KIERAE's SparkPeople Blog KIERAE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Proclaiming we need to double the hours in the day! Seriously...there isn't enough hours in the darn day/week/month. Welcome to my world. My day is starting at 4:15-4:45am (variance due to the fact that I am compulsive and evidently a bit of a worry wart). I am up, drag my arse up to dress, grab meds, check email to see what I can answer while I pull on my socks. I leave my house at 5:15. I arrive at 5:30 to find this child AWAKE and full of smiles and demanding attention and ELMO. I scramble for coffee, clean house, entertain child and ... Mon, 21 Jun 2010 00:51:02 EST Perpetually playing catch up Life has been challenging. It seems I am lucky if I have 5 minutes to myself these days. My calendar has changed from a weekly version to an hourly version just so I don't forget to do something. So what has changed? Well in a nutshell - Aliegh. <BR> <BR> Aliegh's parents are alcoholics/addicts. Only one is in recovery and fortunately the other (the dad) is rarely in the picture. My daughter is in a deferred program due to two DUI's. To say it has been challenging doesn't even touch... Sun, 23 May 2010 15:53:00 EST Festival time and fashion crisis So I have been shopping. I am attending the "ball" portion of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. I have gone to the art exhibit every year for the last several years and last year was my first time going to the evening events. An old friend and I are going this year since he has never gone (my spousal unit doesn't do BIG crowds so he is always happy someone is Of course attending means fashion crisis. Last year I wore a black lace vintage (40's) dress. You see pretty much a... Thu, 22 Apr 2010 20:02:14 EST March for Babies Last week we found out that our local Key bank was participating in the March for Babies walk on April 17th and the tellers were doing it in honor of Delaney, Aliegh's big sister who died at 10 days old. Delaney was born two months prematurely (her mama had started labor when she was only 6 months along and managed to last for another month). She was just a little over 4 pounds when she died 10 days later. Ms Aliegh was also born early but at least she stayed put until the eighth month. W... Wed, 24 Mar 2010 12:05:16 EST Redefining "rustic" As most my South Beach folks know (and anybody who reads my stuff), I have been on a bread baking kick. This is unusual for me since I am on plan that basically keeps an eye on how many servings of carbs you eat and of course the type. I figured out along my SB adventures that I don't go out of my way to eat pasta or rice. 1/2 cup serving size just does nothing for me so I don't bother. I eat it rarely (ie maybe once every 4 - 6 months). I do eat bread - normally whole wheat pita or Orow... Sun, 31 Jan 2010 20:51:02 EST Holiday "Antics" This was a different Christmas season for us. We weren't traveling down to my fathers like we usually do on Christmas Eve. My husband normally works on Christmas Eve until 2pm and then we make the "mad dash" (read extremely slow crawl) down the interstate to my fathers. The trip is normally a two hour drive but during the holidays it doubles in time. This year my husband had Christmas Eve off but all the family members wanted to bail out on the dinner (finances, weather, etc). We decided... Sun, 27 Dec 2009 14:48:17 EST Got my wings back - sorta... Well the pink cast is off my leg, the xrays looked great (amazing how fast I heal considering I have had arthritis all my life), and I got the okay to "start to slowly weight bear" with the walking boot (they do realize don't they that I don't do slow very well?). I am to continue to use the crutch and scooter if needed. I am allowed to take it off for short periods but am suppose to sleep with it because they don't want me wiggling my foot around. Technically I am suppose to do this for a... Fri, 6 Nov 2009 19:17:49 EST 11 more days! I have 11 more days until this cast comes off my foot. I still have to wear a splint/boot but at least I can take the darn thing off! Then I can get a better idea how my weight maintenace during this rehab is truly going. You should see me now - I weighed when I got home from the hospital - teetering on the one foot with the cast just resting. I used that as my "maintenance" weight. I