CURRAHEE68's SparkPeople Blog CURRAHEE68's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community good Have been eating 3 moderate meals a day with nothing i between this week. One exception was eating an apple yesterday before dinner. Was really hungry. Have been hungry most of the time. I think maybe because I had stretched my stomach from eating so much past 3 weeks. Wed, 15 Apr 2015 21:56:15 EST Once again Once again I am starting to write down my foods, and a couple other things. Writing the foods though is what I am told by the experts that helps the food control the most. Sun, 12 Apr 2015 08:23:08 EST crashed ! Met a newcomer Tue evening meeting. Promised I would meet him Wed at the NA meeting. Luckiloy he is Pinoy as the meeting was conducted in Visayan. Was a good meeting for me anyway. When I got home my foot was very bloody where I scraped some of my thinning skin right off. Did the epsom salt thing. Then a couple hours later I stood up to go to bed, lost my balance and crashed to the floor. Scraped another dime size piece of skin off the same foot right next to the other wound. Both on the bac... Thu, 26 Mar 2015 04:35:57 EST trouble Having lot of trouble getting back in step with loosing weight and getting healthy. Need to continue working on it and keeping track of things even when I don't do it up to my expectations. Mon, 23 Mar 2015 01:36:48 EST long hiatus Haven't written since I decided to be sure to write every day. Guess I'm not too good at follow through. Not that that is any new discovery. <BR> Didn't loose any weight this week, but didn't gain either. Other than this week I have been loosing small amounts every week since last time I wrote. Writing foods down accurately most of the time. <BR> Started exercising a bit last week. Walking on treadmill for a few minutes about half the days. Lifting light weights 3 times a week X's 1 week so ... Sun, 8 Mar 2015 03:17:07 EST better control Not eating compulsively toady. Still eating more volumn than I want to, but never really felt full today. Wed, 11 Feb 2015 06:17:55 EST poor impulse control ate continuously and compulsively most of day yesterday. At least mostly healthy foods, but way too much. Mon, 9 Feb 2015 22:42:13 EST Back on track Got back to my vegetarian diet. Other than the whey protein powder, I was vegan today. I sure seem to feel better when I follow the vegetarian diet. Didn't loose much this week, I believe because I was full of sodium and water this am. Too much salt yesterday, I guess. My feet still feel a little swollen, but I don't want to take a diuretic unless absolutely necessary. See how I am doing tomorrow. Sun, 8 Feb 2015 09:22:51 EST poor impulse control I ate compulsively yesterday. Then today I broke my diet. Ate everything in sight. Ate some cereal and then some grape juice, so I even indulged in a lot of sugar. Hopefully I will be back on my food plan in the morning, and after. I started out with oatmeal this am, but then I blew it. Sat, 7 Feb 2015 10:12:46 EST thought Well, at least I thought about exercising this morning? Thu, 5 Feb 2015 22:49:09 EST write Have plans to write every day, not so much here, but want to write down some of my stories. Not sure if anyone will ever want to read them, but I would like to write some. Wed, 4 Feb 2015 10:14:01 EST doing good not much to say today. All is going good. Am considering adding protein powder made from whey. Need to double check how much sugar is in it. Feeling so good physically and mentally, I don't want to chance screwing that up with sugar intake. Tue, 3 Feb 2015 00:23:35 EST no diabetes ? Did not take any diabetes meds yesterday. Again my blood suger stayed in