CANBDONE's SparkPeople Blog CANBDONE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community NAUGHTY OR NICE I'm making a (food) list and checking it twice: <BR> <BR> B: scrambled eggs, coffee <BR> <BR> L: Progresso light soup <BR> <BR> D: baked fish, 3 servings of veggies <BR> snacks: tangerines <BR> <BR> Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Sat, 8 Dec 2012 07:35:30 EST SELF-CONTROL "A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls." (Proverbs 25) Eugene Peterson puts it this way: "A person without self-control is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out ." That pretty well describes the feelings that engulf you after a binge-fest. You're left defenseless against shame and blame. Empowerment follows a day of remaining food sober. I'm rebuilding my walls, one day at a time. Wed, 14 Nov 2012 08:03:54 EST A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP It's amazing how peacefully you sleep when you don't binge on processed salty, sugary foods at night, washed down with diet soda. Yes, eating "clean" foods is beneficial on many levels, but a night without antacids and indigestion is invaluable to the next day's well-being. I'm going to repeat what I did yesterday: salmon, brussel sprouts, asparagus, veggie burger, fresh fruit, air-popped popcorn, and a little All-Bran. Just for today..... Mon, 12 Nov 2012 11:13:08 EST FINALLY It's been a long time coming, but I finally stuck to what I planned in my nutritional tracker! They say the secret to losing weight is track your food. I disagree, tracking is easy, it's the sticking to the tracker that's hard. Now, I do admit, that once I've veered off course, I don't enter the binge foods. In defense, how could I? I don't weigh and measure when I'm gorging. Wait, that's not a defense, that's an excuse! I succeeded yesterday, I can do it again today. I'm the only one... Fri, 2 Nov 2012 07:29:30 EST RIGHT DIRECTION I'm headed in the right direction and regaining control of my food addiction. I look forward to the day when it doesn't feel like a constant battle, a tug of war with the little red devil and the haloed angel on my shoulders. WW had a commercial with a fuzzy, cutsie little orange "hunger" critter. Whoever wrote that commercial didn't fight the battle of the bulge, because there is nothing warm and fuzzy about emotional eating. I didn't have a perfect day yesterday, but it was a better one... Mon, 29 Oct 2012 07:27:55 EST GET IT RIGHT God has given me another day to "get it right". I have a 5 Point Plan (have you heard that lately?) <BR> 1. stay connected to my Spark Family <BR> 2. drink at least 64 ounces of water <BR> 3. use my nutritional tracker <BR> 4. stick to my plan <BR> 5. meaningful movement <BR> <BR> Inner Strength: the closer I draw to my Mountain-Mover, the more power I will have Sun, 28 Oct 2012 06:22:52 EST Even Steven I've managed to lose the 6#'s I gained on my week's holiday. Just once I'd like to go on vacation and not gain. I'd be happy if I maintained. I'm on day two of my food sobriety, but who's counting? Plan of Improvement: lots of fluids Sat, 27 Oct 2012 14:02:58 EST DOWN BUT STILL UP I'm down 3#'s from yesterday, but still up 3#'s from my week of vacation. I included lots of beans and greens yesterday...and two fruits and a teaspoon of ground flax. Today's Plan of Improvement: 1. more water, 2. no salty, buttery popcorn or p.b. and jelly sandwiches <BR> <BR> {Lord, I need Your Glory-Strength, not my grit-your-teeth strength. Help me to keep my eyes on You.} Tue, 23 Oct 2012 10:21:46 EST Leaf Looker I just returned from a week of "leaf peeping". I live in southern Georgia, where it's ever green. I spent 4 days with my son and his family in Tennessee and 3 days in the north Georgia mountains with my brother and sister. My brother is blessed to live on the top of Black Rock mountain...almost heaven, is my name for it! It was peak leaf season, so very beautiful. Am I the only one that can come back from a week's vacation 6 pds. heavier? I'm hoping some of it is water weight from trave... Mon, 22 Oct 2012 12:15:56 EST POWER There's power in our words, so I'm not going to tell you about all of my shortcomings yesterday. Instead, I'll relate the positives: I made a food plan and tracked it, I removed all foods that would cause me to binge, I blogged and sparked with my Spark Family, I ate 7 freggies, I read articles that promoted healthy ideas, I found a new spark recipe. Now, for my plan of improvement: don't do any of