CHUM48's SparkPeople Blog CHUM48's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community New thought As I read other Spark's blog I feel as if I have nothing to say. We all face the same problems, we all know the answers, We have been at this point in our lives so many times. So this is what I've decided I just finished posting 101 differences between Fat people think and Fit people thinking. Starting as of tomorrow I am going to go through these difference and focus on them on where I am in them. Stay tune and please give me loads of feedback, maybe together we can find the answers to ... Wed, 23 Jan 2013 21:00:57 EST Difference 101, Focus on the how or why Fat people focus on the how, Fit people focus on the why <BR> <BR> "Fit people know their job is to develop a big enough reason to battle the bulge and with the weight loss war. Through a great deal of reflection and introspective thinking, they identify their emotional motivators that are driving them to get fit. They write their vision out on paper. They paste picture of bodies they want to look like on poster boards. They focus their mental energy on bringing their dream body to life a... Sun, 6 Jan 2013 19:37:34 EST Difference 100, Influenced by fat people or desensitized to the opinions of fat people. Fat people are influenced by fat people, Fit people have become desensitized to the opinions of fat people. <BR> <BR> "Fit people have learned to block out the opinions, beliefs and philosophies of the masses." <BR> <BR> Have the opinions of other people contributed to my weight problems. <BR> <BR> Stop listening to fat people who want to advise ou on how to get fit. Remember that most people aren't very good at getting what they want. Make a decision to only allow experts to guide and i... Sat, 5 Jan 2013 21:08:44 EST Difference 99, Addicted to food or addicted to success. Fat people are addicted to food, Fit people are addicted to success. <BR> <BR> "Get tough and persist until you succeed! Go for what you want while there's still time. The clock is ticking."What do I place more value on in my life food or success? <BR> <BR> Start telling yourself food is only important for creating energy and sustaining life. Stop telling yourself how much you love food. The food you claim to love so much is making you miserable and doesn't care if it kills you. Fri, 4 Jan 2013 20:54:16 EST Difference 98, others knock you off track or know how to say no Fat people allow others to knock them off track, Fit people know how to say no. <BR> <BR> "Fit people have learned how to say no to themselves and others. All they se is the goal, and everything else must give way." <BR> <BR> Have I learned how to say no to people who may unknowingly try to knock me off track? Have I learned how to say no to myself? <BR> <BR> Make a decision to distance yourself form people who refuse to support you in your fitness goals. Your life is at stake, and this ... Thu, 3 Jan 2013 23:51:31 EST Day 97, Succeed on your own or build a mentor and support team. Fat people believe the have to succeed on their own, Fit people build a mentor and support team. <BR> <BR> "These two teams are the performer's insurance policy to achieving any goal or dream they set their sights on." <BR> <BR> Have I built a mentor and support team to help guide and inspire me on my journey to fitness? <BR> <BR> Start today to assemble your mentor and support team, and tap into each of them as needed. . They will serve as y.our insurance your quest for fit... Wed, 2 Jan 2013 12:45:12 EST Day 96, Why I'm fat or why I'm fit. Fat people don't know why they're fat, Fit people know exactly why they are fit. <BR> <BR> "Fit people know exactly what they did to get fit. The are conscious of everything they eat and every form of exercise they participate in. Awareness and attention to detail has always been a hallmark of the most successful people in the world." <BR> <BR> Do I know why I allowed myself to fat? Do I know why I'm getting fit? <BR> <BR> Do some soul searching today and identify the physical and emotio... Tue, 1 Jan 2013 13:14:46 EST Day 95, Ignore fit people or follow role models! Fat people ignore fit people, Fit people follow role models. <BR> <BR> "Fit people know hanging out with other fit people is critical to their ongoing success and fit-consciousness development. Fit people don't associate with other fit people because they believe they're better, they associate with them because they believe they are better at staying fit and they want to grown from their exposure. <BR> <BR> Do I have a fit friend or mentor I can use as a role model? <BR> <BR> Identify som... Mon, 31 Dec 2012 20:06:43 EST Difference 94, refuse to suffer or need to suffer Fat people refuse to suffer, Fit people know