CODILYNN2's SparkPeople Blog CODILYNN2's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Student Loans are DEPRESSING!!!! Will they ever go AWAY???? <BR> <BR> Its a question I constitently ask myself- I try and pay them off the Dave Ramsey way and Looks like the one big loan will still be hitting the 20 year mark- I can't remember but I thought Obama introduced a law that student loans are forgiven after 20 years... Seriously isnt that DEPRESSING THOUGH!!!! Brian has $50K on one that seriously we will not get paid off DEPRESSING..... <BR> <BR> Over That I guess... <BR> <BR> Yesterday was ok- my eating was go... Tue, 27 Aug 2013 10:01:55 EST What A Weekend I dont know about you all- but my husband and I financial responsibilty is soo different! <BR> <BR> When we first lived together we had seperate accts, but whenever we would do anything out he would pay- more like a date then splitting it evenly so that just isnt feasable for us anymore. <BR> <BR> We do a shared account and we each get $200 a month in our own accts- mine goes to a student loan- my gym membership and my nails. Brians goes straight to his car payment (which we need to chang... Mon, 26 Aug 2013 11:36:59 EST Day 4 and DRAGGING I am dragging some major a** this morning! <BR> <BR> Hammie was up at 530- Seriously this is way preparing me for a baby. Is the baby itch starting :) <BR> <BR> I actually don't mind the whole getting up early, but today was really hard with the weather and it was about 30 min too early for me! Ohh I guess you dont know the weather here huh? It was thunderstorming around 7, but just cloudy and dull before that. <BR> <BR> We went on our little walk around the four houses again this mor... Thu, 22 Aug 2013 11:41:55 EST Finding Time Having a hard time finding time- I will have to create it somehow <BR> <BR> Time to fit in a workout with the dog <BR> Time to make dinner while making sure I know where the dog is at all times <BR> Time to do extra activities with the Husband wink wink <BR> Time to Sleep <BR> Time to Clean <BR> <BR> Haha only on day 3 with Ham- and my life is changing big time! <BR> <BR> He let me walk him about 5 houses this morning- at night the cement is to hot on his paws he wont even try to walk. So... Wed, 21 Aug 2013 11:08:27 EST Adventures with Ham It is really crazy how much having a puppy changes your life- I have pretty bad anxiety so I cried like 3 times the week before we got him- I was so worried about how he would change our lives. <BR> <BR> I worry about a lot- and actually its why we got Hamilton. I woke Brian up twice in one week to check the house for burglerers at 3 and 4 am he was not pleased. So jokingly in an email he told me we are buying a secuirty system and I said a dog would be cheaper (by the way I think I am wro... Tue, 20 Aug 2013 12:38:40 EST We got a Dog and I am Back <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Hi Everyone I am Hamilton Porter Putnam (The Great Hambino) <BR> <BR> My parents picked me up just last night. I was sleeping when they got there and slept the whole way to my new home. My mom held me and petted me while I slept. I am told my mom is cousins with my puppy mom's dad. <BR> <BR> When we got home last night I was very shy, I tested out the kitchen for 10 min before I found my safe place under the... Mon, 19 Aug 2013 10:36:43 EST Married Life- So Far with Pics Married life is totally the same- Pre-Married Life :) <BR> <BR> Except maybe Brian has been a tiny bit nicer/and helpful (teeny tiny bit) <BR> <BR> Fitness I rocketed it up until Wedding Week- Walked 20 miles a week and ate awesome- I was soo stressed walking was the only thing that could relax me- At work I felt like my skin was crawling I was constantly worked up. I felt like I was losing weight just sitting at my desk because I was soo anxious. <BR> <BR> Anyway I got down to 123 the we... Tue, 16 Jul 2013 