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Wed, 26 Jun 2013 09:30:22 EST Happy Tuesday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5401035 Up and on the go Tue, 25 Jun 2013 08:00:19 EST Happy sunny Monday morning http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5399926 It's a beautiful day...lots to do...lets GO Mon, 24 Jun 2013 08:32:04 EST Great day http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5398719 To do list is getting smaller Sat, 22 Jun 2013 23:47:24 EST Happy Friday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5397095 Pay day ...weekend.... Sleep, caught up....enjoy time with hubby... Fri, 21 Jun 2013 08:14:04 EST Almost Friday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5396760 Ready for the weekend.... Thu, 20 Jun 2013 22:04:53 EST Sun is shing and I'm up and moving http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5394887 Taking this one day at a time Wed, 19 Jun 2013 08:20:06 EST Beautiful day http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5393586 Thank you lord for this day Tue, 18 Jun 2013 15:25:28 EST Great Monday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5392295 Lots and lots of activity outside. Feel tired but accomplished Mon, 17 Jun 2013 17:04:15 EST Happy Friday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5389272 Ready for the weekend camping and lots of hiking planned Fri, 14 Jun 2013 16:37:20 EST Up and at it http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5387784 Sun is out. I'm up and ready to go!! Thu, 13 Jun 2013 08:56:18 EST Wild Wednesday ! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5386824 It's going to be a LONG day!! Wed, 12 Jun 2013 10:43:39 EST Happy Tuesday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5385629 Gloomy out but lots of plans Tue, 11 Jun 2013 09:45:59 EST Haven't stopped moving all day http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5385054 Mowed entire yard 6 loads of laundry washed fold and put away scrubbed bathrooms mop floors and so much more Mon, 10 Jun 2013 21:08:12 EST Great weekend http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5383835 Lots of catching up to do...but ready to move Sun, 9 Jun 2013 21:57:58 EST Great day http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5382903 Spent it with family...nothing better. Lots of outside activies Sat, 8 Jun 2013 22:56:22 EST Bad week... http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5381138 But not giving up....start fresh ...I will do this Fri, 7 Jun 2013 07:40:50 EST Headache http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5379984 Day #3 of a terrible headache.....nothing seems to make it better...ugh!! Thu, 6 Jun 2013 07:37:21 EST Praising God http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5378883 God has blessed us..our middle daughter is expecting twins. A girl and a boy... Wed, 5 Jun 2013 09:28:04 EST Happy Tuesday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5377829 Trusting God on many things today... Tue, 4 Jun 2013 10:50:16 EST TGIF http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5373804 Happy weekend Fri, 31 May 2013 15:21:56 EST Sun is out http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5372284 And I am up and on the Go!! Thu, 30 May 2013 08:37:45 EST Wow.. http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5371226 So much to do...and not enough time. Been gone for a week..home for two days and then leaving again for a wedding.....it's been rising ever since we got home..our lawn is a mess haven't mowed in two weeks...the neighbor s must hate us...must keep moving Wed, 29 May 2013 08:57:28 EST Happy Tuesday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5370048 Up and ready to go Tue, 28 May 2013 07:34:43 EST Praying for Oklahoma http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5363872 God be with them Tue, 21 May 2013 20:15:57 EST Super busy day http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5362381 To do list just keeps growing...just taking it one chore at a time Mon, 20 May 2013 14:13:34 EST Bring on monday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5361507 Short week ahead....excited to meet our new grandson Sun, 19 May 2013 20:53:30 EST Another beautiful day http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5360565 Worked on our to do list...lots of outside time...long rapid walk also Sat, 18 May 2013 21:51:53 EST Blessed with another beautiful grand child http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5358382 Our second daughter of four had a beautiful baby boy on Tuesday...we're thrilled to have another wonderful new grandson we now have 3 grandsons and one granddaughter..with twins on the way...very blessed,, Thu, 16 May 2013 09:46:36 EST Paticently waiting for new grandson to arrive http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5356159 Super excited!! Tue, 14 May 2013 10:39:04 EST Happy monday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5354890 Up and ready to go!! On track and very happy! Mon, 13 May 2013 09:22:56 EST Happy mothers day http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5354445 Wishing you many blessings Sun, 12 May 2013 21:56:35 EST Happy Mother's Day tomorrow http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5353439 Remember mom grandma aunts.. Sat, 11 May 2013 21:05:11 EST Trusting God http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5350656 Been a ball of nerves...so much stress. Managed to stay on track...hanging on Thu, 9 May 2013 07:42:37 EST In need of prayers http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5349624 Lots going on right now...praying... Wed, 8 May 2013 09:54:45 EST Spring cleaning time http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5348462 Don't lose ..get rid of it...clean house less stress Tue, 7 May 2013 10:20:26 EST Ready to get our to do list done http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5346670 We have a huge list if things that need to be done around here...Ortiz the week begin...I'm ready to go?? Sun, 5 May 2013 21:28:48 EST Tons of outside activies http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5345701 Love weekends with grandkids Sat, 4 May 2013 22:03:07 EST Weekend!! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5344349 Super excited to spend the weekend with family!! Lots of outside time planned Fri, 3 May 2013 12:07:19 EST Ready for the weekend!! http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5343469 Heading down to see the grand kids....can't wait!! Thu, 2 May 2013 16:38:31 EST Happy Tuesday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5340745 Rainy ..but hubby got me a new treadmill..super excited!! Tue, 30 Apr 2013 12:33:14 EST Doing great http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5339485 The weather has been great..feels amazing to get outside and be active!! Mon, 29 Apr 2013 12:53:49 EST Ready for Monday http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5338696 Praying for a great week! Sun, 28 Apr 2013 21:21:53 EST Great weekend to far http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5337743 Enjoyed a get away with my hubby...had beautiful weather and a great time Sat, 27 Apr 2013 22:15:30 EST Staying on track http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5335275 Just wish I'd see some results Thu, 25 Apr 2013 12:17:30 EST Half way http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5334287 Love Wednesdays...half way through the week...the sun is shing..the snow is melting..and I'm on track and feeling great!! Wed, 24 Apr 2013 15:08:13 EST Raining http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5332798 Inside exercise today...cold and rainy out...on track.. Tue, 23 Apr 2013 10:31:38 EST Weekend are killing me http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5331391 I have been having great weeks and then Monday mornings the scales let me know of all of my bad choices... Mon, 22 Apr 2013 08:13:12 EST Oh no not a cold now http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5330985 Finally making progress and I get sick...head cold. Body aches just plain feel weak....ugh!! Sun, 21 Apr 2013 20:53:09 EST