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Tue, 29 Aug 2017 19:24:49 EST An Afternoon at the Clinic http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6403787 Yesterday was my day for lab work, an MRI and a visit with the neurosurgeon. Lab went well. I'm not really sure why the doctor decided to order this lab work but I assume he's checking out or rechecking something. Maybe I can look on line later and see if the results are posted. <BR> <BR> The MRI went okay. It was a bit harder for me to do than the lumbar spine MRI was but it got done. After that I went to see the neurosurgeon but he'd been called to the hospital so I had to reschedule. ... Fri, 25 Aug 2017 08:30:23 EST Surgery Consult http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6398558 Yesterday was my consult with the neurosurgeon. He does not think my current diagnosis explains all of my symptoms and wants me to have an MRI on the thoracic spine. Getting in for that MRI may take a week or two. While I wish things would move along a little faster, I am thankful for a thoughtful, careful doctor. Fri, 11 Aug 2017 07:46:26 EST It's a Not-So-Wonderful Life http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6354267 Okay, I'm going to complain but I also realize there are good things going on too. I'm reminded of the poem my grandmother used to say. It starts, "There is nothing so bad it couldn't be worse." <BR> <BR> April has been a challenging month. My stepsister became ill early in the month and Dad care fell totally on me. Dad had a lot of appointments this month so I spent a lot of time running him here and running him there. He probably felt a little dizzy with it all too. <BR> <BR> In and ... Thu, 27 Apr 2017 10:10:54 EST Microgreens http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6329185 I took a class at the university on February 23 titled "Growing Microgreens." It was presented by our county horticulturist and we all got to make and take a tray of microgreens. I did peas as I found they really popped with flavor and thought they would make a great salad addition. The other choice was sunflowers but when I tried them, I found them bland. <BR> <BR> At five days, I had nothing and feared my house didn't provide a sunny enough place that was also cat proof. I happened to ... Tue, 7 Mar 2017 09:55:03 EST Craft Night at the Library http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6317809 We have a brand new library in my town. It opened in November 2016 but I took until January to pay a visit. Now I can't stay away. They offer so much -- a book club, a game night, craft classes -- for adults (to name a few). I would often hear about an event after the fact or at least after the registration closed. Going to the library means I get the monthly brochure before the month starts which means I'm better able to plan my availability. <BR> <BR> Last night I went to "Nail Polish... Sat, 18 Feb 2017 10:18:29 EST Health Related Books http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6303669 One of my 17 in 2017 is to read 6 health related books. A Spark Friend asked me what I was planning to read so I gathered the books I have already have and found the following -- <BR> <BR> Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD <BR> Your Brain on Food by Gary L. Wenk <BR> The End of Dieting by Joel Fuhrman, MD <BR> The End of Overeating by David A. Kessler, MD <BR> The Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck <BR> Unbroken Brain by Maia Szalavitz <BR> Drop Dead Healthy by AJ Jacobs <BR> In Defense of Fo... Mon, 23 Jan 2017 10:07:31 EST Tony's ornament http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6295239 Tony and I played a game over the holidays. I put this ornament on the tree. He took it off and played and played. We did this over and over and over. He managed to remove the threads that were the koala's nose and I had to put the scarf back on sometimes. I think I will donate it to his toy box. If I save it till next Christmas, he may not be interested and I'll be left with a noseless koala. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/c99871e7-04f9-458e-b873-455578f1af... Tue, 10 Jan 2017 10:33:03 EST Tony has trained me well http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6288662 <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/b704f195-d2da-444c-b15b-ef782a144535.jpg"> <BR> <BR> Tony was waiting on the counter, paw raised. I shook it and gave him peanut butter. I've learned my lesson well. Sun, 1 Jan 2017 13:00:33 EST 16 in 2016 Update http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6288175 The list I accomplished this year isn't the list I had at the beginning of the year. Some items are the same but some original items simply weren't possible. 