17:13:21 EST Home Stretch Vent I think I need some advice here- <BR> <BR> Getting Married in 9 days- and everything seems to set me over the top. I feel like I have 100000 things to do- in reality it may only be 15. My fiance' doesnt understand at all, he hasnt made one phone call, etc for the wedding- I have put my heart and soul and time into this and I am about to break. Now its not that Brian hasnt offered- he has, but he would get to it when he decides to- Now if I saw we need to call the caterer today that doesn... Wed, 26 Jun 2013 08:37:37 EST 18 Days and I am a WIFE Ok Breathe~ <BR> <BR> I need to get my groove back this week but it may be hard- My Bach party is this weekend and I need heels and jewelry yet- Brian is having his party at our house so thats got to be picked up and get ready for that. I decided not to clean the house since the boys will destroy it! Thank God mine is in a different town. <BR> <BR> Mine is going to be relatively small, which I am actually happy about just my closest friends and some drinks :) in our college town so it shou... Mon, 17 Jun 2013 08:52:47 EST Scale You Really mess with my mind! I think my scale has a mind of his own- he needs a name for sure (hoping to get a new one for the wedding) <BR> <BR> Anyway- so Last night I go out to dinner with mom and dad (snuck in on date night) I got stuck at work late with Tornado sirens and then went with mom to dress fitting so didnt get home until 630 (was glad I walked 3 miles again at lunch) I knew at that point I wasnt going anywhere outside since the clouds were pretty scary and they were saying the storms were still coming. <B... Thu, 13 Jun 2013 08:45:34 EST BLOATED UGH.. <BR> <BR> I feel Heavy yet like I could float. <BR> <BR> I tracked everything I ate yesterday (today) should have tracked it yesterday.. I had almost 600 mindless calories (snacking at work) <BR> <BR> I still only had a total of 1250, but those snacks were not good and probably had a lot of sodium. <BR> <BR> Today should be better-I tracked all my planned meals for today- my carbs are pretty high but total calories low-and carbs are high because we are having pasta tonight so I will... Wed, 12 Jun 2013 09:38:51 EST Scale turn around- You're going the wrong way UMm Scale- Why are you running up and not down?? <BR> <BR> I am back up to like 128.4 eeew- ok not total ewww I actually still feel great- and its probably reflecting my crappy eating from last week. <BR> <BR> Walking/Running Tracker <BR> Week 1- 22.5 Miles <BR> Week 2 so Far <BR> Monday- 7.4 Miles Ohh yeah yeah (swamp people anyone?) <BR> <BR> So yesterday I was way over stressed about the wedding and times of everything- Thank goodness the next 2 weeks on my calendar are full at work! ... Tue, 11 Jun 2013 08:41:21 EST Insane? I feel like I have lost a lot of my sanity over night. <BR> <BR> Over the weekend I was feeling good- we worked on a lot of minor details for the wedding, but still got things checked off the list. But I feel like i just keep adding more to the list check one off add one to the end. NEVER ENDING.. Well in 4 weeks it will. I am really trying not to over-react ect. its just one day and one epic celebration. <BR> <BR> I am starting to fret about how people are going to get home from the weddi... Mon, 10 Jun 2013 14:51:54 EST Whew Thursday Already Soo yesterday my eating was SHOT..replace the O and an I <BR> <BR> We had snack day for a welcome back.. I started my day out with a smores bar- bagel dip, pinwheel and 1/2 donut. <BR> <BR> Then I totally f'd up at work and grabed some chips and dip- well I dropped them so I didnt eat them. <BR> <BR> Then later I had a 1/2 smores bar and another pinwheel. <BR> <BR> Anyway it was rainy and yucky all day here- I missed my lunch walk getting my nails done (ohh the sacrafices I have to ... Thu, 6 Jun 2013 08:37:25 EST On a Roll Well After 2 days I am at 10.5 