CHERYLHURT's SparkPeople Blog CHERYLHURT's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community It's hard to find balance Too much volunteering , driving Mum to necessary appointments, and now with the stress of this market slump. Today is another long, long day but tomorrow we have another dance lesson! Wed, 26 Aug 2015 06:20:45 EST Great ride yesterday, first since surgery! We got on our tandem and road 25 miles on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It was pretty busy with walkers, amblers, cyclists, so my husband has to shout out loud and often, "on your left" as we approach. It was my first ride since surgery two weeks ago and felt great. Weather was perfect, overcast with a hint of rain but it didn't. We Get to our turnaround point and share an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat bread, just hard boiled eggs and mustard on 100% whole wheat for carbs and protein. <BR> ... Mon, 24 Aug 2015 06:15:39 EST Why do I still Spark? I have been maintaining for over a year, my sign on points are consistently 2 or 3, so why do I go to Spark first thing every morning before the paper? For me it's having a group of friends, like good neighbors, and I want to see how they have been doing and they cheer me on. My food intake is done with awareness now because I log everything in, my exercise gets done early, and I do everything I can for points. Silly, I know, but it works for me. I love reading blogs, "liking" activities f... Wed, 19 Aug 2015 06:40:11 EST Volunteering at school starts tomorrow...and I'm dreading it! Today is my last day off. Tomorrow is the start of the school year for me, late because of the surgery just two weeks ago. Tomorrow I start driving 40 minutes into the next city, volunteer all day at the school in the classroom next to Mum's, then I drive her home, spend an hour with her, then drive 40 minutes back to our house fighting the freeway all the way. The kids and teachers are great but I feel so much pressure to come up with great art project ideas and I have not one iota of crea... Tue, 18 Aug 2015 07:17:58 EST A busy week! Every day is booked full this week with dance lessons, volunteering at school, and seeing the doctor for clearance. I have been taking metamucil every morning to help with this constipation after having my gallbladder out. It's not from pain meds since I stopped those the second day, I'm just not producing enough bile! Sun, 16 Aug 2015 07:23:57 EST Seems I'm not producing enough bile! I have been constipated since having my gallbladder out...never happened before. From what I have been reading my liver is not producing enough bile...any suggestions? Fri, 14 Aug 2015 06:57:20 EST We signed up for dance lessons! Groupon had a special on dance lessons...real the Fred Astaire studio on the other side of town. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn to dance...look graceful...and not just hang onto my beloved and pretend to know what we're doing when we cruise. We signed up and have had our first private lesson! And neither of us fell over or tripped the instructor or anything! And we BOTH loved it! We have signed up for the whole program and the instructor is a petite little woman, just wonderful. ... Wed, 12 Aug 2015 07:49:42 EST Mum had a fall I called Mum today and she sounded down a bit. After pressing her a bit she admitted she had a bad fall this morning, out of bed onto the floor. Took her over an hour to crawl around the house before she got to the toilet to pull herself up. I asked her why she didn't press her life alert button so she said she didn't want them kicking down the door. Today we are buying a large rock that hides a key. Sun, 9 Aug 2015 07:18:52 EST Almost better! No epigastric pain at all, just some incision site pain especially when the cat walks on my tummy! Feeling so much better now. I have to force myself to eat but my appetite will return as time goes by. Sat, 8 Aug 2015 07:18:26 EST walking but unable to eat Walking very slowly with the 4 incisions but I have no interest in food at all. Not hungry, nothing seems to be moving yet. I got my walking in very very slowly and now I'm wiped out. But I have gone from every 4 hour pain meds to every 7! Wed, 5 Aug 2015 15:40:26 EST Gallbladder is GONE! Surgery was scheduled for 11 am yesterday but "something major" happened and I was delayed until almost 5pm. Not a problem! Didn't get home until very late last night but the surgeon was great, even gave my husband the pain prescription BEFORE I went in so he could get it filled before Costco pharmacy closed at 7pm. I awoke last night with pain but it was