KEEP_GOING247's SparkPeople Blog KEEP_GOING247's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Here's to tomorrow's success! <img src=""> <BR> Tomorrow's another day. We fall down but we keep getting up! Tue, 22 Nov 2016 01:06:58 EST I'm lifting! I'm lifting! 🎉🎇 Well, I finally overcame my stubbornness and I started taking body pump and iron rep classes at the gym. I had heard all the info about aging and weight loss and how you lose muscle but to be honest, I would say to myself, "Well that seems nice but I'll stick to what I know. Thank you very much." Well, having plateaued for a year now (hmm could those slices of cakes have anything to do with that?😊),I decided to try it out and you know what I'm into it! Its fun and I feel so powerful afte... Thu, 14 Jul 2016 14:34:44 EST The weekend is approaching... <img src=""> <BR> and the momentum is slowing but remember to keep going. Thu, 16 Jun 2016 15:58:31 EST Beautiful Creations! <img src=""> <BR> Went on a long speed walk this morning. So beautiful, so peaceful The ducks and geese were honking and quacking away on the pond, with robins flying overhead. I caught a glimpse of this fella - Mr beaver - enjoying his morning snack I guess. This might just become a regular thing. Mon, 16 May 2016 01:27:13 EST Today's lunch <img src=""> <BR> Decided to go with spinach salad with egg whites and smoked turkey breast with cucumbers. Here's praying I can keep going with good food choices. Tue, 3 May 2016 14:42:07 EST You can't break me, I will survive! Yesterday, I felt broken, defeated, ready to give up. I felt betrayed. I had stayed faithful to the process but no love was reciprocated. I felt rejected. The traitor, the betrayer? --- my scale. 😦😩 My scale had let me down yet again. Silently, mocking me as it blinked those unexpected and dreaded numbers back at me as if to say, "Failed again, failed again" In revenge, I kicked it to the curb!! Yeah, good riddance (for a while 😢). It's bitter sweet, I have to admit. I'm not go... Fri, 15 Apr 2016 23:26:02 EST Self motivation and exercise do help <img src=""> <BR> I woke up in a funk today. Can't tell why but I did. Even though was all dressed for the gym and half way there, I turned around and went home. Had the excuse that since I was in a bad mood, I would forget the gym and go sulk in a corner. 😠After a few minutes sitting at the kitchen counter, I started thinking of the regret I would feel the whole day, the ensuing self loathing and the eventu... Mon, 28 Mar 2016 21:36:18 EST Let's be happy <img src=""> <BR> There's so much stress over losing weight; we hear it from tv, we hear it from the world, we hear it from ourselves!! I pray we all value ourselves as the beautiful, strong women we have been created to be, and enjoy the journey to where we seek to be. Mon, 21 Mar 2016 20:35:57 EST Bah humbug - daylight saving time! I've never been one to get enough sleep so I carefully carved out of an hour to take a small nap before I have to pick up the kids at school and it's been working for some months. Now, daylight livings is killing me this week. I wouldn't be such a grouch about it but I've realised that when I don't get enough sleep, I eat and eat and eat. I'm just ready for this week to go away. Tue, 15 Mar 2016 15:31:41 EST Back on track... <img src=""> <BR> ... after my.son's birthday cake, I'm getting back to it. 13,000 steps and it's not bedtime yet. Mon, 14 Mar 2016 21:51:34 EST Disappointing #s I have always been an advocate of "don't let the scale be your only measure" but I have to say, it's easier said than done! It hurts when the numbers don't go the way you want. I successfully lost 6 lbs and today, it says I'm up 4lbs. What's with that? Same meals, extra workouts, hitting my water... Could it be lack of sleep though? I don't get it. Anyway, I can't/won't give up. Taking a day off my early morning workouts to catch some extra zZZs though. Here's to staying motivated afte... Thu, 18 Feb 2016 09:28:48 EST A milestone and a do-over So I turned 40 last weekend!! <em>408</em> <em>410</em> <em>407</em> Thank you God for bringing me this far! <BR> <BR> Yay, my goal for the