miles <BR> <BR> Yay!!! <BR> 89.5 more to go :) <BR> <BR> I can't walk at lunch today (its nail day) but after work should be a different story- I made up my mind I will be running/walking outside even in the rain!! Lil Nervous :) <BR> <BR> Not much else is new with me this week-Had a minor breakdown last night 30 days until this BIG EVENT that I have planned and I lost it. I am taking on a lot of my own responsibilites with this, but I am getting NO HELP... Wed, 5 Jun 2013 08:54:22 EST I will walk 100 Miles Walk and Run... <BR> <BR> Yesterday we had such a beautiful day here- I am soo ready for summer!!! I may take that back in a month but please bring on the hot sun :) <BR> <BR> I have been making my walks at lunch 4 out of 5 days a week- pretty good for me- I do 2 miles on the deadmill and I read while I walk- its such a great break from my day. Well yesterday afterwork I did a BR Long time no see that word :) But I also knew I needed more cardio- so I went on a long walk- 4 miles it was s... Tue, 4 Jun 2013 08:30:49 EST "We Forgot you" Supposed to have my last meeting with our Reception place last night to go over final details. Mom calls Ill pick you up in 5 min. 10 Min later she calls back- We forgot you! <BR> <BR> and I say this is why she isnt helping much :) But I do LOVE her very much <BR> <BR> The meeting went great- got the chair cover situation under control added only one minor thing to add icicle lights to the head table so now we are going to be scowering the internet for those :) <BR> <BR> Didn't get ho... Wed, 29 May 2013 10:07:32 EST Funk Do you ever get into a funk? <BR> <BR> I have these weeks/weekends where I dont feel like myself and I hate it - its an out of body experience one where I know I am not myself but cant get myself to change it. <BR> <BR> I had one of those starting ohh about Sunday.... But we shall start with the good! <BR> <BR> Kick Ass Friday Afternoon!! <BR> <BR> I took a half day because work has been cray cray.. I left at 12 and went to the gym.. I ran a 9 min mile on the treadmil (which on a treadmil... Tue, 28 May 2013 09:54:49 EST Feeling Sunny Soo yesterday was just a get it all out of my system day! <BR> <BR> I got a pedicure and seriously sitting in that massage chair for an hr was amazing! I go there every 2 weeks so I know the owner pretty well now and she is soo cute she was like you have long day? I said yea. She said you come any time sit in chair after work 15 min we love to see you. I said I may just be doing that :) She also put a cute lil flower on my toes for free to match my dress for my Bridal Shower this weekend... Fri, 24 May 2013 09:28:51 EST Feeling Sluggish I may be Bipolar- Just kdiding but yesterday morning was such a High and this morning not soo much! <BR> <BR> I think I am way beyond stressed #1 but gotta let that go. <BR> <BR> Anyway so I have been working on this report Monday/Tuesday- Wednesday Morning I saw that I had done it for the wrong time periods. So had to start over- then I noticed they were much different from the other time period so I checked again I put in 1/4/13 instead of 4/1/13!!! ANNOYING So i stormed back to finance ... Thu, 23 May 2013 09:39:51 EST Feeling Sluggish I may be Bipolar- Just kdiding but yesterday morning was such a High and this morning not soo much! <BR> <BR> I think I am way beyond stressed #1 but gotta let that go. <BR> <BR> Anyway so I have been working on this report Monday/Tuesday- Wednesday Morning I saw that I had done it for the wrong time periods. So had to start over- then I noticed they were much different from the other time period so I checked again I put in 1/4/13 instead of 4/1/13!!! ANNOYING So i stormed back to finance ... Thu, 23 May 2013 09:39:50 EST I think my Co-Workers have ganged up to try and Break Me! Chocolate Carmel Brownies today!!! <BR> <BR> When she walked in with them I was like Seriously Sara- Tomorrow!! So I will save a small one for me to have tomorrow :) <BR> <BR> In the BEST news EVER!! (Ps love Best week ever on VH1- glad its back) <BR> <BR> I have offically lost 5lbs on this cleanse! 