COMPUCATHY's SparkPeople Blog COMPUCATHY's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community I'm a Notch Down! Going in to work today. I am feeling SO much better! Finally! It's been a long week. I'm not good at being sick. Glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The doctor confirmed...sinus infection and bronchitis...yep, that's what I thought. I asked her if there was anything I could do to prevent this from happening every couple of months. She said she had another patient that was having the same problem and coming in monthly for another infection. They started using a Saline rins... Fri, 12 Feb 2016 08:01:36 EST Doctor, Lunch, Shopping I'm at the doctors office. Figured I better go before the weekend hits and I can't go. Planning to meet DD for lunch and work from home this afternoon. The only silver lining I can see in being sick now is that at least I'm getting it over with now...before vacation. Since I'll be done too early to go and pick up DD for lunch, I plan to do a little shopping for GDs 3rd birthday while I wait. That will be fun. Spark on! Thu, 11 Feb 2016 09:23:53 EST Burning Calories, Dropping Weight! Very exciting on the scale this morning...218.6! Down another 2.4...4.6 for the week! Yikes! Being sick must burn a LOT of calories! I feel like I've turned a corner with the sickness. I am seeing improvement in my symptoms and am hopeful that another day or two of taking it easy and taking medication will do the trick. <BR> <BR> I think I will work from home today. I prepared some things when I was in yesterday so that working from home would be a good option for today. I still canno... Wed, 10 Feb 2016 06:52:13 EST Daily Challenges Challenge...yes, you can do this when you feel good...can you do this when you feel awful? Yes I can. Yesterday, I took it easy...worked at a slow pace from home. Took my meds. Got some extra sleep. Ate in range. Recorded my meals. Currently, I am making no effort on my walking. I have a horrendous sinus infection. So, my body is fighting, fighting, fighting. Today, on the scale, after a day back at eating in range, I am at 221. Nice. Down 2.2 lbs for the week. I'll take it...sic... Tue, 9 Feb 2016 08:05:33 EST Still Sick, Still Sparkin' The Superbowl Party was quite different than anticipated. I did not feel well at all. I hardly ate anything. So, I didn't bother tracking. I tried to keep drinking, but with my queasy stomach, that wasn't very appealing either. DD and DH were a lot of help with the preparations and taking care of the GD' that was good. I was glad when it was over. I would have canceled the whole thing, but DD had been looking forward to it since Christmas...and I didn't want to rain on her parade... Mon, 8 Feb 2016 07:32:57 EST Sparking while Sick Not feeling well today. My stomach is queasy and my sinuses are acting me headache pain and throat pain. I will definitely have to go the route of "one little thing at a time" today. We have family coming over for the super bowl. I'm glad I planned a very easy spread...crockpotting little wieners and meatballs in barbecue sauce. Also having a Skyline Chili dip and chips and bought some cookies at the grocery bakery last night. So, it shouldn't be a lot of effort cooking-wise... Sun, 7 Feb 2016 08:44:58 EST Plans Change...Eating Stays the Same! Yesterday did not go as planned at all. I'm not sure what plan I was on by the end of the day but it wasn't Plan A, B, or C. Went to work, like normal. Had lunch with DD...not normal. I had to take a long lunch to eat with her as her work and my work are a half-hour apart. But, met up with her. She had LOT to say. She is dealing with a really difficult work situation right now and needed to vent. She talked almost the whole hour we were together. It's funny, because on the way to me... Sat, 6 Feb 2016 07:26:34 EST Fighting Emotions Had a couple of emotional upsets yesterday...but did not eat my way through them. I wrote instead. I wrote about what was happening. I wrote it out in cue/old habit/reward and then cue/new habit/reward style. So I could see how I would have handled this situation before, and how I needed to handle this situation now. It helped. It got me through the day. I did leave early and did some distraction shopping with a co-worker. That was nice. <BR> <BR> In the evening, I was still feelin... Fri, 5 Feb 2016 06:21:05 EST Superbowl Party Success! Yesterday at work, we had our Superbowl party...and Chili cook-off. There were 9 chili's competing. I took