GLMOM2's SparkPeople Blog GLMOM2's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community 2017 - (Week 34) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Hello SparkWorld <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> Not a whole lot to report here. <BR> <BR> Just getting back from our extended weekend away and had the opportunity to meet one of my long time SparkFriends, Cris and her husband! It was a blast meeting her after all this time. Hubby & I enjoyed some time away while the girls were at camp. We got biking in, hiking & relaxing! It was a nice time away. <BR> <BR> I am on my official "last" full week of summer vacation - next week is back to meetings... Mon, 21 Aug 2017 08:23:36 EST 2017 - (Week 33) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Let's recap week 32. Not my best week ever but I did get my FM's in. Still working on my walk/jog sessions so I am proud of that. <BR> <BR> I got in 23.98 miles last week, tracked 100% of foods 2 days, did my scheduled plank each day & got in my water 3 days last week. <BR> <BR> Moving onto Week 33 of 52 ... 19 weeks left in the year! WOWZA! You do know that will fly right? <em>40</em> <BR> <BR> This week I am working on tracking my foods, getting my schedule plank time in & drinking... Mon, 14 Aug 2017 08:33:16 EST 2017 - (Week 31 AND 32) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Where oh where is the time going? This summer is just a flying by! Good golly. <em>198</em> <BR> <BR> Last week, Week 31, I spent a majority of my time visiting my sister. We had an extended girls-weekend with my mom & my youngest also. My oldest wasn't able to join us due to scheduling conflict. We had a good time. Celebrated my early birthday too. It was fun and nice to get away! We all ate fairly well - stayed active. I got my sister out kayaking for her first time ... they treated me... Thu, 10 Aug 2017 08:44:38 EST 2017 - (Week 30 AND 31) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Hello SparkWorld <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> I seem to have forgotten to post my blog update the past couple of weeks. We were on a kind-of stay-cation last week. Prior to that my daughter's theatre wrapped up their summer show and then we took off on vacation. I've been busy. <BR> <BR> It was nice to get away but now I need to play catch-up from vacation! LOL <BR> <BR> I've gone in the morning and logged my workouts from the past week. That has now pushed me over the 2000+ FM's for July!... Mon, 31 Jul 2017 08:00:52 EST 2017 - (Week 29) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Hello Sparkworld <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> I can't believe this is week 29 already and almost the end of July! <em>2</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> Last week I posted about it being a crazy - insanely busy week and I was not wrong. I did horribly on my eating - either I didn't eat ... snacked to get me by or made the wrong choices! Then after theatre we went out 2 nights for an after-show celebration! <BR> <BR> I did manage to get in my miles - <em>250</em> <BR> <BR> Week 28 goal recap~ <... Wed, 19 Jul 2017 08:12:29 EST 2017 - (Week 28) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Hello SparkWorld <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> I'm back to report on my week 27 and post my goals for week 28. 27 was a touch better than week 26 so that's good. I did show a little bit of weight loss but I am still bouncing back and forth between the same 3-5 pounds. I've got to stop the yo-yoing business! <BR> <BR> Here is how I did for week 27 .. <BR> <BR> <em>8</em> Food tracking 3 days <em>248</em> and that's all I did! <BR> <BR> <em>8</em> Miles 25 miles <em>248</em> 25.... Wed, 12 Jul 2017 09:29:14 EST 2017 - (Week 27) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Okay well, last week ... week 26 bombed! Can I just be honest? I met NONE of my goals for the week I pushed to get miles in but got in 26 of the 32 I was aiming for. <BR> <BR> I am not on track to hit my 500 mile marker by tomorrow during my 5k as I had planned ... but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. N-O-P-E nope. <BR> <BR> I