KEATYNMBERGSTEN's SparkPeople Blog KEATYNMBERGSTEN's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Running for Boston! The tragedy in Boston at the Marathon on Monday has really hit me hard. By God's grace one of my best friends was unable to run the race due to injury and I was not at that finish line watching her finish the race when the bombs went off (her projected race time would have put her at the finishing line right at the time they went off). By God's grace her and her husband decided to watch her friend who was running from mile 22 not the finish line and her friend's family was at the finish but... Wed, 17 Apr 2013 10:46:06 EST Feeling like I'm back in the game So Saturday's 4 mile race went pretty well. I was 24 seconds over my 45 minute time goal, which is not bad although I'm kicking myself over it a bit because I think that if there hadn't been a curve in the road just before the finish line and I had been able to see the finish line ahead of me earlier I would have pushed it out and finished under my time goal because once I turned that corner and saw the finish line i was really flying. Even with this disappointment though I felt like I was ... Wed, 3 Apr 2013 11:03:51 EST Racing on Saturday So I am somewhat unexpectedly racing on Saturday. I signed up for the race a long time ago but then thought that I would be unable to race it due to my hours at my new job, but the other day things fell through with the job for various reasons and so I am going to be racing it after all. <BR> This race is a kind of weird one for me because it is an unusual distance (4 miles) and I had never run the exact distance before yesterday because I wasn't planning on running in the race until just... Thu, 28 Mar 2013 14:05:36 EST Not around much recently but still working out So I haven't been on Sparkpeople much recently and probably won't be for the next couple weeks. I have just started a new job and it is all I can do to make it out for my run or onto the elliptical machine while I get used to my new hours. So until everything feels a little more routine I won't be on here much. <BR> I have still been getting out running several times a week and getting some strength training in, hopefully now that I am out of work training I can get settled into a more re... Tue, 19 Mar 2013 12:33:59 EST Disappointing race time but still a good time! So as those of you who regularly read my blog know I ran my first 5k race since getting back to running. I had a great time goal and playlist to help me reach my time goal but the weather was against me. I think I would have reached my time goal if it hadn't been for the storm on Thursday and Friday and the crazy wind that was still around from the storm. At the start of the race I lost what was probably a full 2 minutes due to the road being flooded and everybody trying to go through a ve... Sun, 10 Mar 2013 13:28:29 EST Bad weather and race this weekend! So my running schedule was rearranged this week due to bad weather today and tomorrow. Rather than just working out on the elliptical today I decided to run a second day in a row yesterday so that I could get one last run in before my 5k race on Saturday. Good thing I decided to do that because the snowstorm started last night and I definitely would not have made it out today and even if it does stop early I didn't want to run the day before my race. Even yesterday the weather wasn't great... Thu, 7 Mar 2013 13:01:31 EST Signed up for the big race!!! So today I signed up for my first half marathon! It is not until October 20th so I am leaving myself a lot of time to train safely and at a slow pace. I can't even put into words how excited I am to have finally committed and started working towards this milestone. <BR> I have several shorter races between now and then that I am signed up for and excited about but I really can't wait for this one. <BR> Currently I am signed up for a 5k this coming weekend and a 10k at the end of April and I... Mon, 4 Mar 2013 18:51:33 EST Great weekend! So this weekend was a really great weekend for me. My best friend from college came to visit and we were able to spend some much needed time with each other after not having seen each other since the beginning of November. I was able to keep my calories pretty well in check other than the consumption of alcohol which happens so infrequently that I was not really worried about those empty calories for one weekend. I also was able to keep up my excercise schedule by working out on the ell... Sun, 3 Mar 2013 15:50:21 EST Got a little off track yesterday Well yesterday was a bit of a crazy day. I was supposed to be doing elliptical and strength training and the day just disappeared. My best friend is coming to visit for the weekend starting tomorrow and my sister and I got started on a major cleaning overhaul of the kitchen and family room which ended up taking about 3 hours and by the time we finished I had no motivation to work out, plus it was getting to be late enough that if i worked out I would be awake all night after being energized... Thu, 28 Feb 2013 10:13:28 EST Staying on track! Well Saturday I went out for an 8k run! My first since coming back and it felt great! No knee pain and honestly I felt better than I ever did before I stopped running due to my knee (mind you it was a slow 8k). <BR> Yesterday was my day off and I had a great time spending time with my family and staying up to watch the Oscars. <BR> Today I was super tempted to get off track with my plan and go out for a run but I talked myself out of it and did my elliptical training for 45 minutes and... Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:01:43 EST This has been a great week! This week has been the week that I have been waiting for literally for months! Not only have I gotten back into running after being out of it since December, but I am also finally employed after one interview flop after another since i graduated in May. Yesterday I was offered a job which was probably the job that i was most anxious to get out of all the many jobs that I have interviewed for, needless to say I am very excited! <BR> <BR> Update on diet and exercise: <BR> Yesterday was a ba... Fri, 22 Feb 2013 16:30:25 EST Running Again!!!! So I went running for the first time in a couple months yesterday and it felt amazing. Not only did my knee not hurt at all but I was able to run a full 5k. This means that as long as my knee continues to not hurt I should be able to run the 5k at the beginning of March that I signed up for before I had to stop running. I am super excited about this and now just need to be careful not to get too overzealous about the running and stick to my plan of doing the elliptical/strength training ev... Thu, 21 Feb 2013 09:47:32 EST Getting Back on Track So I really want to get back in good shape. I was doing a lot of running last summer and fall until I got runners knee from running too much without doing any strength training. This was devastating to me. I have had a lot of knee problems in the past so I knew that I had to stop running until I had done enough strength training to correct the problem. Problem is I hate the elliptical machine and not having enough money for the gym and that being the only machine at home it is my option f... Tue, 19 Feb 2013 22:28:34 EST