a taste of each one, voted, and took a scoop of my favorite. There were also chips and dip, corn bread, brownies, chocolate pie, and cookies. I had the chili, corn bread, chips & dip (just a little), and a very small piece of chocolate cream pie. It was all very yummy. I skipped on the oyster crackers (I'll save that 100 calories for something else later). When I entered it all in... Thu, 4 Feb 2016 06:42:42 EST Desk Marching Yesterday, was my best day yet...FitBit-wise. <BR> <img src=""> Nice! My one co-worker that is in the Workweek Hustle challenge with me, stopped by my office in the afternoon, leaned against my doorway and said, "Okay, what are you doing that you are getting steps throughout the day?" I told her I was marching at my desk and I demonstrated my marching/typing skills. <em>334</em> She said, "Well, okay..." ... Wed, 3 Feb 2016 06:45:10 EST Tired Habit Loop Change So excited this morning! 223.2 on the scale...that's another 1.2 pounds for the week...1.8 so far total...yay! Walking my butt off is working! Though I did miss my goal of 3,000 calories burned in the day 20 calories! Close one. <BR> <BR> I went to bed early and thought I had enough steps in to carry me to the 3,000 calorie loss goal by midnight. 20 calories...I'm okay with that. Between donating, walking, and standing at my desk, I am wearing myself out during the day. ... Tue, 2 Feb 2016 07:08:30 EST Walking my Butt Off 224.4 looked really good on the scale this morning. So, that's 0.6 for the week's weight loss so far. Off to a good start! (It's nice being the lower half of the 220's.) <BR> <BR> Yesterday, I did hit my goal of 3,000 calories burned. Okay, it takes a LOT more than I thought! I did 128 active minutes, 18,773 steps, 8.45 miles...which gave me 3,030 calories burned in the day. Whew! My plan was to hit 3,000 calories burned every day this week and see how the scale responds. I guess I c... Mon, 1 Feb 2016 07:18:22 EST 2.2 lbs down this week...Looking at the Numbers I had a good day yesterday. DH and I did some shopping and ate at Subway. We used our free 6" sub coupons and paid less than $2 for our sub and 30-ounce drink. Sweet! You can text OFFERS to 782-929 to get this deal. They will text you back and ask for your ZIP code and then they will text you back a link to click on. On that page, you have to wait until you are at Subway to click the Redeem Offer gives you 5 minutes to redeem the wait until you are standing in fro... Sun, 31 Jan 2016 09:10:55 EST Staying the Course DH and I went out for supper last night. I got the smoked cobb was huge...and delicious. DH seemed envious of my salad...that was fun. He said, "wow, that really looks good. Now I wish I had ordered that." It made me feel really happy...I had ordered the "should" item off the menu...and it was wonderful. Yay! <BR> <BR> I've been watching stuff on TLC on Demand...Skin Tight and My 600-Lb Life. Very interesting. I know that, when I lost weight in 2011, my skin bounced back. ... Sat, 30 Jan 2016 07:53:58 EST New Habit Loops Yesterday was a hard one...but I made it. I was tired. Sometimes, on donation days, I am tired. I was even feeling a little dizzy at work in the afternoon, so I came home early and finished out my work hours in the recliner with my laptop. I did get my steps in during the last couple of hours in the day. The streak helps. I don't want to break it. I have a streak going on my 10,000-steps/day. I'm using my FitBit and joining in the challenges. While I'm not at the top of the list for ... Fri, 29 Jan 2016 07:36:13 EST More Travel Prep Still working the 10,000-step streak! ...just barely some days...but making it. DH has really been getting his steps these past couple of days, too. He is really enjoying being in the Workweek Hustle Challenge, I think. He likes to look at his ranking and see where everyone else it. I'm glad I invited him in. <BR> <BR> Went out last night with the GD's and DD and DH. We did a little thrifting and then out to eat. I got my Disney t-shirts and hoodie. DD had not sent me a pic of the ho... Thu, 28 Jan 2016 07:13:15 EST Bring on Disney! No new numbers on the scale today...but that's okay...I'm still excited about the 2 lbs so far this week. <BR> <BR> I'm continuing to get my 10,000 steps daily. I've started getting some of them in during the day while I'm working at my standing desk. I just march in place a little bit when I can. Every step helps. I can tell it makes a difference...I can feel the fatigue...sure sign I'm working some muscles. I'm thinking that, since so much of my weight is in my lower half, all the wal... Wed, 27 Jan 2016 07:45:19 EST Good Habits = Weight Loss Exciting scale morning! 