DIDMIS's SparkPeople Blog http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal.asp?id=DIDMIS DIDMIS's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community SparkPeople.com http://assets2.sparkpeople.com/assets/nav/logo_spark.gif http://www.sparkpeople.com/ IRENE'S COMPUTER woes...... http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5864070 Hello - this is Irene's friend, Marcy (mnnsaide) <BR> <BR> Irene called me this evening to let me know that she will not be on line for a while until here computer is returned from the repair shop. <BR> <BR> I know she will miss everyone. <BR> <BR> But she is doing well - we had a good chat and laugh! <BR> <BR> Marcy Tue, 27 Jan 2015 22:25:23 EST COMPUTER http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5860362 <em>215</em> (This is MARCY - mnnsaide) Irene's computer is in the shop and will be there for a couple of days <BR> <BR> <BR> CompUSA has changed to Tiger. I didn't know that as I hadn't been there in a long time. <BR> I called them myself today an they said they could clean it and then put my stuff on a USB (what do they call it) scan disc? <BR> Now they just have McAfee and I don't want anymore of that. I have it until December 17th. <BR> They said it would cost more or less $129.... Thu, 22 Jan 2015 15:01:36 EST Today 1/21/2105 http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5859704 <em>198</em> <BR> Today the nurse came out to draw blood. She always has a difficult time getting it. <BR> This time she gave up. <BR> I said I felt like the Orange they practice on. <em>334</em> <BR> I was worn out and didn't get to eat breakfast or take my medicine until after 1:00 as she came late. <BR> Then I called McAfee and you know how that goes. It wears you out. I ate a snack and took my second dose of medicine, went to the bathroom and laid down. <BR> Brian wants CompUSA... Wed, 21 Jan 2015 17:31:41 EST ADDITION TO MY LAST BLOG http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5859088 First Brian brought over a lot of equipment to check everything out <BR> When he got online with Dell they told him everything to do which he did. <BR> Then he called them. <BR> They told him about the viruses <BR> He did all he could do. I had an Acer before this. <BR> I check my bank account and so far they haven't taken anything out and the bank wouldn't permit it without notifying me. <BR> This is the last Dell I get. <BR> I'd rather buy like CompUSA as they have a good repair crew there... Tue, 20 Jan 2015 22:32:12 EST I MAY BE OFF THE COMPUTER FOR AWHILE. http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5858960 Brian worked for hours on my sound and videos. Dell wants to charge $200.00 to return it to default. <BR> So he is going to take it to COMPUSA to see what they will charge. <BR> I didn't want a Dell. <BR> He thinks it came from Spark. I don't know but he said they had gotten into my bank account. <BR> So I may have to come back with a new name and everything and may miss a lot of things. <BR> Know I am still here, just silent. <BR> Irene Tue, 20 Jan 2015 19:00:53 EST WHY I HAVEN'T BEEN ON MUCH TODAY http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5854647 <em>198</em> <BR> I got up this morning at 10:00 tired and weak. <BR> Picked up for the house cleaner and washed the bedding. <BR> They told me to take more of that powerful laxative which brings my ammonia levels down. <BR> I think I took too much on my second dose. I am to take 4 doses a day. Then if I <em>360</em> yesterday I really <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <BR> S... Wed, 14 Jan 2015 22:19:57 EST THE NURSE SCARED ME TODAY http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5853805 Well, I have been quite busy. <BR> One of the head nurses came out and she said my ammonia levels 184 <em>198</em> <BR> I said I thought they had gone done from 184 to 90 <em>243</em> <BR> Still high but going the right direction. <em>55</em> <BR> Now they increased my medication that makes me go to bathroom and lower the ammonia levels. <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <em>360</em> <BR> Back and forth, back and forth to the bathroom. <BR> I don... Tue, 13 Jan 2015 20:42:09 EST AMMONIA LEVELS http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5849690 Brian called and my ammonia levels were below 100 for the first time in a long time being 90. Still high but coming down. <em>244</em> <BR> <BR> I am sore today because of giving a urine sample yesterday as I had to hold myself up but that will soon pass. At least it is not pain and I understand exercise soreness. <BR> <BR> Things have been quiet around here today. <BR> <BR> I'm still enjoying the fish my nurse brought me. Have enough for tomorrow as well as more acorn squash and ... Thu, 