DOVESEYES's SparkPeople Blog DOVESEYES's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Week 191...weigh in... Afternoon Sparkies :), <BR> <BR> sorry my blog a bit late, PC probs, <BR> <BR> Last week 67.7 kg (148.94 lbs) <BR> This week 68.2 kg (150.04 lbs <BR> Gain of 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) <BR> <BR> Boo !!! <BR> <BR> Lots of reasons, I'm letting it go and moving on to this week. Though I do seem to self sabotage when I'm coming up to Dr appointments for some reason. <BR> <BR> Does anyone have any natural body moisturisers they use? <BR> Hubby says you shouldn't put anything on your skin you wouldn't... Sun, 4 Oct 2015 01:33:29 EST Week 190... weigh in... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> I have been entertained this week with the Rugby World Cup. <BR> <BR> It has been wonderful to see so many games. I stayed up a couple of times to watch three games on the weekend. <BR> I had thought I was doing really well on my meds and getting stronger. After staying up till 3am in the morning, I was really feeling bad all that day and the next and took it a lot easier-- spreading my zumba over the day and kept moving to loosen the sore muscles. <BR> Then TO... Sat, 26 Sep 2015 21:40:37 EST Week 189... weigh in ... Hi there, <BR> <BR> I'm doing my blog first today to try and get it to load ... <BR> <BR> It's a lovely Spring morning here, birds are singing, a light breeze is blowing and all's right with the world... !!!! <BR> <BR> Last weeks weigh in was 67.90 kg (149.38 lbs) <BR> This week is 67.20 kgs (147.84 lbs) <BR> So a loss of 0.7 kgs (1.54 lbs) <BR> <BR> I went nuts with Zumba and on Friday did three hours straight with out a break to rest... nuts of course as yesterday I was miserable an... Sat, 19 Sep 2015 21:11:18 EST Week 188...weigh in... Hey everyone, <BR> <BR> Here's hoping you all had a great week. <BR> Last week 68.3 kg (150.26 lbs) <BR> This week 67.9 kg (149.38 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss of 0.4 kg (0.88 lbs) <BR> <BR> So thanks Grandefille, they worked !!! :) <BR> <BR> Ups and downs this week on the scale and in my life, one step at a time ... <BR> <BR> DD is going to have a baby ... woo hoo...Cam hopes it's a girl, but Bec says "it's a boy" !!! <BR> Next May or there abouts I'll be a Nana :) so neat. <BR> <BR> I've a... Sat, 12 Sep 2015 22:29:43 EST Week 187...weigh in... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> What a difference a week makes!!!! <BR> <BR> When things go wrong as they sometimes will, <BR> When the road you're trudging seems all uphill, <BR> When the funds are low and the debts are high, <BR> And you want to smile but you have to sigh, <BR> When care is pressing you down a bit- <BR> Rest if you must but don't you quit. <BR> <BR> So... this week I had constipation (TMI :) ), so I had some Benefibre every morning, my weight went up and up. <BR> <BR... Sat, 5 Sep 2015 21:00:37 EST Week 186...weigh in... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Last week 66.8 kgs (146.96 lbs) <BR> <BR> This week 66.7 kgs (146.74 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss of 0.1 kgs (0.22 lbs) <BR> <BR> A miniscule amount but in the right direction :). <BR> <BR> Maybe too much sitting this week, with DD's wedding coming up and the weather being just right for knitting, I'm getting ahead on a layette... I know I know ...wait for the word :) <BR> <BR> Hey its Aussie and will soon be 38-45 deg C and not at all knitting weather!!! <BR> <BR> ... Sat, 29 Aug 2015 22:59:41 EST Week 185..weigh in.. Hello Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Well after a pretty good week, and then going out yesterday I've weighed in the same as last week. <BR> <BR> So last week 66.8 kg (146.96 lbs) and the same today. <BR> <BR> A good run for me, ten weeks of losses now at an end :) <BR> <BR> I've found a down side to losing weight, I'm freezing!!! Three layers of clothing, gloves, hat, scarf and slippers are doing nothing my body inside it all is cold, cold, cold. <BR> <BR> Three days of grey cold rain has frozen ... Sat, 22 Aug 2015 23:32:53 EST Week 184...weigh in... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Just wanted to say thanks to all who encouraged me this week, checking out my mid week blog and sharing in my happiness at the changes to my body and mind over these years. <BR> In the beginning I thought, " I'll lose the weight quickly and be able go back to eating what ever I want again" !!! <BR> Now I know I'll never go back to eating the things I craved back then. Food is mainly for fuel for me now and I really enjoy it. I do have treats and a couple of rest ... Sat, 15 Aug 2015 21:59:33 EST Latest Update 2011 to 2015 Can't believe it's me!!! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> that is my 'arm knitted' scarf on show too!!! Wed, 12 Aug 2015 04:27:56 EST Week 183 ... weigh in.. It's a very cool morning here today; fog, chill in the air, 'blankets over the nose' day :0 <BR> but I rose to weigh in. <BR> <BR> Last week 67.4 kg (148.28 lbs) <BR> This week 67.2 kg (147.84 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss of 0.2kg (0.44 lbs) <BR> <BR> I had a nice week, maybe too much knitting. I would Zumba then knit then Zumba again to keep my muscles loose and my back from hurting. It worked so well. <BR> <BR> I found on You Tube a How to Arm Knit video and made a couple of scarves. Very quick ... Sat, 8 Aug 2015 21:45:15 EST Week 182... weigh in... Hi there, <BR> <BR> Another slow week trying to use the computer, the children are back at school so it was slightly better during the week. I've dropped most of the things I was doing on SP to get the main ones done. <BR> <BR> The store room is finally sorted and cleaned, the second hand stores nearby got eight bags of good stuff for other people to have. Sunday is my 'free' day so I'll be putting back the 'keepers' today. <BR> <BR> Weightwise it has been a slippery slope this week, mayb... Sat, 1 Aug 2015 22:21:31 EST Week 181...weigh in... Afternoon everyone, <BR> <BR> that is how long it has taken me to get to the blog on my computer!!! Learning patience... learning patience....learning... oh who am I kidding???? ARGH.....!!!!! :) that's better.... :) <BR> <BR> so last week 68.4 kg (150.48 lbs) <BR> this week 67.8 kgs (149.16 lbs) <BR> Loss yay again!!!! 0.6 kg (1.32 lbs) you win King_Slayer but I was this close :) !!! <BR> <BR> Have enjoyed having DS home for his break. One more week off then back to those 6am starts of... Sun, 26 Jul 2015 01:31:50 EST Week 180...weigh in... Morning, <BR> <BR> Fast and furious today as computer really slow... <BR> <BR> Last week...68.8 kgs (151.36lbs) <BR> This week ...68.4 kgs(150.48 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss of 0.4kg (0.88 lbs) Woo hoo another week loss!!! <BR> <BR> Soooo, we live in a rural location and our internet speed is really slow, especially when the school holidays are on. It is taking up to 10 mins for each page to load... sigh... and being a person of little patience :), I find it hard to wait that long. <BR> <BR> Hey... Sat, 18 Jul 2015 22:19:02 EST Week 179...weigh in.. Hi there Sparkies, <BR> <BR> This week was really good again, <BR> <BR> Last week 69.6 kgs (153.12 lbs) <BR> This week 68.8 kgs (151.36 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss of 0.8 kgs (1.76 lbs) <BR> <BR> I'm happy with this and moving closer to target weight. <BR> <BR> I got the BAS done this week for end of year taxes and had some friends make the trek up to see me yesterday. It was lovely to have feminine company for a change from the 'boys'. <BR> <BR> Have a great week Sparkies and stay cool or wa... Sat, 11 Jul 2015 23:05:51 EST Week 