225.2 on the scale this morning...down 2 lbs for this week so far! With 5 days to go! AWESOME!!! I'll take it. Eating in range and walking is working! <BR> <BR> Doing the workweek challenge is fun. We have a full challenge of 10 people. It's very motivating. It's fun to get all the little cheers and updates throughout the day from the FitBit app. I'm currently in 8th place...but I'm okay with it...I hit my daily goal...and it was hard to do it. I was beat ... Tue, 26 Jan 2016 06:57:23 EST Cravings, Rewards, and Little Challenges Today the scale read 226.8...down another 0.4 lbs. So, if nothing else, I have that loss for the week...6 days to go in my official week...I would hope to see a little more downward movement. <BR> <BR> I made it through was a hard one. I had a LOT of cravings. I was tired most of the day...big danger zone for me. I napped a my steps in...watched a lot of movies...went through some items that we purchased for the trip...stayed in my pj's all day. It was a very lo... Mon, 25 Jan 2016 06:59:49 EST Home and Losing Weight! July 15, 2015, I weighed in at 247.6. Today, I weighed in at 227.2. In July, DH and I started doing the South Beach Diet. It was a good, fast start to weight loss and I got down to 222.6 by November 14, 2015. Then the holidays...and trying to diet...and failing. I never liked South Beach because of the restrictions. With SP and tracking, there are no restrictions, just to eat in range. With my New Year's resolution, and a trip to Disney looming on the horizon, I decided to go back to S... Sun, 24 Jan 2016 07:30:52 EST Great Friday! I had the best day, yesterday. I finished the little Elmo dress. Today, I need to iron it and mail it off to the purchaser. It will be on it's way to North Carolina! <BR> <BR> DD and I went and got our hair done. She got a color and trim and I just got a trim. Ah, fresh hair feels so healthy! <BR> <BR> We had lunch at a bar and grill...the food was fantastic! We both got an apple walnut salad with a vinaigrette dressing and I got steamed broccoli as my side. It was so ... Sat, 23 Jan 2016 08:47:38 EST Tart Bribe Got my 10,000 steps in again yesterday! Yay! It really helps doing the Goal Day Challenge each day with Sharon. Accountability IS all it's cracked up to be. I'm slowly advancing on my friend's list in the rankings. I started out in the 9 spot, out of 11. FitBit keeps track of your steps for the past 7 days and ranks you with your friends. Today, I am moved up to #7...right under DH. So, that's kinda fun. <BR> <BR> I didn't do any sewing last night. After eating supper, I knew I need... Fri, 22 Jan 2016 07:12:08 EST Getting 10,000+ Steps and Sewing! Things and routines are starting to fall into place. Physically, two good things are happening...standing at my standing desk all day on work days and getting my 10,000 steps in each day. I have done the second one two days in a row now. It's not that hard since I get most of my steps walking in place while watching TV. So, I have not given up my evening TV watching which is a great distraction and stress releaser. And it makes the walking time fly by. Last night, I was walking and watc... Thu, 21 Jan 2016 06:58:06 EST Putting the Scale In Its Place No loss on the scale today...but that's okay. You know what? I actually spoke out loud to the scale this morning when it produced it's number...I said, "Okay, well, if you're going to play that game, I'm not going to pay attention to you today," and I put it back against the wall. I will accept it's hooray's...but I will not accept its boo's...when I am getting my steps and eating in range. The scale lies sometimes...and you just have to ignore it and put it in its place. <BR> <BR> I got... Wed, 20 Jan 2016 07:20:06 EST 10 is my Number! The scale is going down. 228.2 on the scale today...down another pound...4 for the week. Now, to just keep on keepin on. Today, I plan to start a 10,000-step streak. It's 10 weeks til Disney. Funny, and I am listening (on audiobook) to The 10X Rule. So many 10's! Hmmm. <BR> <BR> I'm REALLY encouraged by the weight loss. It's such a good re-start. I can see that I can actually be down a bit before the trip to Disney. It will be nice to be carrying less weight around the park. <BR>... Tue, 19 Jan 2016 07:19:22 EST Chasing 2 Girls = 3-lb Weight Loss Had a good day yesterday...lots