why they must suffer. <BR> <BR> "Become an observer of your own habit patterns, because they are the treasure map to your results." <BR> <BR> As an intelligent and educated person, di I honestly believe I'm going to go from fat to fit without suffering? <BR> <BR> Mentally prepare yourself to experience a light to moderate level of physical, psychological, and emotional suffering. The pain isn't extreme and won't last long, but it's serious enou... Sun, 30 Dec 2012 18:38:36 EST Difference 93, Give up on yourself or never say die. Fat people give up on themselves, Fit people never say die. <BR> <BR> "Fit people don't quit. They set a goal and persist until it is accomplished. Fit people want to be fit and healthy and are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, regardless of the price. They don't have the luxury of quitting, because they understand the aggregate cost on their consciousness. Quitting is a habit, and so is iron=willed persistence. Quitting or persisting on any goal makes it easier to quit... Sat, 29 Dec 2012 13:15:32 EST Difference 92, Lack hope or excited about the future Fat people lack hope, Fit people are excited about their future. <BR> <BR> "Fit people know their future is going to be better than their past because they are getting healthier every day." <BR> <BR> Have I carefully crafted my vision of my future as a fit person?'' <BR> <BR> Once your vision is written, read it every morning and ingrain the imagine of the future into your conscientiousness. This will help keep you on track when the going gets tough. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <B... Fri, 28 Dec 2012 18:53:36 EST Difference 91, No sexual energy or increase sexual engergy. Fat people don't connect fitness with sexual energy, Fit people know sexual energy increases through fitness. <BR> <BR> "Getting fit will reignite your sex life like nothing else." <BR> <BR> How much pleasure am I sacrificing in my sex life because I'm fat? <BR> <BR> Let go of the delusion that being fat isn't hurting your sex life. Fat is a major turn-off, and being fat reduce your sex drive and inhibits your performance. Thu, 27 Dec 2012 21:38:42 EST Difference 90, Low self-esteem or highly of themselves Fat people suffer from low self-esteem, Fit people think highly of themselves. <BR> <BR> "The cost of low self-esteem is substantial. Being fat is like wearing a kick me sign on your pack.People see you as out of control and you know they're right. While self-esteem is definitely an inside job., it sure helps to accelerate the process with the ongoing encouragement of other people." <BR> <BR> What would getting fit do for my self-esteem? Would this increased lever of self-esteem help me... Tue, 25 Dec 2012 08:55:44 EST Difference 89, Diets, pills and potions or yourself! Fat people rely on diets, pills and pitons, Fit people rely on themselves. <BR> <BR> "The more successes you experience, the more self[reliant you become." <BR> <BR> Am I self-reliant, or am I waiting for a hero on a white horse to save me from myself? <BR> <BR> <BR> Accept the fact that no one is coming to the rescue, and my level of fitness depends completely on me. Mon, 24 Dec 2012 15:12:13 EST Difference 88,Bad or good self talk. Fat people have bad self-talk, Fit people have great self-talk. <BR> <BR> " Decide today to contemplate the consequences of all of your actions every day, no matter how meaningless they appear." <BR> <BR> On an average day, is my self-talk more bad class or great glass? <BR> <BR> Start upgrading my self-talk today by focusing on the great language of love, abundance, gratitude and optimism. My self-talk will have a dramatic impact on my belief system, and will drive my behavior to support... Sat, 22 Dec 2012 19:45:19 EST Difference 87, Fitness is complicated or simple Fat people believe fitness is complicated, Fit people believe fitness is simple. <BR> <BR> " Exercise gives fit people more energy than when they started. Getting fit builds two of the life's most important habits: regular exercise and good eating habits. Your success in these two areas will give you the confidence to build a life most people only dream of." <BR> <BR> Am I making fitness more complicated than it needs to be? <BR> <BR> Break my exercise down into simple, manageable parts. ... Fri, 21 Dec 2012 20:20:34 EST Difference 86, Have forever to change or sense of urgency. Fat people think they have forever to change, Fit people have a sense of urgency. <BR> <BR> "When you find yourself about to cheat, ask yourself this question: If you don't stick to your diet now, then when? Next time?" <BR> <BR> Do I have a sense of urgency about getting fit or am I tempting fate by deluding yourself into believing I have forever. <BR> <BR> I decide