127.4 <BR> <BR> I saw that on the scale this morning and about died! Then I took a really good look at my body and my stomach is getting soo flat and I feel more toned than flabby... I wi... Wed, 22 May 2013 09:16:42 EST 2 More Days 2 More days and I have completed my First cleanse. <BR> <BR> But seriously I just dont get the weight I gained .8lbs yesterday. I ate really good tracked everything I ate and walked at lunch. I didnt do another workout after work because I mowed the grass and holy cow was that a workout for me. <BR> <BR> I need to get better on my actual workouts! I am disappointed in Body Rock lately. I want more strength than cardio I can do that on my own. So I am either going to be doing a ZWOW ... Tue, 21 May 2013 09:47:06 EST I can do it I can do it I can do it!! Whew Made it through the weekend- I didnt Spark like I wanted to but man we were BUSY! <BR> <BR> Friday my only workout was Walking- I need to realize right now that I am extremely stressed and I cannot falt myself for only walking 30 min a day. Its still exercise maybe not intense but I have been majorly stressed with this wedding and if I dont give my self a break I will break soon. <BR> <BR> Then we tried on my dress- It fit better but still can't zip it all the way up- This is ok thoug... Mon, 20 May 2013 09:40:12 EST Day 5 Already I have found myself having to repeat It will pass I will live many times this week- Even my dreams are taunting me! Last night in my dream I took a mini Hersheys bar opened it and was about to bite down then I realized I was cleansing. So even my dream self had will power :) <BR> <BR> The cleanse has been going pretty well for the most part- I am down 4.2lbs so I am at 128.2 My goal is 120-125 and to stay there until November! (We are honeymooning then) <BR> <BR> My eating has been spo... Fri, 17 May 2013 09:33:01 EST Beast Mode AKA GIANTMICROBE MODE <BR> <BR> I channeled my inner Chrissy last night and made a home gym in the Garage :) I knew once I had it set up and thought dang Chrissy would be proud that I would have a kick ass workout. <BR> and it was!! I did Body Rock HIIT MAX 9 <BR> <BR> It went something like this- 50/10 1 time <BR> 1) 10 High Knee 10 Star Jumps with Sandbag <BR> 2) High Knee Skips <BR> 3) Surfer Jumps with Sandbag <BR> 4) Regular Skips <BR> 5) Burpee Tuck Jump <BR> 6) Side to side Skip <BR... Wed, 15 May 2013 09:35:54 EST A tempting Day Cleanse Day 2 <BR> <BR> So I may have failed to mention yesterday this Fiber Drink is not the best thing in the world I literally gagged yesterday- today is a little better though- I think because I know what i am getting into. <BR> <BR> Yesterday was great- My belly got a little gurgly around lunch time but I think I may have just needed to eat. I felt much better after eating lunch. I walked at lunch and my friend had to cancel our late night walk, but I went to the gym ran 3 miles and ... Tue, 14 May 2013 09:21:35 EST Back from Funk Alrighty Everyone.. <BR> <BR> I've been totally over SP lately. Not really wanting to Track etc. I did catch up on a few blogs last week though. <BR> <BR> But I have 53 Days to my big day or 8 weeks and I am going to be on her logging tracking and blogging even if i have a week like last one where I needed a BREAK!!! I didnt do anything I ate like crap and felt like shi* I did walk at my lunch everyday but at my level of fitness that doesnt cut it. <BR> <BR> So- Today I am starting the Ad... Mon, 13 May 2013 11:07:12 EST Zuzuka Power Yoga Dvd So I ordered this DVD last week. I've been trying to find a good HOT Yoga class where I live and we dont have the kind that gets up to 105 degress. The one we have is barely 85. It just wasnt what I