CRAZY4BOSTONS's SparkPeople Blog CRAZY4BOSTONS's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community First time using our new exercise room. <em>324</em> Today was my first day using the "exercise room" my daughter put together for us. <BR> Aside from feeling like my arms are hanging down hitting the ground in a gorilla like way from the weight bench, and my legs being stiff from not riding my exercise bike in quite awhile, I feel good! <BR> Its a good start. I need to record my calories and that will be easier with my sparkpeople app on my I am on my way!... Sun, 8 Feb 2015 19:43:49 EST Periods...they stop my weight loss! <img src=""> I am 50 for crying out loud! All my friends are not bothered by periods...and I gain about 3 lbs and am crabby because of that 3 lbs till the week is over! <BR> I weighed and lost 1 lb..and I am happy with that...but during that week, I am losing my mind..almost quitting! I know logic says just weigh once a week..but I am compulsive..every morning, first thing! <BR> Am I alone in this? Am I the only one that struggles... Tue, 7 May 2013 15:09:55 EST Apple turnover gets first bite! <img src="">Why can't I leave the crap alone? I woke up so early..waited too long, till I was starving. <BR> Then there it was , a beautiful iced apple turnover waiting for me to eat it! I did it without <BR> even thinking. :( <BR> I then had a microwaved egg but, alas my calories are already in the 500s..{{SAD}} <BR> I am disappointed in myself, but all is not lost right? <BR> I need to go work out.... Sun, 5 May 2013 13:21:15 EST June died Friday of lung cancer My friend June died of lung cancer. She had it since October and was in pain the whole time. <BR> I still feel numb about it. She was 41 and did smoke...we all did back when we were kids. <BR> I quit when I got married, they ran this commercial that shows an old guy saying if he only knew his wife could die from his second hand smoke..she would still be alive. I did not want to kill anyone..especially my husband! That was 20 yrs ago. <BR> I love June and I am going to miss her. She was... Sun, 15 Aug 2010 23:17:53 EST 2 Months and I am still here! "You can't fail if you don't quit!" I love that! that is my inspiration for my lifestyle change. <BR> June 10th I began to exercise daily and eat right/log my food. <BR> I am -23 so far, and I know I can do this! <em>244</em> Wed, 11 Aug 2010 16:12:54 EST Why do people have to suffer before they die? I have a very dear friend that is dying. She has lung cancer, she found out last October..she has been through chemo. It spread to her spine, had surgery and more chemo..trach..been through the mill. She is the second sister in one family to have terminal cancer. Her sister died 5 years ago. <BR> What I do not understand is why she is in pain, why if she is going to matter what..Why dosen't her sister..or an angel..or Jesus come get her now..rather than all the suffering? Her healt... Sun, 8 Aug 2010 19:36:08 EST It is Friday! I am so glad it is Friday! <BR> Looking foward to the weekend! Having fun with my daughter, working my garden and Exercise!!! <BR> I will need to get up early since it will be 105 ish Saturday! That kind of heat will knock you over! LOL <BR> Well I am off to burn more calories at work! Fri, 23 Jul 2010 16:50:15 EST It's hot! (103 degrees) Miserable or? I have to say i am glad to have my 10 miles on my exercise bike/and weights done! <BR> Tonight will be horrible in our warehouse. I think I will bring a bandana to put cool water on for my neck! Oh well , I know my jeans will stick to me like fly paper..I know I will be somewhat miserable...but... <BR> I will be burning EXTRA calories trying to stay cool right? YEA! <BR> I have not lost anymore weight, but with all the water I drink..i think I would gain! LOL <BR> It could be 117...I ... Thu, 22 Jul 2010 16:53:57 EST Broke my ex. bike record! I broke my ex. bike record of 13.2 miles today, by going 17.2 miles! YEA! <BR> I ate out, but had them cut my buritto in half...and it was So good! Shared it with my daughter. <BR> It has been so hot..105 today. Normally I would be fine with the heat, but this year it stayed cool so much longer. When the heat one is used to it and it just makes everyone grumpy and tired. <BR> True blood is on! It is time to relax! <BR> Sun, 18 Jul 2010 21:16:12 EST 107 degrees and free mosquitos to boot! Yesterday was the most miserible shift I ever worked at the warehouse. It was 107 outside and they won't open the vents until 10 pm..then in fly the mosquitos! I had good bug repellent on...but was still bitten several times. Being up in the air in the stock picker was one of the warmest places in the building! I drank so much made me feel sick. <BR> Today I was hating my exercise bike, already 103 it was a miserable ride. <BR> I am glad I have made exercise a daily habi... Sun, 18 Jul 2010 00:04:08 EST Lost 18 lbs! I am very happy to have lost 18 lbs! <BR> I am very tired and looking forward to this weekend! <BR> I want to go do some walking in the will be well over 100 degrees all weekend Fri, 16 Jul 2010 15:53:31 EST True Blood Party We always have a True blood party on Sundays. <BR> Dinner with my husband and daughter and Eric Northman to boot! <BR> My kid makes me her version of True Blood- Diet Squirt mixed with cranberry juice..Mmm good! <BR> I did do 45 min on the ex. bike =13.2 miles.. <BR> Life is good! Sun, 11 Jul 2010 23:54:33 EST Made it 30 days!! -15lbs Yippie! It has been 30 days of riding my ex. bike EVERYDAY! and logging my food and exercise and I lost 15 lbs! I am