weigh myself daily and make sure I stay within 2 pounds up and down of that weight. I know - crazy but ... Sat, 24 Oct 2009 19:09:23 EST Rehab time I have been keeping myself busy considering I am gimped up. My surgery went exceptionally well. I am sporting new hardware and now the hot pink cast for the next 4 weeks. I have about 10 more weeks before supposedly I am cut loose to walk but if I was a betting gal, I bet I can cut 2 weeks off that time minimum. I am doing some web work to keep myself busy (like I don't have a laundry list of things to do) but I am adding product to my spouse's employer's website. I have started the wint... Thu, 8 Oct 2009 22:15:03 EST OMG what are you doing to me?? <img src="">Abe thought he had it bad on Halloween! So far Aliegh has 2 costumes, this one since we call her chicken..and a frog one. If grams has her way, the girl will be dressed in a different one for the entire week of Halloween! Sun, 30 Aug 2009 15:10:30 EST Nightstand 1 - Kierae 0 Don't I rock a black eye well? Good news is it is getting better (ie I was going to smack anyone with a camera on Monday morning when it was UGLIER). Watch out for those killer nightstands - they are MEAN! <img src=""> <img src=""> Fri, 28 Aug 2009 13:45:21 EST Update and craziness In true form, this summer has been NUTS! I have been nonstop running, between babysitting the neighbor kids, watching Aliegh for basically half the week (or more), and then you toss in an out of town/state visitor or two. Mix all that up with a crazy (not in a good way) landlady who has not done a darn thing on my the mess of my downstairs. <BR> <BR> I am still living in half of my house (but wait for it... paying full rent). It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy when I see all of my belo... Thu, 27 Aug 2009 11:49:50 EST "Caffeine IV STAT!" <img src="">Lately I have been bonking about mid afternoon in my energy level. My initial response is WHY??? Then after a few moments I remember why and smack myself. I am rolling out of bed every morning to go across the street to babysit and tend to my neighbor's household. I bounce between 2 houses on getting things done, ie dishwashers unloaded/loaded, laundry processed, meals for the kids tended to, dinners planned and started - and... Mon, 6 Jul 2009 21:38:50 EST Unexpected turn These last couple of weeks have been full of sun, beachtime and hanging out with friends and neighbors. Add to this TONS of stress. My way of handling the stress hasn't been with eating for once but with hiding out at the beach, reading some books and venting to my girlfriends. I found out yesterday that my daughter and her husband were being evicted (and a judgement brought against them in court). They have until the 12th to get their stuff out. They had their electricity turned off 2 w... Sat, 6 Jun 2009 01:10:29 EST Mother's Day 2009 <img src=""> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> Life is very crazy right now. I just may end up with Ali for a few months which is totally fine by me since ultimately I just want what is best for her. She is quite adorable! Thu, 14 May 2009 22:29:44 EST Little bit bigger than a peanut! <img src="">I got to go spend a couple hours with Miss Ali yesterday. She is officially now 9 lbs and 20 inches long. I was amazed just how alert she had become in just the two weeks since I have seen her. I have put in a grandma request - I want to take her for a couple days. We are just waiting to see if the sniffles she has today move into a cold. Although my guess is I probably would still get her since I seem to be the only one who c... Wed, 6 May 2009 20:56:36 EST Life It has been a crazed busy week. I have been semi "here" for the last week due to house guests. My daughter called last week and asked for help. She was struggling with Ali, not getting the support she needed from her spouse and wanted to come stay for a bit. She asked for 2 weeks but I had to tell her I already "booked" my downstairs apartment to my brother and his wife for 2 days. So she settled for 5 days and went back home (for now...). I spent those days tending to Ali, loving on th... Thu, 23 Apr 2009 22:07:36 EST Easter "bunny" of a different kind <img src="">My daughter found the bunny ears for Abe's holiday picture. Unfortunately we didn't get them until we saw everyone for