to get fit now instead of later. Not next week, not after the holidays or nest summer. Do it now, while there's still time.... Thu, 20 Dec 2012 20:07:05 EST Difference 85, Emotions made me fat or emotions can alter results. Fat people believe the emotional responses that made them fat will make them thin, Fit people change their emotional responses to alter their results. <BR> <BR> " Mental toughness is about emotional control. IF you want to get fit, you must adopt the emotional responses of a fit person. When a fit person feels hunger, she thinks :opportunity". <BR> <BR> Am I using my old emotional responses that made me fat or creating new ones tat will me me fit? <BR> <BR> Start a new emotional response t... Wed, 19 Dec 2012 18:02:05 EST Difference 84,Know how to get fit or learning machines. Fat people believe they know how to get fit, Fit people are learning machines. <BR> <BR> "Fit people are in the habit of searching for and finding the latest and greatest ways of getting healthier every day. Fit people are also up to date on the latest trends in exercise science, always looking to increase their efficiency and effectiveness." <BR> <BR> Am I tapping into the expertise of others who cam make my fitness journey easier and more enjoyable? <BR> <BR> I will study as may fitness... Tue, 18 Dec 2012 19:52:57 EST Difference 83, Fat or fit programming. Fat people are products of fat programming, Fit people are products of fit programming. <BR> <BR> " The average person speaks at a rate of 150 -200 words per minute. The average persons self-talk is about 1300 words per minute. This tells us that the real power of programming lies in the way we talk to ourselves all day long. Our self-talk is a significant agent of change we call all employ." <BR> <BR> Am I ready to let go of the fat programming that allows me to get fat, and accept full ... Sun, 16 Dec 2012 11:08:18 EST Difference 82, Recognized for suffering or success. Fat people want to be recognized for suffering, Fit people want to be recognized for success. <BR> <BR> " "Focus on succeeding instead of suffering" <BR> <BR> Am I search for sympathy for my temporary suffering or looking forward to a lifetime of recognition for my fitness success? <BR> <BR> I will invest 30 seconds today in imagining how my friends and family will respond to my fitness success. Think about how I will be treated with more respect. Flash a picture in my mind of how others... Sat, 15 Dec 2012 14:59:51 EST Difference 81, Berate or reward. Fat people berate themnselves when they don't see immediate results, Fit people reward themselves for execution. <BR> <BR> " Reward yourself for execution, knowing that eventually the results will follow." <BR> <BR> Am I rewarding myself for sticking to my diet and exercise program on a daily , weekly and monthly basis? Will my reward have more impact during the habit change process or after the struggle is over? <BR> <BR> Just for today, I will give myself a small(non-food) reward for bei... Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:17:42 EST Difference 80, Underestimate or elevate. Fat people underestimate the power of energy, Fit people elevate their rate of vibration. <BR> <BR> "Energy is live. Without it, you have nothing." <BR> <BR> Can I imagine having 20, 30 or over 50 percent more physical, mental, and spiritual energy in your life? <BR> <BR> Today I will begin to notice the increase in energy as I move from success to success in the weight loss/fitness process. Just making a decision to get fit and the good thoughts and feelings it creates will give me a maj... Thu, 13 Dec 2012 19:59:21 EST Difference 79, Adolescent thinking or grow up. "Fat people are trapped in adolescent thinking, Fit people grow up and get tough with themselves. <BR> <BR> "Now is the time to grow up and get tough with yourself. Man people would gladly trade their problems for yours." <BR> <BR> When it comes to dieting, exercise, fat and fitness, is my thinking grounded in the objective reality of an adult or the self-delusion of a child? <BR> <BR> Do I still believe those five major adolescent delusions about diet and exercise? <BR> 1. Diet's don't w... Tue, 11 Dec 2012 20:08:10 EST Difference 78, Outside circumstances or take responsibility. Fat people balme outside circumstances for their failure, Fit people take responsibility. <BR> <BR> "You're in total control of your fitness. You made yourself fat, and you can make yourself thin. Make a pledge to yourself that you'll never blame anyone or anything for your setbacks and failures in life. Always tack it back to you. This puts you in 100% control of your life. This is one of the most important mental toughness secrets of the fit." <BR> <BR> Am I still blaming outside circum... Sun, 