ended up taking the past 2 days off of walking and this morning during our walk/jog interval workout my neighbor pointed out that I am pushing further than I was las... Mon, 3 Jul 2017 13:35:07 EST 2017 - (Week 26) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Hello SparkWorld <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> I am beginning week 26 of my journey to 1000 miles in 2017 ... I am inching closer and closer to the 500 mile marker! As of this morning, I am at 467.24! I'd LOVE <em>129</em> to hit 500 by the end of the month but that may be a stretch! I'm going to keep pressing forward though!!! <em>311</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> Last week I decided to get back on the wagon and set myself some weekly goals to work towards. I think I did fairly well. <BR> <BR... Mon, 26 Jun 2017 08:04:37 EST 2017 - (Week 25) My journey towards 1000 miles ... WOW! It has been some time since I posted a blog of my weekly goals. Last post was week 13 ~ moving onto week 14! Now I'm in week 25!?!?!?!? <BR> <BR> I am currently at 432.9 miles into my journey of reaching 1000 by 12.31.2017! Although I have been consistent on getting in my miles ... my eating plan hasn't been doing so well. It begins today! <em>249</em> <BR> <BR> I know! How many time have I said that in my time here on SP? Too many. That's how many times. I've been looking back at ... Mon, 19 Jun 2017 07:49:03 EST 2017 - (Week 13) My journey towards 1000 miles ... And I've hit the 200 mile marker! Moving on my way. I ended March with 66.66 miles and that puts me at 202.4 for the year so far. <BR> <BR> <BR> Week 13 was about getting things in order and not letting life & chaos get in the way ... Well that's how I INTENDED for it to go ... <BR> <BR> Here were my Week 13 goals: <BR> <BR> <em>8</em> track foods 100% (4 days) ... Tracked 100% for 2 days (sick 2 of the days) <BR> <BR> <em>8</em> get in miles - no set amount this week (we'll see... Tue, 4 Apr 2017 08:35:18 EST 2017 - (Week 12) My journey towards 1000 miles ... with 196.28 miles down! <BR> <BR> <BR> I'm moving along. I finished off Week 12 having a good week. I was on target <em>292</em> with my goals. <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>8</em> food tracking 100% ~ 3 days this week! <em>248</em> 4 days! <BR> <BR> <em>8</em> mileage goal 20 miles! <em>248</em> 20.17! <BR> <BR> <em>8</em> No PM snacking after 8pm - 7 days! <em>248</em> <BR> <BR> I took the opportunity Saturday to get my house in order since I had my miles for the week I ... Tue, 28 Mar 2017 07:15:01 EST 2017 - (Week 11) My journey towards 1000 miles ... and I am currently at Mile Marker 176.11. I am aiming to hit Mile 200 by the end of the month, if not before. <BR> <BR> I am tracking all of my "intentional" miles where I am counting my miles that are above and beyond my daily step miles and that get my heart pumping. <BR> <BR> <BR> Week 11 was a more productive week - less stress at work helped with my efforts too! <em>595</em> <BR> <BR> Here is a brief review of my goals ... I think I did pretty well! <BR> <BR> <em>8</em> - ... Sun, 19 Mar 2017 08:27:32 EST 2017 - (Week 10) My journey towards 1000 miles ... and I've logged in over 157 miles towards my 1000 mile goal! <BR> <BR> I am slowly <em>134</em> getting back into the groove. I haven't given up so that means something. This past week was a little less stressful up until yesterday ... we got my oldest DD her first vehicle. She's not 16 yet but will be in 79 days I've been told! LOL <BR> <BR> So that was a huge milestone ... then we get home and in the mail was her acceptance letter to a local community college! She can begin dual enrol... Sun, 12 Mar 2017 18:47:47 EST 2017 - (Week 9) My journey towards a 1000 miles ... Is getting back on track! I was able to log in 15.62 miles this week. That is more miles than I have tracked in the past few weeks. <em>244</em> Happy about that! <BR> <BR> Now to just back on track with my eating. I have been HORRIBLE lately. It has got to stop. I'm going to get back into taking my daily multi-vitamin and Vit D each day and see if that has any positive effects on my eating. Plus I'm finding I'm getting more water in each day