DIY_DREAM's SparkPeople Blog DIY_DREAM's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Summer Goals -- Look doable? Goal: Keep the FM flares to a bare minimum, none if possible <BR> Plan: <BR> - Keep taking meloxicam and cymbalta <BR> - Maintain good sleep hygiene <BR> - Keep up exercise regimen <BR> <BR> Goal: Loose 10 lbs, 1-2 inches from waist, 1-2 inches from hips, tone <BR> Plan: <BR> - Belly dance - Mondays <BR> - Yoga -Saturdays <BR> - Strength training - Tues, Thurs, Sun <BR> - Walks/elliptical - T,W,Th,F <BR> - Keep up health diet -- shoot for around 1800 cal/day <BR> Wed, 8 Jun 2011 16:55:32 EST Chiropractor Slays Headache Monster! I've been fighting a nasty fibro-related headache for almost 3 weeks now. I tried Tylenol the first week or so, then broke down and went to the doctor. Not a migraine, but seriously tight muscles in my "wing" region that were referring pain to my head. It felt like white hot daggers were being stabbed into 4 specific places in my head, like someone had a voodoo doll of me! 10 days of muscle relaxants and naproxen got rid of 3 of the 4 knives. My magical massage lady can't get me in 'til the ... Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:52:50 EST How do I get the scale to move in the right direction? I'm eating healthier and exercising more than I ever have in my entire life, but I keep gaining weight. I know it's due to my prescriptions, but something must help to counteract that, right? <BR> I'm almost to the point that I have to buy bigger pants! <BR> <BR> But on the bright side, my pain is well managed, I eat my 5-a-day, and exercise (moderately) around 60 minute per day. If my pants fit better, I'd be super-duper happy! <BR> <BR> So, how many more calories do I need to cut and how... Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:31:07 EST Charts 'n' Graphs Since I had to abandon my Elimination Diet experiment for a while (due to confounding medication changes), I'm starting another non-pain related experiment. Using the Calorie Differential Over Time Chart and compairing it to the graph of my weight loss in the same time periods, I noticed I lost the most weight when I was averaging around 1500 calories per day and exercising about 1500 calories per week -- 1500/1500 -- easy to remember! The medication I'm on changes my metabolism and/or makes... Tue, 20 Jul 2010 18:46:23 EST I'm doing an elimination diet experiment to investigate my fibromyalgia I wanted to let my fellow fibromites know that I'm conducting a diet experiment on myself to see if I can find some foods that might be aggrevating my fibromyalgia. I don't really like Spark's blog (I like to swear, and I want to own my work), so I've set up a page on my Blogger page, linked below. The experiment is N=1 (just me), so the findings might not be generalizable, but the methods will be, should one want to conduct one's own experiment. <BR> <BR> <link> Mon, 12 Jul 2010 11:53:48 EST I feel wonderful today! It's really amazing how listening to my body has changed my life. For years, authority figures (parents, doctors, teachers, coaches) had been telling me what I felt was wrong or false. <BR> <BR> In toddlerhood, my mom and the daycare moms started loading my plate with too big portions and made me finish it all. My older sister, then a college psychology major, thought it would be brilliant to reward me with a sticker when I cleaned my plate. Stickers are sooo motivating for small people! Fro... Mon, 17 May 2010 18:10:18 EST Found the reward, now what's the challenge? <link><BR>productId=3776807&kwCatId=&kw=core+sta<BR>bilizer&origkw=core+stabilizer&sr=1&f=<BR>Taxonomy%2FSPDO%2F3124324 </link> <BR> <BR> Sun, 11 Apr 2010 18:22:41 EST Of the sauce, back in the pool. April seems to be a wash already for getting any serious health going. I've been out of town most of the month already and will continue to do so. Not that I'm behaving recklessly with the diet. I'm a pretty healthy eater just gets harder on the road. So, I'm thinking ahead and making plans for May. Perhaps spring will be in Montana by then as well. <BR> <BR> Here's the plan: <BR> <BR> Goal One: No more alcohol. <BR> I don't drink that much. Never more than a drink or two an... Sat, 10 Apr 2010 13:36:53 EST On Water One of my goals for this month is to try and drink more water. When I lived in Minnesota, hydration was no problem, but since I moved to Montana (2 years ago!) I have hydrophobia. <BR> Montana is a high desert -- it's dry here all the time -- but my water intake has greatly decreased to my detriment. But since I've been paying attention, I realized some things: <BR> <BR> 1. I'm very picky about my drinking receptical. I hate drinking out of bottles -- little plastic ones, big Nalgene-y ones ... Mon, 8 Mar 2010 17:24:34 EST Goals, Rewards, and Life in the Way I need some advice folks: <BR> <BR> I set a goal of keeping up an exercise regimen for 12 weeks. My reward for reaching this goal is a fancy Nikon camera I've been coveting. <BR> <BR> Here's my program: <BR> <BR> Sunday: Master Swim - 1.5 hours <BR> Monday: off <BR> Tuesday: Swim - 0.5 hours; Pilates - 1 hour <BR> Wednesday: Master Swim - 1.5 hours <BR> Thursday: Belly dance - 1-1.5 hours <BR> Friday: off <BR> Saturday: off <BR> <BR> I've been doing really well so far... but Sunday I was... Tue, 16 Feb 2010 17:28:31 EST Parity I've been really busting my butt as of late, I feel, to keep the calories low and exercise. Normally, I'd be dropping weight like gangbusters, but all this work