FIFIFRIZZLE's SparkPeople Blog FIFIFRIZZLE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community For Eunice Watermellen blogged about fit neighborhoods. My DH used to walk to school with his friends. They would stop by each other's homes where the SAH mums were there to welcome them, and the tins were always full. <BR> He is now at that age where the parents of the friends are dying, and on Monday he is flying home for the funeral of one of those women. <BR> So this blog is to remember Eunice, who had two sons, one of whom was killed just a few months ago in an aircraft accident in a plane he was... Thu, 21 Aug 2014 14:40:11 EST Kombucha and other probiotics I had lunch with my niece yesterday after we did a water exercise session. Then we picked up a scoby she had saved for me and bought a big jar to make Kombucha in. It is sitting on my counter working away. This will be my first batch so I hope it all goes OK. <BR> In the meantime we have a bottle in the fridge, it is very pleasant tasting and delightfully fizzy. So now I make yoghurt and Kombucha, I guess the next step will be water kefir or sauerkraut. <BR> Meanwhile I am drinking apple cide... Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:10:20 EST Spring gardening I spent a happy day in the garden yesterday. The weather was glorious, warm, sunny and still. Everywhere I weeded were bulbs and spring flower mostly on the cusp of opening. I planted a few of my shrubs that have waited all winter. I trimmed a flowering shrub and pruned another. <BR> DH worked with me and we got one part of the garden looking good. <BR> Lots still to do. <BR> The weather looks set to be good enough for gardening today so I might finish up on that yerrace, including patching ... Sun, 17 Aug 2014 15:06:12 EST Spring cleaning This month I have set a goal of dealing to my kitchen. Spent some of this weekend cleaning the oven, it is a surprise to open it now. Will give it a final go with commercial oven cleaner but in the meantime it's looking much shinier. Moved on to the microwave and today is fridge time, followed by the pantry. <BR> I am working my way counterclockwise and will finish under the sink. <BR> We have a kitchen dining room and the dining room will be next, this is not a big deal except for ... the ... Sun, 10 Aug 2014 14:12:20 EST Facing Friday... a good mood this week. Feeling stronger and happier because I have increased my calories. Found this round of the Cura tough so I have shortened it and will tackle a three week round when the spring asparagus and strawberries come in again. <BR> Work has been good this week, I am writing a paper and the research and writing is a happy place for me. My garden is a happy place too but the weather is shaping up wet and cold for the weekend so I may not be spending much time there, don't w... Thu, 7 Aug 2014 14:56:21 EST Happy August We are in for a stormy old weekend. <BR> Have friends dropping by today, think they might come round lunch time. Gotta get the house cleaned, so what am I doing blogging here! <BR> <BR> This month I think I will pay attention to rearranging my kitchen and having a good old throw out. Let's see how that goes. <BR> <BR> Cura is trucking along, I'm still toughing it out. It's a slog, but sometimes its the only thing to do. <BR> <BR> What have you got in mind for August, Sparkadees? Fri, 1 Aug 2014 16:51:03 EST Grizzle, whinge, moan from the inner brat I've been feeling rather grizzly on the Cura this round. Weight isn't coming off fast enough for me, and it's harder to manage on 450 calories when it is bitterly cold outside. I think this is when you really miss that fat in the diet, not to mention the carbs. So I am less active, inside, closer to the kitchen, which leads to thoughts... <BR> I've actually cheated a little, and I've been thinking of finishing at 3 weeks instead of 6. Grizzle, moan whinge, hold on! I've dropped 15lbs in 18 d... Tue, 29 Jul 2014 14:53:46 EST Any one out there with a vitamix? DH burnt out the food processor and I have been thinking whether to replace it. <BR> On my travels I came across the vitamix. Apparently it cooks your soup for you. <BR> <BR> This really caught my attention as I make soups a lot. And smoothies. <BR> <BR> My trusty stick blender is still working, but it won't last forever. <BR> <BR> Anyone out there with a vitamix? I'd like to know what you think of them. <BR> <BR> Wondered if you have one, Watermellen, Queen of Soups? Mon, 28 Jul 2014 13:50:00 EST