as the days are warmer. So that helps too. <B... Sun, 5 Mar 2017 08:22:11 EST 2017 - (Week 8 & finishing up Feb) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Not much to report on Week 8. It came ... it went. I logged 9.05 miles for the week putting me just over 126 miles for the year. <BR> <BR> I managed to keep my weight steady these past couple weeks of stress and chaos. Not sure how???? <BR> <BR> Moving forward ~ <BR> <BR> I'm currently working on Week 9 and my miles are coming back. I am getting into my groove. I did fall off the tracking wagon at the end of week 8. <em>39</em> I had kept the food tracking streak alive for 47 DAYS! ... Tue, 28 Feb 2017 18:02:36 EST 2017 - (Weeks 6 & 7) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Have been very stressful! To say the least. <em>39</em> <BR> <BR> I think I may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though. With it all, I kept on tracking my foods which were absolutely HORRIBLE by the way ... my mileage tracking was minimal. I'm trying to get caught back up on that now that the weather has given us some springy days. <em>67</em> <em>126</em> <BR> <BR> Let me tell you I felt like a spring <em>448</em> this weekend with temps in the 60's and the abund... Mon, 20 Feb 2017 20:25:38 EST 2017 - (Week 5) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Hello SparkFriends! <BR> <BR> Back again with my weekly update/accountability blog. I am loving the progress I am making so far. Yesterday was Day 35 of my journey and I am down 7.8# and accumulated 100.44 miles! I broke the first 100 mile marker! <em>244</em> <BR> <BR> It sure felt like when you are on vacation and you are anticipating getting to your destination & how it feels like it takes for.e.ver to get there. Well, that's how this first 100 miles felt! <em>246</em> Hope the ot... Sun, 5 Feb 2017 07:59:01 EST 2017 - (Week 4) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Hello SparkFriends and World ... <BR> <BR> I'm here to do my weekly check-in of my journey towards 1000 miles for 2017. I am still really liking the challenge. Everyone seems to be very positive and encouraging. I'm excited about how much better I am feeling with walking more and how much my eating has improved. <BR> <BR> Here is a review of my Week 4 goals ~ still practicing the "Something is better than nothing" attitude. <em>353</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>248</em> Track water dai... Sun, 29 Jan 2017 16:07:02 EST 2017 - (Week 3) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Hello SparkWorld <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Week 3 is coming to a close ... it has been a long week at work and home life was a bit chaotic too. Despite the craziness I did fairly well on my weekly goals! I still haven't stepped on the scale and that is okay. When the time is right and I feel "different" I'll look until then I'm going to <em>593</em> and <em>386</em> my way to a healthy lifestyle with being active & eating better. <em>521</em> <BR> <BR> Here's where I ... Sat, 21 Jan 2017 19:43:18 EST 2017 - (Week 2) My Journey towards 1000 miles ... Hey Sparkers! <BR> <BR> I am wrapping up Week 2. I think I did fairly well this week considering it was the first week back to work after a long 2 week break. There were a few times this week I was irritated and wanted to say "why bother", but I didn't. I told myself I'm not giving in that easily .... So I didn't! <BR> <BR> Something is better than nothing ... <BR> <BR> Week 2 goals - <BR> <BR> <em>8</em> Track all foods at least 2x this week - can you believe I tracked 6 of the 7 day... Sat, 14 Jan 2017 18:45:13 EST 2017 - (Week 1) My journey towards 1000 miles ... Hello SparkWorld <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> Just a quick update for Week 1 ... <BR> <BR> <em>344</em> <BR> I am going strong on my mileage count - 21 mile goal ... accumulated 25.07! BOO-YAH! Well on my way to the 1000 mile mark! <em>331</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>315</em> <BR> I worked out 7/7 days ... I was only going to do 6 and have today as a rest day. Then I just had to go! So I did! If my body is willing to move, why shouldn't