expected I wanted to be sweating while I was doing Yoga. <BR> <BR> So I ordered the Zu power yoga. <BR> <BR> Holy Cow I am sore- Sore froM YOGA!!! <BR> <BR> I wouldnt say its very much stretching but it has a flow series in each section. <BR> <BR> Crescent Series <BR> Balance & Plyo Series... Tue, 16 Apr 2013 09:40:26 EST Supplement Finally So I have been wanting to and wanting to add supplements to my routine. I didnt know where to look etc. I was going to go to our local supplement city. I really want to up the intensity of my muscle. I also have been looking for a cleanse to do, flush all my toxins out. <BR> <BR> Well- I finally found one! I have been using Advocare Spark for 4 months now and learning a little bit more about the company. Spark is only a caffeeine drink for energy but they have so many other products. ... Wed, 3 Apr 2013 09:50:48 EST 98 Days Holy Crap Oly! <BR> <BR> I am getting married in 98 days.. Makes you want to do some awesome kind of countdown or something :) Old school Paper Chain! <BR> <BR> Planning has been keeping me crazy busy and work HEALTH CARE REFORM BLOWS (not saying the law is totally terrible, just a lot a lot lot of unknows and filings that are happening within the next month BUSY) <BR> <BR> I think this weekend we are going to get my ring :) And maybe Brian's I also need to work on my broach bouquet! I ... Thu, 28 Mar 2013 10:05:14 EST Friday = My treat day!! By my treat I mean I treat myself to popcorn and a diet coke for lunch. <BR> <BR> I know its propbably terrible- But it makes my whole whole whole day! Week even looking forward to it :) and actually to pull our a Greese quote here "There are worst things I could do" <BR> <BR> Do you guys have those days when you first dont want to work out.. Just go home afterwork. Well that was me YESTERDAY, but I got myself to the gym and felt 100 times better after knocking out 2.5 miles in my fastest... Fri, 8 Mar 2013 09:28:47 EST Day 3 Blogging <em>331</em> <BR> <BR> Ugh I need new running shoes.. But they just are not in the Budget right now. <BR> <BR> Wedding stuff has taken over my life and my wallet. It seems I may have underestimated. Not by a lot or anything, now that its comeing down to actually paying for things its killing me. <BR> <BR> We are really Moving and Grooving on getting things done! My mom found the cheapest Pillar candles- seriously she looked everywhere for a good 2 months. It may take us awhile to g... Wed, 6 Mar 2013 09:48:07 EST Tracking <em>347</em> <BR> <BR> You know when I lose weight??? <BR> <BR> I do- Its when I am consistently tracking on SP. <BR> <BR> Its when I make it a goal to get 50 Sparkpoints a day! <BR> Its when I track every piece of food I put into my body! <BR> Its when I track my workouts! <BR> Its when I walk at lunch and then really workout after work! <BR> Its when I am making good Food Decisions! <BR> <BR> Thats what March is about- Getting me ready for SPRING/SUMMER <BR> <BR> Many of you are ... Tue, 5 Mar 2013 09:14:50 EST March Goals <img src=""> <BR> <BR> First my Bridesmaids Bouquets are FINISHED!!! <BR> <BR> Whoot Whoot. <BR> <BR> I also got started on a few other tasks this weekend I think I am in Wedding MODE now.. STOP ME. :) I had 2 failed attempts at glttering mason jars and the paper lanters. But I am going to try another way again this week. <BR> <BR> I think we are at 17 weeks!! <BR> <BR> So that also means its time for me to KICK it into GEAR fitnes... Mon, 4 Mar 2013 09:43:19 EST Killer Daily Hiit Workout!! Sexy Booty Shape UP Hiit Max 6 <BR> <BR> Hiit Max are INSANE ! <BR> <BR> Started off with 3 MIn Skips (For the skips I mixed jogging running stairs and jumping) <BR> 20 Squat Jumps <BR> 20 V abs <BR> 20 1/2 Burpee Pushup <BR> 30 Toe Touch Abs <BR> 60 High Knnes <BR> 3 Min Skips <BR> 20 Pushup Side Twist <BR> 30 Mountain Climbers <BR> 30 Prisoner Squat Jumps <BR> 20 Tuck Abs <BR> 