is just keeping me from gaining due to the Lyrica. I can tell it's putting fat on me right around the middle; my once 27" waist is now 30", eventhough the weight is at parity. <BR> <BR> I have to keep reminding myself: <BR> <BR> The weight on the scale -- is just a number. <BR> The size on my pants -- is just a number. <BR> <BR> ... Thu, 11 Feb 2010 15:15:12 EST Damn, that Lyrica makes you hold onto weight I am a little bit shocked at the effect being on Lyrica has had on my weight. I haven't really gained any, but damn, nothing is coming off. Asked Dr. Marx about it -- the mechanism by which it creates this weight phenomenon is not known. Her advice is keep doing what I'm doing -- keep the calories low and exercise. I've been keeping around 1,400 calories/day and burning 2,000 calories/week through exercise. Normally, I should be dropping weight like gangbusters, but good ol' Lyrica is keeping... Wed, 20 Jan 2010 13:07:45 EST Addressing barriers to physical activity -- getting in the pool. About a month back, I decided I wanted to start swimming -- its low impact, a really good cardiovascular activity, and most importantly, I like it. However, I was having a hard time making it happen. I realized there were several barriers to me getting in that pool. <BR> <BR> Barrier #1: I needed a new swim suit. One that had a racer-back and was cut long in the torso for my nearly 6-foot frame. <BR> <BR> Barrier #2: I was terrified of looking like a total idiot swimming, or disturbing ot... Mon, 11 Jan 2010 17:41:36 EST Getting married made me get fat. So, instead of me influencing my husband to eat more healthfully, his fast-food eating ways have tainted me. Montana is cold and dark and icy -- neither of us want to venture out of the house to exercise. We're definitely de-motivating each other. <BR> <BR> But it's not all getting married. Don't forget the Christmas Cookie Gauntlet -- I can't get from my desk to the printer without passing piles of treats. And my doctor added Lyrica to my drug regimen to help with the chronic pain. My hope ... Mon, 21 Dec 2009 14:05:18 EST Massively sidetracked by the ol' hip again. Man, am I feeling the lack of exercise due to my chronic SI joint pain. I've been trying the chiropractor, seems to be helping, but everything is sore sore sore. And, my TMJ is acting up now, so no solid foods for me <em>39</em> . I'm starving! <em>4</em> <BR> <BR> I need to do my PT exercises, but I never get around to it at home, mainly because I don't have 6 feet of contiguous space to stretch out. So my new brilliant plan is to bring my swiss ball to work, where I am most of the day a... Mon, 13 Jul 2009 12:19:31 EST Getting frustrated with the hubby's health So. The main reason I signed up for this site was solidarity for my husband to lose some weight. <BR> <BR> When we met, he was about 170-175, still a little heavy for his height (5'7"), but he was eating healthfully and exercising. He started a new job in September and seemingly instantly gained 20lbs. Now he's up to 202 lbs. <BR> <BR> Here's where my frustration comes in: He's expressed desire to lose the weight. He complains everyday about how uncomfortable he is with the extra pounds. ... Tue, 30 Jun 2009 16:45:42 EST Missing my PA I'm totally missing my Piyo class right now. Work has been busy, so I haven't been able to get away on Tuesday mornings, and Thursday afternoon has been busy too. ARGH! <BR> <BR> Next week: Back on the horse. One of my goals has been making myself a subject in my own life, which means taking time for myself, in this case, to exercise. Fri, 26 Jun 2009 13:53:24 EST Random 7lb weight shift Okay, so I've had a random 7lb upward weight shift -- in like one day. Any ideas? I'm hoping for 'travel bloat', as my husband calls it. I refuse to track it in the weigh-in until I figure out if it is a real gain. <em>15</em> Fri, 12 Jun 2009 13:48:27 EST Back from American Diabetes Association Scientific Session in New Orleans! I'm back from my oral presentation on Montana's Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Prevention Program in New Orleans! New Orleans was super fun -- I can't wait to go back. I walked a ton -- I'm hoping that offset the food and drinks! <BR> <BR> I wanted to share a couple tidbits I learned from one of the lectures on Obesity and the Brain. <BR> First, your body regulates calories in/calories out extremely precisely -- calorie differential is within 11 calories per day on average! <BR> Second... Wed, 10 Jun 2009 13:48:33 EST Poop I learned from Dr. Oz on Oprah the other day that if you take a calcium supplement, you won't absorb as much fat from your food. He said the calcium mixes with the fat and creates a soap. You can tell if it's working if your poop floats. I started taking a multivitamin a couple of months ago and can definitely tell the difference on the scale. And, I 've got floating poop and I can see the soapy film around it. Science is neat. Tue, 2 Jun 2009 15:57:07 EST Sidetracked by Injury I've been having massive problems with my left hip since September. So far, after many expensive tests, physical therapy and doctors visits, the only person that gave me a clue as to what's wrong with me was the alternative medicine practioner (AKA the magic hippy lady). Her diagnosis, SI joint is stuck (I should see a chiropractor) and many of the muscles in my back and abdomen are in constant contracture. <BR> <BR> I saw an orthopedist after her. His diagnosis, nothing wrong with you, tak... Thu, 28 May 2009 14:50:38 EST