dinner at Easter. Abe, on the other hand, has decided to up the ante on future posing. He is demanding extra treats for any future pics or he shall EAT the costume. The second pic is him burrowing his head in my lap in humiliation. <img src="">My daughter is o... Mon, 13 Apr 2009 20:59:37 EST Two Weeks <img src="">So my family and close friends have been holding their collective breathes - waiting for the 10 day mark to pass since Ali's birth. Everyone has been frantic to see the new baby as soon as possible. Not easy to do during cold and flu season. But the urgency stems from losing Delaney at 10 days old before most folks had a chance to see her. I have had to work really hard at reassuring folks that this is a new situation - new ... Mon, 23 Mar 2009 21:46:22 EST Ali Grace So Miss Aliegh Grace decided to arrive at 36 weeks. She was born Sunday, March 8th at 11:12pm. She weighed in at 5 lbs 15 ounces and measured out at 18.5 inches long. I got the phone call from the hospital at 3pm and managed to make the 3:45pm ferry and got there by 4:30pm. My daughter's initial plan was to have an elective C section but fortunately her doctor and I got her to agree to go for the regular delivery. And she did just great! I think she surprised herself just how well she d... Thu, 12 Mar 2009 12:00:06 EST Learning to let go It was a rough day today. On this day last year I watched my granddaughter die. I had to put my "psych nurse" hat on and help my daughter make the decision to pull her off the machines. I remember coming home and just feeling numb and questioning why. There is never a reason why - it's just what is. And today I finally allowed myself to go shopping for the new grandbaby, another girl, who will be here in a couple weeks. I haven't been able to do this, unable to go into the baby departme... Fri, 6 Mar 2009 22:03:45 EST Update and BBQ Man I slack on blogging! If it's any consolation, I am an equal opportunity slacker since none of my blogs are updated. Sometimes life is just crazy busy and this is how it has been lately. My daughter's due date is the first week in April and she has been trying to have this baby since 32 weeks. Everyone is stressed and worried about it since we have already lost one grandchild. She was sent home from the hospital to do bed rest which we all know how well that works. She was compliant ... Wed, 4 Mar 2009 19:08:09 EST Fiberlicious So I have learned it is easy to overdo too good of a thing, such as fiber. Most people these days do not eat enough fiber. Even folks who eat alot of veggies think they are eating plenty of fiber until they start tracking it. The assumption is veggies are chock full of fiber when only a certain amount would be considered "high". The biggest bang for the fiber buck is beans. So normally my fiber fluctuates between just under the 25gms to easily meeting 35gms. And then there is days like... Wed, 21 Jan 2009 23:15:52 EST Tuck and booty pop! So I finally surface at physical therapy today. I showed up with my little script in hand - how to deal with my arthritis in my tailbone. I had to chuckle at my male therapist when he read the pelvic floor requirements. He paled. He knows kegels (um hello I know kegels from I don't know...20 years ago?). We came up with a mutual treatment plan. I shall work with him and then refer me to the chick who specializes in the pelvic floor area for the last couple weeks. It's an extra 15 minut... Mon, 12 Jan 2009 20:38:58 EST Mirror Mirror <img src="">When most people think about body image they think about physical appearance, being attractive and beautiful. But it is more than that. It is the mental picture we have of our body as well as any thoughts, feelings, and judgments. Through our interactions with people and the society, we develop our body image. It’s our mental picture of ourselves. <BR> <BR> When we feel bad about our body, we become dissatisfied and can become... Thu, 8 Jan 2009 20:24:20 EST Flat as a pancake! That is what my breasts are going to be come tomorrow! I am going in for a mammogram. It has been several years since I have had one (I know I slack!). Now that I have lost this weight, I have also lost alot of the chest. With that loss, I clearly have some lumpy glands that made the doctor raise an eyebrow. So come tomorrow I am going to get my booby squishing done so we all