo? The beginning? <BR> <BR> How about at the end? <BR> <BR> Yeah - the end sounds good. Because it's at the end that I finally get to say: <BR> <BR> I AM A MARATHONER!!! <BR> <BR> And this is the story of the on... Tue, 9 Oct 2012 18:10:40 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 25 (Planning for Success) So in case you haven't figured it out by this point, I'm running a marathon this week. <BR> <BR> No seriously. I'm running a marathon. (Sometimes I have to repeat things to myself to make sure they're sinking in.) I'm running a marathon. <BR> <BR> P.S. Taper Madness is a real thing. It exists. And it's a TOTAL mind f#$%. There, I said it. <BR> <BR> If I can give you ANY advice at all for a successful taper it is this: <BR> <BR> DON'T READ ANYTHING! <BR> <BR> (Except maybe this blog.)... Tue, 2 Oct 2012 23:30:53 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 24 (7 in 7 & Happy Taper!) The first week of the taper has already passed and I have officially completed SEVEN half marathons in 7 weeks (and then some). On Saturday I finished my last "long run" of 14 miles before the marathon, the longest distance left to run before 26.2 is 8 miles this weekend. I've got this in the bag! <BR> <BR> It's amazing that I can look at 8 miles now and think - "Eh, no big deal". What a change has come over me - the person who saw exercise as equivalent to having teeth pulled only a coup... Mon, 24 Sep 2012 19:40:07 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 23 (The 20 Miler!) You guys. I ran 20 miles. In a row. And I only took about 3/4 of a mile in accumulative walk breaks... <BR> <BR> I feel like a Super Hero. <BR> <BR> Except I also feel like I've been hit by a Mini Cooper. Preparedness, I'm sure, for the fact that after I run this Marathon, I'm going to feel like I've been hit by a Mac Truck. So for now, I'm good with the Mini Cooper. <BR> <BR> This was my last official week of Marathon Training. Welcome to the Taper! The next 3 weeks are going to be ab... Mon, 17 Sep 2012 23:38:34 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 22 (The Importance of Step Backs) Nikhil believes in accumulative training. Even though it's pretty contrary to every book ever published on running, I have to respect that everyone has their own methods for going the distance. He likes running further every time he runs. I follow the method that involves, what I believe, are very important step backs in weekly mileage to give your body time to rest & recuperate, and your brain time to adjust to the fact that the long run you just accomplished was actually "easy". And tha... Mon, 10 Sep 2012 18:42:40 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 21 (Back on Track) I still haven't run the entirety of the Lakefront Trail - but this week I completed 18 miles, and I saw what the other end of the path looks like. So overall, we're calling this week a big win. <BR> <BR> After spending some time sulking about what I deemed to be a failure last week, I finally forgave myself for the things I couldn't control and got back out there for another run. I was going to do my shorter 6 mile run on Tuesday night, but felt so good out there, I made it for the full 8 ... Wed, 5 Sep 2012 01:10:12 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 20 (If All You Can Do Is Tri...) I was due for a setback. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. Things were going SO well, and this weekend, I ran headfirst into a wall. I'm bummed. Totally disappointed in myself. And more than just a little bit freaked out. All you need is one minor thing to happen and it can really mess with your head. You start doubting your ability to really do this thing. <BR> <BR> So this blog is about putting things in perspective and talking myself back out on the road... <BR> <BR> I was... Tue, 28 Aug 2012 18:07:59 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 19 (3 hours) A list of things that you can do in 3 hours: <BR> <BR> - Roast a 16lb turkey <BR> - Watch Lord of The Rings: Return of the King <BR> - Complete a full show-call for Blue Man Group <BR> - Listen to the American Top 40 Countdown in its entirety <BR> - Drive from my house in Madoc to Toronto <BR> - Fly from Chicago to Toronto (including check-in time) <BR> - Wait in line at Six Flags from the furthest checkpoint to ride the Superman coaster <BR> - Put in the time most people start counting down... Wed, 22 Aug 2012 13:54:44 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 18 (One Mile Farther) I finally did it. I broke past the Half Marathon mind barrier and ran 14 miles on Saturday. YUSS!!! <BR> <BR> And