8 Jan 2015 18:12:37 EST EVERYTHING HAPPENED TODAY http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5849039 <em>198</em> <BR> The nurse came this morning and was here two hours. I was late eating and taking my medicine and it hasn't worked yet. <BR> <BR> My next door neighbor came over yesterday and was so mad at me. He had let his girl friend fall as he said he had to let her out in the grass and It was my fault because I didn't park up far enough. I did not have the breezeway blocked. I tried to tell him I ask people to stop out from the curb but he didn't want to listen. He knew it was ... Wed, 7 Jan 2015 22:29:06 EST A POEM I WROTE IN 1995 http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5845018 The mountains of brass do surround us, <BR> As trials are pressing our way. <BR> And it seems all is in vain, <BR> When our heart is in pain, <BR> And we try, how we try to pray <BR> <BR> But in the midst is a valley, <BR> Where Christ has placed us awhile. <BR> Where we learn to rely, <BR> And to God we do cry, <BR> Till the tears are replaced by a smile. <BR> <BR> He teaches us most in the valley, <BR> The things that we need to be strong. <BR> He leads through the fire, <BR> Though it's... Sat, 3 Jan 2015 18:56:50 EST MY AMMONIA LEVELS http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5842523 <em>104</em> My ammonia levels dropped from the 185 back to the 115. I thought maybe something happened in the testing or something else for them to be 185 which was extremely high and I usually can't think, talk or type or much of anything but sleep. <BR> Brian said I did not have any of the symptoms of my level being that high. <BR> <em>244</em> <BR> I am happy it is going the right way. <BR> My swelling is going up again but there is nothing too difficult for God and I believe ... Thu, 1 Jan 2015 07:29:37 EST BEARING GIFTS http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5841326 Yesterday only two people came from Reynosa Mexico, the pastor's son who also preaches in his father's church and a soft spoken gentleman named Jorge who also preaches there. <BR> Now they have four preachers. <BR> <BR> They were 3 hours late because the bridge was backed up. All of Mexico was out of school and came over to get in on the sale prices. They left that bridge and went to one further East and doubled back. I know what this is like as I had to wait for hours many times after tea... Tue, 30 Dec 2014 14:18:16 EST AN EXPLANATION http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5839350 <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <BR> <BR> After writing this on a friend's page who has gone through so many things herself I felt I should put it in a blog. I realize some of you know all of this already but some don't. <BR> <BR> Sometimes I feel like a wimp as so many have more problems than I do. <BR> I have had this since 1962 when I first came... Sat, 27 Dec 2014 13:43:32 EST MY CHRISTMAS http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5838940 Everyone says they love me but I was alone with the Lord and with my Spark friends except for one family. <BR> <BR> I believe the Lord felt alone in most households receiving gifts while He was forgotten by many. I know, all He wants are our <em>26</em> 's but does it feel <em>51</em> sometimes when we fail to give him our lives putting Him first. <BR> <BR> Our birthday comes and we receive <em>144</em> 's, His birthday comes, what do we give Him <em>38</em> <BR> <BR> I received... Fri, 26 Dec 2014 18:28:28 EST THE BAD NEWS; MY CHRISTMAS PRESENT http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5838391 <em>445</em> <em>445</em> <em>445</em> <em>445</em> <em>445</em> <em>445</em> <em>445</em> <em>445</em> <em>445</em> <em>445</em> <BR> <BR> Yesterday Brian called. The doctor had called about my blood work on the ammonia levels. I hoped it was good news. <BR> <BR> He said they had gone <em>49</em> They had gone to 135 which I thought were high and yes, they were high but the next time they had gone <em>55</em> to 115 Now they were 185 <em>49</em> <em... Thu, 25 Dec 2014 13:51:37 EST WHY I AM NOT MYSELF http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5835105 Ammonia levels. <BR> <BR> When my ammonia levels go sky high I can't think right, talk right, reason, do trivia, etc. <BR> <BR> You see I make a lot of mistakes. <BR> <BR> They took my blood work today and hope it will show my ammonia levels are down. <BR> They got to 135, then to 115, now I am believing they will going to go lower. <BR> <BR> I am going to do trivia now. <em>521</em> Thu, 18 Dec 2014 21:09:25 EST WHY I AM NOT MYSELF http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5835106 Ammonia levels. <BR> <BR> When my ammonia levels go sky high I can't think right, talk