the things that side-tracked me yesterday. It's that first bite of "I don't care" that gets ... Thu, 11 Oct 2012 07:56:28 EST ONCE AGAIN... Once again, I make a plan: <BR> 1. eat nutrient-dense foods <BR> 2. track and stick to the plan <BR> 3. stay food sober (no bingeing) <BR> 4. connect with my Spark Family for emotional support <BR> 5. FIRST AND FOREMOST: GOD POWER not willpower (more of Him, less of me...literally) Wed, 10 Oct 2012 07:18:43 EST A LITTLE BIT NAUGHTY, A LITTLE BIT NICE I realize that perfection is my enemy and balance is my friend, but I need to forget the 50/50 concept and go after the 80/20 goal. In order to lose weight, I have to embrace healthy choices for at least 80% of the time instead of the other way around. I have to get to the point that I respond to true hunger with nutritionally-dense foods instead of feeding my toxic hunger with more junk. My head knows this, now it's time for my heart and soul to follow. Mon, 8 Oct 2012 07:47:06 EST WORRIED OR WORKING? How long am I going to worry about my weight instead of doing the work it takes to lose weight? Is today the day? Can I stick to my plan? I need to remind myself I already have everything it takes to lose weight. It's time to turn the corner, turn it around, and turn on the determination. I CAN DO THIS! Fri, 5 Oct 2012 07:22:34 EST ADDICTIONS 1. food 2. hope <BR> What if I could change the focus of my addiction to food from abuse to proper use? What if I filled myself with nutrient dense foods instead of processed calorie laden craving producing foods? <BR> <BR> What if I took my never ending God filled Holy Spirit fueled Hope and turned it into fact? What if I actually ate what I put on my nutritional tracker and only that? What if I did what I say I will do? What if I traded my willpower for Godpower? Thu, 4 Oct 2012 07:38:43 EST TOO LITTLE/TOO MUCH So many diet plans out there: low carb, high carb, low fat/ high fat, count calories/calorie freedom and the list goes on. I read something in an article that somebody posted on here. Am I the last to know about G-BOMBS? Anyone tried this plan and had success? Is is sustainable? Talk to me.... Wed, 3 Oct 2012 10:55:35 EST TRACK OR PASTURE? What's it take to get back on track? I know it begins in the brain. It fact, the proper mindset is imperative for success. The problem lies in all the fiery arrows the evil one sends every day. They are the things that cause an emotional eater to veer off the track and run for the pasture. Things like grown children acting like children, finances, relationship problems or lack of one, loneliness, stubbornness, fear, laziness, busyness, poor other words, LIFE! I need manna... Sat, 29 Sep 2012 11:52:27 EST PLANNING STAGE I've made a plan: <BR> 1. tracked my plan of 3 meals and 2 snacks (staying within my calorie range) <BR> 2. connected to Spark Family <BR> 3. 7 freggies <BR> 4. increase my water intake <BR> 5. spent MORE time with the Lamb <BR> <BR> Lord, give me the strength to stick to my plan. I need Your Glory-Strength, not my grit-my-teeth strength. In Jesus' Name... <em>459</em> Wed, 26 Sep 2012 11:54:12 EST SLEEPER AWAKE "Sleeper awake. Rise from the dead!" I have been away from SparkPeople for exactly 4 months. Meanwhile, I've done a little WW, a little TOPS, a little ADKINS, and a lot of bingeing. My BP is high and my doctor has put me on two meds. My eating is out of control. Every morning I wake up with a plan and good intentions and every night I end up with poor sleep from night-time bingeing. Of course, I have a new plan today, but I've decided to reconnect to my Spark Family. It's useless to b... Wed, 19 Sep 2012 11:39:38 EST A Child's Appetite My grandsons are spending the weekend with me. My 5 year old is a "Starvin' Marvin" today. This is what he has consumed so far: 1 donut, 4 links of sausage, 3 pancakes, 3 ears of corn, and 3 pieces of buttered bread....and it's only 10:45! I'm getting my exercise from cooking for the child! I think it's time to clean up and go to the park. Instead of sitting on the bench, I'll walk around the playground and burn some calories of my own. Yesterday I attended my 5th grade grandson's award... Sat, 19 May 2012 10:54:17 EST HUNGRY AS A BULL That's what my 5 year old grandson says when he's hungry. "I'm hungry as a bull, Grandma!" Today has been one of those days when I've had to fight for my food sobriety. I'm trying to eat "power foods" to curb my appetite. You know, freggies, wholewheat, lean meats, ff dairy. What's worked