FINGERSCROSSEDC's SparkPeople Blog FINGERSCROSSEDC's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Fighting INERTIA..... ok.. this will not be the most positive blog... - so you can pass... (i just have to jolt down a few ideas) <BR> <BR> ok... so... i had lost 20 lbs... started eating after comments on my weight (THAT next time i should be able to handle - so that's settled): MAN, I'M BACK TO INITIAL WEIGHT. So, from -20 to 0. As if, i HAD to be back to point 0. (it's ok, i can go back down, more like -30 next time (to goal), but just GRRRRRR maddening (and... so 'me': no gray, black or white, start at starti... Sun, 6 Mar 2011 07:02:02 EST What is holding you back or has held you back?? Perhaps the title holds more promise.. than solutions... <BR> <BR> What is holding you back or has held you back - and... in that last case is no longer holding you back???? <BR> <BR> i know SOMETHING or some THINGS are holding me back <BR> <BR> i'm not too sure what they are <BR> <BR> but they are, because when i'm close to my goal, i fall back. <BR> <BR> ok... i DO tend to have a ALL or NOTHING attitude: <BR> . i'd like everything done NOW <BR> . i'd like the weight to be solved YESTE... Sat, 12 Feb 2011 16:14:32 EST A step back to stay FOCUSED Breathe. <BR> <BR> I have had a few days off... - and have spent SOOOOO much time on Sparks, as odd as it may seem, it sorta made me loose FOCUS. AND it's been like a SWIRL - and... for me, swirls.. pretty close to STRESS... ohhh.. don't do well with stress (as in EAT - no good :) ) <BR> <BR> As mentioned in my intro, i'm not that bad losing (i can always learn - but i'd say,for me, it's pretty much exercise and eating well - hmmm.. am i on to something?!? :) <BR> <BR> My main 'obstacles'... Tue, 1 Feb 2011 17:59:07 EST Shame... (emotional eating) - from shame to... ??? :))) I have been SO enjoying my Spark discovering... (as i was telling both a friend and another Sparkie, I feel like when i 1st discovered internet - going for HOURS from link to link to link, and thinking HOW did i get here?? (and WHAT time is it?!?!) <BR> <BR> I read Sparkpages that inspire me (MANY), posts i relate to, posts i soooo wish i would have had the words to say ... and i am inspired by young women getting it, sooo young as in WOW!!! <BR> <BR> (man, there are some things i would ha... Mon, 31 Jan 2011 22:44:31 EST Journal/Blog... Hungry... Wk past/Wk to come... JOURNAL/BLOG <BR> <BR> YAY!!! i'm sooo happy!!! i get to BLOG!!!! - Today's 1 day challenge Sparkteam is to BLOG!! :) (being new to Sparkpeople.. at 1st i was blogging every day - essentially because i really like it), but as the days passed and i kept reading and reading on the site, i discovered the journal.. and was seeing the best blog awards, and they were so WOW that i thought perhaps we can just blog when we have something meaningful and insightful to say - so i haven't blogged since... Mon, 17 Jan 2011 22:09:42 EST Sparkteams: insights, info, awareness and direction ok... i'm still really new, but i find that the Sparkpoints page is a really good place to explore what Spark's has to offer, because it makes you go everywhere (well.. to earn points :) (at 1st..) <BR> <BR> I think at 1st i would have been intimidated by the SparkTeams. But that's my old self: perfectionist, shy to share, to open up, to ask for help. <BR> <BR> Now: not perfect - i don't need to meet all the challenges (sorry) BUT i know that in the past, i've never maintained weight loss... Mon, 10 Jan 2011 21:08:23 EST Getting organized... OMG... - i am spending perhaps WAY too much time on the web site (well.. it IS new to me) - but i'm not getting anything done (as in EXERCISE - hellllllo!!!!!) - so i'll have to balance things (which is NOT my forte - and with those points!!! - i sorta have a competitive streak (against myself) - but i think i'm losing it a bit: i'll try to IGNORE the points, make the MOST out of the site, for ME. I know there are things i need HELP with, i'll come to the site for that; the things that are go... Sat, 8 Jan 2011 08:31:21 EST Sense of community Day 2.. have been passing a LOT of time on the site: there is sooooo much to explore/read/learn!!! At 1st, when i 1st read that article on the woman who finally achieved her weight goal with Spark, i didn't get it: what is so different?? just info you can get in any fitness magazine... <BR> <BR> OHHHHH... it's MORE than that!!! <BR> <BR> it's the whole sense of COMMUNITY. My usual utterly shy and reserved self would have put a 'DON'T LET ANYONE READ THIS' on my blog, for some reason i didn'... Sat, 8 Jan 2011 06:05:41 EST Just starting Yay!! i am just starting.. and so exited!! This was the WORST beginning to year (i was sick, woke up at 3:30 on the 1st - and the 1st few days of the year are usually my best... - they were my WORST.. and... u know what, oddly, this may turn out to be my best. Usually, i think i would have thought screw it, next year - and it turns out i started on the 7th this year, and 7 is sorta a lucky number for me. I entered my food intake and was FLOORED!!!! My LUNCH alone was 1300 calories!!!! - and h... Fri, 7 Jan 2011 15:58:38 EST