can be reassured that I just have lumpy breasts! I am a fan of Nip Tuck which new season started last night. On... Wed, 7 Jan 2009 18:50:41 EST Day 1 Boot Camp Boot Camp started today. I actually started yesterday with the new work out routines. I am rotating upper and lower strength exercises with core every day. My goals for this bootcamp is to meet the fitness goals and just tone up. I don't care if the scale moves, although hey if it does BONUS! I just am hoping to add in some variety into my routines via the bootcamp so that I can change things up as the weather waxes and wanes. <BR> <BR> Current measurements: <BR> chest - 35.5 <BR... Sun, 4 Jan 2009 20:12:57 EST Reaching for the Sky <img src="">Today while I was walking Abe on the beach, my neighbor was out on the water kite boarding. As I watched him surf the air currents, the sound of the waves crashing, the sun glistening off the water, I was wishing it was me - even though it was 35 degrees outside. When I was in Alaska, I was suppose to go windsurfing until I got sidelined with a couple surgeries (my total hip replacements). The surgeries took me out of the game... Sat, 3 Jan 2009 20:59:13 EST Muscles...what muscles?? I went to a physiatrist today. I have been having tailbone pain for the last month and my doc wasn't sure how much was related to my arthritis and lower back issues or if it was something else. She expected him to inject me with cortisone (which lets face it - did NOT sound like a good time). Now if I had this appointment 2 weeks ago, I would have gladly taken the injection. As it was, between cancellations due to being snowed in and holidays, the pain resolved on its own by a good 50-60%... Fri, 2 Jan 2009 23:46:58 EST New Years Anniversary In the past, I was never big on resolutions - only because I never followed through on them. Let's face it. Most folks make resolutions and then within a month/days/minutes - they have tossed them out the door. On January 1, 2007, I was asked if I was going to make any resolution for the new year. I had been really unhappy with my weight, watching the scale creep up and afraid that I was going to see 200 pounds in the near future. I had been researching various diet plans the week prior.... Thu, 1 Jan 2009 13:02:01 EST Playing is a good thing Today I was suppose to go over to the city and get my monthly infusion for my arthritis. Fortunately I got the phone call canceling it BEFORE I got onto the ferry. So I ended up calling my neighbor and arranging a play date. She has 2 girls, 8 and 6 who have bonded with me over the summer. They found out I was into crafts and my basement is the "motherlode" of adventures for them. So I had promised we would do something over their Christmas break. I invited them over to play today. The... Tue, 30 Dec 2008 23:18:11 EST Ghost Dog - The Game of finding Abe <img src="">Abe and I have continued our daily walks, hitting the beach when the low tide is at a decent hour, ie anytime other than 8am or after 4pm (I need light or I would kill myself on a log). It has been really cold for Washington. We currently are experiencing the longest cold stretch we have seen in over 20 years. It is beautiful at the beach this time of year but COLD, particularly when the wind is blasting across the sound. So... Wed, 17 Dec 2008 18:13:12 EST Drivers License Yesterday I was shopping and I had to pull out my drivers license for proof of identification. The sales person looked at my drivers license, looked at me, and smiled. "Wow you look very different!" I thanked her and acknowledged that I had lost some weight since the picture. Later on I pulled out the drivers license and looked at it. Now technically the license said I weighed 145. Ummm holy LIES of all BIG LIES! I am not sure who I was fooling except myself. I know that most folks li... Fri, 5 Dec 2008 18:53:12 EST Celebrating a Marriage Wednesday was my 16th wedding anniversary. It kind of boggles our minds that we have been together for 18 years. It honestly doesn't feel like it has been that long and yet it seems like we have been together for a very long time. We came together with such an intensity and fierceness that fateful weekend in Vancouver. It was somewhat frightening when we figured out that there was no way to turn the clock back. And fortunately neither one of us even thought twice about