Just desserts with the jockettes DH & I joined friends for dessert last night. He had some, I didn't. They drank wine, I drank water. <BR> I hadn't felt like sitting through a whole meal with them, but felt I could ignore as they ate dessert. <BR> It was fine, and I had fun catching up. But actually had some extra food when I went home, so I guess I was feeling deprived deep down, or I was triggered. Anyway, the damage is nothing compared to if I had eaten along with them! <BR> in fact there is no damage, except that I did... Sat, 26 Jul 2014 15:39:31 EST Over the hump & winning again I was going to say losing again, but that,s not what it feels like to get rid of excess weight, is it? <BR> <BR> This round my weight will not budge and then after two or three days, drops. It is annoying as I am used to a smoother ride. Then I look at the end of my week and feel abashed that I have been annoyed. <BR> <BR> Honestly I don,t know how all you slow losers out there put up with it. What I see in a week with this method plays out over a month or more when you are using regimes f... Fri, 25 Jul 2014 14:41:34 EST Got rid of some weight again Don't want to say regain, becaue it's not what I like to think of as a gain, but i am relosing some extra weight. <BR> As I have said before, I let my focus go for a couple of months and the result was I put on a bit over 10 kilos. Dang! <BR> <BR> Getting myself back on track and in last two weeks have dropped 5.5% of my body weight according to this tracker: <BR><BR>-weight-loss-percentage.html <BR> <BR> It's relatively easy to relose on the Cura, b... Thu, 24 Jul 2014 14:59:40 EST Housewifely day Really satisfied with my day so far, went to Zumba, bought some gloves (just developed Reynaud's and it's tough in winter) and some new pillows. Then home for the electrician to install a heated towel rail in the middle flat, while I ate a three egg white 1 yolk omelette, and prepped my veggies for the week. <BR> Now in the fridge, celery, shredded cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cauliflower soup, broccoli & celery soup, and caramelised onions. Chicken sliced and ready in single serves to co... Mon, 21 Jul 2014 22:16:47 EST Steamed to sleep This weekend I have been tidying the house since DH has been out of town. <BR> The kitchen and bedroom are a marvel, living room and lobby, not so much. <BR> I'll be picking him up at the airport this morning an we will go for a swim. <BR> <BR> Yesterday I spent two hours in the steam room, came out boiled and steamy warm, shopped for vegetables, home for an early dinner and turned in at about 8. Had near enough to nine hours sleep! Usually I am lucky to get five. <BR> <BR> Still raining so... Sun, 20 Jul 2014 12:58:11 EST Biggest loser challenge Yesterday was weigh in day for my new six week challenge. I've been weighing regularly again after neglecting the scales for a few months, and boy does it show. I remember now, the scale is my friend. We need to keep in regular touch. <BR> <em>193</em> <BR> It's good to be tackling a challenge, I am on another round of the Cura and I like having people concentrating on dropping unwanted weight around me. You know what I mean, when you are in weight loss mode, sometimes you are well focus... Fri, 18 Jul 2014 16:36:14 EST So cold I really needed something to warm me up The heating at work is broken and I have been freezing cold all day as the rain and sleet came down. Finally winter after the mildest of weather so far. <BR> <BR> Brrr! I made sure to have a hot cup of tea befor leaving work tonight, then dashed up the steps to turn on the heaters. <BR> It's days like these that I really want to carb load, but, I am on the Cura and 450 calories is my lot. So, another hot cuppa tea ( I add chai spices to black tea, it makes it more warming in winter) and a te... Wed, 16 Jul 2014 03:39:57 EST Gone quiet: Racewellwon, Kathrynlp, Motlem I'm missing my SparkBuddies Racewellwon, Kathrynlp and Motlem, who were posting away one day, and offline the next. They were so inspiring and such fun, I really enjoyed them. <BR> Two of the three have health issues that I know of, but the third, just disappeared. <BR> <em>382</em> Karen, Mel, Kathryn. I can't help but worry and hope you are OK out there in the real world. <BR> <em>39</em> <BR> Three SparkBuddies is a lot to lose in one year, especially if you are not a one for hundr... Sun, 13 Jul 2014 13:47:21 EST Late filing of 2014 Annual Report to Fifi HQ I missed my Sparkaversary, and I didn't write my annual report. So here is the Annual report to Fifi HQ as at June 2014. <BR> <BR> As at my 3 year Sparkaversary,  I can report to Fifi HQ that: <BR> I  have maintained a weight reduction of 16 kgs since my last report.  <BR> Barring a recent blip due to health issues, I regularly exercise six days a week. I am active all day long.  <BR> <em>311</em> <BR> My sleep, while not entirely satisfactory, is much improved. Daytime naps, rare, just ... Sat, 12 Jul 2014 18:14:30 EST In the winter... It's been ages since I blogged but I am still sparking away. Have picked up my exercise, still not so hardcore with the Zumba (counting pennies) but doing my water exercise. <BR> Had a walk along beautiful Oriental Bay this morning after a cafe brunch with friends. Not exactly exercise, just a stroll. Good for the soul, if not the bod. <BR> <BR> Am tidying the house and getting organised again, next weekend DH will be away so I will have a blitz on the interior, knowing that DH will not be t... Sat, 12 Jul 2014 04:48:57 EST Coleslaw recipe by request for OJ Coleslaw <BR> Grate:An apple, a carrot or two, sharp tasting cheese, onion. <BR> Chop: cabbage very finely, and celery into small pieces. Season with salt and pepper. <BR> Add currants and fennel seeds. Mix in lemon juice. <BR> Cover and put in the fridge for a day or two, it will get juicy. <BR> I make a dressing from yoghurt and mayonnaise mixed together, with mustard for a bite to counter the luscious sweet tartness of the apple & onion. <BR> This really is best after a couple or three... Fri, 4 Jul 2014 02:28:41 EST Early to bed means early to wake It's a dilemma when I get back from my pool sessions. We go in the evening straight from work, in the water at sixish, out at eight, then a quick drive home. <BR> We have to eat, usually it is something easy and light, and as quick as possible soup and salad. If it's more than that, it take too long to cook, then I am energized and want to stay up late, then late to bed and late to get to sleep and late to get up for work.... <BR> Last night it was homemade vegetable soup and coleslaw, both... Thu, 3 Jul 2014 12:42:43 EST Bonus blog Mad to do two blogs in one day, I know. But just feel like recording my pool time today, another 90 minute session. This time a lot of running in a different, slightly less warm, pool. ST with foam weights, a good long stretching session. And a warm shower after, thank heavens. <BR> <BR> I feel just slightly over exercised but my body is so grateful for the workout. And stretched and relaxed, such a good feeling. <BR> And so to bed. Night night from <BR> Fifi <BR> <em>102</em> Thu, 3 Jul 2014 05:44:38 EST In the pool I did 90 minutes, I feel worked out! Got out and the showers were cold. Went home, cooked dinner and then early to bed. <BR> <BR> It was sleeting outside. <BR> Yay for the gleeful feeling of having been in the water even though it is so inclement outside. <BR> More swim today. My wrists are a bit sore so I might focus more on water walking thus time, give my legs a good workout. And make sure I do a long range of stretches. Happy happy happy Fifi. <BR> Spark on, Sparkadees! <BR> <em>237<... Wed, 2 Jul 2014 14:53:39 EST Zumba reunion It was great to see my Zumba buddies again, they were happy to see me. Lots of new routines to learn and that is absolutely fine. I didn't work that hard due do the new routines but certainly got a sweat up. So glad to be back. <BR> Got a ne whaircut and met DH on town for a coffee afterwards. Shopping, cleaning, tidying. <BR> That kind of day. <BR> Warm swim tonight after work. <BR> Have a great day Sparkadees. <BR> <em>213</em> Tue, 1 Jul 2014 12:45:33 EST White Rabbits: Back to Zumba Today is bleak and here will be hail this morning. <BR> <em>27</em> <BR> Never mind the weather, I am going to Zumba this morning. My clothes are laid out ready to go. And I have set my intention. Tomorrow and Thursday I am swimming and Saturday and Monday Zumba, and I am back in my routine for July. Friday and Sunday can be walking days. <BR> I'm taking the beginning of a new month to set the show on the road. I am rested up the wazoo, & I know my body will be happy to get to play. <BR>... Mon, 30 Jun 2014 15:51:21 EST A domestic weekend The weather this weekend was quite temperate and sunny, a mild mid winter. The weather often packs up in July, so we took advantage of the clement weekend. <BR> DH and I went for breakfast and a walk on Saturday. We