178...weigh in... "Congratulations and Celebrations, I want the world to know I'm happy as can be..." <BR> Is anyone old enough to remember this song? <BR> <BR> Today I have some stats to give <BR> <BR> 2009 weight 122 kgs (268.4 lbs) BMI 52.60 Morbidly Obese <BR> <BR> 2015 weight 69.6 kgs (153.12 lbs) BMI 29.92 <BR> <BR> Down by 52.4 kgs (115.28 lbs) BMI down by 22.68 <BR> <BR> I'M OFFICIALLY OVERWEIGHT!!!!! I've waited so long for this. <BR> <BR> My daughter weighs 45 kg so I've lost over a whole perso... Sat, 4 Jul 2015 22:06:14 EST Boiled Coleslaw recipe Hello, <BR> <BR> Hope you are having a great week so far:- <BR> <BR> this was my Mum's recipe and I've just started making it again. Hubby goes nuts on it, and that is hard as he can't eat most things!!! <BR> <BR> Ingredients <BR> <BR> 1 large cabbage <BR> 4 carrots <BR> Optional extras <BR> 4 sticks of celery <BR> 3 large onions <BR> <BR> Shred cabbage finely, place in a colander and sprinkle with salt. Put on a bowl and cover with cling film. Leave in fridge overnight. <BR> Next day c... Wed, 1 Jul 2015 23:27:37 EST Week 177...weigh in... Morning everyone, <BR> <BR> I had a lovely week this week, no stress or pressure and a nice coffee morning with Hubby. For those keeping up with "The days of my life" :), he had a job to go to this week. Yahoos all round. <BR> <BR> So to the scale <BR> <BR> Last week 70.50 Kgs (155.10 lbs) <BR> This week 70.10 kgs (154.22 lbs) <BR> <BR> a loss of 0.4 kgs (0.88 lbs) <BR> <BR> I was hoping to be in the '69ers' this week but it was not to be. <BR> <BR> The great thing is the scale contin... Sat, 27 Jun 2015 21:40:39 EST Week 176...weigh in... Hello there, <BR> <BR> I have looked back over my weeks from May and have had small losses each week apart from one week where I stayed the same as the week before. I am amazed, plateaus really are mentally draining, though they can lead to trying lots in desperation!!!! <BR> <BR> Last week 71.1 kgs (156.42 lbs) <BR> This week 70.5 kgs (155.10 lbs) <BR> Loss of 0.6 kgs (1.32 lbs) <BR> LOSER yay!!! :) <BR> <BR> Today I'm wearing size 10 pants (6 in US sizing) and a size 12 tunic (8 in US... Sat, 20 Jun 2015 21:52:45 EST Week 175...weigh in... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Stats then the week as it was... !!! <BR> <BR> Last week 71.8 kgs (157.96 lbs) <BR> This week 71.10 kgs (156.42 lbs) <BR> <BR> A LOSS of 0.7 kgs (1.54 lbs) <BR> <BR> Woohoo this is great!!! Consistency ... I just keep going no matter what... gaining, losing, staying the same weight is no matter... I just keep going. <BR> <BR> Hubbys brother and wife arrived in town on Monday and we went to see them at the older brothers house for a visit. It was the first ti... Sat, 13 Jun 2015 21:55:21 EST Week 174...weigh in... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> I was expecting a great result today as I weighed in on Friday at 71.20 kgs, it was not to be... :), as Sunday dawned my scales showed 71.80 kg. <BR> <BR> So last week 71.8 kgs and this week 71.8 status quo here. <BR> <BR> I wasn't well Friday / Saturday so that may have interrupted the decline :). <BR> <BR> Thanks for all the anniversary wishes, it was a lovely day. <BR> <BR> No news either really, Hubby's calls to jobs usually start with a phone... Sat, 6 Jun 2015 22:21:51 EST Week 173...weigh in... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> First the stats then the photos!!!! :) <BR> <BR> Last week 72.1 kgs (158.62 lbs) <BR> <BR> This week 71.8 kgs (157.96 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss of 0.3 kgs (0.66 lbs) <BR> <BR> So a loss of 50.2 kgs since I weighed 122 kgs. Of course I was hoping to get to 70 kgs but this is great. Little by little... I have been so desperate to lose these point somethings are like losing tonnes ...LOL... you know what I mean....!!! <BR> <BR> This morning I went to the wardrobe ... Sat, 30 May 2015 21:28:49 EST Week 172... weigh in... Morning, <BR> <BR> Last week 72.2 kgs (158.84 lbs) <BR> This week 72.1 kgs (158.62 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss 0.1 kgs (0.22 lbs) <BR> <BR> A mini loss but a loss so yay!!! <BR> <BR> TOM arrived so maybe that is a factor though I usually rocket up so this is good. <BR> <BR> I was so happy to see the photos DH took of me, as I could see the changes taking place. <BR> <BR> I had a wonderful NSV as well. <BR> <BR> Hubby needed singlets as its getting colder and no offence to men, but ladies ... Sat, 23 May 2015 21:59:22 EST Updated Photos Hi here they are, <BR> <BR> In original exercise clothes and then in dress DH bought at Christmas <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Tue, 19 May 2015 03:37:45 EST Week 171...weigh in... Good Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Another loss week for me, I've lost in total since 2011 49.8 kgs!!! <BR> Last week 73.1 kgs (160.82 lbs) <BR> This week 72.2 kgs (158.84 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss of 0.9 kgs (1.98 lbs) <BR> <BR> My starting weight on SP was 98 kgs but my highest weight was 122 kgs. It seems so long ago now. <BR> I went to the GP this week and we looked at my SP starting photo and 'oo-ed and ahh-ed' together!!! She says a loss of 6kgs a year is good progress as the slower I lose t... Sat, 16 May 2015 20:15:03 EST Week 170...Mother's Day weigh in... Hi Everyone, <BR> <BR> Thanks for stopping by to see how this week went. <BR> <BR> I've just spent one hour and twenty minutes on Skype with DD, it was so nice :) <BR> <BR> I love being a Mum... <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I hope you can make out the badges...DS made them in Primary School Year One, and I have worn them every Mother's Day since then. DS was 5 years old and DD was about eight months old. <BR> <BR> I'm a soppy t... Sat, 9 May 2015 23:47:55 EST Week 169... weigh in... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Last week 75.2 kgs (165.44 lbs) <BR> <BR> This week 73.7 kgs (162.14 lbs) <BR> <BR> a great loss of 1.5 kgs (3.3 lbs) <BR> <BR> <em>104</em> <em>244</em> <em>9</em> <em>521</em> <em>311</em> <em>342</em> <em>353</em> <em>352</em> <em>355</em> <em>403</em> <em>344</em> <BR> <BR> ...and these are just a few to show how I feel !!!! :) <BR> <BR> I added more fruit and ate like a King for breakfast, a Prince for lunch and a Paupe... Sat, 2 May 2015 21:16:29 EST Week 168... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Last week 74.3 kg (163.46 lbs) <BR> this week 75.2 kg (165.44 lbs) <BR> UP 0.9 kgs (1.98 lbs) <BR> <BR> TOM arrived, I hurt my back, I ate too much protein and not enough fibre---all these things helped to get the increase. <BR> <BR> I was pleased I didn't use the purse snatch to binge or get lax I exercised but slower with less 'throwing my arms around and weights were very slowwww...' <BR> <BR> Not to worry mate!!! <BR> <BR> Every new day brings a chance ... Sat, 25 Apr 2015 22:50:35 EST I didn't even know it was gone... Hey Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Just a note to explain my feed comments. <BR> <BR> Yesterday DH and I went shopping, we had a lot to do and I wasn't feeling great. <BR> <BR> Our first stop was a small shopping centre where I get one of my meds every month, I had found a couple of extra packets and had been too shy to ask the pharmacist if I could take them before I got my script filled. <BR> <BR> I had worked myself into a 'tizz' about it, condemning myself for being so dumb, asked to speak to h... Wed, 22 Apr 2015 23:48:30 EST Week 167 weigh in... Morning, <BR> <BR> Last week 74.3 kg <BR> This week 74.3 kg <BR> No change <BR> <BR> I'm ecstatic over this really :) , no gain. <BR> <BR> My nemesis this week was tortellini, even though I only had 3-5 I did have