of exercise...watching 2 of my grandchildren...they keep me on the move. I also worked a lot in my kitchen and got it all back in order. That feels good. It was a lot of standing and a lot of up and down with the grandkids. I ate in range and recorded my meals, This morning, the scale is showing a 3-lb loss. Now, if I can eat in range and record for the rest of the week, I will update my weight tracker with at least that loss for the week! <BR> <BR> I'm ... Mon, 18 Jan 2016 07:55:27 EST Hitting Reset/Emergency Plan in Place I CAN DO THIS, dang it! DH and I are both yo-yo-ing on our weight loss journey. In the past several months, I have lost and regained the same 10 lbs a few times. Now, here I am at the top of it again...having to re-lose it once more. I question myself, why can't I stay on track...stay motivated...go all the way to goal? <BR> <BR> This past time, I got off track when I met up with a big disappointment...binged...struggled to get back on track...fell back into bad eating habits...and had t... Sun, 17 Jan 2016 07:46:12 EST Inspired! I am feeling so inspired! Three things have spurred me on. The first thing, a friend of mine from high school posted a picture of her with Minnie at the Disney Half Marathon! WHAAAAAAAAT! OMG! Super inspiration! I so want to do a Disney run! No way I can do it at this weight or fitness level. I'm inspired! Here's her adorable picture. (She was one of my bridesmaids when I got married right out of high school...incredible...she looks great!) <BR> <img src="http://photosaws.sparkpeop... Sun, 10 Jan 2016 09:50:18 EST Bad News Binge So, I'm recovering from a fall today. Yesterday, I worked from home. Right when I had closed my computer to break for lunch, my phone rang, and it was my mechanic telling me my car was a tune of $370...eeek! So then I fixed my lunch and snacked while I fixed it, then I started eating some more, and some more, and ended up in binge-mode. Clearly the bad news on the car fix set me off. Apparently, bad news is a strong food trigger. Something to keep in mind in the future. <BR> ... Fri, 8 Jan 2016 07:51:23 EST Planning Progress As I read my old blogs, I am reminded of SO much good information. I am so glad I am re-reading them. My big take-aways today were...drink your water, stay positive, plan and dream, encourage others, enjoy SP, and set and reach mini-goals. In the blogs I read, they were around Christmas 2010. I had gotten my puppy, Mia...and she is still a delight in my life...though older now...greying a little. DD was suffering from a loss of a relationship and now she is approaching a 5-year anniversa... Thu, 7 Jan 2016 08:10:00 EST Getting Disney Ready Didn't have time to blog this blogging this evening. Was a good day. I'm home now under a blanket with the fireplace going, enjoying Chicago Fire. I'm going to do a workout tonight. I can tell using the standing desk is working. I'm fatigued physically after a day's work at the office (as well as mentally). I'm able to stand all day and only start to feel my feet getting sore in the last hour or so. I think that's really good for only being a week in to the routine of stan... Wed, 6 Jan 2016 19:38:20 EST Reflections and Routines and Weight Loss! Reading through my blogs from the past today...I was reading about Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2010. Whew...a lot of stuff there. I had written an SP Christmas Carol that took me through my past, present, and future...a lot of soul searching. It was good to read. I've come through a lot. And I am here. And I am on the SP journey. I've been tracking, eating in range, drinking water, sleeping 8 hours, and losing weight! I was down 3 lbs this week. Today was my official weigh in day f... Tue, 5 Jan 2016 08:09:18 EST Happy Monday! I guess since I've been writing about Disney and visiting the Disney site, I'm being bombarded with Disney ads on my SP pages. But that's okay. The one that just played on this page showed Snow White looking down a wishing well and stating, "Wishing you were here." It's okay. It makes me smile. I'm looking forward to being there, too! <BR> <BR> I read through another page of blogs. It's nice to revisit past times through the reading. I read about my daughter's wedding and all the prep... Mon, 4 Jan 2016 08:29:58 EST Old Me...Teaching/Inspiring New Me I'm a little amazed at the previous SP me as I am reading through my old blogs. Wow. I was working two jobs, DH was laid off, DD was getting married, I was making over the rooms in