20 Star Jumps <BR> 3 Min Skips <BR> 20 Spiders <BR> 30 Pike Pushups <BR> 30 Surfers <BR> 30 Reverse Curls <BR> ... Wed, 27 Feb 2013 10:45:55 EST FitTest Day 30 Well not totally Day 30 more like Day 20 plus active weekends <BR> <BR> I am down 2 whole lbs! <BR> <BR> 10 more to go! and my knee is feeling bettetr than ever! I cannot wait to boost up my running when I get back next week <BR> <BR> Fit Test <BR> <BR> 1) Squat Jumpes- Me 31 New 36 <BR> 2) Pushups- Me 17 New 25 <BR> 3) Burpees- Me 12 New 15 <BR> 4) High Knees- Me 50 New 80 <BR> 5) Switch Lunges- Me 16 (No jump) New (No Jump) 20 <BR> 6) Tuck Jumps- Me 14 (step ups) New Tuck Jumps- ... Thu, 14 Feb 2013 09:39:50 EST Daily Hiit 30 Day Review Well- The finally managed to complete a 30 day Challenge! <BR> <BR> I am actually super impressed. I cannot remember when they have been soo good at posting workouts and coming up with new ones. It is awesome. Their new platform seems to be working great for them! <BR> <BR> I love mixing it up with Reps, and Hiit, and core days. The combat was ok it would be better with weighted gloves. <BR> <BR> Brian and I will weigh in on Thursday morning to see our accomplishments in 30 days. I am go... Tue, 12 Feb 2013 10:26:15 EST Changing my Mood- Seems to be a theme this week :) Ugh last week was just Hell- Work and home... Brian and I bickered all week. <BR> <BR> My house looks like a tornado busted through it.. and Its about damn time I start getting up in the morning and looking forward to my day! I love work but sometimes I feel the need to sleep into 730 when I leave for work at 745.. I am late every day anymore and IT needs to stop!!! <BR> <BR> Winter BLUES are OVER PEOPLE!! <BR> <BR> I tried my wedding dress on this weekend it fits like a glove through my ... Mon, 4 Feb 2013 09:53:21 EST Friday Motivation!!!! <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Needing this today! Picking up my wedding dress tomorrow! <BR> <BR> Got a 36 min Body Rock tonight! <BR> <BR> 50/10 <BR> Skipping <BR> Pushup- Popup toe touch <BR> Skipping <BR> Sqaut Jump Forward/Backward <BR> Skipping <BR> V abs L and R <BR> Skipping <BR> Monkey Pushup Star Jump <BR> Skipping <BR> Reverse Pull Up extend leg & leg up <BR> Skipping <BR> Tricep Extention Chest Press Leg extension <BR> <BR> 3 t... Fri, 1 Feb 2013 09:49:12 EST Week 2 plus Dress Anxiety <em>198</em> <BR> <BR> I guess I will start out my confessing my awesomeness! <BR> <BR> Haha I worked out 2 weeks I AM AWESOME. <BR> <BR> Actually I am way more proud of my Fiance' he has really stuck with me and these workouts and we really enjoy working out together. He used to ridicule me about BR workouts saying I wasnt pushing hard enough etc when he might have only seen one part of the workout. He is a person who thinks running is the best thing ever. But he cannot stick with an... Fri, 25 Jan 2013 09:51:24 EST The Daily Hiit 30 day Challenge Review Hi everyone.... So I have been following the Challenge. <BR> <BR> They have been pretty good about posting Videos!!! For once. <BR> <BR> They started on Thursday and I started the following Monday just because of their lag time that happens. <BR> <BR> I think this is actually a really good challenge, its a mix of a ton of different exercises some days are arm heavy, some leg, some core, some cardio. Some days are pretty easy some days are harder than hell. I am definately pleased with t... Thu, 24 Jan 2013 11:34:17 EST Week 1 Well We are almost Done with Week 1 <BR> <BR> Last nights workout was a Hiitreps? <BR> <BR> 15 reps 3 times through <BR> <BR> 1)Maneaters <BR> 2) Wide pushups <BR> 3) Reverse Flys <BR> 4) Low squat press <BR> 5) Row deadlift with sandbag <BR> <BR> Killer Arms Man! <BR> <BR> Brian worked out this morning and I will workout when I get off tonight since its his Birfday :) We are headed out to his FAVORITE restaurant TEXAS ROADHOUSE.. Now I really