this week I'll do it again and run 16 miles! <BR> <BR> I have now reached the point in my training where every week is going to be a new mileage challenge, new barriers to break. I will run SEVEN Half Marathon distances (and then some) in the next 7 weeks, followed by one week of "only" 12 miles and then the Marathon. Holy Crap. <BR> <BR> But here's why I know I can: <BR> ... Mon, 13 Aug 2012 16:55:06 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 17 (Solid) It's Monday. Yesterday I ran 12 miles. I should hurt a little bit today right? <BR> <BR> But truth of the matter is I FEEL GREAT, so that has to mean that I'm doing something right...right? I would assume that it's a combination of a bunch of things, so as a "straight-up" training blog - here's the skinny on my week, a breakdown of my runs, and maybe some clues to why things are so solid right now. <BR> <BR> I started out this past week with a HOT 7-miler. I ran at 9pm at night to wait ou... Mon, 6 Aug 2012 16:20:16 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 16 (New Shoes, New GU, New Man) I suppose it was time for a change - in a lot of different ways! <BR> <BR> Rule #1 with running, and one that I stick by religiously: When something starts bothering you that wasn't bothering you before, get new shoes. For a couple of runs now, I had been having trouble with my right hip. Compensating for that was starting to bother my knees again, and long runs were getting really tough. Though my shoes showed very little wear on the bottoms, my signature wear on the outer heels was pres... Mon, 30 Jul 2012 18:26:34 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 15 (Cute Boys and Hot Dogs?) Everyone has to have a reason to run. My reasons are usually health related, the way I feel AFTER a good run, and so I can eat more. Seriously. But I'm not gonna lie and say that hot boys and cute dogs aren't also a good reason to run. And in my neighbourhood, there's a bunch of both of them. Nothing makes for a better early morning outing than running towards a sexy, shirtless, buffed runner - who then shoots you a mighty fine smile as you run past. Wait - was that actually a smile? Or... Tue, 24 Jul 2012 14:12:09 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 14 (Heat, Sleep & Disappointment) I can't drag my butt out of bed in the morning. I don't know if it's because of the heat, or because I'm working about 100 hours a week, or because maybe I'm a little depressed, or what's going on - but right now, my mortal enemy is the morning alarm. Which does not bode well for Mr. Marathon. Mr. Marathon thinks that I should rise, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7am on a Saturday to run 14 miles. So Mr. Marathon and I are also on the outs right now. Damn him. And damn me for wanting to do ... Tue, 17 Jul 2012 15:27:31 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 12 & 13 (Double Double) In a list of favorite "Canadian-isms" the term "Double Double" is close to the top of the list. It comes from Tim Horton's (our Canadian version of Dunkin' Donuts) and is a way in which you order your coffee - a double double comes with double cream, double sugar. In short - it's really bad for you. <BR> <BR> "Double Double" pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks for me. 2 weeks of being away from Spark People after running my half marathon (most of which I was away on vacation), wo... Mon, 9 Jul 2012 16:52:13 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 11 (HALF Naked!) Well you guys - I DID IT! I'm half way there and I have the Finisher's Medal to prove it. I ran my first Half Marathon. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Start to finish, this couldn't have been a better race for me. I feel like I did everything right. And what's that you ask? Well - here's the breakdown: <BR> <BR> The Inaugural Chicago Women's Half Marathon - June 24, 2012 - Official Race Report <BR> <BR> Those of you who have bee... Tue, 26 Jun 2012 02:45:32 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 10 (A Confident Taper?) I missed a Monday! Oops. Most of you know that my life is insane right now (I'm working 4 jobs and training for a Half) and this week is no exception even though I should be trying to take it easy before Sunday. No such luck. <BR> <BR> But I have found a little zen as far as thinking about how Sunday's race is going to go: Basically, I have no real control over it. I have trained as hard as I can, I have put in the mileage, and I can't do a damn thing about the weather (which has deci... Tue, 19 Jun 2012 15:38:19 