my house in prep for the wedding guests...geez. I feel really lazy now reading what-all I accomplished before! I need to get going! But the good thing is, it shows me what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it...and am not distracted by overeating. Very cool. <BR> <BR> In one of the blogs, I had note... Sun, 3 Jan 2016 09:59:03 EST Donating and Disney Day 2 of the New Year...I went and donated plasma today. That went pretty good. I had to have a physical since I had not been there in awhile. It all makes me nervous...but I have to try to stay calm so that my blood pressure is good. I managed it. I'm glad I read the old blog of mine that I read this morning. It talked about how, when we are dreading something that is new or that we have not done in awhile, it's like a mirage that we have to walk through. We see it as being this big, ... Sat, 2 Jan 2016 12:46:46 EST Looking Back...Looking Forward...New Year 2016! I crack myself up (sometimes). I just read through another page of my past blogs. The last one I read was "Tuesday/Monday and the aisle of mistakes and bad ideas." I thought, "what in the world does that title mean?" I read through...well...Tuesday/Monday refers to the fact that it had been labor day weekend which made my Tuesday at work more like a Monday at work. The "aisle of mistakes and bad ideas" refers to the fact that I had been to the grocery and gone down the cereal/candy aisle... Fri, 1 Jan 2016 08:20:23 EST Motivated and Looking Ahead I love reading my old blogs. They really motivate me. They remind me of the things I discovered previously...and had forgotten...and they remind me of ideas of things to incorporate and look at as I journey on. <BR> <BR> One thing I had done before was calculate where I would be at different points on the journey...based on a 2-lb per week weight loss. Today, I put myself ahead of the game as I am 3 lbs down already in this first week...with 5 days to go! Tuesday will be my official we... Thu, 31 Dec 2015 08:02:03 EST Standing Proud Made it through Day 1 of this restart. I tracked all my food and ate in range in all 4 categories! Yay! I made one major change at work yesterday. I added the option of a standing desk. I stood for the last 3.5 hours of work. I had intended to do 1 hour and then work up to standing more and more. But I felt I could go longer than 1 hour so I pushed on and then I wanted to keep going to the end of the day and I did! I started it after lunch. I got an empty box from the boxes of copy p... Wed, 30 Dec 2015 08:33:12 EST Following the Bread Crumbs I spent some time reading my past blogs from when I began Spark People. Funny, how I really connected with and liked the person I was reading about. <em>334</em> She started her weight loss journey a little heavier than where I am starting. She started exercising 3x/week at the Y. She was recording all her meals and had had a binge-free 2 weeks. She had dropped the diet cola and was drinking only water. She had lost 6 lbs in the two weeks. She was motivated. She was getting 8 hour... Tue, 29 Dec 2015 08:37:05 EST Speeding Up Weight Loss with SP! My weight is down 22 lbs. DH and I have been following South Beach sugar, wheat/not white for breads and pasta, no corn, carrots, pineapple, or bananas. We have not been tracking calories. We are both losing...SLOWLY...really SLOWLY. <BR> <BR> He has been getting a lot of work. I get no exercise at work. I haven't been exercising otherwise, either. <BR> <BR> We both drink only water or 0 calorie water drinks. <BR> <BR> Of course, he has lost more than... Wed, 28 Oct 2015 06:49:10 EST The Problems...The Plan Weighed in this morning at 244.8...highest ever...for awhile. Having no plan is not I came here to write and get a plan. <BR> <BR> My left knee is messed up. I think it's holding water. I've started taking Ibuprofen and sleeping with a pillow under it. It feels tight and sometimes it feels like it is cutting off my I have a really tight knee-high on...but I don't. I know it's the weight. My weight is the problem I have to solve. <BR> <BR> However, I fee... Mon, 18 May 2015 07:31:44 EST Strong and Healthy Time My new weighing routine is to weigh in on Fridays. I weighed in yesterday and was at 237.4 which is good since I've been mostly up around 245. So my goal for this week is to maintain that or drop below it. My goal for April is to get into the 220''s been awhile. My plan for getting there... Eat in range and log eating. Hit my calorie burn/step goal/distance