2016 saw big changes in my life. My stepmother who suffers from dementia required increasing time until eventually we had to place her in a nursing home. We had her at home until it took two of us to watch her 24/7. She became very combative and, as much as I know it broke my father's heart, we just couldn't care for her anymore. N... Sat, 31 Dec 2016 18:51:16 EST Molly Update http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6274889 Molly had her vet visit this morning and is home resting now. I was worried but okay with waiting to see the vet because Molly was still eating and drinking normally and, on our walks, she was alert and interested. Not too sick I figured. <BR> <BR> I thought it was a puncture wound which has happened before. Molly likes to throw herself to the ground and rub her back and sides. I was concerned though because she'd had what I thought was a fatty tumor in that spot for months. <BR> <BR> T... Thu, 1 Dec 2016 14:18:11 EST An Amazing Day of Steps http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6248761 I remember wondering at one time if I could reach 25K steps in a day. Eventually I succeeded and I thought that would be my best ever. Not so. Yesterday I did yard work. A lot of yard work and I made 30K steps. Feeling proud!! <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/45b185b5-5729-4c8b-a108-d4e9d0859c3a.png"> <BR> <BR> I'm also feeling proud that I figured out how to do a screen shot and how to share it. A 15-year-old friend first showed me how a couple of weeks ago ... Sun, 9 Oct 2016 10:04:21 EST There's a cougar in town http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6244621 No, I don't mean me although I am a little older than my DH. I also don't mean either of the cougars at the zoo. I mean a cougar roaming the streets. <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/67f31dcb-0615-442e-9460-beb0a396f050.jpg"> <BR> <BR> He (or she) was spotted twice on Thursday. One of those times it was by one of the Ordinance Control Officers so I have to believe it really was a cougar. I doubt the animal will stay in town though and both times it was seen it was on the... Sat, 1 Oct 2016 10:58:29 EST Perspective http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6219131 My sister was recently here for a visit. I hadn't seen her in about 18 months and I knew, in that time, she had mostly given up sugar and lost quite a bit of weight. She looks very good. I definitely think of her as thin. <BR> <BR> I think of myself as heavy. I became heavy as an adolescent. In my 20s, I lost weight but never really considered myself thin. As the years and decades went on, I gained back some of the weight from my adolescence but have never quite reached the same level.... Tue, 16 Aug 2016 15:49:15 EST A Tale of Two 4ths http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6205286 For several years now some area businesses and organizations here place flags on all city lots for the Fourth of July. Last year I caught a beautiful picture of Tony lying in front of the flag. He looks so proud. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/98773c1b-01f1-4859-a7c8-304c9b94d16b.jpg"> <BR> <BR> This year, one of my stepsisters heard about the flag project and texted that she wanted to see our flag. I decided to invite the dogs outside so they could be in the ... Sat, 23 Jul 2016 09:56:36 EST Good day, Bad day http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6194678 First, I want to thank everyone who commented on my last blog. You were all so supportive and I appreciate that very, very much. Ordinarily I respond to each person who comments but these aren't ordinary times. Please know how much your kind comments mean to me. <BR> <BR> Dad spent his first night alone last night. He didn't sleep well but hopefully that will improve with time. My stepmother is adjusting to the CBRF. She's quite a sociable person and she apparently chats everyone up. ... Mon, 4 Jul 2016 14:24:26 EST Tough days ahead http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6192860 Today we will take my stepmother to a memory care facility. Her dementia has progressed so fast in the past two months. Her diagnosis was in March of 2013 and the really bad behaviors started this year. We went from having someone stay 24/7 six weeks ago to having two people stay 24/7 two weeks ago. That job seems to have mostly fallen on my eldest stepsister, one of her grandchildren and me. The three of us spent our time making sure my stepmother did not run away and enduring her verba... Fri, 1 Jul 2016 08:22:50 EST Newest Painting http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6187395 I went to another painting class at the University last evening. I enjoyed this class A LOT. It was a great group of ladies and I am quite happy with this picture. I had to force myself to go as I had a rough afternoon with my stepmother but painting, having a glass of wine and the camaraderie of the group was a great way to unwind. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/77fc4923-9bb7-4e16-80b4-abcb6abeb8e8.jpg"> Wed, 22 Jun 2016 07:22:28 EST Being Slapped Across the Face with a Dead Fish http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6180233 I was reading something today that used that phrase to describe what it's like to raise teenagers. I think it's also a good phrase to describe what it's like to care for someone with dementia. <BR> <BR> I had a rough morning with my stepmother yesterday. Their microwave died and we were going to switch out to a new one they already had. What better time to really clean the counters? So I did, pulling everything out and scrubbing...and, I admit, some tossing though I made sure my stepmoth... Fri, 10 Jun 2016 11:07:37 EST May 14, 2016 http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6162739 We had quite a wintry walk this morning. Here I was thinking all about the garden and yard and it is snowing like crazy. I bet Charlie was sorry he came along today. I bet Molly was wishing it would snow a lot. She's a little crazy like that. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/16616c0a-586e-4475-bb50-260738affa58.jpg"> Sat, 14 May 2016 10:58:09 EST Tony...Learning or Not? http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6149886 <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/37406983-1728-4eb1-84ff-7ba5a0d66680.jpg"> <BR> <BR> One of my 16 in 2016 goals is to teach Tony to shake hands. I knew it would be challenging but I figured I had 366 days and he has a natural tendency to lift his paws (alternating one at a time) when he is sitting. Plus, he has two specific treats that he is absolutely passionate about. When we started and I took his paw in my hand, he struggled to free it. Now, he is beginning to lift h... Mon, 25 Apr 2016 10:30:48 EST An instructor and a glass of wine http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6127311 My "Snowy Barnyard." It is a rather simple picture but I enjoyed revisiting my sky, snowy yard and pine tree skills previously learned. The barn was tough for me and I had to cover up some of what I had done with more sky. Something I had previously done but with less success. It is a simple picture but I am quite happy with it. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/31a6f697-f49c-4f0e-a0fe-b5fb63c6ceea.jpg"> Fri, 25 Mar 2016 10:39:18 EST When One Door Closes... http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6114959 DH has struggled with pain in his right buttock that began in August of 2012. Since that time, he has seen 5 doctors, 2 chiropractors, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist and 4 physical therapists. He's had 6 cortisone shots. The most recent doctor was a D.O. who our Clinic allowed to give Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. On March 3, that doctor gave up on treating DH because the treatment wasn't working. We had finally reached a dead end. Nothing has worked and DH's mobility has s... Wed, 9 Mar 2016 08:20:45 EST Tony Gets a Bedroom http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6105194 Last night I draped a blanket over a chair where Tony was sleeping. DH wondered if Tony would stay there all night. Neither of us thought so but Tony did stay there. Clearly Tony likes his new bedroom. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/f8f7bac7-d4d2-4748-92cd-76d1609cccd2.jpg"> <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/80c9abd9-67eb-4d10-90d9-548c52c98c3a.jpg"> Fri, 26 Feb 2016 07:47:27 EST The Birthday Girl http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6101934 Today is my step mother's 93rd birthday. We celebrated on Saturday with a small party. She remembered all of her children but not me or any of the sons-in-law. The dementia has taken away more and more but we have still been able to support her in her home. I'm not sure that will last throughout this year. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/ca1a6b35-0a72-42d5-8f81-ffab78d1263f.jpg"> Mon, 22 Feb 2016 09:52:28 EST Cardinal on Barn Board http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6099747 Last evening I did another Paint Away workshop. I wasn't as happy with this one. It was more cramped than the last venue and the crowd was quieter. I found it more challenging that I expected to work on the barn board and some of my challenges just couldn't be overcome. I didn't even bring my painting in from the car last night, I was so disappointed. <BR> <BR> As I looked at it this morning, it isn't so bad. The tail of the cardinal should have been wider. The beak is all wrong. The ... Fri, 19 Feb 2016 10:40:05 EST Paint Away Workshop http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6094136 One of my 16 in 2016 items is to take a painting class and last night I did that. The class I went to was a group class and the instructor directed us in making a birches in snow picture. As advertised, this class was supposed to make a moonlight on water picture but we voted for one of three pictures and this one narrowly one. That makes me a little nervous for the class next week which is advertised as a cardinal on barn board. That picture is the reason I signed up. <BR> <BR> <img sr... Fri, 12 Feb 2016 07:50:43 EST No Good, Very Bad Weekend http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6083868 Okay, as soon as I wrote the title here, I thought hey it wasn't as bad as last weekend. That was when my stepmother went over to the great grandson's house across the street from them and told him there was a strange man in her basement making a lot of noise. It was my father. Not to her though. Her husband's name was Bob and he died (true, but it was her first husband). Besides that, she was packing to move home. She means where she grew up in Pennsylvania. Dad was more limited help ... Sun, 31 Jan 2016 11:32:55 EST Staying Warm http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6072596 It has been cold here and I guess someone thinks it's cold in the house too. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/73a9a33a-66b2-404c-80a0-8d70470f5eb4.jpg"> Mon, 18 Jan 2016 10:44:57 EST New Year's Resolutions http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6056927 We've all made our resolutions. <BR> <BR> Charlie wants to get more rest. <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/fdf491e9-8436-4346-b56c-39b48320dc81.jpg"> <BR> <BR> Molly wants to get more loving. <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/be034510-3ba2-4e1f-a700-2ffe8c3b29db.jpg"> <BR> <BR> Tony wants to play more. <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/d5fb3bc5-69f1-46c3-9022-1caf7f3f1035.jpg"> <BR> <BR> We want to wish everyone a great 2016. <B... Fri, 1 Jan 2016 12:11:15 EST 16 in 2016 http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6054572 I'm going to put out my list for 2016. I have lots of ideas this year -- more than I need -- but that's a good thing because I usually have to make changes along the way due to time constraints. That's probably not going to change, for the better anyway, as my DH's mobility decreases, our parents become more frail (the 3 we have between us are all in their 90s) and my step mother's behavior continues to change due to dementia. <BR> <BR> Some of these have been on the list before. Either I... Tue, 29 Dec 2015 09:58:22 EST New glasses http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6053989 I certainly don't have this selfie thing down but here's my best effort. First, I'll post a picture of me in my old glasses and then a picture of me in my new glasses. They are both bottom rimless and I am not sure the color shows well. My old ones were burgundy and these are a darker blue. The new ones are also squared on the bottom and the old ones weren't. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/2c667574-ee72-4c4d-9355-0d324e72d258.jpg"> <BR> <BR> <img src="http:/... Mon, 28 Dec 2015 12:01:26 EST Successful end to 15 in 2015 http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6051531 I completed my 15 for 2015 yesterday. The ideas I think of on the beginning of the year are not necessarily the same ones I complete at the end of the year. The goal is simply to try new things, return to things I used to do long ago and to extend my knowledge in some way. As I look through the list, I can't even begin to pick my favorite. <BR> <BR> 1.Get a pedicure. 9/5/15 <BR> 2.Try reflexology. 3/18/15 <BR> 3.Visit a new Wisconsin city. I did this one last year but there are more place... Wed, 23 Dec 2015 06:50:24 EST Some progress http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6031942 I believe my heel is improving. I added Tylenol to my regimen and, for the most part, am pain free. I am vigilant about stretching, better about icing and, per doctor's orders, I increased the anti-inflammatory meds. I try to do less walking and more biking and videos. <BR> <BR> I also believe the neuroma is improving. I do toe squeezes for that and I think they are making a difference. I am having metatarsal pain though. <BR> <BR> I have been going down to see my folks as often as my ... Sat, 14 Nov 2015 09:49:55 EST Out of the boot...for now http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6028175 My follow up appointment with my podiatrist was this past Thursday. After two weeks in the boot, my stress injury was healed. That means we know for sure it wasn't a fracture because that would not have healed so quickly. Still, it was worth the time in the boot. That gave the injury time to heal and not be stressed over and over as I walked on it. <BR> <BR> I told my doctor that my heel was no better but, in retrospect, that is not true. Two weeks ago I could not lay on my back in bed ... Sat, 7 Nov 2015 10:08:11 EST Back in the Boot Again http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6019415 I had my follow up podiatrist appointment this morning. He has been treating me for a foot neuroma and (possible) heel spur. I mentioned that the heel feels better but the neuroma is worse. Then I confessed that last week I stubbed my toes on that foot (and all I was doing was reaching to pet the cat). I knew I had hurt myself badly but never thought it was black and blue or swollen so I didn't seek immediate medical help. Well, the podiatrist took x-rays and can't tell me definitively w... Thu, 22 Oct 2015 14:46:39 EST Corn Maze Fun http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6005359 My first corn maze was so much fun!! I would definitely do it again though I don't think I'd ever do a haunted one. <BR> <BR> Our task in the corn maze was to find 20 items. Here are a few -- <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/efe54dfb-3a9d-4289-8500-fe7ef938a388.jpg"> <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/1a2da678-865d-4b9b-b120-7498b158b096.jpg"> <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/c8a29029-73cf-49a5-a450-440b4465ec... Mon, 28 Sep 2015 07:43:35 EST September Challenges http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=6004875 I added a new one today. It will be more difficult to get steps/walk now that it is Fall. My absolute favorite season to walk but it is hunting season and that means booms. My lab, my best walker ever, is scared still by gun shots. All she will do is turn back. <BR> <BR> Add to that some plantar fasciitis and walking is just getting hard. I've had to take over the yard work as DH is no longer able to do much and that has maintained my steps but it isn't quite as enjoyable as a nice walk... Sun, 27 Sep 2015 10:38:41 EST Happy Anniversary http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5977149 <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/249d6f6d-8d2f-478d-9861-9183480ae39a.JPG"> <BR> <BR> Today my father and stepmother celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary. Both had previously been married and lost their spouse. My stepmother's first husband died in a horrible accident and my own mother died of leukemia. They were 43 and 42 the day of their wedding and began their married life with 6 teenagers. <BR> <BR> I would love for them to be able to celebrate #50. Given their ... Thu, 13 Aug 2015 09:51:48 EST Time to 'fess up http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5968596 