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 9 (Nerves of...) Pre-race panic has officially set in. I'm two weeks away from my Half and feeling VERY under-trained. How did I get here? I was doing so well! <BR> <BR> More challenges this week in my distance training - I was able to bounce back pretty quick from my minor surgery last weekend and was up to running 5 miles again on Friday, but I did something stupid in the process that has ended up costing me a lot of time and physical angst. My back has been bothering me for a bit - understandable give... Mon, 11 Jun 2012 23:36:21 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 8 (Doctor's Orders) I can't run this week. And that sucks. I also can't swim, and that sucks more. I was in for a minor abdominal procedure over the weekend - nothing serious - but when I questioned about the recovery period and when I could start running again, the nurse looked at me like I was nuts and said "I would suggest nothing for this week - we'd prefer you rest for 2 weeks, but if you feel ok, you could start SLOWLY next week." Gah. Bad timing. I have a Half to run in another 3 weeks. Now is NOT ... Mon, 4 Jun 2012 17:59:35 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 7 (Going The Distance, No Matter What) I did it. I ran 13.1 miles. Well...sort of. But I've decided that I'm not allowed to get down on myself or upset about the fact that I walked about 1.5-2 miles of that run because of the following: <BR> <BR> - I had a plan to run 2.25 miles and walk .25 miles all along <BR> - I just wanted to get to the distance, and I did <BR> - Even though it got REALLY hard at the end, I still ran the last .5 mile <BR> - My goal was to finish with a run/walk pace of 2:45, and I finished with a run/walk... Mon, 28 May 2012 19:19:17 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 6 (The Week That Wasn't) This week was pretty much a training failure. I got some pretty terrible news on Thursday that I'm trying to deal with, but the combination of being emotionally exhausted and a sudden 90 degree weekend meant that my desire to try the 14 mile distance yesterday was pretty much rendered out of the question. <BR> <BR> Running is an amazing tool for working through all kinds of emotional angst. But there comes a point when sometimes the turmoil and grief of a situation is too much for even a n... Mon, 21 May 2012 16:43:06 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 5 (How Heat and Hormones Can Hinder a Half) I now know how the 2007 Chicago Marathoners felt after a month of training in 45 degree weather when on the first weekend of October it suddenly ascended to a hot and humid 86 degrees. We go through months of putting our bodies through every kind of imaginable torture leading up to the big day, but the pain and suffering of training can only feel like a walk on the beach when compared to Mother Nature throwing a weather curve ball on race day. <BR> <BR> This weekend was my first attempt at... Tue, 15 May 2012 01:42:41 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 4 (Finding Inspiration in Adversity) The rules that once seemed to apply to living life in your 30s don't seem to make sense anymore. To say that times have changed since my parents were in their 30s is an understatement indeed, and thus, it's hard to turn to them for advice these days because I'm feeling quite "on my own" in terms of making up the new rules as I go and learning how to live in this world of Generation Xers and Generation Nexters and yada, yada, yada. <BR> <BR> Following up on the painful daily existence of las... Mon, 7 May 2012 16:50:57 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 3 (How Do You Run When Your Heart Is Broken?) It's been coming for a few months now. But I've been in denial about it - trying to draw out the good stuff as long as possible. No time is a good time to break up with someone, but eventually it's only a matter of prolonging the inevitable, which only serves to make the bleed worse when it finally happens. <BR> <BR> After a great vacation in Florida from Wednesday to Saturday where I spent time walking, swimming and sunning, I ripped off the relationship bandaid last night with my boyfrie... Mon, 30 Apr 2012 12:28:19 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 2 (Running For Miles While Standing Perfectly Still) One of the challenges involved with training for a marathon and still attempting to lose weight is, well, the latter. I've heard it from a number of fellow runners now that it is almost impossible to continue losing weight while training hard for running 26.2 miles. It