don't have children Sparkies, and as we drove past the zoo I thought that when my young grandniece comes to visit I would take her to the zoo. Why don't we take a walk in the zoo, said DH. So that's what we did! <BR> Sparkies it was fun to be exploring the zoo, the last time I we... Sun, 29 Jun 2014 16:49:27 EST Organizing to be on track Yesterday I did a heap of paperwork, ticked a few things off my to do list and will tackle more today. It is good to get going on the home front. <BR> While I was away the tradies worked on the bathroom downstairs, laid vinyl and installed a new basin to replace the one broken by tenants. This was partly an insurance job and has been somewhat vexing, however it is finally done. The fencers finished off the last of the fences on Friday and all that remans is for us to paint them. <BR> We clea... Tue, 24 Jun 2014 14:40:33 EST Back on the dreadmill again Well dear sparkies, tomorrow I start work after my little break. Which was preceded by a bout of pertussis, which laid me low. I am quite recovered from that. The pertussis was preceded by a doctor enforced exercise break, and the result is that I have been out of my regular exercise programme for a few months now. So I have a <em>250</em> chance to reframe and rejuvenate my programme. <BR> <BR> I'm well aware of the benefits of routine. I love healthy eating routines, exercise routines.... Tue, 24 Jun 2014 05:21:22 EST Finding my place after a holiday I'm happy to be home from Nelson, though I had a wonderful time and it was great to have a break. Spent today in the garden, it is windy but not too cold. Soon we are going out to dinner with old friends. Still in the holiday mood, and thought you might like to see some snaps. <BR> <BR> We had a very long walk on the beach at Pohara. After which... <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> grandniece fed the seagulls at Ligar Bay, just a... Sat, 21 Jun 2014 00:31:15 EST I'm not being a very diligent Sparker ... ...these days. I have broken my log in streak several times. Time was when I would be annoyed if I was out of Internet range whilst on holiday because I would break my log in streak. Now I figure, too bad if I don,t log in every single day without fail. <BR> Similarly, I would log in and keep sparking til I got 25 bonus points. I might not quite reach that today but I won,t keep sparking til I do, I'll stop when I feel like I am done. <BR> I have left my FitBit behind a few days here and ther... Fri, 13 Jun 2014 11:53:01 EST Convalescing... essentially tedious. But I figure if I get it right I will keep moving forward with no setbacks. <BR> Which will be a good thing. <BR> Didn't exercise but was reasonably active today, did some meal prep for lunches and the freezer; grocery shopping and still had some energy left to pay a few bills when I got home. <BR> <BR> Work tomorrow and that will be enough. <BR> <BR> I'm on holiday next week, so should be bouncing right back! <BR> <BR> <em>30</em> Tue, 10 Jun 2014 04:10:00 EST Warm swim It has been a really long time since I have been swimming in the warm pool. I promised myself 30 minutes today but in the event spent 75, 20 doing resistance exercises and slow stretches which I love to do in the water. If only the water in the showers hadn't been cold, it would all have been perfect. <BR> Anyway I feel the benefit of the exercise and it didn't provoke paroxysms of coughing, which is what I want to avoid. <BR> <BR> What a chore it is building back up to exercise and fitness,... Sun, 8 Jun 2014 23:47:31 EST Walk at the beach today Under a lowering sky. It's been quite temperate so far thIs month, the first of winter. Here the weather tends to pack up after the shortest day on June 20 and we anticipate a grim month or so. But at present it is balmy and my poor confused anemones, tulips and hyacinths are forging ahead. And I saw our first snowdrop. <BR> Sparkies I haven't exercised for a long time, under doctor's orders, and it was good to walk along the beach and get some fresh air in my lungs. I think I will start off... Sun, 8 Jun 2014 02:36:47 EST whoop whoop... ... but not in a good way. <BR> <em>20</em> <BR> <BR> Thank you all for your concern about me, after a bizzare day at work yesterday I took today off and maybe will take tomorrow too as I do feel somewhat under the weather. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon and I will be good to go next week. <BR> <BR> Resting, keeping up the fluids, pottering feebly about is all I can manage at the moment. <BR> <BR> Not exactly sparking but still hanging in there <BR> <em>527</em> <BR> ... Wed, 4 Jun 2014 22:52:59 EST One day a rooster, the next a feather duster <BR> All is not well Chez Fifi. My doctor said I had whooping cough and put me on antibiotics. On the other hand, my wound has healed really well and I am left only with residual nerve pain, which should go away in 6 weeks to 18 months. And once the pertussis allows, I can exercise again. <BR> <em>41</em> <BR> Workmen continue to abound at my place, the fences are underway and with luck the weather will continue fair to let the fencer do his thing. We have also had a visit from the drain... Tue, 3 Jun 2014 06:32:41 EST A very sad Fifi My dear cat Arbuckle died yesterday. What a lovely old bloke he was, and a wonderful companion. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> All the family miss him, and so do our friends. He was everyone's favourite cat, huge, fluffy,agreeable, personality plus. He loved children, with whom he would patiently play, and he feared nothing. <BR> <BR> Feeling heartbroken. <BR> <em>46</em> <BR> Wed, 28 May 2014 04:10:23 EST After some time away... I am checking back in. We have had a chaotic time of it lately and I have been way off the reservation, so far off that I have not visited my scales in about a month. Somewhat dreading the reintroduction so think I will put it off as I straighten up and get back on programme. <BR> Of course I have been Sparking and have been checking in to see how SparkBuddies doing but not saying much as I have been very pressed for time and energy. <BR> I had two suspicious lumps out about two weeks ago, bi... Sat, 24 May 2014 17:25:59 EST Family fun My BiL who lives in Geneva is staying for a few days. It was his birthday so we had family members around to celebrate. They stayed til nearly 1am so it was a big night for me. <BR> On top of a big day of cleaning house. It is not quite straightened out as we have too much stuff from the office to rehouse somewhere. <BR> I have developed a horrid cold which has now turned into a cough so I did quite well to make it through the night. <BR> My DH was such a great host, and it was lovely to se... Sat, 17 May 2014 15:49:16 EST Benched I have had a couple of lumps removed, and was told no exercise for ten days. This is unexpected. I knew I wouldn't be able to swim, but... <BR> Bummer! Surely I will be able to walk a bit though? Will check with the nurse. <BR> <em>28</em> Wed, 14 May 2014 10:41:35 EST A week later... Since my laser treatment and the swelling has gone away completely, I am amazed at the result. No bruising, which I had expected, in fact the nurse said I was definitely going to have some, but nup! The difference is so amazing, I will definitely get a second treatment. But that is all I will need. <BR> I've taken a week off exercising, didn't want to be looking too unsightly out there, but now I am good to go. How wonderful my amazing system is working so well to get rid of the little probl... Sun, 11 May 2014 16:13:38 EST A frock dream I had an unusual dream last night. I was clothes shopping, trying on many sumptuous and colorful frocks. Fifi does not think of herself as a girly girl, and has never dreamed about clothes before. <BR> Well, except for the no clothes dream, and everyone has one of those. <BR> <em>40</em> <BR> I think this has something to do with the big changes in my appearance. A few months ago I blogged about beginning the process of coming to terms with the dramatically changed Fifi in the mirror. I'... Thu, 8 May 2014 11:40:41 EST Renovations and panelbeating update I've been putting the house to rights. My bedroom and bathroom are wonderfully serene, we got our pictures up on the walls and our bedroom furniture is in the room, and the clutter has not crept back, which is a good start. I have to take responsibility for this and develop habits that do not include strewing clothes all over the bedroom chair. <BR> So far, I've been pretty good but I need to continue to be mindful. <BR> The renovations continue as I have spent the whole of yesterday dealing... Mon, 5 May 2014 15:51:58 EST Ensuite pix As promised... I took these first thing this morning. <BR> <BR> View to the East. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> Wardrobes <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Into the bathroom <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Shower over bath <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeop... Thu, 1 May 2014 04:06:06 EST Bye bye builder! Our painstaking and meticulous builder has packed up his toolboxes and gone, leaving behind a completed ensuite and an almost empty bedroom. <BR> DH came home from work and painted the final coat on the walls and hired a rug doctor. He then cleaned the carpet. I'll take some pictures tonight when I get home, and post a few. <BR> We'll be moving in this weekend, DH doesn't want to wait two weeks, he wants the house back to normal. Me too, and if DH doesn't mind dismantling the bed twice in a f... Wed, 30 Apr 2014 14:40:58 EST Work week begins as April draws to a close. My work week begins today and the bathroom is still not quite finished. Only a final coat of paint on the door and the door furniture back in, a couple of tiny touch ups elsewhere and we are done. The builder should be out this week surely and we will finish painting the bedroom and clean the carpet. <BR> I have ordered a new bed so we won't move into the bedroom until that arrives. My BiL is coming to stay for a few days mid May and he can enjoy our old bed. It is a king size slat bed and DH... Tue, 29 Apr 2014 13:00:33 EST Opening Pandora's box My friend Racewellwon just mentioned this and it kind of IS what I was referring to when I let my baleful determined reptilian self out for a trip to carbville yesterday. <BR> I do this from time to time, allowing different parts of myself to express themselves. The result isn't always pretty but it is always informative. Instructional, and in the past, sometimes chastening. <BR> <BR> And I have the feeling that as I create a safe place for this to occur, these aspects of myself will be abl... Mon, 28 Apr 2014 12:43:00 EST Carb blow out. Off the reservation... ... In a kind of mood. Not really given to introspection, but yesterday I got up, cleaned the kitchen, ran round tidying up the house and made lunch for DH & his research assistant, then went to the gym. <BR> Sparkadoos, it was a lunch I couldn't eat, I prepped it, served it then left, & that was kind of OK but turns out not so OK because today, I had a blowback. I went to my favorite market, Moore Wilson's which has the best produce and bakery, and deliberately bought some food that is not o... Mon, 28 Apr 2014 06:05:23 EST What to wear? More mulling on clothes. I am giving clothes a lot of thought at the moment, I really do need a new wardrobe, I am five sizes down and almost nothing fits. Even my Zumba gear, I have to hitch it up. <BR> <BR> <BR> So over the next two years I need to inject a little extra cash & a lot more time and thought into my wardrobe. <BR> I have a wardrobe of classics and a palette that works for me but I have let it go a little lately as I have been releasing weight, not wanting to spend too much in the knowledge that it ... Fri, 25 Apr 2014 15:30:58 EST Bonus bathroom blog It's hard to photograph a bathroom. And the room isn't finished yet. But here are a few pix: <BR> The vanity unit (2 drawers) & mirror cabinet are now chokka block with my toiletries. I feel quite the girly girl performing my morning ablutions. And yes, that is a pinny I am wearing, I am going through a retro phase. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> The shower is over the bath. Even though the bathroom has no door as yet, I had my first show... Thu, 24 Apr 2014 23:16:25 EST Renovating Fifi Well Sparkadees, I bought the frock. <BR> I had such a great day yesterday. I wore my other black frock to work with tights, I hardly ever get my legs out, and with shoes that were uncomfortably tight before and now fit me really well. I looked great, actually. And I ummed and aahed at lunch time, then walked downtown and tried on the smaller size bell sleeved frock I had seen yesterday. It is a great fit. So I bought it. <BR> While waiting for a changing room, I bumped into acquaintances t... Thu, 24 Apr 2014 08:50:30 EST Had to rattle my dags... ...This morning to get to work in time. <BR> I've become used to a leisurely start to my day, reporting to Zumba at 9.15, so 8.30 was a shock to the system. But I'm not on holiday any more, Toto! <BR> <BR> Saw a frock at lunchtime I am tempted to get, but I need to try out the next size down. I'm just in between sizes at the moment. Lost a couple of kilos last week on the Cura and more to go, not sure if it will take me down a whole size. <BR> <BR> And do I need another black dress? I alre... Wed, 23 Apr 2014 07:17:34 EST