not the nightly epigastric pain I've had for years, just from incision site pain. Maybe it was my gallbladder all along...bummer...I sh... Tue, 4 Aug 2015 06:48:02 EST Letting my RN licence go... I'm 62 and haven't worked in 20 years. I worked hard for my licence, but I don't use it, never plan on working again, so have decided to let it go. The past is over and I'm in a new chapter. I tore up the application when it came a few days ago. <BR> Surgery this morning and I all ready got my walking n! Mon, 3 Aug 2015 06:11:15 EST Another great ride We went out on the tandem again this morning. It was a mild 69 degrees when we started and three hours later when we dragged home it was 82. This is my last ride for a while since the gallbladder surgery is tomorrow morning but I am glad to be so strong and healthy. Should make recovery a snap! Sun, 2 Aug 2015 12:39:54 EST Not high at home! Bought a home blood pressure machine, Omron, or something like that name. I have been taking my BP at home twice a day and it's within normal all the time! It does shoot up if I climb the stairs and immediately take it, so I think I'm OK. I'll show the doctor my daily record when I see her next. Sat, 1 Aug 2015 07:26:22 EST Blood pressure sky high It's been creeping up steadily and yesterday at pre-op it was 138/99. The nurse gasped so I told her I was in pain. Have got to notify my own doctor and get my dose adjusted. Wed, 29 Jul 2015 07:48:21 EST Pre-op today! And I'm so glad! Yesterday a sample of cinnamon bread from Great Harvest brought on pain about an hour after eating it, and then I ate carefully all day. For dinner I had a handful of almonds and during the night I was in pain again. This little thing needs to come out and I am so looking forward to next week! Tue, 28 Jul 2015 06:31:53 EST So much stronger! Walked, then went tandem riding for 19 miles with my beloved and I am SO much stronger than when we bought it a year ago! We chugged up these "Carolina foothills" that killed us last year. Today we are taking our first dance lesson, only 30 minutes, but since we have to do all three lessons this week, she said, maybe something will stick. Super low points on everything today, does anybody ever hit 25 and then 25? I'm stuck with 2s and 3s! So glad we have the challenges to do to add a few mo... Mon, 27 Jul 2015 11:09:13 EST Volunteering too much? It's starting to feel more like a "job" that we go to every day! We are taking next week OFF and are going to take dancing a half off coupon thru Groupon and I would love to be able to do more than just hang on together and shuffle! Fri, 24 Jul 2015 09:35:47 EST Surgery scheduled for August 3! Lap choley is officially scheduled for August 3! Hurrah! Wed, 22 Jul 2015 15:20:39 EST So we called it an "adventure" Took the tandem out about 5 miles into the back hills and roads of gorgeous upstate South Carolina when suddenly the chain jumped the derailleur while shifting, which torqued the back chain, bent the derailleur, and brought the tandem to a screeching halt. We couldn't pedal AT ALL which meant we WALKED that beast all the way back home! Hot, sweaty, but we called it an ADVENTURE and actually had a great time! The bike goes in the shop as soon as it opens and will be out of commission several... Tue, 21 Jul 2015 07:52:03 EST Great tandem ride! Lots of hills which I don't dare look at so I just keep my head down and keep pedaling. Pretty soon we are at the top and not once was it too much! We came home soaked and worn out, I actually dozed for a few minutes. Last year when we first got the tandem we tried some hills but they were too much for me,I love knowing I'm getting stronger! Mon, 20 Jul 2015 07:40:43 EST Anybody having food issues after having gallbladder out? I am reading all I can since I see the surgeon next week about my gallbladder. Lots of sites are filled with people saying they can't have alcohol,wheat,fat, dairy,etc after having theirs out and I was wondering if anybody has experienced this? Is it better to just leave it in and have pain? Sat, 18 Jul 2015 07:12:09 EST long bike ride Perfect weather for a 3 hour tandem ride with my beloved. My favorite exercise! Fri, 17 Jul 2015 07:15:59 EST Nice day with Mum We took Mum out to lunch yesterday and then my husband dropped us off to see the true movie, Max. He wanted to see it too but when we got to Mum's place the lock on her front door wouldn't lock, he checked it and found the tumbler unit inside had disintegrated! So he went back to her place, bought a new deadbolt lock and installed it. Mum was really surprised to see him waiting at the curb when we walked out of