normal perameters, although a little on the high side of normal. Am getting in the 100 teens and would like to see it get better. Probably will if I start taking exercise seriously. Mon, 2 Feb 2015 01:07:51 EST Hyperglycemic Have gone all day without diabetes med. Started out this am at 108, then stayed around 120 until 11 pm. Then 181. Did about same yesterday but I took the med last night when I showed higher B.S. Tonight I go without so that I can check in the morning without meds. Sat, 31 Jan 2015 10:05:36 EST nuts Had small meals yesterday, then binged last night. Ate a whole can of mixed nuts, 1300 calories. Not good! But,,, I still ate within my calorie goal. <BR> Went to the grocery store yesterday and bought more varieties of nuts and protein foods, including split peas. They made a great soup for lunch today. Fri, 30 Jan 2015 00:19:09 EST slow progress I started my exercise yesterday. 1 minute of squats. Today I did the first warm up exercise in my pilates book. About 2 minutes. I did walk a fair bit last night going to the AA meeting. Not a lot, but more than I am used to recently. <BR> Trying to accomplish some of the other goals I set, one of which is writing this blog. Wed, 28 Jan 2015 01:38:24 EST must stop gaining I started a radical (for me) way of eating Sunday. A friend recommended I go on the "potato" diet. I did a little research and thought I would try a modified potato diet. More vegies than potatoes, plenty of fruit, no processed foods. Since I am also not eating animal produts such as eggs or milk, I guess I am on not just vegitarian, but a Vegan diet. I need to do more research on that to see different recipes and different ways to get protein. Last 3 days I have been eating about have my pro... Mon, 26 Jan 2015 23:46:59 EST Been awhile I m back up to me beginning weight, so lets get going again. <BR> Mon, 29 Dec 2014 05:23:37 EST SOS (SAME OLD .................... S...TUFF) GOOD DAY FOLKS, <BR> <BR> IT IS A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY HERE IN CEBU. AND I FEEL PRETTY GOOD MENTALLY TOO. TODAY IS MY SEMI-WEEKLY WEIGH IN DAY. I LOST OVER A KILO THIS TIME, CHEESECAKE AND ALL. I AM STILL BEHIND MY GOAL OF A POUND PER WEEK, BUT IT IS OK. I THINK WITH THE ADDED ACTIVITY I AM DOING I SHOULD CATCH UP IN A MONTH OR SO. JUST NOT ALL THAT CONCERNED ABOUT IT. WHAT REALLY GETS ME, IN A GOOD WAY, IS THAT I CONTINUE MY DOWNWARD TREND. LOOKS GREAT ON THE GRAPH. <BR> <BR> TALKING ABOUT BI... Sun, 15 Sep 2013 00:39:13 EST sos A GOOD THURSDAY EVENING TO ALL. <BR> <BR> I REALLY BLEW IT YESTERDAY. I BOUGHT A SMALL CHEESECAKE WITH THE BEST OF INTENTIONS. I WAS GOING TO EAT ONE PIECE, ABOUT 1/4 OF THE CAKE. WE WERE WATCHING A MOVIE AND I HAD A SECOND PIECE, AND THEN THE THIRD AND LAST PIECE. I ATE MORE CALORIES IN CHEESECAKE THAN ALMOST ALL MY OTHER FOODS FOR THE DAY. REALLY MESSED UP MY CONTROLED PORTIONS. <BR> <BR> GOT IN OVER AN HOURS WORTH OF EXERCISE. TREADMILL, POOL WALKING, AND 3 MINUTES OF SWIMMING. CAN'T BE... Fri, 13 Sep 2013 08:53:26 EST ALL IS GOOD HOWDY ALL, <BR> <BR> BIG DAY FOR ME YESTERDAY. SEPT 11 HAS A DIFFERENT MEANING TO ME THAM 9/11 DOES. I GRIEVE WITH THE REST OF THE COUNTRY AND MUCH OF THE WORLD FOR THE LIVES LOST. I PRAY GOD GIVES THE STRENGTH TO THE FAMILIES TO LIVE THROUGH ANOTHER DAY OF SAD MEMORIES. <BR> <BR> SEPT 11, 1978 IS THE DAY I GAVE UP ALCOHOL AND DRUGS. SO FOR ME, THE DAY IS ALSO A REMEMBERANCE FOR ME OF A MIRACLE HAPPENING. <BR> <BR> REGARDING MY CALORIE INTAKE: I HAVE READ MANY TIMES IN THE SPARKS READING... Thu, 12 Sep 2013 06:06:44 EST JUST DO IT I ATE 2300 CALORIES YESTERDAY, INCLUDING 600 CALORIES OF WHEAT NUTS. I FEEL LIKE I REALLY OVERDID IT, BUT 2300 IS