goals daily. Eat out less. Drink more water. Obstacles... My health (I've had sinus problems, low energy, and a cough since the 1... Sat, 28 Mar 2015 09:01:50 EST Rackin Up The Differentials Today was Day 10 of eating in a row. I've been tracking steadily since 1/20/15. Since that time, I've eaten in range all but 2 days...26 out of the last 28 days! I'm glad I have the tracking to look back on. I started a spreadsheet where I am keeping a list of my calorie counts and the differentials. Did you know that SP has a report that is a daily differential report? It makes it really easy to see your differential each day. And you can access that report through your sma... Mon, 16 Feb 2015 20:21:38 EST No Sling Shots with SP I'm so tired...time to blog and go to bed. I made it through another day eating in range. Today for lunch, we went to Max and Erma's. I usually don't eat there so the menu was unfamiliar. I ended up getting their sirloin steak with broccoli and asparagus. They have indications for smart selections (under 550 calories) so that helped. I'm continuing to listen to my willpower audiobook. It has a lot of aha's in it. I think one of the things it talked about today that made sense to me was... Thu, 12 Feb 2015 21:18:30 EST Today...Tomorrow...Forever... I ate in range again today. I even had to eat more than I planned on for supper because I was under! That was a nice problem to have. I was in range for carbs, fats, and proteins. I continue to be high on Sodium. I think it is because I eat out so much and eat a lot of processed foods. When that goal becomes a priority (if it does), I will need to change the items that I am consuming to a more “clean” diet. Tonight, I watched videos on clean eating that were on SP. They were YouTube v... Wed, 11 Feb 2015 21:23:25 EST Stress Down...Believing Today, I chose to work from home in the morning. I realized that I could probably get more done from home with fewer interruptions and way less stress…so why not. It was really nice and peaceful and I did get a LOT done. It brought my stress levels way down for the day. Then, as I was working at work in the afternoon, I realized I could listen to my audiobook while I worked and enjoy the information that I am currently learning about while getting my work done. It was really nice and aga... Tue, 10 Feb 2015 21:57:53 EST Scale Change, A Good Idea! I am really tired tonight. I’m going to bed early. So good that I am not forcing myself to stay up until “bedtime.” The heck with bedtime…if I am tired, it’s bedtime. I know being tired is a danger zone for my appetite control. I also noticed throughout the day when I was feeling the food urge. When it would strike, I would self-evaluate…what am I feeling…what is happening…why do I crave food right now. The one time that I remember, I was having difficulty with a task and was feeling t... Mon, 9 Feb 2015 21:21:30 EST Today's Lessons Learned I really got a lot out of church this morning. My big aha’s were that we are meant to be a part of things and we are meant to be WE, not just ME, all the time. We need to invest in people and allow them to invest in us. When we say we don’t need anyone…we can do it ourselves…what we are really saying is “I can mess this up all by myself.” Yes, aha. I have been isolating myself and trying to get my act together and it hasn’t been happening…it hasn’t been working. I need to connect…to any... Sun, 8 Feb 2015 22:10:04 EST Gotta Move It Move It! Hmm...okay...did NOT know I could blog from the phone app...awesome! Today was okay. I went over by less than 100 calories on my eating. I think I'm coming to terms with the fact that I am going to have to add some exercise to my weight loss plan. Just eating in range is not working. The scale should be moving and it's if it's not working, fix it, right? Starting tomorrow, I'll focus on adding movement and see if that helps. Logically, it should. I think I really need the reward o... Tue, 3 Feb 2015 22:03:00 EST NSV Scale Still no movement on the scale <em>234</em> . Darn thing. It does bother me even though I know that I should not let it discourage me. I just would like to see some reward for the effort of eating in range every day. In thinking about it today, I realize that it's worth it, with or without weight loss, to eat in range every day. I like being in control of my eating. I like being free of the binge eating cycle. I like dealing with my life problems instead of eating them under. So, wit... Mon, 2 Feb 2015 19:10:37 EST