right, reason, do trivia, etc. <BR> <BR> You see I make a lot of mistakes. <BR> <BR> They took my blood work today and hope it will show my ammonia levels are down. <BR> They got to 135, then to 115, now I am believing they will go lower. <BR> <BR> I am going to do trivia now. <em>521</em> Thu, 18 Dec 2014 21:09:25 EST WHY I AM NOT MYSELF http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5835104 Ammonia levels. <BR> <BR> When my ammonia levels go sky high I can't think right, talk right, reason, do trivia, etc. <BR> <BR> You see I make a lot of mistakes. <BR> <BR> They took my blood work today and hope it will show my ammonia levels are down. <BR> They got to 135, then to 115, now I am believing they will going to go lower. <BR> <BR> I am going to do trivia now. <em>521</em> Thu, 18 Dec 2014 21:09:25 EST THE LATEST http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5834577 <em>230</em> <BR> <BR> Last night I fell again. <BR> <BR> I ended up with my head under the desk but did not hurt myself except sore and terrible tired again. <BR> <BR> Brian and his older son came and picked me up. <BR> <BR> Then they went out and bought groceries. <BR> <BR> One thing was <em>334</em> <BR> <BR> His son wanted to know where his deodorant and two big onions and one big jalapeno was as they were going to cook out. <BR> <BR> I caught them just in time as they were ... Wed, 17 Dec 2014 19:02:20 EST TODAY AND TOMOROW http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5833635 I felt worse today than I have been feeling. <BR> <em>102</em> I slept 12 hours. <BR> I could not go out to get anything to eat. <BR> I did do my dishes late this evening though. <BR> I am afraid to take a shower but did make it though. <BR> Brian did call 3 times to see if I was all right. <BR> Tomorrow they will come to take my ammonia again. <BR> I am praying it will be lower. <BR> Irene Mon, 15 Dec 2014 23:09:54 EST AMMONIA LEVELS HIGH AGAIN http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5831006 <em>39</em> <em>102</em> <BR> Today my report came back and my ammonia levels were 135 which was higher than I remember. <BR> No wonder I had been sick 4 days and slept hours upon hours. <BR> I am not thinking right. <BR> Irene Wed, 10 Dec 2014 18:47:17 EST WHY I HAVE BEEN OFF LINE AND DOCTOR'S VISIT http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5828151 THANK YOU MARCY FOR POSTING WHY I HADN'T BEEN ONLINE <em>247</em> <em>220</em> <BR> <BR> <em>46</em> Two days w/o computer <em>387</em> , <BR> w/o home phone (missed calls) <em>39</em> <BR> and w/o television. <em>39</em> <BR> All I had was my cell phone. <em>30</em> <BR> <BR> Time Warner Cable said they would be here between 11:00 and 12:00 and guess what he came on time. Nice young man. I gave him a 10 on the survey. The Problem <em>38</em> <BR> <BR> He said ... Fri, 5 Dec 2014 13:57:29 EST HELP http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5826649 For several days now I have no sound on my computer. <BR> Brian was going hunting tomorrow with his son which is good for both of them. <BR> He tried to fix it from his office but he couldn't. <BR> Said he thought it is the speaker but the next time he comes to fill the pill boxes he will look at it. <BR> Has anyone had that problem and could they fix it? <BR> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>247</em> <em>... Tue, 2 Dec 2014 22:00:12 EST WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5823444 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/6/l1695564820.jpg"> <BR> <BR> 1. First of all I want to say <em>304</em> to my Lord and Savior who redeemed me, changed my life and gave me a life worth living. <BR> <BR> 2. I want to say <em>304</em> Lord for saving all of my family before they died and although they didn't want to talk to me all of them did before they went to be with the Lord and especially my sister who talked me into getting a computer so we could IM before she we... Wed, 26 Nov 2014 16:58:03 EST SHORT, NOT TOO SWEET AND GOOD FOR US http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5819645 Remember that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, be grateful, and enjoy the company of loved ones. <BR> Remember it is not turkey day, it is Thanksgiving Day. <BR> We all have something to give thanks for. <BR> You don't have to go overboard to celebrate this special holiday. <BR> By using just a few of these many tips and recipes in Spark, you'll be able to take part in the tradition without feeling guilty. <BR> Irene Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:52:49 EST MY CAT SCAN http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5818921 Well yesterday I had my <em>240</em> scan. <BR> They told me it would take about 12 minutes. <BR> They called