AT THE LOW END OF MY RECOMMENDED RANGE. MAYBE IT WAS SO MANY WHEAT NUTS CAUSING MY MENTAL DISTRESS. OH WELL, THAT WAS YESTERDAY. I AM DOING FINE TODAY. <BR> <BR> I AM ALSO FINDING IT HARD TO GET MOTIVATED TO DO MY EXERCISES. I USUALLY GET THEM DONE, BUT HAVE MISSED 3 DAYS THIS MONTH ALREADY. AND I AM UNDER 500 MINUTES FOR THE MONTH SO FAR. I MAY NOT EVEN MAKE 1500 FOR THE MONTH A... Tue, 10 Sep 2013 01:58:56 EST STILL NEED A LOT OF EDUCATION I HAVE SET MYSELF A BIT MORE MODERATE EXERCISE GOAL THIS MONTH. I AM AIMIMG FOR THE 1500 MINUTE MARK THIS MONTH AND FOR 1 OR 2 MORE MONTHS. I AM ALSO GOING TO GET BACK INTO PALATES AGAIN. I HAD GOTTEN MY WAY UP TO DOING A FEW OF THE PILATES SIT UPS A FEW YEARS AGO. I HAD STARTED OUT NEEDING HELP TO GET UP. SO I EXPECT I CAN HANDLE IT IF I GO SLOWLY. I REALLY NEED THE HELP WITH GETTING MY JOINTS TO FUNCTION. I WOULD FEEL ASHAMED OF WHAT I HAVE LET MYSELF BECOME IF I THOUGHT IT WOULD HELP. BUT ... Sun, 8 Sep 2013 03:21:58 EST DOING BETTER HAD MY WEIGH IN SUNDAY, GAINED ALMOST A KILO. NOT A TOTAL SURPRISE AFTER CUTTING OUT SO MUCH EXERCISE AND EATING NOT SO HEALTHY AT THE END OF THE MONTH. I AM DOING BETTER THIS MONTH THOUGH. I AM BACK ON THE TREADMILL AND AM WALKING SLOWLY WITH NO HANDS. I HAVE TO SUPPORT MYSELF FOR THE FIRST FEW MINUTES, BUT AM ABLE TO LET GO OF THE HANDRAILS FOR MOST OF THE SESSION. AM ALSO DOING SOME VERY LIGHT WEIGHT STRENGTH TRAINING EXERCISE. SEEMS QUITE ODD THAT I STRUGGLE WITH 1 OR 2 KILOS NOW. I REM... Mon, 2 Sep 2013 20:17:39 EST EASY TO FALL OFF ABOUT 12 DAYS AGO I BROKE THROUGH A WEIGHT PLATEAU BY LOOSING ALMOST 3 KG IN 2 WEEKS. I CELEBRATED WITH SOME EXTRA SPECIAL ACTIVITY AND THREW MY BACK OUT. I WHIMPERED AT THE PAIN AND STARTED EASING OFF MY EXERCISES UNTIL THEY BECAME NON EXISTANT. NEXT FOLLOWED NOT TRACKING MY FOOD BECAUSE I WAS EATING TOO MUCH UNHEALTHY FOOD AND DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW HOW BAD. SPENT MOST OF THIS WEEK EATING POORLY AND NOT GETTING OUT OF BED, I FOUND IT QUITE EASY TO MAKE UP AND BELIEVE EXCUSES FOR NOT DOING THE... Thu, 29 Aug 2013 07:30:22 EST MAYBE NEXT MONTH OR AFTER HOWDY, I'VE BEEN FEELING A BIT DOWN LAST COUPLE OF DAYS, BUT AFTER READING THE MESSAGES OF OTHER PEOPLE, AND SEEING THEM GETTING THROUGH MUCH HARDER CHALLENGES, MINE SEEM TO BE QUITE PETTY. SO, YAH HOO WORLD. <BR> MY BACK IS STILL A MESS, AND I HARDLY GET OUT OF BED FOR NOW. B UT, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM NOT MAKING THE 25OO MIUTES THIS MONTH, AND TODAY, IT REALLY IS OK. I ESPECIALLY TAKE HEART FROM A COMMENT MADE BY SOMEONE THAT I STILL HAVE A LOT OF TIME LEFT TO GET THERE ... Sat, 24 Aug 2013 02:39:26 EST AHH POOO A SHORT ONE AGAIN TODAY. BACK HAS BEEN KEEPING DOWN ALL DAY. FINALLY DID THE 11 MINUTE SEATED CARDIO EXERCISE, VERY MODIFIED FOR ME, JUST TO HAVE GOTTEN IN A LITTLE BIT OF EXERCISE. STARTING TO LOOK AT THE REAL POSSIBILITY THAT I WILL NOT GET MY 2500 MINUTES IN THIS MONTH. I TELL MYSELF ITS OK, BUT IT REALLY ISN'T OK. Wed, 21 Aug 2013 10:14:53 EST dang it !!! Good evening folks. I wrenched my back yesterday and have been on a self imposed bed rest today. Did get me 10 minutes done though. Had total body massage, took a strong muscle relaxant, then when that did not work, took an oxytocin. First time I ever take both. Slept through most of the day, which was good, as every time I woke up, I was in terrible pain. <BR> Finally felt good enough to do the 11 minute sitting cardio workout, greatly modified for me. <BR> Ready to go sleep for the night. N... Tue, 20 Aug 2013 09:20:35 EST FINALLY !! MAAYONG HAPON. THATS GOOD EVENING IN BISAYAN, OUR LOCAL DIALECT. BEEN A DARN RIGHT GOOD DAY. FOLLOWED BY A GOOD