JLCROMP's SparkPeople Blog JLCROMP's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Back to WW for me. I have been logging my daily cals. fairly consistently since the first of the year. But I am gaining!!! I have been very consistent with my working out, and logging that regularly. So I will continue to log my excercise, but I am going back to WW point counting, I have done it before and it does work. I can't afford to attend meetings, but still have the tools to do it on my own. I know I would do better if I attended the meetings, but I have to change something so that's all I can think of. ... Fri, 9 Feb 2007 14:08:17 EST Hmmm a bit disappointed Been pretty faithful to my diet and excercise since Jan. 1st. Finally measured, was down in 2 places, but up in 2 others?? And my weight is still the same as the last 2 weeks. Is 1200 calories too much for my body?? <BR> I am not feeling motivated at all right now! I have kept track of my eating, I stay in my fats, carbs and on the high end of proteins, and even trying to keep my fiber in the proper range. I am really at me wits end of what I am doing wrong!! <BR> My new game plan is to work... Thu, 25 Jan 2007 12:33:03 EST 1st official weigh in of 2007 This last week I worked pretty hard, did all my goaled workouts, drank my water, and stayed under 1550 cal, most days around 1300!! Stayed within my carbs, fats and proteins. Fiber is still low, need to add about 10-15 more a day!! Gonna work on that this next week. <BR> Sooo anyway, I was 191.5 last Thurs. and today (Thurs.) I was 187.5 = 4lbs lost!! I am so excited! I didn't really expect that much, since I have been consistent with my strength excercise. <BR> This makes me excited for next... Thu, 11 Jan 2007 16:25:47 EST Week 2 of the New Year! Last week went pretty good, I know the first 2 weeks of anything new in your life is rough. I remember the 1st 2 weeks of WW, I thought I would die!! I think my mind if much more focused on this, so that is helping. I am really trying to visualize and keep on track. I have allowed Sunday to be a "free" day, I don't log my food and no excercise, but I find myself 'countin' up the food in my head anyways!! I think I did pretty good this past Sunday. I think as I go I will find myself not even ... Tue, 9 Jan 2007 18:19:22 EST New Year!! Ok, so it's a new year, didn't to the best this last one!! But I am determined to be at my goal or very very close to it by my 32nd birthday! That is almost 8 months away!! I need some serious motivation, so my hubby happily took some pics of me in a tank top and shorts, you know the kind with all the "roll" showing?? UGH!! Very nasty!! My mom (who has been losing weight quite succesfully this last year) said I should print them up and paste them inside my food cupboards. I just don't want ... Mon, 1 Jan 2007 20:20:36 EST (no title) well I wasn't expecting much, but yesterday was my day to measure. It had been 4 weeks since I last took them. Even though I have not stayed within my calorie goals, and not excercised near enough, I lost a total of 5.33 inches! <BR> I was amazed. So that just encourages me to get really moving and see what I can get off in the next 4 weeks. I have made the mistake of using the scales to measure my sucess and I am learning that thinking is a little distorted. So I will only weigh 1 time a we... Mon, 9 Oct 2006 13:58:09 EST 1st weigh in Started Sparking I week tomorrow, but I had weighed last wed. So wednesdays are my weigh in days! <BR> I dropped 3lbs this last week, very happy about that! Thank you Lord! I know I didn't eat the best, I will make much more effort this week! <BR> I go shopping soon so I will try to buy healthier foods. Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:37:20 EST