me in right away and the girl asked why I was getting the <em>240</em> scan. <BR> They had the order from the doctor. <BR> They told me I did not have to bring the med's or a list as they had them but she asked for them which of course I did not have. <BR> Then she said they needed to put an IV in so it would be clearer and I would not have to do it again. <BR> She said it ... Tue, 18 Nov 2014 12:19:51 EST A VERY BUSY DAY http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5815811 After writing the whole blog I lost it. <em>39</em> <BR> <BR> Many things going on around here <em>198</em> <BR> <BR> It was 47 this morning and raining but I drove further than I had driven since I broke my back. <em>104</em> <BR> Sunday it is supposed to be 80. <em>67</em> <BR> <BR> Before driving in the rain Brian fixed my <em>387</em> It only took a minute after I told him I get my mail through Yahoo. <BR> <BR> Then he went to the doctor's office in his truck an... Wed, 12 Nov 2014 21:58:12 EST SO MANY THINGS ACCOMPLISHED TODAY http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5815797 <em>198</em> It is 47 here, now that is cold for here but Sunday it is supposed to be 80. It will be colder tonight. <BR> <BR> Brian got my computer working again this morning. Just took a minute when I told him I get my e-mail from Yahoo. <BR> <BR> I had a doctor's appointment. It was raining some but I did alright. I am to get a cat scan to see more about the liver. They drew a lot of blood (I said it is to sell to the blood bank.) <em>40</em> <BR> <BR> I am also to see the GI ... Wed, 12 Nov 2014 21:39:24 EST THE PROBLEM IS RESOLVED http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5814148 Thank you all. I slept 3 hours last night so will sleep today. <BR> Gloria suggested I call Brian. Poor Brian! I am a full time job for him. <BR> I didn't want to call him late at night so called him this morning. He can get on my computer and he fixed it. <BR> All is well that ends well. <BR> Mon, 10 Nov 2014 10:38:59 EST CAN YOU HELP ME? http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5813936 I try to log in to Internet Explorer which I have had for a long time. <BR> It messed up a long time ago but finally I could get my mail. <BR> Now ATT comes on and I can get points and community but no mail. <BR> I hear talking in the background. <BR> Have you had this kind of problem and what did you do? <BR> Irene Mon, 10 Nov 2014 01:50:44 EST SOMETHING WONDERFUL HAPPENED TODAY http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5812721 <em>355</em> <em>304</em> Lord. <em>458</em> answered. <BR> Some time ago I received a notice from IRS telling me I owed 10,000. They said I withdrew my small IRA and did not report it. Penalties and interest were added to it. <BR> <BR> I knew I had rolled it over and knew where it was. I wrote them telling them where it was but they said I needed to send a form in which I did not receive from the bank I withdrew it from. <BR> <BR> Since I had had it in 3 banks at different times... Fri, 7 Nov 2014 17:19:46 EST GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY THAT I HADN'T DONE SINCE I BROKE MY BACK http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5809626 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/6/l1682686997.jpg"> <BR> <BR> I had almost finished the blog and somehow lost it. <BR> <BR> This morning after getting up at 7:00 a.m. I decided to go to the 9:15 service at <em>288</em> so got ready, got in my <em>433</em> and drove further than I had driven in 3 months more or less to arrive. <em>104</em> <BR> <BR> As I entered the <em>288</em> I told the usher I needed to sit at the back so he sat up two chairs for me. Ev... Sun, 2 Nov 2014 22:21:34 EST MY DAY http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5807697 <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/1/8/l1842660365.jpg"> <BR> Just had to post this from Sunday evening birthday party. <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/8/3/l838445117.jpg"> <BR> This is so true. <BR> <img src="http://photos-ak.sparkpeople.com/nw/9/4/l94836576.jpg"> <BR> A very unique card sent on the internet by a good friend. <BR> <BR> Now about my day. The pastor's son finally came today. He was to come Monday, couldn't, he was to come Tuesday his old car... Thu, 30 Oct 2014 17:37:29 EST ANOTHER WONDERFUL MIRACLE http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5807101 <em>355</em> <em>458</em> <BR> <BR> Today a family took me to lunch at the same place we had the <em>236</em> Sunday night. They could not go Sunday so took me today. <BR> <BR> They brought cards and gifts. All beautiful. <BR> <BR> I asked if Victor was there as he is the one who had the aging grandparents. He was working the cash register and called