them three times this week. Usually a low carb gal, I did love these Ham and Cheese ones. <BR> I really miss bread and it was like a sandwich almost. :) <BR> <BR> So a small happy dance and I'm off...!!! <BR> <BR> Hubby has accepted my invitation to a new Cafe that only open... Sat, 18 Apr 2015 21:19:24 EST Week 166... Good Morning, Good Morning... <BR> <BR> Another rainy day here, lovely to hear it on the roof!! <BR> <BR> I ate too many marshmallow Easter eggs and with appointments and dropping off DS car for a service (2 hour return trip), the week flew by and the lbs jumped on for the ride. <BR> <BR> no excuses - I ate it !!! :) <BR> <BR> Last week 73.5 kgs (161.70 lbs) <BR> This week 74.3 kgs (163.46 lbs) <BR> <BR> Gained 0.8 kgs (1.76 lbs) <BR> <BR> I love the rain so I had a nice week, hope your... Sat, 11 Apr 2015 20:21:04 EST Week 165...'young whipper-snapper!'... Morning Sparkies, <BR> <BR> Another great week for me, makes me wonder why I ever tried to eat 1200 calories at all. This makes five losses in five weeks. <BR> <BR> Last week 74.10 kgs (163.02 lbs) <BR> This week 73.5 kgs (161.70 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss of another 0.6 kgs (1.32 lbs) <BR> <BR> On another topic-- how many of you were brought up to make do? repurpose? re use? find something around the house to make something else work other than buying things? <BR> <BR> Hubby and I both had m... Sat, 4 Apr 2015 21:18:04 EST Week 164... Great news this week, <BR> <BR> I lost 1.8kgs (3.96 lbs) Woo hoo!!! <BR> <BR> I've been stealthily working up to a whole number loss for a month now!!!! <BR> <BR> Psst don't tell my body it might catch on and start saving the lbs up again!!!! <BR> <BR> Last week 75.9 kgs (166.98 lbs) <BR> This week 74.10 kgs (163.02 lbs) <BR> <BR> If only I could bottle this week and keep it going, our bodies are amazing structures with in built 'fail-safe' modes that are able to circumvent our every mo... Sat, 28 Mar 2015 21:01:51 EST Week 163...weigh in... Good Morning, <BR> <BR> Hope everyone feeling great today!!! <BR> <BR> The weather here in the West is cooling down and now I have put back my blankets and doona for the winter. There was also time this week to sort out some warmer clothing and to pack away the cooler items. So some 'Autumn cleaning' done!!! <BR> <BR> I had a very good week nutrition wise and had plenty of time for exercise. <BR> <BR> Last week 76.4 kgs (168.08 lbs) <BR> This week 75.9kgs (166.98 lbs) <BR> <BR> So the ... Sat, 21 Mar 2015 21:51:04 EST Week 162... Hi there, <BR> <BR> My PC keeps crashing so this will be short and sweet- like me- :) !! <BR> <BR> Last week 76.5 kg (168.30 lbs) <BR> This week 76.4 kg (168.08 lbs) <BR> <BR> Loss of 0.1 kg (0.22 lbs) <BR> <BR> I like it even though it's small as ANY loss is getting to be fantastic :) <BR> <BR> Have a great week Sparkies and keep smiling!!! <BR> <BR> Hugs <BR> <BR> Christine Sat, 14 Mar 2015 23:04:14 EST Week 161...weigh in... Hi, <BR> <BR> March is here and for me it means Autumn is on it's way. I still have my important papers packed and bags of clothes just in case there is a fire, though I have down graded the risk from high to low. <BR> <BR> As I put in my Friend Feed it was a 'breakdown week', the car DD gave me when she went to Tasmania was not 'fit' to take her to the airport on Tuesday. DH found oil in the distributor, not mechanically minded it meant little to me apart from the inference it shouldn't b... Sat, 7 Mar 2015 22:03:39 EST Week 160... Hi, <BR> <BR> I'm trying to type with a very loud purring cat sitting on my desk, so I have the keyboard in my lap...LOL <BR> <BR> So short and to the point as I've been out all day with DD. <BR> <BR> Last week 75.8 kg (166.76 lbs) <BR> this week 76.8 kg (168.96 lbs) <BR> <BR> Up 1.0 kg (2.2lbs) <BR> <BR> So little more exercise and a little backing off the