I! <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>194</em> <... Sat, 7 Jan 2017 19:52:25 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (End of Year) Well 2016 has come and gone. I mentioned the other day in my blog that I'd be coming back with an end of year review. It's nice to take the time to reflect and see what worked ... What didn't and see what needs to be done to make 2017 a healthier year. <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>12</em> 2016 <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>192</em> Weight .... Ending the year with a +4.4 gain overall <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>364</em> <em>185</em> Completed my (3) 5k's goal for 2016! <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>311</em> ... Mon, 2 Jan 2017 10:15:03 EST 2017 - My journey towards 1000 miles ... Officially begins 1-1-17! <em>412</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>432</em> <BR> How on earth did I get here?!?!? My boss & I were talking one day about fitness & needing to do something. Both of us are trying to live healthier lifestyles. She mentioned to me the 1000 mile challenge that's been posted on FB. Check it out ... 1000 mile challenge! <BR> *Tried to share link and it won't work!* <BR> <BR> <BR> Needless to say, it peeked my curiosity and I decided to check it out. Maybe that ... Thu, 29 Dec 2016 09:14:28 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (December) OH boy OH boy ... This is not where I wanted to be when I set out to make 2016 my journey to a healthier me. But I'm not giving up ... I have 2017 right ahead of me! <BR> <BR> We have a wedding to attend on New Year's Eve and my hopes were to get back into my black dress (size 14) by the wedding. I started off strong and focused ... And it didn't happen. Between life - being sick and lack of motivation I had to go purchase yet another dress yesterday this time a size 16! <em>40</em> <BR... Wed, 28 Dec 2016 07:55:07 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (September edition) Hello Sparkers! <BR> <BR> August has come and gone ... Proud to say that I successfully reached many of my goals! <BR> <BR> Walking miles goal 50 ... Accumulated 53.55 miles! <em>248</em> <BR> Fitness minutes 1200 minutes ... Accumulated 1425 minutes! <em>248</em> <BR> Tracked foods into MFP 18/31 days this month! With a 10 day streak going on!! <em>248</em> <BR> And continue to get healthy & have fun <em>248</em> <BR> <BR> Just missed my biking goal of 50 miles with 31 mi... Thu, 1 Sep 2016 08:36:56 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (August edition) ... Hi SparkFriends <em>213</em> and SparkWorld <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> Where oh where has the time gone? We are into August now and in one month it will be back to school/work. Ugh! <em>198</em> <BR> <BR> I am working a way at home projects that I told myself would get completed this summer so when days are allowing I am working on a project a day. Now granted a few of my projects will not get done in a day and need to be carried over. <BR> <BR> <BR> Onto healthy lifestyle l... Fri, 5 Aug 2016 09:55:36 EST July mileage/minutes challenge - who's with me? Hey SparkWorld <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> I am in desperate need of a fitness challenge. So I thought why not throw out a mileage/minutes challenge for July! <BR> <BR> If you are interested in joining me, just comment below <em>55</em> what you are going to track - mileage or minutes or better yet, both! Totally up to you! <BR> <BR> <BR> Come join me <em>220</em> for the July fitness challenge! We can check in on one another throughout the challenge and keep ourselves and fe... Wed, 6 Jul 2016 09:30:04 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (June/July edition) It's been awhile SparkFriends since I've blogged about my journey to a healthier me. I've been really struggling to find what works best for me. I've discovered that detailed tracking is not the best fit for me right now, but I need to track some how! The weight is not going to come off by itself and without me really focusing. <BR> <BR> So I've come up with a plan - My Simple Tracking