KAYLEON's SparkPeople Blog http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal.asp?id=KAYLEON KAYLEON's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community SparkPeople.com http://assets2.sparkpeople.com/assets/nav/logo_spark.gif http://www.sparkpeople.com/ back on track, but confused http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=331852 I dont know what is wrong, I still kinda eat what i want but i have been more careful. I Really think that my thyroid med is way off. TO help supplement my lack of counting calories i have also been excercising like crazy, and still making sure that i have my 8 glasses of water. I guess i'll just try harder and see what time will tell me. Mon, 4 Dec 2006 23:30:06 EST Getting back on track http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=327479 Well now i am doing better. I did my strength on Tues and cardio on Wed. I also drank enough water too. Just knowing that I am going back on track is making me feel better. Now I want to keep it up. Wed, 29 Nov 2006 23:33:18 EST I blew on it turkey day http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=322980 but i at least made sure i ate mostly veggies, that's all I can think of for now. Sat, 25 Nov 2006 01:05:31 EST I fell off but am back on track http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=310768 I just had a hard time with my fatigue and was letting myself go for quite a while. but today was good, i ate right,, did some strenght and also drank the 8 glasses of water. I really want to keep this up. Thu, 9 Nov 2006 23:39:57 EST