9 Dec 2012 12:33:21 EST Difference 77, Pain or results Fat people focus on pain, Fit people focus on results. <BR> <BR> "Direct your mental energy toward the image of your body exactly the way you want to see it. Redirect any thoughts of self-pity, fatigue or sacrifice toward seeing your success in the mirror." <BR> <BR> During the course of my day, what percentage of my mental energy is being directed towards the struggle of the weight loss process, compared to the percentage directed towards the results I'm expecting? <BR> <BR> Starting tod... Sat, 8 Dec 2012 19:11:43 EST Difference 76, Wallow or solve. Fat people wallow in their problem, Fit people solve their problem. <BR> <BR> "If you remove all emotion from the process side of getting fit, it will be much easier. Use your emotional mind to visualize your success, but be robotic when it comes to eating and exercise. This combination will accelerate the process and minimize the pain." <BR> <BR> Have I made iron clad decision to succeed on my diet no matter what it takes? <BR> <BR> For the next 24 hours, refuse to allow myself to allow... Thu, 6 Dec 2012 23:21:28 EST Difference 75, Chore or personal development Fat people see weight management as a chore, Fit people see it as personal development. <BR> <BR> "Fit people are more successful, more fulfilled, and happier that fat people. Fit people make more money, enjoy healthier relationships and feel better about themselves than fat people. Is overeating really worth giving up all the good things in life?" <BR> <BR> Have I fully considered the impact getting fit will have on all aspects of my life? <BR> <BR> I will write down the five most impor... Mon, 3 Dec 2012 15:43:03 EST Difference 74, Fail to prepare or prepare to win. Fat people fail to prepare, Fit people prepare to win. <BR> <BR> "You prepare to win or you will fail." <BR> <BR> Have I mentally prepared myself for the temporary discomfort and possible pain I may experience on the path to fitness? <BR> <BR> As I begin the weight loss process, imagine boarding up your home for a hurricane headed your way. Right now the weather is beautiful, but the radar warns us the storm is coming soon and precautions must be taken now. Mentally I will prepare myself... Sun, 2 Dec 2012 19:24:09 EST Difference 73, Negotiate or pay the price. Fat people negotiate the price of success, Fit people pay the price. <BR> <BR> "If getting fit was really negotiable, wouldn't fewer people be fat?" <BR> <BR> Am I wasting my mental energy on creative ways to negotiate the price of my fitness, or investing it in solving this problem once and for all? <BR> <BR> Today I realize that you can't negotiate my way out of this. I must pay the price, and the longer I wait the higher it will be. I will decide today to get it done and move past thi... Sat, 1 Dec 2012 10:04:05 EST Difference 72, Powerless to change or can do anything. Fat people feel powerless to change, Fit people believe they can do anything. <BR> <BR> " The fat road leads to feelings of failure, depression and despair. The fit road leads to feelings of success, joy and pride. The fat road requires no toll. The fit roads requires 21 - 30 days of discipline while you upgrade your habits. You are the only one who can decide which way to go. Which road will you take?" <BR> <BR> Do I really want to go back to the days of feeling guilty about what I at... Fri, 30 Nov 2012 09:33:10 EST Difference 71, Easily or persistence. Fat people quit easily, Fit people employ the power of persistence. <BR> <BR> "In the land of fitness, persistence is king." <BR> <BR> Am I committed to persist on my diet until I succeed? <BR> <BR> I will identify 5 different times in my life when I persisted until I succeeded, and write them down. I will read them every morning for the next 7 days and immerse myself in the consciousness it took to persevere. Thu, 29 Nov 2012 07:26:08 EST Difference 70, Stressed or at peace Fat people are stressed, Fit people are at peace with themselves. <BR> <BR> " Being fit is a natural state that allows your body to operate at its potential, which subsequently affects your thoughts and feelings about everything. Getting fit is one the most effective stress reduction strategies you will ever employ." <BR> <BR> Am I stressing myself out worrying about my diet or enjoying increased calmness, knowing I am on my way to living in the body I deserve? <BR> <BR> I will decide to ... Wed, 28 Nov 2012 15:33:07 EST Difference 69, Unorganized or organized. Fat people are mentally unorganized, Fit people use mental organization to stay thin and healthy. <BR> <BR> " Put your diet on auto-pilot by investing the time and effort in organization before you being this life changing journey." <BR> <BR> Am I as organized