Plan! <em>195</em> <BR> <BR> It's simple really. I'm using a basic spiral notebook & I'm tracking my ... Wed, 29 Jun 2016 08:41:07 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (May edition) ... Hello SparkFriends! <BR> <BR> We've made it to a new month. I honestly don't know where April went. Wow, that month FLEW by. <BR> <BR> <BR> I am looking for a productive May and make strides towards my healthy lifestyle. Looking back at April, it was not the most productive month. I had several "ailments" that prevented me from continuing my workouts and then I just kind of fell off the workout wagon ... but no more. I'm back & ready to take on May ... <em>249</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> BL... Sun, 1 May 2016 07:17:50 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (April edition) ... Hello SparkFriends and World <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> April is off to a busy start. We had spring break this first week of April and now I am trying to get back into the swing of home life and eating better! <BR> <BR> <BR> Over vacation I am proud <em>334</em> to say I ... <BR> <BR> stepped 121,734 steps ... climbed 111 floors ... walked 53.3 miles ~ all while we were in Vegas and surrounding areas. We kept very busy during our vacation. Eating wasn't too bad either consideri... Sat, 9 Apr 2016 20:52:58 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (March edition & REVIEW) Just realized as I went to update my March goals I never posted them! <em>198</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> To recap here is what I was working on for my March 2016 ~ Marching On goals ... <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Fitness minutes ~ 1200 minutes <em>248</em> 1428 minutes! <BR> <BR> Mileage (walk/run) ~ 40 miles <em>248</em> 75.06 miles! <BR> <BR> Strength train ~ Arm ST challenge (12 days) <em>248</em> <BR> <BR> Weight loss ~ 0.6 pounds lost <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>248</em> <em>364<... Sat, 9 Apr 2016 20:35:13 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (February edition) ... Happy February SparkFriends! <BR> <BR> I just realized I haven't posted my February - <em>26</em> Smart Plan! <BR> <BR> <BR> I am still focusing on my 2016 goals - Getting back to a healthier lifestyle ... aiming to run (3) 5k's this year ... overall making this a good year! With those long term goals in mind I am working away at monthly/weekly goals to keep me on track to reach my 2016 goals! <BR> <BR> <BR> My February goals: <BR> Fitness minutes ~ 1200 minutes <BR> Mileage (run/wa... Fri, 5 Feb 2016 10:01:44 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (January edition - REVIEW) ... <em>524</em> SparkFriends and Sparkworld ... <em>432</em> <BR> <BR> I hope everyone's spark journeys are off to a great start & you are finding your way to health and wellness as the New Year continues on. <BR> <BR> In an effort to get a jump start on my 2016 - New Year of healthy & happy living I've come up with these goals & as I review each one I've been thinking about what I want to strive for in February. Here's how I did in January! <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>195</em> 2016 Yearly... Mon, 1 Feb 2016 10:06:55 EST 2016 - Journey to a healthier me (January edition) ... <em>408</em> Happy New Year SparkFriends! <em>408</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> I have been pondering over and over again what I'd like to accomplish this year in my "journey to a healthier me" ... I have decided the best way to accomplish my yearly goals would be to work away at some monthly/weekly goals! <BR> <BR> <BR> To get a jump start on the 2016 - New Year of healthy & happy living I've come up with these goals ... <BR> <BR> <BR> 2016 Yearly Goals: <BR> <BR> ** Get back to a healthi... Sun, 3 Jan 2016 20:45:13 EST Looking back and ready to move on ... Looking back to 2015 ... <BR> <BR> It was a rough year ... <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> I'm ready to move onto 2016 and have a kick <em>216</em> butt <em>413</em> kind of year! <BR> <BR> <BR> Who's with me??? <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>195</em> Now I've got to get