ONE YESTERDAY. YESTERDAY WAS MY WEIGH IN DAY. I FINALLY BROKE THROUGH THE PLATEAU I HAVE BEEN HOVERING OVER FOR THE PAST 6 WEEKS. FINALLY I GOT SOME WEIGHT LOSS, FROM 131.8 DOWN TO 129.1 I WAS REALLY THRILLED, BUT THEN I FELT EXTREMELY TIRED ALL DAY. ONLY DID 30 MINUTES ON THE TREADMILL WITH PLANS TO GO BACK DURING THE DAY AND EVENING. DID NOT HAPPEN. THEN THIS MORNING I DID ONLY ... Mon, 19 Aug 2013 07:13:44 EST ONWARD I DECIDED I WOULD CUT MY POOL TIME. MAYBE GET MY FEET A LITTLE LESS SORE. SO TODAY I PUT MOST MY WALKING IN ON A TREADMILL. IN 3 TIMES I ACCUMILATED 45 MINUTES, PLUS SOME WEIGHTS AGAIN, AND ONE MINUTE ON THE ELYTICAL AGAIN. THIS EVENING I ALSO DID 27 MINUTES IN THE POOL. MUCH LESS THAN NORMAL. GOT IN A TOTAL OF 80 MINUTES, SO I AM STILL ON TRACK. GOT MY 1500 MINUTE MEDAL TODAY. ONLY A 1000 MORE TO GO. Sat, 17 Aug 2013 09:27:02 EST WATERLOGGED HOWDY YA'LL. DOES ANYONE KNOW THE PLURAL OF "YA'LL" I WILL TELL YOU AT THE END IF I DON'T FORGET. NOW YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO. <BR> STAYED OUT OF THE WATER FOR TWO DAYS, FELL BEHIND IN WHERE I WANT TO BE WITH MY MINUTES. I ENT TO THE POOL WITH THE IDEA OF PUTTING IN A FULL 120 MINUTES. BUT IN THE FIRST 5 - 10 MINUTES MY FEET WERE FEELING WATERLOGGED AGAIN. IF I CAN'T DO THE WATER EXERCISE I HAVE NO CHANCE OF MAKING THE MINUTES TO REACH MY 2500 GOAL. SO, I GOT IN 137 MINUTES TO... Fri, 16 Aug 2013 08:56:59 EST AND SO IT GOES GOOD MORNING ALL, I FIND I WRITE WITH A LOT OF SPELLING ERRORS WHEN I TYPE IN CAPITOLS. THE SPELL CHECK DOESN'T OPERATE FOR THE ALL CAPITOLS SO PEOPLE GET O SEE MOST OF MY WRITING STREWN WITH ERRORS. I HAVE REALLY GOTTEN LAZY WITH SPELL CHECK CORRECTING ME ALL THE TIME. MY DAD HAD A REALLY NASTY HABIT WHEN I ASKED HIM THE SPELLING OR DEFINITION OF A WORD. HE WOULD ANSWER " LOOK IT UP". MEAN OLD #%^&*( ! HE SURE DID HELP MY EDUCATION THOUGH. <BR> DOING GOOD ON MY EATING AND EXERCISE. STILL... Wed, 14 Aug 2013 04:30:41 EST 1000 already GOOD EVENING ALL. HAS BEEN A GOOD DAY FOR FOOD AND EXERCISE, ALSO DOING FAIR IN SPARK POINTS. I AM CONSIDERING BUYING THE SPARK BOOK AND THE SPARK COACHING. HAS ANYONE ELSE DONE THESE, AND HOW HELPFUL WERE THEY. <BR> I RECIEVED MY 1000 MINUTE AWARD FOR EXERCISE TODAY. 11TH DAY OF THE MONTH. I CELEBRATED BY DOING 120 MINUTES EXERCISE TODAY.A LITTLE SORE THIS EVENING BUT NOT ANY EXTRA PAIN. SO MATBE I WILL MAKE THE 2500 MARK. STILL NOT WORRIED ABOUT IT AS ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. BUT I SURE FEEL GO... Sun, 11 Aug 2013 08:15:14 EST 2500 goal ?? Not sure if I am going to go for the 2500 minutes exercise goal. Missed exercise last Wed, but still on track to get it. Did enough exercise to get 22 points today. But feet are getting sore, maybe water logged? <BR> Went to the super market tday after my exercising. Used a shopping cart for crutches and did over 2000 steps. Really tired by the time we got home. Fri, 9 Aug 2013 09:25:46 EST BACK ON TRACK DID 78 MINUTES OF EXERCISE TODAY, BUT DOESN'T MAKE UP FOR THE 3300 CSLORIE INTAKE YESTERDAY. I HAVE STRETCHED MY LIMITS A COUPLE TIMES SINCE I STARTED SPARKS, BUT THIS IS FIRST TIME I BROKE THEM, AND CONSIDERED FINISHING THE PIZZA AND/OR CAKE, TOO. <BR> BEEN REALLY TIRED TODAY, VERY SLUGGISH. NOT SURE IF FROM THE FOOD YESTERDAY OR FROM TOO MUCH EXERCISE. I MAY HAVE TO CONSIDER NOT GOING FOR THE 2500 MINUTES THIS MONTH. 