past 2 years was to lose weight for my milestone birthday and i have (not reached my goal but its better than nothing) but it was so nice of my husband (who i always thought was clueless) to organise a surprise party for me and take me away for the weekend. It was fantastic! I have a feeling that the 40s are going to be much better than i anti... Tue, 29 Apr 2014 22:55:37 EST I Am Not Forgotten Sometimes, it's easy to feel that God has forgotten about me, especially with the last 1 year and all its drama. But feelings can't substitute for the truth. My God has told me that He will never leave me nor forsake me; He has promised me that He shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory (which are abundant); He has promised that if we seek His kingdom and all its righteousness, and He will add all the things I need. <BR> <BR> Sometimes, it's too easy to listen to the w... Sat, 22 Feb 2014 10:48:53 EST Joke for the day Once there were four business men. They were sitting on a bench in a hospital waiting room because their wives were having babies. <BR> <BR> A nurse comes over and says to the first businessman, "Congratulations! Your wife had 1 baby." <BR> <BR> The man says, "What a coincidence! I'm the president of And-1!" <BR> <BR> The nurse goes away. <BR> <BR> Then the nurse comes back and says to the second businessman, "Congratulations! Your wife had twins!" <BR> <BR> The man says, "What a c... Mon, 3 Feb 2014 20:22:06 EST Made a healthy dessert I have been wanting some decadent dessert but couldn't face having some because of the accompanying guilt of all the calories and fat so I found a recipe for black bean chocolate cake made with stevia. I have to admit, it wasn't bad! My 4 and 9 year olds loved it! Gluten free too! Might just start making these healthy desserts. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Sun, 2 Feb 2014 18:10:53 EST Dear Body ... <img src=""> Mon, 27 Jan 2014 08:24:14 EST Note to self: You cannot do that again! I thought I could eat a full meal and go exercise within 10 minutes of that. "Hey, i could squeeze in another workout today and feel good about myself!" Oh boy, did i pay the price for that! I feel so silly; I knew it was something that i shouldn't do but for some reason thought i could be the exception - oh no, those rules don't apply to superwoman here <em>2</em> . <BR> Let me tell you, seriously bad idea! <BR> #1 Surprising, had no energy to even do the warmup <BR> #2 my throat and... Tue, 3 Dec 2013 23:35:07 EST Travel and staying on track I am a creature of habit. I get into a groove of the way things go and i stick to it. This week is starting as a bit of an upset to this. <em>24</em> <BR> <BR> Had to travel to visit a relative in hospital and am trying to figure out how to get my workouts in and keep on my meal plan. Brought my workout dvds but there's no dvd player here and am having to find my way around again in a city i haven't visited in over 4 years - grocery shopping and taking the bus should be interesting... Mon, 4 Nov 2013 05:54:41 EST Self-Control for today - Check I finally practiced self-control regarding my eating!! <em>224</em> <BR> My husband turned 40 today and, being the not-so social butterfly that he is, requested to have a quiet day with family. We took him out to a Brazilian restaurant he loves where you have a choice of sides and the chef comes around and slices off meat for you ("You can eat as much or as little as you want" said our waitress). Everything looked so delicious with all the sauces and rice and roast potatoes etc. <em>... Wed, 23 Oct 2013 19:03:01 EST Went jean shopping today ... and i tried my usual size 12 and it was loose which i expected any way. I asked for a size 10 and that was loose too so i got a size 8. <em>345</em> Who would have thought that i could ever fit a size 8 again; i haven't worn that since the early days of college. It stills needs to be a bit more comfortable but it fit! Now i have to make sure that that little voice in my head doesn't cause me to fall off the wagon - i am still battling my "reward myself with food" demons. <BR> <BR> O... Sat, 21 Sep 2013 