some goals ready to reach for January. <em>521</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Thu, 31 Dec 2015 09:10:04 EST Need to focus... I'm debating whether or not to stop weighing in until the official beginning weigh-in for BLC29? That will be some time in mid-September. <BR> <BR> My number continues to keep creeping up although today I did see a little drop in the number. <em>192</em> <BR> <BR> I would weigh-in to start my plan & then put it away until the start of BLC29. It would give me time to focus on my "100 days of weight loss - to a healthier me" plan I've been working on and I could use other ways to measure ... Tue, 25 Aug 2015 08:02:57 EST Journey to a healthier me ... finding my way back! We are wrapping up our final week of BLC28. I have been aboard the Ferocious Viking Ship for 12-weeks! I'd like to say that it has been easy sailing for me but ... I can't! It has been a rough ride for the past several weeks. <BR> <BR> I have enjoyed my time on the ship, don't get me wrong! These fellow Vikings have been rowing hard beside me every step of the way. For me personally, its been a rough ride. They have been here supporting me and pushing me along! <BR> <BR> To you fellow Vik... Mon, 10 Aug 2015 09:54:29 EST August goals I'm keeping my goals short & sweet this month. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> AUGUST GOALS: <BR> <BR> <BR> Fitness minutes - 1800 <BR> <BR> Step count - 350,000 <BR> <BR> Strength training - 3x/week <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>521</em> ... I NEED to do it! <BR> <BR> <BR> Sat, 1 Aug 2015 08:54:44 EST Getting my Spark on in July - Week 8 & 9 of BLC28 Hmmm.... thinking .... <em>101</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> Where exactly did Week 8 go? <BR> <BR> <BR> It has been a whirlwind of a week and honestly my tracking as been nonexistent! I know I've been keeping on top of my water but freggies I've been eating them just don't know the number of servings! I've been getting in my walks and/or workouts each day. Trying to be good about my eating and choices being made. <BR> <BR> <BR> I don't know what I'm doing BUT .... I did show a -1.4 LOSS ... Wed, 15 Jul 2015 08:55:04 EST Getting my Spark on in July - Week 7 & 8 of BLC28 Hello Sparkers! <BR> <BR> Last week I started my tracking program a little different. We just wrapped up week 7 of the BLC28 12-week series. Moving onto week 8 but before I do I wanted to post my blog to keep myself accountable for week 7. <BR> <BR> At the end of my update, I will post my Week 8 goals. <BR> <BR> <BR> **UPDATE** <BR> <em>194</em> <em>265</em> <em>45</em> <em>551</em> <BR> Week 7: <BR> 8 cups water DAILY - 7/7 days met! <em>248</em> <BR> 2 servings of Fruits D... Wed, 8 Jul 2015 08:38:42 EST Getting my Spark on in July ~ July Goals Good Morning Fellow Sparkers! <BR> <BR> <BR> I am determined this month to get my spark back on and get this weight moving. 2015 has been one thing after another it seems and I'm ready to take control on what I CAN take control of and that is my health! <em>521</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>232</em> <em>283</em> <em>195</em> <BR> For July I am changing up how & what I track. Tracking foods just wasn't working for me right now. I need something "different" so I am hoping this will ... Tue, 30 Jun 2015 09:25:11 EST Responsibility Plan Taking Action #3 Hello Sparkers! <BR> <BR> Responsibility Plan - Taking Action #3 <BR> I am back posting my blog to hold myself accountable on my April goals. I've been posting my updates (Taking Action #1 & #2) on my goals and to continue working on my goals I'm here once again to blog with my weekly updates. Here's how I'm doing ... <BR> <BR> FITNESS: <BR> * Continue to workout at least 5/7 days a week <em>8</em> <BR> <BR> * Continue my 5k walk training <em>8</em> <BR> <BR> * Walk a 5k a week... Tue, 28 Apr 2015 21:20:22 EST Responsibility Plan Taking Action #2 Hello Sparkers! <BR> <BR> Responsibility Plan - Taking Action #2 <BR> I am back posting my blog to hold myself accountable on my April goals. I posted last week my update (Taking Action #1) on my goals and to continue working on my goals I'm here to blog with my weekly