My annual doctor visit was yesterday and I earn a report card "grade" of Needs Improvement. <BR> <BR> First off, this was a new doctor for me as mine retired at the end of 2014. I like the new doctor well enough but my former doctor was about my age and I really appreciated her perspective. Still, as DDHEART said to me at that time...it may be a good thing to have a new perspective. I was pleased to continue having a female doctor and I am happy I am still in the Family Practice Departm... Wed, 29 Jul 2015 11:44:42 EST A cat is a cat http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5943969 I think Tony is screaming for his servants. <BR> <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/5d8633eb-b0e6-41bb-91d2-a4dc68d67d4c.jpg"> Fri, 12 Jun 2015 11:09:27 EST Changes at the zoo http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5937355 Molly and I took our morning walk down by the zoo today. I've blogged about it before as it is one of my most enjoyable places to walk. I cannot walk in the zoo itself because I am walking a dog but we still get to see the wolf pen and the big animal pens. There have been some animal changes. <BR> <BR> One of the male elks died this winter. He had a huge rack but only on one side. I don't have a good picture of him. <BR> <BR> They've added a mountain goat in the past few weeks. I'll h... Sun, 31 May 2015 15:43:18 EST Losing my Mind http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5931889 That's the only explanation I have for something that happened this morning. This is Tony <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/acf6f382-bc8e-49d1-a6ed-e9b9efb0524b.JPG"> Tony loves to be outside and we do put him out on a leash when the weather is nice. If we can't put him out but he's annoying, we put him in the garage. <BR> <BR> This morning, I got ready to take Molly <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeople.com/guid/6b197dc7-e529-4920-8dc3-54d9d7ca9df9.JPG"> for a walk. I ... Thu, 21 May 2015 09:32:49 EST The Art Tour http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5917795 I spent yesterday with a friend doing an art tour in a neighboring county. It's the county I worked in so I know quite a few people and I got to chat with a former student, a former colleague and a SparkFriend to name a few. It was a day of no worries and lots of laughter and I definitely needed it. <BR> <BR> This friend and I did the art tour last year and had so much fun then that we decided to make it an annual event. It is a self-guided tour to visit the studios of various artists thr... Sun, 26 Apr 2015 07:28:42 EST For Dog Lovers http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5912203 Dog Bark Park Inn, a bed and breakfast in rural Cottonwood, Idaho <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/2/1/l2122782464.jpg"> Thu, 16 Apr 2015 07:10:25 EST 4/2/15 http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5904387 It has been a good day. <em>104</em> I had to drive my dad and stepmom to Dad's macular degeneration appointment. My schedule on these days is thrown off which often throws off my healthy eating plan (sometimes continuing for days after). I drive from my town, 40 miles to pick the two of them up and then bring them to my town for the appointment. These appointments often begin in the noon hour and are long so lunch is often delayed about three hours. We usually eat lunch at a fast f... Thu, 2 Apr 2015 19:15:52 EST Lasting Love http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5875784 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/8/5/l85705696.jpg"> <BR> <BR> The lovebirds in my family -- Dad and StepMom. Sat, 14 Feb 2015 19:03:17 EST The Anti-Inflammatory Diet http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5856386 DH is seeing a chiropractor who wants him to go on an anti-inflammatory diet for two weeks to start to decrease the inflammation in his body and allow it to heal. He has becoming increasingly less mobile since the back/buttock pain started nearly two years ago. It is quite a daunting diet but it is only for two weeks before he can start to introduce foods back into his diet and it is less daunting for us because we've already eliminated gluten. <BR> <BR> Basically he can eat any unsweetene... Sat, 17 Jan 2015 11:26:41 EST 15 for 2015 http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5842536 Here's my list for this year. I left the last one open. When I make my list, I always have so many ideas left that it's hard to decide on that last one. I also reserve the right to change any one of my ideas at any time during the year. The whole idea is to learn, grow and have fun. <BR> <BR> 1.Get a pedicure. <BR> 2.Try reflexology. <BR> 3.Visit a new Wisconsin city. I did this one last year but there are more places to go. <BR> 4.Make a wine kit. I got one for Christmas so I have a... Thu, 1 Jan 2015 07:59:35 EST 14 in 2014 http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5841120 In the interest of improving body, mind and soul in 2014, I listed 14 things at the beginning of the year that I wanted to do. I tried to list things to do instead of resolutions but some still read as resolutions. I did not think it was necessary to stick to the ones I listed in January if something new and interesting came along so I didn't. I don't think I added the 14th until at least mid-year and I changed one in November. No problem. I still got where I wanted to go -- doing new th... Tue, 30 Dec 2014 09:28:08 EST