food and see how we go next week. <BR> <BR> I WILL GET IT RIGHT!!!! <BR> <BR> Hope your weeks were great and this week too. <BR... Sun, 1 Mar 2015 02:15:29 EST Week 159... Weigh in... Hey there Sparkies!!! <BR> <BR> This week I added an apple-- peeled with yoghurt and cinnamon-- on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as a snack to my plan. I also only did 3 hours of exercise each day including household chores instead of my usual 4 hours AND household chores and pilates, steps etc. <BR> <BR> I felt better and was pleasantly surprised to see the scale stayed more or less the same as last week which is what I was hoping to see. <BR> <BR> So last week 75.7 kgs (166.54 lbs) <B... Sat, 21 Feb 2015 23:55:37 EST Week 158...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE; ONLY FEEDBACK, ONLY RESULTS. Hi, <BR> I'm repeating myself from last week to help me stay on track. <BR> <BR> This week was full of appointments so I was forced to keep the exercise down :), it was hard... I printed off a page of "How to Meet Your Calorie Recommendations" and found it really helpful this week. <BR> <BR> The stats are looking good <BR> <BR> Last week 76.5 Kgs (168.30 lbs) <BR> This week 75.7 Kgs (166.54 lbs) <BR> <BR> a LOSS ^^^wahoo^^^ of 0.8kg (1.76 lbs) <BR> <BR> 1.22 of that was muscle so I'll b... Sat, 14 Feb 2015 21:09:16 EST Week 157...weigh in... THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE; ONLY FEEDBACK, ONLY RESULTS. <BR> <BR> Yes you guessed it, I'm up this week :) !!! <BR> <BR> I increased my calories and decreased exercise as I was getting 'exercis-ia' (it's like not being able to stop exercising once I start and not increasing calories to balance it ). <BR> <BR> So I feel great today and not hungry, but the 0.9 kg increase tells me I could up the exercise this week a little and keep the calories the same. Next week I will be able to ... Sat, 7 Feb 2015 20:42:12 EST Week 156...Weigh in... Hello there!!! <BR> <BR> Another week of increase and change in the food and exercise department of my life!!! <BR> Though I say there is more to my life than the scale, it does play a huge part in my emotions. <BR> <BR> The heat has dissipated for a while and been replaced with humid cloudy days --it gives us a breather from the heat and dust!!! <BR> <BR> We did have to get some water brought in... ha ha... just before the weather report of possible rain!!! <BR> <BR> Story of my life!!!... Sat, 31 Jan 2015 21:08:41 EST Week 155...weigh in... Hi <BR> Short blog today too hot to sit. Heat increasing to two 40 deg C days Tues and Wed <BR> <BR> Last week 76.3 kgs <BR> Today 76.1 <BR> Loss of 0.2 <BR> <BR> This week was all about change, change food- change exercises- change attitude- change outcomes. <BR> <BR> Have a great week <BR> <BR> Christine Sat, 24 Jan 2015 19:40:06 EST Week 154...weigh in... Hi all, <BR> <BR> It was really hot yesterday, a good friend and I found a new place to meet and have a chat. It was a little out of the way cottage set back off the road with a large car park and a very welcoming verandah. We sat out under the pergola and had one coffee and sponge cake and one Chocola Tea with Humming bird cake ( no feathers in mine!!) <BR> <BR> We hadn't seen each other since September so had a lot to talk about though we do Facebook and emails, but you can't beat face t... Sat, 17 Jan 2015 19:40:39 EST Week 153...weigh in... Morning, <BR> <BR> Just a quick stop to tell you I lost 0.4 kgs this week. So that was 76.1 kg last week and 75.7 this week. <BR> Two consecutive weeks of losses is amazing for me... :), will continue on my new and winning ways, hoping to increase the losses over time. <BR> <BR> Huge fire raged in the area yesterday, I was packed and ready to go --- winds drove it onto barren land, thinking of those brave men and women and people trying to move their animals. <BR> <BR> DD