updates. Here's what I am continuing to working on ~ <BR> <BR> FITNESS: <BR> * Continue to workout at least 5/7 days a week <em>8</em> <BR> <BR> * Continue my 5k walk training <em>8</em> <BR> <BR> * Walk a 5k a w... Tue, 21 Apr 2015 21:17:09 EST Responsibility Plan Taking Action #1 Hello Sparkers! <BR> <BR> Responsibility Plan - Taking Action #1 <BR> I am posting my blog to hold myself accountable on my April goals. I posted last week my goals and one of my goals is to blog weekly with updates ... so here I am. Here's what I am working on ~ <BR> <BR> FITNESS: <BR> * Continue to workout at least 5/7 days a week <em>8</em> <BR> <BR> * Continue my 5k walk training <em>8</em> <BR> <BR> * Walk a 5k a week until our <em>364</em> Walk event <em>8</em> <BR... Sun, 12 Apr 2015 21:15:41 EST Responsibility Plan for April ... Hello Fellow Sparkers. <BR> <BR> It has been some time since I last blogged. BLC 27 is coming to a close and part of our last challenge is to make a plan to help us stay on track. I am listing my Responsibility Plan to keep myself on track during the break between when BLC27 ends and BLC 28 begins. <BR> <BR> <BR> FITNESS: <em>311</em> <em>364</em> <em>315</em> <BR> * Continue to workout at least 5/7 days a week <BR> <BR> * Continue my 5k walk training that I will be participatin... Sun, 5 Apr 2015 17:47:50 EST My January goals ...RECAP <em>412</em> <em>408</em> <em>445</em> <em>412</em> <em>408</em> <em>445</em> <BR> <BR> I set myself (3) basic and simple goals for January to help me get back on track ... here's how I did! <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>315</em> <BR> 1500 fitness minutes ...1519 <em>248</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>311</em> <BR> 310,000 steps by the end of the month ... 329,546 <em>248</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>9</em> <BR> End the month with a weight loss ... -1.4# <em>248</em> <BR> <BR... Tue, 3 Feb 2015 07:03:23 EST My January goals ... <em>412</em> <em>408</em> <em>445</em> <em>412</em> <em>408</em> <em>445</em> <BR> To start off 2015, I've set myself (3) basic and simple goals for January. <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>315</em> <BR> 1500 fitness minutes ... it will be a big push from my 500 this month but I also know it is something I can reach if I push myself <em>521</em> <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>311</em> <BR> 310,000 steps by the end of the month = 10,000 a day! I've got to get my FitBit moving again! <BR> <BR>... Tue, 30 Dec 2014 11:14:24 EST Pick up where I left off or start fresh ... That's where I'm at right now. I don't know what's best. <BR> <BR> Do I start fresh? Delete this SparkPage and start new ...or pick up where I left off and get moving again? <BR> <BR> Since my last post in early July, we listed our house, sold our house in 27 days & had to pack/move out by the end of September. September was a whirlwind with selling/moving, school starting and the fall sports kicking in. I did have a huge weight gain but am slowly <em>134</em> and I emphasize slowly get... Sun, 23 Nov 2014 08:14:29 EST Summer Camp Goals for BTS ... <em>256</em> <em>295</em> <em>434</em> <em>256</em> <em>295</em> <em>434</em> <BR> <BR> As part of setting up for camp this week we were asked to share what goals we would like to reach during our time at camp. Of course, we'd all like to see a weight loss but this challenge is about looking Beyond The Scale (hence the name, BTS!). <BR> <BR> Here are my top 3 goals: <BR> <BR> <em>195</em> <BR> Track food daily to get myself back on track - <em>230</em> work in progress <BR... Mon, 14 Jul 2014 07:21:00 EST Week 3 Review ... 80 days of Summer I am really having a hard time right now getting back on track. I feel like I am on the road and running here and there most of the time. I am trying to stay on top of the fitness minutes, but the quick-eating to get out the door is really hurting my efforts. <BR> <BR> I hope after this Week 4, life will settle down just a touch so I can get a grip on my eating and start making losing progress than gains! <BR> <BR> <BR> <em>192</em> <BR> WEEKLY WEIGH-IN (Monday AM) ... +2.6 yesterday a... Tue, 8 Jul 2014 07:58:52 EST