it. It hasn't bee... Fri, 21 Nov 2008 18:34:56 EST Social time Yesterday was a "social" day for me. I use quotes because although I am quite social on a daily basis online, I don't really have a lot of person to person contact on a regular basis. My interactions consists of the sparse morning (and evening) conversations with my hubby, and basically anybody else Abe and I encounter along our daily walks. Once a month I have to go into the city to get my research drug for my arthritis. Before dog, I would spend the day in the city, doing any errands, hitti... Sat, 8 Nov 2008 11:47:20 EST The World has Ended Nice dramatic title but considering I am horrible about blogging (hey only so many hours in the day!!)... <BR> <BR> So I had a team mate on South Beach post her "fat" picture online a couple weeks ago, admitting how darn hard it was to do that. I realized that I could totally relate since I am camera phobic. The only good pictures of me is one taken if I don't know it was snapped. But it also reminded me that I don't have a "pre SB" picture here so I went looking. My brother in Alaska go... Thu, 23 Oct 2008 20:40:04 EST Thanks Portishead! So the contraption above is evil. When we started our challenge, I was up to 5 minutes twice a day. My goal for the 8 weeks was to reach 10 minutes which I thought was reasonable. But somehow I seemed to be stuck at 6 minutes. Let me tell you, you CAN feel this in your quads and backside! Abe likes to stand next to me - as if we are walking. Except he doesn't move at all but he makes it clear that in my flailing around the machine, I could exercise my arms and PET him. Such a motivato... Wed, 22 Oct 2008 19:12:55 EST Mushroom season I am a mushroom fan. I will eat POUNDS of them over meat. When the rains hit, it is time for the mushrooms to hit the markets (and the woods). I got to go mushroom picking with a friend and came across one of my favorites: lobster mushrooms. Now technically lobster mushrooms aren't really mushrooms. They are a parasitic fungus that grows on a host mushroom, turning them red and rendering the original mushroom unidentifiable. Sounds yummy right?!? <BR> <BR> Well they are yummy. Very meat... Wed, 15 Oct 2008 18:38:26 EST Seasons of Change We have officially left the warm summer days behind. Yesterday we had torrential rains and a huge tree came down, the first but undoubtedly not the last of the rain/storm season. I took Abe for a walk in the rain. He would run ahead, duck under the eaves or a tree to get out of the rain and wait patiently for me to catch up. He isn't happy with this rain business and well I can relate. It is definitely putting a hamper on our walking mileage. I busted out the WATP dvds and did 3 miles w... Sat, 4 Oct 2008 11:07:00 EST Figalicious! Figs grow locally here in the Pacific Northwest but I have only had fresh figs once a couple years ago. I picked up a basket last week from our local market and really enjoyed it. So when the market got in 4 different kinds and on sale, I thought score! I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but I wanted to try each one to see the difference in taste. My girlfriend in St Louis was cursing me because she couldn't get any locally and she ADORES figs. I decided I would make her some... Fri, 19 Sep 2008 20:29:27 EST Cobbler #2 The other day for my husband's birthday, I decided I would make a blackberry cobbler using the blackberries and strawberries I had just picked. I pulled it all together as Abe sat in the kitchen and watched me. When it was done, I sat it on the counter to cool off. I decided I would run out to pick him up some soy vanilla ice cream for it - since afterall it was his birthday. So out the door I went and was gone for exactly 20 minutes (you do see where this is going don't you??). I opened... Wed, 3 Sep 2008 18:10:13 EST Stuff You Didn't Know The longest one-syllable word in the English language is “screeched.” <BR> <BR> “Dreamt” is the only English word that ends in the letters “mt”. <BR> <BR> Almonds are members of the peach family. <BR> <BR> The symbol on the “pound” key (#) is called an octothorpe. <BR> <BR> The dot over the letter ‘i’ is called a tittle. <BR> <BR> Ingrown toenails are hereditary. <BR> <BR> The word “set” has more definitions than any other word in the English language. <BR> <BR> “Underground” is the