JERZEELOVE's SparkPeople Blog JERZEELOVE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community trying to stay motivated Well, it's been a while since I posted anything, but I have been busy working on my changes. I went to see a nutrition specialist back in September, and weighed in a 309. I set a goal to be down 30 lb by the end of the year. I reach 276 by December 1st, but the holidays were rought for me....pleasant, but nice to my waistline. So I am currently at 279. I have started back on my path with the diet changes and exercise, but it's not miving like before. This is becoming a big issue for me....I n... Sat, 12 Jan 2013 13:07:34 EST I'M BACK <em>187</em> <em>251</em> <BR> <BR> Well, I am back in town!! I just had a little one 8 weeks ago. Boy life has changed now that there are two boys in the house! I am already back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I was blessed this time. I only gained 14 lb. By the way, my son weighed 9 lb, 13 oz, and was 23 1/2 in. (No wonder my belly was always knocking into things, lol). I am now working on SLOWLY losing weight while breastfeeding. I still have my goeal as 200 lb (even though the ch... Sun, 23 Oct 2011 12:34:31 EST Well..... I've been gone a while, but I'm back. This is one hard road. I am still trying to figure out how to add exercise in daily with my crazy schedule. But, I am doing what I can. My hubby nad I have decided to work on a little bundle. So, until I am expecting, i will continue to work on the weightloss. I wonder how my 3 year old will act? Hmm....we'll see! Tue, 6 Apr 2010 16:46:03 EST New Motivation Well, I have 2 new reasons for losing brother is getting married and my best friend is getting married, and I will be in the wedding!!! I am so excited for both of them, and I have to look and feel great for these memorable moments!!!! So, I am determined to get this off. not to mention my husband is in his best friends wedding, and I want to look hot, especially since I will be sitting without him. Well, off I go!!!! Enjoy! Mon, 15 Feb 2010 09:30:11 EST Next stop... This is a new week, and I am back on track. I am schedule with my exercising goals, and am moving forward. This week is the first full week of the semester, and I know that this will be a challenge. I have read that there should not be many distractions in your life when trying to lose weight. However, does that mean that I should not attempt weight loss until my life is still. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! So, I might as well get on with it. <BR> <BR> I keep imagining myself as the "fini... Tue, 2 Feb 2010 12:15:00 EST Gotta keep moving This week has been so hard for me to keep pushing. I went out of town and had a blast. But, I know that was the problem as well. I got all my exercising in for the week before I left, so I didn't feel obligated to exercise. But now, I have not exercised like I would have. Grad school starts back up today, so that's just one more thing to take away from my time. I know how I'm feeling, and I can't stand it. I have got to get over this hurdle....the comfort of the couch, the comfort of j... Thu, 28 Jan 2010 10:23:59 EST New Year, New You I have been on a roll since the New Year. Hopefully I can continue on this road. I haven't blogged in a while, due to the many strsses in my life. But, I am slowly learning that I can't control everything,(even though I would like to). So here I am. Since the beginning of the year, I have lost 6 lb and am totally excited. I am so focused right now. I think I am finally fed up with my weight. We'll see how this goes. I set small goals and a long term goal. I AM ON MY WAY!!!! <em>244<... Sat, 16 Jan 2010 21:37:35 EST The saga continues Well, my birthday has come and gone, and Labor Day is fast approaching. I have a new goal and actual dealine date. I have a wedding to attend in 6 months, so I want to look my very best. I want to feel good, and look good. I want my husband to hit the floor when I come out in my dress. I am so determined to do this, I know I'll be fine. School is about to start and i pray that I will not be deterred. I'M ON MY WAY!!!! Thu, 3 Sep 2009 09:37:18 EST Time to jumpstart Well, it has been a while since I've blogged. I have started to try different techniques with this weightloss. I have started using protein shakes for breakfast and energy bars when I'm trying to not eat a big meal. Exercise has eluded me a bit. I can get some days in, but not as many as I would like. But I am feeling better about my weight loss journey. It will be a while, so I have sttled in for the ride. Tue, 25 Aug 2009 12:41:38 EST Day 24 It has been well over a week since I exercised. I feel so defeated. but, my focus is on schoolwork. I have 2 long papers due as finals in a week, and haven't been able to start. So, i have been spending my time researching, and stressing because I cant's get exercise in. UUGGGGGHHHHHH! It's so hard to balance everything. Maybe once these papers are started, iwill feel a little more at ease. <em>234</em> Fri, 24 Jul 2009 12:09:40 EST Day 13 Well, i did get a chance to exercise yesterday. And, to my surprise, it wasn't difficult at all. I amy increase the intensity levels. i have noticced alot of conversations around me lately about how people feel about their weight. I realized this morning that I never paid that much attention to my body defore. Now, I did exercise and was involved in sports, but I was never skinny. I was always considered a plus size young lady. But I knew I looked good, and other people thought the sam... Mon, 13 Jul 2009 08:32:44 EST Day 9 I must admit, I have been thinking about my weight alot more than usual. But, i have not been able to put in any minutes on the treadmill or Wii this week. I have been bogged down with school work, staying up until after 12 midnight(way past my bedtime of 9:30-10pm). Then, the next morning, I feel bad because I think there has to be a way to fit it in. But waking up in the AM is not an option. I have tried that, but it's a no go. I already get up at 5:30 to get to work by 7. Something... Thu, 9 Jul 2009 08:14:57 EST Day 6 Well, the holiday is over, so it's back to business. it's hard to focus when family descends on you and your home routine <em>30</em> . I thoroughly enjoyed them, (and the food). i won't beat myself too much because I know I'm still focused on my goals. But now, I have to do some adjustments to make up for this small derailment. So, I guess I'm back on the grind. Enjoy!! Mon, 6 Jul 2009 11:27:19 EST Day 1 Well, July 1 was the beginning of a new journey. I did get a chance to exercise with my Wii(wich I only bought for exercise purpose). But I was not impressed with tthe number of aclories that I burned. But, at least I got iti in. I mean, really....between work, home, mom and wife duties, and graduate school work, I seem to never have enough time in my day. But, I am going to try to make it all work. I have 60 days in this first step, and hopefully I can get enough in to make some kind o... Thu, 2 Jul 2009 08:30:59 EST