in my diet and exercise program as I need to be to stay on course? <BR> <BR> I will map out my eating and exercising plan of action every night before I go to bed to be sure I'm properly prepared for the next day. Tue, 27 Nov 2012 12:44:08 EST Difference 68, Unaware of the opportunity or seize the opportiunties. Fat people are unaware of the opportunity getting fit presents, Fit people seize the opportunities fitness offers. <BR> <BR> " Waking up every day looking good, feeling good, and basking in uncommon success is a daily injection of confidence, self-esteem and well being. And this all occurs during the first 30 seconds of the day! Imagine starting every day with this type of feeling." <BR> <BR> Am I aware of how many benefits are waiting for me when I achieve my fitness goal? Do I understa... Mon, 26 Nov 2012 11:09:32 EST Difference 67, Hold back or move forward. Fat people allow failures of the past to hold them back, Fit people use failure to move forward. <BR> <BR> ""This perceptual shift is one of the mental toughness secrets of the great ones, and you can adopt it immediately by simply redefining what failure means to you." <BR> <BR> Do I believe it's possible to use my failures of the past as a springboard for future success? <BR> <BR> I will decide today to let go of the fear of failing on my diet and move forward with the self=assurance of ... Sat, 24 Nov 2012 18:21:55 EST Difference 66, Same thinking or changed thinking. Fat people believe the thinking that made them fat will make them thin, Fit people know if they want to succeed they have to change. <BR> <BR> "Fat is just the effect, thinking is the cause. Think like a fit person and you'll behave in ways that make you fit. Most people are focused on changing the effect, but the secret is changing the cause, and the effect will take care of itself." <BR> <BR> Am I really prepared to change my thinking about diet and exercise? <BR> <BR> I will start rep... Fri, 23 Nov 2012 16:22:18 EST Difference 65, Silenty suffer or build a team Fat people silently suffer the consequences of failure, Fit people build a team to help them succeed. <BR> <BR> "Smart people don't attempt any goal of substantial proportion alone. Allow your spirit-based consciousness to guide you in selecting your success team, and then go build it person by person," <BR> <BR> Do I have a support team in place to help me through the tough times of habit change? <BR> <BR> I will contact three of my closest friends and family members today and ask them t... Thu, 22 Nov 2012 10:53:15 EST Difference 64, Ignore or capitalize. Fat people ignore the power of momentum, Fit people capitalize on the power of momentum/ <BR> <BR> "The more fit you get, the more excited you become. The more compliments ou receive. The more you feel looking at you. And the momentum builds exponentially lie a snowball thundering down a mountain. You are about to go on the ride of your life. Your only ticket to entry is 100% compliance. Everything else will be taken care of whether you believe it or not. Just stick to your diet and exer... Wed, 21 Nov 2012 13:00:46 EST Difference 63, Eat with how much guilt they can handle or eat with how much energy they desire. Fat people balance how poorly they can eat with how much guilt they can handle, Fit people balance how healthy they can eat with how much energy they desire. <BR> <BR> "Imagine how you will feel as one of the fittest people in your family. Imagine waking up every day with an abundance of energy. Imagine feeling great about yourself and your life. This is the life that awaits you in the land of health and fitness." <BR> <BR> Do I associate eating and exercise more with guilt or energy? <BR... Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:17:54 EST Difference 62, Poor attitude or positive attitude toward food and exercise. Fat people have a poor attitude toward food and exercise, Fit people have a positive attitude toward food and exercise. <BR> <BR> "Be excited to be on the road to a better life and grateful to have a good diet and exercise program to follow. Start seeking your diet as the opportunity of a lifetime, because that's exactly what it is. Suck it up and get to work, and let your attitude reflect your blessings and good fortune." <BR> <BR> Is my attitude more fit or fat? Is my attitude making my ... Mon, 19 Nov 2012 23:40:07 EST Difference 61, Victims or leaders. Fat people see themselves as victims, Fit people see themselves as leaders. <BR> <BR> "You should be the leader of your life. Be a leader and command your mental army to boldly and bravely charge into objective reality head on and confront your challenges. When you do, you'll find the enemy isn't as tough as you thought, and that the real battle was never you