dont care for the place but whatever its h... Fri, 18 Jan 2013 09:48:02 EST Day 2 of BR 30 day Challenge I still dont know the difference in all the HIITbody/HIITlean etc. but here we go <BR> <BR> 50 on 10 rest 3 times through <BR> <BR> 1)Frog Jump- Burpee with Pressup <BR> Me- 8,7,7 Brian- 8,7,7 <BR> <BR> 2) Burpee Knee tucks- we did leg licks <BR> Me- 12,10,10 Brian- 12,9,9 <BR> <BR> 3) 1 Leg Pushup jump over <BR> Me- 7,6,6 Brian 7,5,5 <BR> <BR> 4) Switch Lunge Burpee- I have to walk the lunges due to my knee <BR> Me- 9,6,6.5 Brian- 9,7,6 <BR> <BR> This was a killer burpee challenge ... Wed, 16 Jan 2013 09:33:23 EST Fit Test Day 1 Fit Test <BR> <BR> 1) Squat Jumpes- Me 31 Brian 31 <BR> 2) Pushups- Me 17 Brian 23 <BR> 3) Burpees- Me 12 Brian 12 <BR> 4) High Knees- Me 50 Brian 100 <BR> 5) Switch Lunges- Me 16 (No jump) Brian 15 <BR> 6) Tuck Jumps- Me 14 (step ups) Brian 18 <BR> 7) Tricep Dips- Me 21 Brian 22 <BR> 8) Surf Jumps- Me 16 Brian 30 <BR> 9) 1/2 Burpee Monkey Pushup- Me 9 Brian 7 <BR> 10) Switch Jumps- Me 26 Brian 19 <BR> 11) Squat Leg Lift- Me 16 Brian 18 <BR> 12) Frog Jumps- Me 18 Brian 23 <BR> <BR> <BR> S... Tue, 15 Jan 2013 09:37:27 EST Morning Work Outs Going to Try it AGAIN! <BR> <BR> Brian and I decided to try and workout together We are going to do the BR 30 day challenge. <BR> <BR> Possibly upgade to Insanity or P90x if we can get ourselves into a routine. I am not shelling out the money if its not going to get used! <BR> <BR> So anyway we tried today and slept in- I got into my head that I hate morning workouts because I dont feel like I push 100% since I am half asleep. But tomorrow I will not get into my head and I will WORKOUT I... Mon, 14 Jan 2013 15:19:00 EST CHEER CHEER CHEER FOR OLE NOTRE DAME!!! GOO IRISH.. <BR> <BR> Day 2 at Disney pretty darn good. <BR> <BR> The conference is very interesting and held my attention all day so that is good also. <BR> <BR> Breakfast was assorted fruit, pastries, coffee, and bagels. I had a half a bagel and some peanut butter with strawberries and a water. <BR> <BR> Lunch- we headed to ESPN Zone I had 1/2 a turkey sandwhich and french fries (I know, but they were good too) <BR> <BR> Snack- I had a quarter of a brownie they had mini pieces it was ... Mon, 7 Jan 2013 18:34:25 EST First Work Trip YAY!!! <BR> <BR> I am currently on my first Business Travel Trip. It was a long day but I kicked its butt in the end. <BR> <BR> Left IA at 445 this morning and arrived in FL at 215 this afternoon. I am staying at a Disney World Resort and for those of you with Kids this is the way to go! I took the magical shuttle which takes your luggage to the hotel for you, on the bus they play a disney welcome video about all the parks and then show some old cartoons. You instantly feel the magic of... Sun, 6 Jan 2013 20:14:40 EST Say my name 2013 :) I decided to make 2013 my Bi*** :) <BR> <BR> Haha anyway Somethings on my mind and Day 1 so far. <BR> <BR> 1) first I got up 10 Min earlier today. Going to do 10 Min earlier again tomorrow. The thing is next week in Florida I will have No problem getting up its having the fiance' who loves morning snuggles and gets to sleep in is the problem <BR> <BR> 2)Went to the gym last night and this afternoon for a walk. Planning on heading back after work again. <BR> <BR> As for on my mind. <BR... Thu, 3 Jan 2013 14:49:54 EST 2013 Resolutions and Goals 1) <em>128</em> Get my A** Outta bed earlier. Not nescessarily to workout but to enjoy a morning routine for once in my life. To have time to click on the TV listen to a song. Anything. I get up now at 7:20 and Shower and out the door aroun 7:50 ususally right on time to work. I would like to be early for work (Better Parking) <BR> <BR> 2) <em>331</em> I need to buy GOOD running shoes. Working on Healing my knee is really number 2 and part of that is to get the correct running sh... Wed, 2 Jan 2013 09:44:05 EST