seems like backwards reasoning. I'm running my stinking BUTT OFF! But the scale refuses to budge. Not even a little. In fact - when it really feels like it - it goes up for the sake of making me very angry. Like this wee... Mon, 23 Apr 2012 17:06:40 EST The Weekly Mile: Week 1 (The 26 Week Road to Running the 26.2 Miles Ahead) It's just my luck that an odd sequence of perfectly timed events all happen round about today. <BR> <BR> #1 - Today is the first day of my THIRD year on Spark People and thus the beginning of what I'm deeming the 3rd stage in my weight-loss journey. In my first year here I lost exactly 100 pounds to THE DAY. You can read my blog about it here: <link><BR>urnal_individual.asp?blog_id=4168540 </link> <BR> <BR> My second year here started out with a bang... Mon, 16 Apr 2012 17:04:41 EST Your Very Own Bob? Hey Sparkers! <BR> <BR> Chicago has a new Personal Trainer and he happens to be a good friend of mine. Check out his new website for more info: <link><BR>/PeoplesChamp/Home.html </link> <BR> <BR> Adrian is a local Chicago actor and I have personally watched him beef up, slim down or gain weight (whatever his body needs for the various roles he plays). It's amazing how he does it. He is also one of the sweetest guys to work with. No being afraid of... Fri, 13 Apr 2012 19:06:29 EST The Best Feeling In The World I know I haven't been around much lately, but I promise I've been busy. I need a sign to put on my Spark page that says "Gone Runnin'" like the "Gone Fishin'" sign my dad has hanging up by the lake. <BR> <BR> Since I'm up to running 4 days a week now, plus Zumba, plus swimming, plus all my other extra-curriculars, it leaves little time for all this other stuff. But I'm still Sparking every day when I can. <BR> <BR> I just have a very simple musing on "Achievement" today that I wanted to s... Thu, 5 Apr 2012 22:09:04 EST March Madness I'm peeved. "Training, not Trying" has gotten me all of nowhere. Sure my training is going GREAT, but not trying has gained me a whopping 4 pounds in less than a month. <BR> <BR> So we're not doing that anymore. <BR> <BR> I'm depressed. I don't like it when things don't go my way and I'll admit that I'm a difficult person to be around lately. I don't want to be around me, why would anyone else want to? But I think there's a lesson in here. This is one of those places where I need to l... Fri, 16 Mar 2012 00:04:48 EST Training, Not Trying I'm done trying to lose weight. Not forever - just for now. Because chances are, if I quit trying so hard, it's just going to happen anyway. Instead of beating my head against a wall about monitoring every calorie consumed and wondering why the scale still isn't moving, I'm embracing the training mentality that I'm going to need to carry me through the next 8 months of running, swimming, cross-training and running some more to get me in shape to complete 26.2 miles on October 7th. And som... Thu, 23 Feb 2012 18:24:29 EST No White Knight This week has been a somewhat somber reality check in the aftermath of Valentine's Day - supposedly the most romantic day of the year. <BR> <BR> My reality check? Fairy tales don't exist. Neither does Prince Charming, or Cinderella, or Happily Ever After. <BR> <BR> No - nothing is wrong in my relationship. In fact, we're better than ever and had a really lovely Valentine's Day skating at the top of the city and eating gourmet cupcakes. Le sigh. I'm still very much in love with my wonde... Thu, 16 Feb 2012 14:23:23 EST The Hunger Games The novel is on my list of "must reads," but this isn't a blog about a book. <BR> <BR> I'm terrified of being hungry. There - I said it. I'm STUCK right now because I can't bear the thought of being hungry. The thought of being hungry scares me so much, I binge eat in anticipation of maybe, possibly, ever being hungry at some point in the future. When I was over 300 pounds, I couldn't possibly even imagine trying to lose weight because that would most certainly involve being hungry. And... Tue, 7 Feb 2012 15:28:08 EST Coach Nicole's 28-Day Bootcamp DVD - KITHKINCAID's Review So I think most of us would either have to be living under a rock or never signing into SparkPeople to not know about the release of both the SparkPeople Cookbook and Coach Nicole's new 28-Day Bootcamp DVD. <BR> <BR> In a very smart marketing campaign, selected bloggers and team leaders were all sent the new DVD for free and asked to post an honest review of the product by, well, today. I love living to the deadline! <BR> <BR> So here's what I HONESTLY think - It's Great! <BR> <BR> I do l... Tue, 31 Jan 2012 21:58:33 EST