3 MONTHS AGO I HIT 1500 MINUTES, BUT NOT SINCE. SO I AM CONSIDERING EATING... Tue, 6 Aug 2013 08:50:10 EST Nice day I am in one group that posts a lot of newsy and health things. We write in capitols so the people with poor eyesight can read it easier. I am going to start copting and pasting here when appropriate, so don't think I am shouting. <BR> <BR> GOOD SUNDAY FOLKS. NICE CLOUDY MORNING HERE SO THE POOL WASN'T TOO HOT EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T GO UNTIL 10 O'CLOCK. PUT IN ABOUT 90 MINUTES TODAY, BUT PLAN TO GET ANOTHER 30 MINUTES DOING SOMETHING LATER ON. I AM TRYING TO GET 2 OR MORE HOURS A DAY THIS MONTH... Sun, 4 Aug 2013 04:56:36 EST creep I hve been having calorie creep. I have been slowly increasing my intake without meaning to, I am still well within my range but I don't like the trend. So I need to pay more attention to my portions. <BR> My computer is doing strange things and this blog is so small I can't read it. No idea why I am unable to get my 150% type size. It is like 25%. Thu, 1 Aug 2013 11:28:57 EST Travel to Manila again I did get my doctors appointment. Went to Manila on Sunday, saw the doc Monday and returned to Cebu Monday evening. So I only ate less than healthy foods for 2 days this time. I did practice portion control, but gave myself a grade of D+ for the effort. <BR> I did my normal weigh in when I got there. My previous weight was 327, this time 292. Yah Hoo!! <BR> It is a good thing I am finally trying to get healthy. It appears my body is wearing out. Besides having the angina attack a few weeks ... Tue, 23 Jul 2013 02:35:48 EST procrastination I guess a month is long enough to put off doing something I am committed to doing. I.E. writing a blog several times a week. Actually I give myself the leeway to blog or journal several times a week, but I have not been journaling either. <BR> When I moved from Butuan to Cebu I changed my address for the VA on their web site. But apparently it does not get to the clinic. So my meds have been being shipped to my old address. The first time it happened I got it forwarded by my friend. But he ... Wed, 17 Jul 2013 03:51:43 EST Good day on the scale Weigh in day. 3rd Sunday of the month. Went from 135 two weeks ago to 132.7 this morning. Even more important is I've been doing my plan rather well. I did quit strength training for a while, but plan to start that up slowly again. More slowly this time. When I do I will start adding muscle weight again so I expect the weight loss will slow down again. Still aiming for about a pound per week. Sat, 15 Jun 2013 21:49:12 EST getting more cautious The day after my last blog I had another little angina episode. So of course I ignored the smart thing to do, and did not seek medical help. Being an old R.N. with CCU training, I put myself on bed rest for a few days. Ate fairly healthy, and did no exercise. Had no further problems. <BR> Went to the pool yesterday and did 15 minutes of walking in the water. Just last week I was walking 60-90 minutes at a time, up to 2 times a day. Plan to do another 15 minutes today. <BR> Will go back to ev... Sun, 9 Jun 2013 20:16:16 EST a little set back Been doing so good. Eating healthy, reading lots of information, learning, and increasing my exercise slowly. Had several days of over 2 hours of exercise, mainly in the pool walking or jogging. Doing very light weight strengthening exercises and increasing that very slowly. Yesterday I went up to do the strengthening exercises. When I started out on the treadmill for a warm up my pulse rate was already in the 90's, unusual to start with. I got it back down to the 80's before getting off. The... Tue, 4 Jun 2013 20:33:21 EST weigh in change Today is Sunday, my normal weigh in day. I have been weighing in at a random time in the afternoon, so I would expect weeks of no loss and could figure it was because of water or recently eaten meals that stopped me from losing that week, or even gaining. It was very