the movies! He's is the greatest! Even after 40 years of marriage my heart does f... Thu, 16 Jul 2015 06:52:26 EST I can't STAND IT when people don't do what they say they will! Sat around another day waiting for yet another sprinkler person to show...and he never did. Ended up trashing him on his business page review form, and now we have a third person scheduled to show Thursday at 8am. The cleaning young woman has postponed twice with her daughter "sick" but her last text came in from the state above us...I am used to order, punctuality, etc so I get REALLY problem, I know. Trying to go with the flow but it's hard. Wed, 15 Jul 2015 07:29:56 EST so much to get done today... I have to call the Drs. office and start the girl there getting the authorization number I need to see the surgeon...the cleaning lady comes at 9:15 and today she really CANNOT be late because we have to go to the school to meet contractors to build a deck for the storage shed we want installed...have to have the playground wooden structures painted today since the guys cancelled for Friday...have to get to the library...have to call the plumber to check the back flow of the water pressure fo... Mon, 13 Jul 2015 06:57:18 EST Really tired from a busy week! We have been going and going all week, and it feels too much like work! School starts August 12 and beloved and I want the school standing tall. We meet contractors on Monday to have the wooden playground structures painted, and I want to have a small deck built so we can give the K-3 teachers a storage shed for playground equipment. Feeling worn out! <BR> Sat, 11 Jul 2015 07:06:09 EST Need my gallbladder out! Upper scope was normal! Now I'm being referred to a surgeon and have to have my gallbladder out. I have been reading as much as I can and some people seem to have had problems with what they can eat after a choley, so it may be interesting. Can't imagine when the doctors and insurance company will get it all coordinated so it may be a while! Fri, 10 Jul 2015 07:14:10 EST Getting upper endoscopy today I'm up early because I must be NPO after 6am, can have clear fluids until then so I got up at 4am so I can have my tea and coffee! I have been having a lot of epigastric pain for months now, don't know if it's the stress from the burglary and all the crap his family said to the neighbors about us. Our safe, silver, my purse..never recovered, some of our belongings were found under the kids parents house...we were in Venezuela and had to come home...took four days by ship. His mother told al... Thu, 9 Jul 2015 04:43:38 EST Busy volunteering School starts August 12 so beloved and I got a call that the playground was in bad condition and needed lots of work. We went over in the morning and did a walk thru with the principal, found lots of problems. We interviewed contractors and today at 10 am meet the gentleman who will power wash all the equipment. Then we will help with building and repairing broken equipment, replacing broken boards, etc. Then we have to find painting contractors to paint and seal all the wood! <BR> I am sup... Wed, 8 Jul 2015 06:35:28 EST Great mountain ride! Beloved and I took the tandem out of town and to the base of the mountains. Got a very tough but glorious ride, I'm much stronger than I was before! Mon, 6 Jul 2015 07:24:06 EST Two hours of hill work Got in great exercise this morning. Cleaning up my diet, got to get back on track. Beloved is looking fluffy too, so he's in this with me. Too much cruising isn't the problem. The problem is we didn't return to clean eating like we usually do when we get back home! Sun, 5 Jul 2015 14:51:04 EST I have to give up wine! I like a glass of wine in the evenings after a long day. Sitting on the deck with my beloved, looking at the trees, sipping it. But my doctor said my liver functions studies are elevated. I had to see a gastroenterologist, have labs Monday, and get an upper scope on Thursday if the insurance company can get the paperwork done. Anyone else have a problem with weight loss and wine? Sat, 4 Jul 2015 06:45:23 EST Home again Had a hugely wonderful cruise for 11 days, feeling fluffy so today starts lots of raw veggies and tons of water. Back to the responsibilities of volunteering full time and caring for Mum which is the life the Lord led me to live, cruising is the occasional break for beloved and me! Sat, 27 Jun 2015 06:44:21 EST Heading to Florida Getting back on a ship Monday for 11 days in the Caribbean. Really looking forward to it since this is a milestone cruise for us and will be a big celebration. We had Mum all day yesterday and she is slowing