on... Tue, 26 Aug 2008 13:01:11 EST Me and the Squirrels My husband has pointed out to me that clearly a squirrel is one of my power animals in life. My freezer and current frenzy concurs with his assessment. I have been gathering, storing, and freezing all my favorites for the impending winter months. I don't have a big freezer but I do have two refrigerators. I use the one downstairs to hold stuff that I rotate upstairs. Eating as much of veggies that we do in this household, it has come in handy. I buy on sale, use the green bags <link>ww... Thu, 21 Aug 2008 20:25:33 EST Beach life On the beach Abe and I walk daily, we have several sets of eagles who nest in the trees along the edge. One day we were walking along and I see what I think are dogs in the distance. As we get closer, I see that the dogs are a pair of eagles. One was a bald eagle and the other was a golden eagle. HUGE birds! Were they intimidated by Abe - oh heck no! They didn't fly off until we were really close to them (of course I didn't have my camera with me that day). When my godson was here, we w... Tue, 12 Aug 2008 21:58:43 EST The Debate So earlier in this week I jumped on the scale to see that I broke into the 135's and had to do a double take (AND grab my granny glasses - life of getting old!). I decided not to change the tracker until I saw the weight again. Of course I proceeded to go up and down around it for the rest of the week but once again, today I saw the magic number. <BR> <BR> This last month of maintenance I have learned that I gain weight when I eat under 1300 calories (ie 1100ish to 1300) consistently. I... Thu, 31 Jul 2008 13:28:04 EST "Online Friends vs "Real life" I have been actively online for several years now. Basically when I saw the "writing on the wall", aka I was going to be classified disabled and not work anymore, I knew I needed to find a social outlet. Hello - I am a social creature considering I am an antisocial person (antisocial in the sense of alternative lifestyles/thinking, protesting, want to smack Bush amongst other types). I found my outlet online through various communities. Primarily I am a gamer girl. I developed a set of a... Sun, 13 Jul 2008 22:18:34 EST Garlic Scapes It's that wonderful season where all kinds of new produce is hitting the markets. I picked up some garlic scapes. I tried these last year for the first time and decided I wanted to experiment with them some more while in season. Garlic scapes are the shoot of a hardneck garlic plant. The flavor is mildly garlicky but without the bite that fresh garlic can have. You can slice the stems and eat it raw or saute it. These are also good steamed with a similar consistency to asparagus spears.... Thu, 3 Jul 2008 19:01:24 EST You know you have a dog when... * Your pants pockets contain a combination of keys, receipts, plastic poop bag, chapstick, gum and smashed up doggie treats <BR> * You begin to drop your R’s and L’s. “Whos da widdle doggie who weally wants a tweet!?!” <BR> * Other people’s dogs are not very interesting anymore <BR> * Coming back from a farmer’s market with a bag of fresh vegetables in one hand and a poop bag in the other hand feels normal. <BR> * The squeak from a squeaky toy doesn’t annoy you <BR> * You... Thu, 12 Jun 2008 21:13:50 EST Sand Dollars Today we had one of the lowest tides in several years. Abe and I hit the beach to do a 4 mile walk. There was plenty of folks out beachcombing since the tide is usually not this low. Abe has discovered that some crabs are dead, some are alive (he got snapped at) and guess what - there is crab meat inside! He came running up with a side of crab legs hanging out of his mouth. He wouldn't give them to me but instead he ran out of my reach, plopped down in the sand and started crunching his ... Wed, 4 Jun 2008 21:10:52 EST Routines I have not been able to exercise until recently due to my arthritis and having a joint that needed worked on and then rehab. When I got the doc's okay, I decided to try the Leslie Sansone Walking Away The Pounds series - figuring I could manage to at least do one mile. I had no expectations of being able to do more. Heck I haven't been able to do ANY exercise in the last 17 years. So I popped in that dvd and found out two things: hey I can do more than a mile (did 2 miles the first time) ... Wed, 28 May 2008 22:30:15 EST