against some outside force, it was you against you. This revelation will bring you full circle to realize if you can conquer yoursel... Sun, 18 Nov 2012 15:34:07 EST Difference 60, Dependent or interdependent. Fat people are dependent, Fit people are interdependent. <BR> <BR> 'You have everything you need to be fit. You have the diet and the discipline . You are good enough, strong enough and smart enough to have the body of your dreams. Bet on yourself to make it happen. In the end, you are all you have.Tap into the expertise. mentorship and support of others to make the battle easier, but only count on yourself to make it happen." <BR> <BR> Have I taken full responsibility for getting fat? H... Sat, 17 Nov 2012 18:09:10 EST Difference 59, Ashamed or proud! Fat people are ashamed to admit they're dieting, Fit people are proud of it! <BR> <BR> "Discipline is the foundation of being fit. Without it, nothing of value would ever be achieved. Be proud to be taking control of your life and getting fit." <BR> <BR> Am I keeping my diet a secret for fear of failing? Is this helping or hurting me? <BR> <BR> I will tell five important people in my life about my diet and exercise program and give them the date I will arrive at my ideal weight. This wil... Fri, 16 Nov 2012 10:19:05 EST Difference 58, No integrity or intergrity Fat people don't believe integrity is related to dieting, Fit people know integrity is the MOST IMPORTANT PART. <BR> <BR> "Integrity is eating what you say you will eat. It's sticking to your exercise regimen even when you think you don't have time, or just don't feel like it. It's staying on track to become the person you know you can be. Most people think this is optional, people who succeed know it's mandatory." <BR> <BR> Do I have the integrity to stick to the diet and exercise goals... Thu, 15 Nov 2012 11:54:42 EST Difference 57, Ego or spirit! Fat people are driven by ego, Fit people are driven by spirit~ <BR> <BR> ""Your spirit based consciousness is higher self. This is the best of you, and where you want to reside as often as humanly possible. Your spirit will keep you on track moving toward your ultimate fitness goals." <BR> <BR> Is my ego interfering with my performance? <BR> <BR> I will become more conscious of your mindset hour to hour. Is it more ego or spirit based? The higher level of awareness you reach, the easier ... Wed, 14 Nov 2012 16:25:41 EST Difference 56, Let feelings get in their way or override emotions Fat people let feelings get in their way, Fit people override their emotions with logic. <BR> <BR> "Whether you are negative or positive, feeling good or awful, or even doubting you can do it, if you stay 100% compliant you will win this fight. Mental toughness, critical thinking, and visualizing yourself at your ideal weight will make it an easier fight, but if you don't cheat you can't fail." <BR> <BR> Am I allowing my emotions to dictate my eating and exercise behavior? <BR> <BR> I will... Tue, 13 Nov 2012 17:41:38 EST Difference 56, Let feelings get in their way or override emotions Fat people let feelings get in their way, Fit people override their emotions with logic. <BR> <BR> "Whether you are negative or positive, feeling good or awful, or even doubting you can do it, if you stay 100% compliant you will win this fight. Mental toughness, critical thinking, and visualizing yourself at your ideal weight will make it an easier fight, but if you don't cheat you can't fail." <BR> <BR> Am I allowing my emotions to dictate my eating and exercise behavior? <BR> <BR> I will... Tue, 13 Nov 2012 17:41:38 EST Difference 55, Don't know where you are going or have vision? Fat people don't know what they want or where they're going, Fit people have vision. <BR> <BR> "Do you have a clearly defined vision of what you will look like at your natural weight? Are you visualizing your vision every day? This is what the great ones do." <BR> <BR> Do I know exactly what I want to look like? Do I have a crystal clear vision of my life as a fit and healthy person? <BR> <BR> I will invest 30 minutes today to write down exactly what I will look and feel like at my natura... Mon, 12 Nov 2012 11:34:43 EST Difference 54, Lie to themselves or are brutally honest! Fat people lie to themselves, Fit people are brutally honest! <BR> <BR> "Don't delude yourself: fat is ugly. It's masking the beautiful body you were born with and deserve to enjoy. Reuse to believe in the fat philosophy of self-acceptance at any price. Obesity is not ok, it's stupid. Get tough, take control and watch fit results flood into every area of your life." <BR> <BR> Am I being brutally honest with myself about how I look and my current level of fitness? Can I really afford to ta... Sun, 11 Nov 2012 16:03:41 EST