CAROLBLAND's SparkPeople Blog CAROLBLAND's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Shin splints and Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. I did too much too fast trying to prepare myself for the race for the cure and gave myself shin splints. So I am taking a step back till I heal. Walking has never been my strong suit because I have bad ankles. I plan to do so much better next year. So I really need to work at getting in shape with out causing myself further injury. <BR> <BR> I went yesterday to the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure to do the one mile fun walk. I knew I would not be able to do the 5k. I ended up being pushed ... Mon, 17 Oct 2011 02:33:48 EST 06/23/11 Moist Tasty Turkey Burgers After having a dry tasteless turkey burger I had to look this up. <BR> <BR> The secret to cooking moist and flavorful turkey burgers is adding enough moisture to replace the fat they lack. When we fry or broil them, the little fat they contain drains out and leaves us with dry burgers. <BR> <BR> One way to remedy this is to use ground turkey that includes some dark meat, which has more flavor than the white breast meat alone. Packages labelled ground turkey are a mix of light and dark meat,... Fri, 24 Jun 2011 00:39:17 EST June 1st Misty is still missing. We look for her every day and pray that she is safe. <BR> <BR> I did get good news from the Doctor. The MRI shows nothing to be concerned about. Blood work is good too. Next cancer check up 3 mo and Mammography 6 mos. Wed, 1 Jun 2011 03:39:03 EST Feeling ever so grumpy 05/25/11 The Last fee days have been Draining. I haven't Slept much at all. There has been Stormy weather and tornado's. My Dog Misty has been missing for Two days. Last sighted in a taco bell parking lot at Oats and Gus Thomasson in Mesquite headed toward Maylee. The Police tried to catch her but did not succeed. My Brother may have Bone cancer and they have started him on chemo treatment. I Have to go back for a 2nd breast MRI the one last week was only on the lt and they should have done both left ... Thu, 26 May 2011 00:08:44 EST Tuesday 05/10/11 I went today for my mammogram and they found something that looks suspicious so they are going to order a breast MRI. We think my implant is leaking silicon into the breast tissue better that then more cancer. Any way I will probably have to have more surgery. <BR> <BR> I am meeting a spark friend tomorrow to go walking in the Park. I have gone to the Gym a few times but not as often as I should. <BR> <BR> Still not losing weight but stopped gaining. To be Honest I haven't been Trying ... Tue, 10 May 2011 21:15:31 EST FFF Fabulous Friends Forever = Friends fun and food. = FFF .... lol What more could I ask for? <BR> Had a great day. Went to the Black Box Theater at the Mesquite Art Center meet up with 4 friends and saw a play called "Sex? Please, We're Over Sixty" It was hilarious We laughed all the way though it. Then we had dinner at the Jalapeno restaurant. I declined a Margaretta for unsweetened tea. and had a Spinach enchilada and a chicken enchilada no sour cream and with the guacamole on the side. It w... Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:53:14 EST Complaining Well I am barely doing 30 minutes of working out at the gym focusing on my core and cardio and thighs and I am so sore. but don't want to back it off to 20 minutes. I think I need to just keep at 30 minutes till the soreness goes away. <BR> <BR> I went out to White Rock lake today and got a little sun burned and have a really bad head ache. <BR> <BR> Wow, I am really complaining a lot. Think I will just call it a night, and go get some sleep... if I can. I have a lot to do tomorrow. <BR>... Sat, 16 Apr 2011 22:53:39 EST 10 reasons to exercise. Info to remember about carbs. 2 recipes. 10 BENEFITS OF EXERCISE <BR> 1. BUILD MUSCLE <BR> 2. INCREASE STRENGTH & ENDURANCE <BR> 3. INCREASE METABOLISM, BURN FAT <BR> 4. IMPROVE MOBILITY­­­ <BR> 5. IMPROVE SKIN ELASTICITY <BR> 6. ENHANCE MOOD <BR> 7. STRENGTHEN BONES & REDUCE BONE LOSS <BR> 8. INCREASE ENERGY LEVEL <BR> 9. IMPROVE MENTAL ALERTNESS & MEMORY <BR> 10. DECREASE STREE, DEPRESSION & ANXIETY <BR> <BR> Recipe of the month <BR> No-Pasta Veggie Lasagna <BR> Ingredien... Mon, 4 Apr 2011 20:07:16 EST Up date I have a confession I have not really been trying to lose weight for a few months and have gained a few pounds back (15 actually) I just felt so much better after losing 80 lbs. I started being more social and just kinda set all the diligence aside. So, I am going to join a gym and get more active, and start paying more attention to my food choices and portion sizes. I also need to get more sleep if I can. But I am going to continue to be active socially. I did not realize how much I missed ... Fri, 1 Apr 2011 11:56:10 EST Up date Well, I am at a stand still in this weight loss journey.... yet I am pleasantly content. I feel like I have my fife back. I am so much more active and social right now that I haven't really taken time to focus on this. That is not to say that I have by any means given up on losing any more weight or on trying to get healthier. ... Just feeling so much better health wise and getting out there enjoying life for the 1st time in many years. So now I have to learn to do both at the same time is al... Mon, 21 Feb 2011 00:46:13 EST My reminder, this months goal, and a new recipe to try. My Reminder: <BR> <BR> My doctor reminded me to eat my protein because Insufficient protein in your diet will cause a decrease in lean body mass and muscle tissue. As you lose weight, you do not want to lose the part that helps you burn energy. <BR> <BR> He also reminded me that Exercise that helps build muscle will increase your lean body mass. Any activity helps - walking is a good start. Eventually I will add exercises that build muscle strength. <BR> <BR> <BR> My Goal of the month: <B... Sat, 8 Jan 2011 06:27:49 EST Happy Thanksgiving poem May your stuffing be tasty <BR> May your turkey be plump, <BR> May your potatoes and gravy <BR> Have never a lump. <BR> May your yams be delicious <BR> ...And your pies take the prize, <BR> And may your Thanksgiving dinner <BR> Stay off your thighs! <BR> Happy Thanksgiving All <BR> <BR> Author unknown Fri, 12 Nov 2010 14:07:54 EST