22:31:31 EST Motivation for the week <img src=""> Sat, 17 Aug 2013 16:03:50 EST How Far I've Come Its been 2 years and some months since I started my weight loss journey and it's by no means been a smooth journey. On days like today, when I am feeling a bit defeated, I have to remind myself that's this isn't a race and if I can keep going with good nutrition and exercise, I CAN and WILL reach my goal. I don't need to compare my progress with others. <BR> <BR> That was then (when I would hide when photos were being taken) <BR> <img src=" Fri, 16 Aug 2013 22:31:42 EST Hilarious! <img src=""> <BR> The caption with this was: "Dear Lord if you can't make me thin, then please make my friends fat." hahahaha. Self-serving but hilarious!! <em>246</em> Mon, 5 Aug 2013 23:52:27 EST I did it! I finished Insanity I can't believe it! I didn't give up; I didn't make excuses; I did it! Finished the final fit test this morning. <BR> Results: <BR> Switch Kicks - day 1; 34 - day 60; 45 <BR> Power Jacks - 44 to 51 <BR> Power Knees - 80 to 100 <BR> Power Jumps - 27 to 47 <BR> Globe Jumps - 10 to 11 <BR> Suicide Jumps - 15 to 21 <BR> Push Up Jacks - 12 to 21 <BR> Low Plank Oblique - 30 to 45 <BR> Unfortunately, the scale hasn't been that good to me (considering some people lose over 20lbs etc) and my cloth... Wed, 17 Jul 2013 09:15:38 EST Dinner tonight Had a simple chicken stir fry with oven-roasted sweet potato chips - all homemade. <em>4</em> Makes a nice change from the usual spinach and roasted chicken. I Cut up the chicken with spices (garlic, pepper sauce, onion powder) and stir fried it. I used the stock from the chicken to stir fry the vegetables with 1 tsp of olive oil. Dinner was so guilt free today! Even the kids loved it! <img src=""> Thu, 11 Jul 2013 22:09:11 EST Goals for July I usually keep my goals to myself (always with the fear that i might not reach them) but have decided that accountability is key to success in this journey and summers usually end up setting me back .so here goes: <BR> <BR> Weight loss/fitness goals: <BR> <BR> 1. Follow clean-eating plan at least 5 out of 7 days <BR> <BR> 2. Drink 8 - 10 cups of water per day <BR> <BR> 3. Fit in 90-100 min of exercise 5-6 days per week <BR> <BR> <em>267</em> <em>216</em> <em>194</em> Here's to ... Mon, 1 Jul 2013 16:10:13 EST Top 10 Fitness Facts Just gearing up for Month 2 of Insanity and this will serve as my motivation. Here's to Digging Deeper. <img src=""> Sun, 16 Jun 2013 20:56:10 EST I did it! I surpassed my yearly goal minutes and its only June!! According to my Spark minutes counter I have done 12,018 minutes this year and my goal was 11,935. Maybe i can go for double at the end of the year. <em>250</em> <BR> <BR> Today also marks the end of Month 1 of the Insanity Workout. <BR> <BR> Today is turning out to be quite a day of achievements. Now if i could only get the clean eating part down too ... <em>40</em> <BR> <BR> Have a great week everybody <em>274</em> . ... Sun, 9 Jun 2013 11:50:00 EST Weight loss is like driving ... This is so true and so important to remember. We will fall off the wagon sometimes but we can still get back on track. <img src=""> Sat, 1 Jun 2013 17:05:33 EST Yay! 180s! I can't believe that I am in the 180s. Don't ever remember being that weight - was 195 when I went for my first pregnancy appointment! I am so happy! <em>185</em> Sat, 2 Mar 2013 12:45:25 EST Funny and true! That must have been one funny joke (or one inexperienced burglar)!! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> Mon, 25 Feb 2013 13:27:35 EST Rev Abs Results! Beachbody Rocks!! I started the 90-day Rev Abs program and couldn't believe that I had to commit to something (preferable every day with a day off) for that long but I did it!! Here are my results. <em>216</em> <em>344</em> <BR> <BR> BEFORE -------------------- AFTER <BR> Arms 13.3 -------------------- 12.2 <BR> Chest 43 --------------------- 39.4 <BR> Waist 38.7 ------------------- 33.6 <BR> Hips 45.6 ---------------------39.6 <BR> thigh 25.5 --------------------24.5 <BR> Total lost 16.5 i... Sat, 16 Feb 2013 13:19:28 EST Even If You Don't Track It ... your body will register it. <BR> I always keep going back to this to remind me. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> Wed, 13 Feb 2013 15:03:39 EST The Activity Pyramid Heard of the food pyramid, now there's an activity pyramid?!? <img src=""> Sat, 9 Feb 2013 16:03:43 EST Zumbatonians, does this happen to you <img src=""> Thu, 31 Jan 2013 17:14:22 EST A good reminder to not give up <img src=""> Tue, 29 Jan 2013 18:33:07 EST It's Official! I am overweight! Yay! I know, I know that is nothing to celebrate and usually yay! and the word "overweight" don't mix but having been in the obese category for the longest time, it is cause to celebrate for me. <BR> <BR> Doing the cabbage patch dance right now - not a pretty sight AT ALL - and for those too young to know the cabbage patch, here's a hilarious video. I sincerely hope I don't look as ridiculous as this guy!! <BR> <BR><BR>Po <BR> <BR> Mon, 21 Jan 2013 22:33:04 EST Ladies, let's not allow numbers to define us! Sometimes, the scale can be a downright traitor to all the work we've put in and honestly, for me that can start a downward spiral that ruins everything I've worked so hard at. <BR> <BR> Found this blog that made so much sense about our perception on weight numbers - her pictures tell the story - and what we think will look good on us and thought I would share. <BR> <BR><BR>9375456/eatclean-getfit-is-the-number-<BR>on-the-scales Thu, 17 Jan 2013 19:26:42 EST Push past the doubt Sometimes when I want to give up and am wondering whether the daily struggle - tracking, exercise etc. is worth it, I refer to this quote and keep going at it <BR> <BR> <img src=""> Fri, 11 Jan 2013 17:28:35 EST As the new year's resolutions seem to get harder remember ... <img src=""> Tue, 8 Jan 2013 19:23:47 EST ...And a Prosperous New Year to All To all my fellow Sparkies, I wish us a 2013 of joy, peace, love and acceptance; of no excuses and no remorse; of fulfilled goals and success. Happy New Year everyone!! <BR> <BR> ----------------------------------------<BR>---------------------------------------- <BR> Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be <BR> In working or in waiting, another year with Thee. <BR> Another year of progress, another year of praise, <BR> Another year of proving Thy presence all the days. <BR> <BR... Sun, 30 Dec 2012 23:39:16 EST Oh the joy! Doing my way-to-go dance! I finally made it to onderland!! This morning the scale read 199.8 and i haven't been at that number since before my first son was born over 8 years ago. I am soooo happy but now the challenge continues to stay there and continue going down without letting this triumph get to my head. I used to reward myself with food but now i have to change that - its taken too long to get here and i CAN'T go back. <em>344</em> Fri, 7 Dec 2012 19:53:46 EST Take pride ... <img src=""> Sat, 17 Nov 2012 16:42:21 EST You can do it! <img src=""> Tue, 13 Nov 2012 16:40:57 EST Its all in the inches! (oh! and this workout helped too) I tried this last weekend cause i couldn't get to the gym and wow! did i sweat! Had my measurements taken today and have lost 5 inches total this past month. woohoo! Take that scale!!! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Fri, 12 Oct 2012 19:31:38 EST How to be slim ( a BBC series) I watched this series on youtube (originally from BBC) and it has some interesting points - all common knowledge but interesting to see the scientific research that was shown so thought i would share. (Note: there are 5 parts) <BR> Five basic points <BR> 1. Remember - if you eat more than you use then you will gain weight <BR> 2. Lean protein keeps you fuller for longer <BR> 3. The larger your plate the more you will eat <BR> 4. Eat low fat dairy to excrete more fat <BR> 5. Keep track of wh... Wed, 12 Sep 2012 16:25:59 EST I knew this but needed a reminder <img src=""> Fri, 27 Jul 2012 01:35:13 EST Here we go again! It's really a roller coaster - this weight loss journey. Up and down, up and down. Well, here's to another Monday, another start and here's my pledge to myself. <img src=""> I will not stop sparking!! Mon, 9 Jul 2012 02:05:56 EST