JONES91292's SparkPeople Blog JONES91292's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Trying not to count Down. So I am close to my surgery, but not close enough. Hurting so bad and the doctor is just now refilling my pain med, that I have been off of for about a week, so no exercise what so ever for a week. It is amazing that I haven't gain anything. Usually when I am in this much pain I gain, but nothing. Which is nice, but I am not losing either, because I can't move as much as I did. Even getting in the pool for a little is hard sometimes. I just wish I was on the other side of this surgery, so... Tue, 13 Jul 2010 15:30:19 EST Hysterectomy and my weight. Well my doctor is finally scheduling me to go in for a hysterectomy. I happy at the thought the pain will all be over with soon and I may get my life back, but I am nervous too. Nervous about if it will be counter productive in me losing weight. I know right now what I am going through is not helpful to me losing weight. I am in so much pain that most days I have to sit or lay in bed. So weight lose has been slow. Losing but slow is good, but since it has taken so long to get this far I d... Thu, 8 Jul 2010 12:22:17 EST In the 80's I Can. Finally feeling like I am in the 80's. I woke up not feeling like I was blotted and yuck ,but the scale disagreed. Went down a couple of oz, but whatever it takes. I think I have a handle on this. I know I don't feel like I am missing anything thing, because I always save a couple calories for a little bit of something each day that makes me smile. I want to live not diet. I want to lose the weight and never feel like I am missing out on something. I want to make right choices and have self... Sat, 12 Jun 2010 19:47:45 EST Getting up and moving when it hurts Today was a bad day for fitness, but I did it any way. The pain pills helped, but it still was hard. I noticed though as the time went by every exercised pushed me to the next. And even though I felt like I was doing hurtles I felt better inside for making myself do it. So many painful days I let myself just lay there, but I am tired of being in pain. I know once I reach my goal I will not have as much pain. So staying focused. This to will be a thing of the past and not only will I look bett... Thu, 10 Jun 2010 16:39:41 EST Doctor's Office Victory Even though I was in pain the scale was the same Tue, 8 Jun 2010 23:07:38 EST My first Video blog Just to see where I am and to be able to look back and say that used to be me. Mon, 7 Jun 2010 22:59:37 EST Today had it's small victories Ok so the scale refused to move. Yet I still had a victory. I was able to stand in my heels for 1 and 1/2. I usually wear flats when I know I am standing that long,but today I just felt like giving it a try. I will be glad when my health is 100% and no more pain on my joints, but thank God for the little victories now. Sun, 6 Jun 2010 17:48:00 EST No Matter How Much No matter how much you weigh. No matter how much you want to weigh. We are all on this same journey, with the same struggles. Whether you want to lose 40 pounds or 200 pounds. The weight is still the issue. We all want to be healthy. We all have moments of complete discouragement and we all have those small parties on scale. Enjoy the victories and don't give up. No matter what. You are not in this journey alone and share how you did it with a friend. Tue, 1 Jun 2010 18:04:53 EST It is a lifestyle. I know that this has to be a lifestyle choice. I did weight watchers and that worked, but I never got down to my goal weight. Life got busy and so I let myself go. I need to stay focus and actually so myself that I can do this. I want to look in the mirror and see me, not this person that I don't know. I know that once I am there it will be working to stay there. If I lose two pounds a week I can be close to my goal weight around my birthday. what a wonderful birthday present to myself. To... Mon, 31 May 2010 20:32:59 EST