to me when I went in but I did not hear him. <BR> He came to the table and I asked him about his grandparents as you remember ... Wed, 29 Oct 2014 17:16:20 EST MY WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5805868 <em>236</em> <em>288</em> friends and two <em>223</em> 's. <BR> You can see some pictures of Spark friends on Facebook. <BR> <BR> This was a special birthday for me because a few weeks ago some thought I would not live to see another birthday but here am I <em>334</em> ready to serve the Lord for as long as He has me here in any way He would have me to serve Him. I made it to 87. Hey guys I made a mistake. I let someone convince me I was 87 and I am really only a <em>90</em> ... Mon, 27 Oct 2014 18:01:36 EST UPS AND DOWNS http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5800593 I know the first may be boring to you but please read especially the last part. It is amazing. <em>345</em> <em>250</em> <BR> <BR> Yesterday was a real bad day. PT and Nurse both came instead of Thursday and I went out to get a salad after nurse left as I did not know when the PT was coming. <BR> When I got home I <em>39</em> hurt so bad. I had not taken my medicine for my ammonia levels so took one dose and decided I needed to rest my back instead of eating but the PT ran the ... Sat, 18 Oct 2014 22:06:43 EST THE WOO HOO I PROMISED http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5795960 <em>250</em> report from the doctor Wednesday. While I left the house cleaner who comes twice a month cleaning my house Brian and I went to the <em>282</em> doctor. <BR> <BR> He said my echogram on liver and kidneys came out <em>250</em> <BR> I didn't think to ask him why my ammonia levels were high then. <BR> He took away two <em>273</em> medications saying I didn't need them. <BR> They were for other things. <BR> <BR> From there Brian, who had my van, as I can't get in and ... Fri, 10 Oct 2014 17:04:37 EST TRIVIA CHALLENGE http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5793978 Two of the teams I belong to post the results of the Trivia challenge on a place designated for it. We post the days score and the month's score. <BR> It teaches us so many things, keeps us accountable and is fun. <BR> Please join in this educational fun time. I just put the Trivia Challenge on the teams I belong to. <BR> Please hunt it up and start learning today. <BR> <em>235</em> <em>244</em> <em>303</em> <em>149</em> <em>203</em> Tue, 7 Oct 2014 10:34:16 EST TODAY I GOT OUT WOO HOO http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5791272 <em>244</em> <em>345</em> <BR> First the nurse came, then Sandy my friend who moved to New Braunfells from here came, then Brian came so I could sign my stuff to send to IRS to finish that up. I think that nightmare <em>40</em> is about over. <BR> Yesterday was a bad bathroom day because of the stuff I take to get my ammonia levels down but today things seemed to slack off so Sandy and I got in her little RV, the cutest thing you ever saw, and went to <em>29</em> It was the first... Thu, 2 Oct 2014 18:26:44 EST A CORRECTION TO MY BLOG ABOUT SUCRALOSE http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5786440 The medication I am taking is Lactulose solution. <BR> I am sorry. I should have been more careful and some of you caught it right away. <BR> Thanks bunches and yes, it does cause diarrhea. <BR> Irene Wed, 24 Sep 2014 22:41:57 EST TODAY THE 24TH SOME ASKED http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5786197 <em>198</em> <BR> I set the <em>128</em> and got up in time to get ready for the ultrasound. This ultrasound was for the liver and kidneys mainly. <BR> The gentleman who came was a nice Christian man and so kind. He says he encourages people. I told him that is a gift of helps. <BR> <BR> While he was doing the ultrasound PT called twice. I did not have his number but Brian said he would text him but forgot to. Afterwards I called and told him I just couldn't do it today so he is co... Wed, 24 Sep 2014 14:34:32 EST My 2+ month experience http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5784734 IRENE DAVIS davismissions@sbcglobal.net. <BR> Thank you for your prayers and support during this trying time. I know some of you do not know the whole story so I will clue you in on what has been happening to me the past 2+ months. <BR> Early July I guess I had a passing out spell and hit my back bone on the edge of the door as I was doing my laundry. I called a friend who is my health care power of attorney and he rushed over. Thank the Lord he didn’t try to get me up but instead calle... Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:03:13 EST Update on Irene - from Marcy http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5770719 Hello friends of Irene! <BR> <BR> I just got of the phone with our good friend Irene. <BR> She sounds great! We talked for about 20 minutes <BR> <BR> She is still using the walker but only with someone by her side. <BR> Tuesday - someone will be going to her appt. to make sure she has everything she needs to return. <BR> Wednesday - GI doctor for her liver (fatty tissue) (80% of people have this) <BR> <BR> I always ask about her new car - to see if Brian is running the engine. Well she sai... Sun, 31 Aug 2014 21:24:15 EST Update: August 7th http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5755384 Hi - this is Marcy - Irene's friend. <BR> <BR> I talked to Irene today and she is sounding more and more like herself! <BR> <BR> She is back in her old room at ReHap <BR> I asked about her therapy and she said that don't want to move her ....but she is pushing herself up and trying to turn on her own. <BR> <BR> She is eating good - or should I say tired of the 3 full meals she gets every day --- too much food! <BR> <BR> She has a niece coming from out of State (with her son) to meet wit... Thu, 7 Aug 2014 22:23:57 EST 8-1-14 Update on Irene http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5751272 Hello friends of Irene (didmis) <BR> this is her friend Becky (mom4407) <BR> <BR> I would like to update you on her condition. <BR> <BR> She is well enough to be transferred back to the Rehab center Legends. <BR> <BR> At Legends her condition will be re assessed so she can continue with her therapy. <BR> <BR> Irene had 4 doctors and they all said she was able to go back to Rehab. <BR> <BR> Irene is has breathing treatments for her pneumonia. <BR> <BR> Irene appreciates all the cards... Fri, 1 Aug 2014 19:39:56 EST Irene is in the HEART Hospital http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5749106 Hi friend of Irene (DIDMIS) this is Marcy her friend <BR> <BR> Irene was taken to the Heart Hospital last night due to elevated ammonia levels, increased cardiac enzyme's and she is testing positive for blood clot. <BR> (this was the text from her friend Brian this morning that had me speeding to the hospital out of town) <BR> <BR> Just coming back from the Hospital (3:30pm) <BR> <BR> Irene is NOT doing well........ <BR> <BR> Becky mashed up her food and fed her and I gave her the liqu... Tue, 29 Jul 2014 17:37:55 EST To all my Spark Friends http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5746562 Thank you all for your prayers <em>458</em> and well wishes and kind thoughts <BR> <BR> I am walking more with a <em>360</em> , standing to do many of my other exercises. <BR> <BR> I went to the bathroom all by myself with the <em>359</em> . <BR> <BR> Those may seem like such simple things for many but big steps for me. <BR> <BR> They feed me too much food here and not healthy food. <em>487</em> <em>490</em> <em>489</em> I am not used to eating 3 meals but the meals are... Fri, 25 Jul 2014 19:26:54 EST There is no friend like a Spark Friend http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5742899 I am dictating this message to my Sparkfriend Mom4407 (Becky). <BR> <BR> I would like to Thank all the people who have who have been <em>458</em> for me and supporting me along the way. I want to Thank everyone for all your prayers and love. <BR> <BR> I want to Thank Marcy one of the co-leaders on RGV team keeping the <em>131</em> rolling and all the updates about my condition. I love the Max Lucado book. <BR> <BR> Becky co-leader of RGV and co-leader of TOPS Friends thank you f... Sun, 20 Jul 2014 18:30:49 EST ANOTHER PART OF MY LIFE STORY http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5727899 <em>459</em> <BR> <BR> I am glad my sis and I could connect through the computer before she died. She was the first of my siblings to go and smoked terribly and lived in a mobile home that she had all sealed in. She did not want to talk to me until the last. I thought I was too old to learn computer but she insisted as she wanted us to talk through IM and we spent a lot of time talking. She didn't last long after that. <BR> She told me not to worry that she was ready to go. <BR> <BR... Sat, 28 Jun 2014 19:00:25 EST LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage_public_journal_individual.asp?blog_id=5724172 My mom was a very hard working woman . <BR> <BR> We lived in the depression. Every thing was rationed. No silk hose you painted your legs. <BR> *bending, etc.) <BR> <BR> sugar was rationed, tires were rationed gas was rationed but that didn't matter. We had no car. <BR> *exercise we walked to school and back twice a day. <BR> <BR> We received commodities, made our clothes out of flour or feed sacks. <BR> <BR> We were in war and these things were needed for the soldiers. <BR> <BR> S... Mon, 23 Jun 2014 13:50:05 EST