VERY happy! I did have a plateau but had to eat More calories to budge the scale! I am looking forward to my 2nd month being a great one! :) Yea! Sat, 10 Jul 2010 17:37:19 EST Mosquitos attacking at work! I hate fighting off droves of hungry mosquitoes while trying to work! It was 103 and humid in the warehouse, at 10 pm they finally opened the came all the mosquitoes! Horrible!!! <BR> Rob bought me some won't allow us to bring any repellent inside..Have to keep it in your car. <BR> At least it is Friday! Another 103 degrees...but I figure I will burn more calories trying to stay cool! LOL <BR> Fri, 9 Jul 2010 15:03:09 EST Went to the Movies! I hate going to the movies and smelling the hot buttered popcorn in the 55 gallon drum , that my thin husband and daughter get to eat while kicking back enjoying a good flick. <BR> I saw Eclipse Wed., We all enjoyed it! It was close enough to the book for me... <BR> I brought 2 servings of whole wheat pretzels and snuck them in my purse..had a diet coke to go with it. I was fine! i thought I would cave..but I find I am stronger than I thought! <BR> Thu, 8 Jul 2010 16:26:20 EST Back to work! Well the weekend is over and it is time to go back to work. <BR> I wish it was not going to be so hot! 104... <BR> Oh well I better drink up, I have a long night a head! Lots of walking and burning calories! <BR> This may be a good thing... Tue, 6 Jul 2010 17:03:32 EST Plateau! I think I may have hit a plateau. I have gone way under the calories spark advises me to eat. <BR> I have been riding the ex bike 10 miles per day..(33min) and my weight won't budge! <BR> Grrr.... 25 days eating right, and exercising everyday..only lost 8 lbs... Mon, 5 Jul 2010 22:40:36 EST Keep your dogs safe inside on the 4th of July So many people forget their dogs hearing is SO sensitive , the fireworks are traumatic !! <BR> Many dogs are so freaked out the jump fences or dig out of the yard to get away from the loud scary sounds. Then they are lost , or worse hit by cars! <BR> Every year hundreds of dogs are lost on the 4th of July. So keep your babies in tomorrow, keep them safe! You will be happy you did! Sun, 4 Jul 2010 02:41:02 EST Happy Chinchilla day! Chinchilla day: from a commercial about trying to get an extra day off work from your boss. <BR> you can look it up on youtube! <BR> I have some walks and good work outs planned for the weekend! I am going to the farmers market Sat. morning and get some in season fruits and veggies! Then maybe off to the river trail for a walk with the Bostons and my kid! <BR> Just have to get through a long night on the dock and I will be home free! <BR> BTW every Friday is Chinchilla day for me..... Fri, 2 Jul 2010 16:33:28 EST 21 days = a new habit! I have made it! It has been 21 days since I started eating right/logging my food! <BR> 21 days of Exercising! <BR> 21 days of Black coffee and's not as disgusting as day one! <BR> I am happy to have made it! <BR> I feel good about my new healthy way of living! Thu, 1 Jul 2010 16:13:40 EST Who likes getting dental work done? Not looking forward to the first of 2 appointments with the dentist. I hate crowns...grrr.. <BR> I will bring my phone with my music on it and try to drown out the drill! <BR> That is the scariest sound to me..the drill! <BR> I actually made it 40 min on my ex. bike for 12 miles today!! The most i have done before this is 10 miles. <BR> Wish me luck..I am a wuss ! Wed, 30 Jun 2010 15:34:13 EST Bummer, Eclipse is packed! I wanted to go see the new movie Eclipse..the midnight movies are sold out, my small towns theater had people in lawn chairs at 6 pm for the midnight movie. We will wait till it calms down. <BR> I did do 10 miles on my ex. bike for the 4th day in a row! I also did arm weights/crunches and took the Bostons for a 1 mile walk on the river trail. I am pooped! my arms feel like a gorillas- hanging down scraping the floor! <BR> Wed, 30 Jun 2010 00:32:31 EST 3 day streak! I have a 3 day streak of riding my exercise bike 10 miles per day! <BR> It is still tough for me! Takes me 33 min. It is so hot outside (106) by 10 am you are toast! <BR> I ate out today at Hometown buffet. I had a healthy salad and some veggies of the main dishes. No dessert- a first for me. <BR> Mon, 28 Jun 2010 23:47:36 EST Sookie Stackhouse party! I was sad that by the time I woke this morning, it was already an oven outside! <BR> It is 106 degrees. too hot for the Boston's too hot for ME to enjoy a walk! <BR> On the other hand..I needed to exercise, so back on the exercise bike. 10 miles 2 days in a row! <BR> (New record for me.) I also did 60 crunches on the ball and arm weights. <BR> I feel good and am looking forward to True Blood!!! Sookie Stackhouse party! <BR> I make myself a drink :diet squirt mixed with diet raspberry fl... Sun, 27 Jun 2010 20:30:31 EST Changing -Day15 I have been eating right and exercising daily for 15 days now. Research says you form a habit after repeating it for 21 days straight...I am getting close! I am happy and motivated to continue. <BR> I like this quote " You can't fail if you don't quit!" It is so true! Lost 6 lbs so far. <BR> Thu, 24 Jun 2010 16:08:07 EST Thurs. 7/23/09 I am feeling the pains from exercise, but I am pushing forward. <BR> The beginning is always hard, I know it will get easier with each passing day. <BR> Really feeling like eating, when I got home from work at 2 am...No I refuse to give in. I tried the "tapping technique" and it really helped!!! <BR> I will go to bed, and forget about food and all the sad things going on. Fri, 24 Jul 2009 06:08:29 EST