got her and her ... Sat, 10 Jan 2015 21:26:45 EST Week 152...weigh in... Hello, <BR> <BR> with all my ups and downs over the year, I ended up being 0.1 kg much work for that!!! <BR> <BR> On a bright side I am ready for maintaining :) <BR> <BR> Where did I go wrong? <BR> <BR> This year I tried to eat a better range of foods, that included more carbs to try to get to the 'huge' calorie range SP advised I should be eating. <BR> <BR> When looking at the years I lost big-- I was eating lots of protein and exercising lots through the day to what ... Sat, 3 Jan 2015 20:33:36 EST Week 151... Hi <BR> <BR> Hope everyone had a great Christmas this year. <BR> <BR> We set up Skype so DD could be part of the day; we opened our presents and laughed and talked-- it was almost as great as usual :) <BR> <BR> Best present----- the Celsius Sport step my lovely DH got me. <BR> <BR> Most embarrassing present--- the Fire fighters Calendar DD got me, she said she could see me blushing from where she was !!! <BR> <BR> I did sneak a peek at my birthday month though and there were 3 firemen on... Sat, 27 Dec 2014 20:15:13 EST Week 150... Hi <BR> <BR> This week I incorporated more exercise and food into my plan as per last weeks BMR calculation. With the limitations of my back and neck problems, I lowered my Zumba time and added longer walking sessions. <BR> <BR> This felt great as the pains subsided quicker, such a relief. If you live with pain, you seem to carry on through it and then suffer so much you have to stop exercising for a time. <BR> <BR> So I got on the scale today with some expectation of a loss, NO, it wasn... Sat, 20 Dec 2014 21:46:57 EST Week 149...Weigh in and outlook... Morning, <BR> <BR> Let's get it out of the way, this week I ate way too little and the amazing machine which is my body kept me going by saving as much as it could. <BR> <BR> Last week 75.7 kg <BR> This week 76.3 kg <BR> Up 0.6 kg <BR> <BR> I have revisited the calculations of BMR, calories burned per day and calories needed to have a loss and am 'fired up' for the new stage. <BR> <BR> There are still 17 days left in the year to finish on an amazing low <em>9</em> <em>43</em> <em... Sat, 13 Dec 2014 19:40:24 EST Week 148... back to blogging... Hi <BR> <BR> I have been back a week now from New Zealand. <BR> <BR> I came back weighing in at 77.2 kgs, I did not weigh in or keep notes on my eating. <BR> I was doing great till my friends arrived and we had to eat out all the time, cafe and restaurant food for three days was not a great plan for me. <BR> <BR> On my return I went back to eating as I had when I first arrived in NZ and have lost 1.5 kgs this week. <BR> More water and two medium-- one small meals a day and snacks of h... Sun, 7 Dec 2014 00:00:38 EST I'm back from New Zealand. Hi Everyone, <BR> <BR> I flew out to New Zealand on the 12th of November, as my Dad was in hospital very ill. I arrived in his hometown on the 13th at 9:30 am and went to visit him in hospital. I spent the day with him and he was so happy to see me. <BR> I was told on Tuesday he would not last and I know he waited for me to get there. <BR> He passed away on Friday the 14th after being very ill for three weeks. He was buried on Monday the 17th and I gave the eulogy, I often think it a shame... Sat, 29 Nov 2014 21:33:03 EST Week 144..Highs and Lows... Morning, <BR> <BR> This week has been a real whirlwind of activity. <BR> <BR> My Dad is very ill in hospital in New Zealand so I have been calling him, he was critical for a while with kidney and liver problems. <BR> He could hardly talk and the fluid build up made every movement painful. I got DD (now a Doctor) to call and speak to his doctor and she said she was glad Bec called that day as she was very worried about him 2 days before. <BR> <BR> Hubby had made arrangements for us to tra... Sat, 8 Nov 2014 18:30:16 EST