down and not as able to walk, very unsteady despite having a cane. I packed her freezer full of food, do so every week so she always has something wonderful to eat! Sun, 14 Jun 2015 05:39:49 EST After a great ride Got my walking in this morning. Yesterday we had a great tandem ride although the trail was filled with people. Will have to figure out a new ride for the busy months! Headed to church today, then after we take Mum home to her place tonight we can finish packing. Headed to Florida for another cruise, just a short one, but I need a break! Sat, 13 Jun 2015 05:45:28 EST Tandem cycling today...anyone else starving from lack of points? It's been a starvation run of points lately, only 1, 2, or 3 from almost every spin or team. Statistically there should be a 20 or 25 show up sometime! Anybody else seeing a dearth of points? We are headed out this morning to get in a long ride on the tandem! Fri, 12 Jun 2015 07:07:19 EST another beautiful thunderstorm! Crashing rain, flashing lightning, booming thunder. We just love the rain! Tue, 9 Jun 2015 18:25:48 EST Volunteering today Working on cabinets for the daycare rooms. Lots of hard work so we slept well! Mon, 8 Jun 2015 07:15:55 EST Taking care of Mum is HARD! Both my sisters have expressed NO interest in caring for my Mum, none whatsoever. My older sister is the executor of her estate and calls my mother every couple of weeks for a few minutes while she makes dinner! My younger sister wants nothing to do with any of us. Caring for my 89 y/o fragile mum falls only one me and I am exhausted! Sat, 6 Jun 2015 14:56:00 EST National Doughnut Day! Today is National Doughnut Day and Krispy Kreme here is giving away free doughnuts. I have scheduled one into my calories for the day and will also add another hour to my walking! Fri, 5 Jun 2015 07:40:48 EST National Doughnut Day! Today is National Doughnut Day and Krispy Kreme here is giving away free doughnuts. I have scheduled one into my calories for the day and will also add another hour to my walking! Fri, 5 Jun 2015 07:40:48 EST Looking better update on kitty After another day at the vet, labs normal, expensive x-rays normal, we brought the Siamese back home. We are continuing the pepcid twice a day and last night she came upstairs and woke us up to be fed. That's great news! Thrilled she wants to eat so hopefully she is recovering. Out a sinful amount of money...but we don't have kids so rationalize a lot! Got a gorgeous rain last night, over 1.5 inches. So glad we left California! Thu, 4 Jun 2015 06:01:49 EST Cat no better Poor thing, she's under the dining table and doesn't want to be bothered. Her labs were normal yesterday but she seemed to have a little belly pain, the vet said. $300 for no diagnosis, just "give her 1/4 a pepsid pill twice a day" which she spat out this morning before she bit me! We leave in 10 days for a wedding cruise...Mum had a very happy birthday and was delighted when my beloved had her creme brulle served with a candle! Wed, 3 Jun 2015 07:03:10 EST Cat is sick, Mum turns 89 My poor Siamese cat is so sick, she is indoor only and gets brushed every day but yesterday we came home from our ride and found she'd vomited all over the house, at least a dozen places. I tried offering her food this morning but she refused, just sits quietly beside me. I'll try and get her in today. <BR> Beloved and I hope to take Mum away to celebrate her 89th birthday... Tue, 2 Jun 2015 07:12:34 EST 40 mile ride I logged in 3 hours but we were actually cycling for 4 hours! Lots and lots of hill work, I'll sleep well tonight! Love how much stronger I have become and how much longer I can cycle. Adore tandem riding with my beloved! Mon, 1 Jun 2015 16:21:35 EST Hubby and Mummy down with allergies! Poor Mum, and now my beloved, both feeling horrid from allergies. Beautiful spring, lovely trees and flowers, but the allergies that come with this season can be hard on us. I take allergy medicine every day and am "encouraging" them to do the same! Sun, 31 May 2015 10:23:58 EST Slept like the dead! I slept so hard last night after our 40 mile tandem ride. It feels good to realize the hills aren't killing me like when we started tandem riding a year ago. I sleep so well after a hard day of exercise! Sat, 30 May 2015 06:49:55 EST Tandem ride Today is an all day tandem ride! We are getting the rack back on my car, beloved is loading the Trek, and we are cycling along the Reedy river, up through the little towns, and getting in some hill work. Get moving, my friends! Fri, 29 May 2015 07:26:24 EST to the gym Going to the gym today with my beloved! Thu, 28 May 2015 07:08:59 EST