interesting, although I had no realistic expectations of always losing on the scale, I still suffered from the weight gains in my head. So now I will start weighing first thing Sunday mornings to get a more accurate comparison of... Sun, 2 Jun 2013 00:17:08 EST Exercising Wow! First time I get all 24 points of spark points for exercising. <BR> Back from Guam last week and did ok food wise. But did not keep track in Guam. Been having some emotional stress going on this week and not eating over it. Big victory! <BR> <em>381</em> Mon, 27 May 2013 09:01:16 EST Guam Flew into Guam yesterday. Ate ok, but did not track. In fact I missed logging in to SP all together yesterday. Not tracking my foods again today, did fairly well, but had big lunch and shake for or with dinner. I did get my pool exercise done today. Returning to the Philippines tomorrow am, hope to visit the embassy in the morning and fly back home to Cebu in the pm. (High hopes) Won't find out if I gain this week as I am starting to weigh every other week and first Sunday of the month. So m... Tue, 21 May 2013 06:06:43 EST up again Added a pound to the scale this week. And not frustrated like before. I guess I am getting used to it, up, down, up, down. But the overall graph shows continued down. Also I am doing a little more strength training which is adding a small amount of muscle. So, all is good. On my way to Guam in the morning. Almost all restaurant food for next few days. If I gain next week I won't be so complacent about it. Will really need watch close!? <BR> <BR> <em>381</em> Sun, 19 May 2013 02:53:52 EST almost a drop out Almost lost my motivation today. Never finished yesterday's tracking, and didn't start todays tracking until after eating canned corned beef sandwiches, 2 of them, for a late dinner. While exercising yesterday, I got extremely tired and quit about half way through my routine. Only did 3/4 my water walking last night. No gym this morning, but finally I did my full hour in the pool plus another 20 minutes. Guess that is what put me back on track? <BR> I did finish tracking for yesterday too. <... Fri, 17 May 2013 08:30:37 EST Not doing the right things I may have overdone the exercise a couple days ago, and yesterday had terrible hip pain. I used that as an excuse to not go to the gym yesterday as I wanted to give my arthritic hip which will never heal, a chance to rest. Thought I would do the pool walking only. But I kept putting it off until it was too late. So I did no exercise yesterday! <BR> I started trying to get my weight goal reassessed so I went and got my old SP goal of losing 0.6 kg per week. This brought my calorie intake from ... Wed, 15 May 2013 20:36:17 EST Good grief Good grief, I been forgetting to write my blog. Had my weigh in yesterday. Should not be excited, but I am a little. I have to get over responding to the scale. Last week it took me a couple days to get over gaining weight, this week am happy as sin that I loose. Maybe I should only weigh monthly? I know I read about weekly vs monthly, but I don't remember what I read as the reasons behind each idea. Any help would be gladly accepted. <BR> <BR> <em>381</em> Mon, 13 May 2013 09:42:43 EST angry emotional eating I tend to get very angry when I get angry, and today I got to the point of raising my voice a few times. I went to the hotel restaurant and ordered spaghetti. Don't know if I enjoyed it oe not. Was still seething. <BR> But at the end of the day I stayed at the low end of my caloric range, and nothing off in the other categories. Only ate two meals though, and snack. Still quite ticked but much calmer. <BR> Got in my pool walk also. Wed, 8 May 2013 09:36:27 EST