so far, is to change my focus when the urge strikes. I stop whatever I'm doing and do something else. I crafted two cards with positive affirmations on them, read a couple of chapters of a motivationa... Fri, 30 Mar 2012 16:40:29 EST NO MORE STRUGGLES! What would happen if I quit struggling with food and just became still in the power of the Resurrection? I have been powerless to binge-eating for several months. I've regained all but 15 of the 38 pounds I lost 6 months ago with WW's. Following my usual pattern of behavior, I found all kinds of reasons to quit. I've now joined TOPS for my support group and accountability. I have been inactive on SP, as well. Today's my birthday. What better gift could I give myself today than to retur... Thu, 29 Mar 2012 16:16:10 EST PEACE AND PRODUCTIVITY I'm aiming to have a peaceful and productive day. I'll make a food plan and stick to it. I have been ignoring my water intake. I'll fix that today. I've sat with the Lamb and will go back to the Secret Garden for more strength as the day wears on. My dishwasher is emptied and refilled, a load of laundry is washing, and I'm headed for the office to pay bills and balance the checkbook. This afternoon will be spent with my two God Gifts. (grandsons) I'm going to stay in the moment. Peac... Fri, 9 Mar 2012 08:22:35 EST HONESTLY... Honestly, why am I making this so hard? Why can't I get back into the swing of things? It's not really that difficult to figure out...I've just got to BEGIN! It's not about starting over, but it's about continuing the journey. The journey has never stopped, but I've been traveling around the mountain over and over and over. It's time to start climbing and go OVER the mountain. I need to see a new view, get a new perspective, light a spark! Once again, I'm going to track my food, spark,... Wed, 7 Mar 2012 08:44:11 EST LESSER vs. GREATER lesser self: "Not enough people believe in me...I'll never make it!" <BR> greater self: "My faith in God and in myself is enough...I can make it!" <BR> <BR> lesser self: "It's taking too long to realize my dream!" <BR> greater self: "Dreams are realized one day at a time." <BR> <BR> lesser self: "Enough is enough...I've taken too many hits!" <BR> greater self: "I've come too far to give up now!" <BR> <BR> lesser self: "I don't have the strength to hold on to my dream." <BR> greater se... Sat, 3 Mar 2012 13:05:30 EST TOO MUCH ON MY PLATE Literally: TOO MUCH ON MY PLATE! I've gained 17 pds. since Thanksgiving...but since I'm an optimist, I lost two pounds yesterday. I'm aiming for another day of self-control. I had to painfully let go of a volunteer job and gift of time. With watching my grandsons 5 days a week, plus the 2-3 days of caring for a friend, I recognized I was in over my head. Not enough energy, becoming too tired, not exercising, binge eating to unwind...losing my focus. Since I'm a "yes" person, I'm feeling... Fri, 24 Feb 2012 12:04:01 EST OVERFLOW "May the God of hope fill me with all joy and peace as I trust in Him, so that I may OVERFLOW with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." (Romans 15:13) <BR> <BR> There...I'm ready to face the day. I've encouraged myself, renewed my spirit, reconnected to the Source, put on my armor. I'm ready to do spiritual battle with the weapon of the He has taken something that was meant for good and turned it against me. I AM able to resist temptation. I AM able to extinguish ALL th... Sun, 12 Feb 2012 08:53:33 EST HOW DO I LOVE ME? 1. tracked my food <BR> 2. stick to the plan <BR> 3. drink lots of water <BR> 4. exercise <BR> 5. spark <BR> <BR> {In the name of Jesus, I loose my mind of wrong thought patterns. I tear down strongholds that have protected bad perceptions about myself. I submit to You. I acknowledge that my energy is Yours, that the joy of the Lord is my strength.] Sat, 4 Feb 2012 13:33:13 EST HOW DO I LOVE THEE? How many ways can I show myself love this month? I'm going to be my own Sweetheart this month. I'm the target for Cupid's arrows. I value myself, so I'm going to be my own Valentine. <BR> 2/1: exercised with a group of new friends <BR> ate a healthy lunch and dinner <BR> 2/2: sparked <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> stay tuned.... <em>247</em> Thu, 2 Feb 2012 06:04:22 EST COME ON, OLD GIRL! Come on, Old Girl! Think of what you've already gone through and survived. Contemplate what you've conquered. Consider the consequences. Face your failures and fight. Do what you know you can do. Come on, Old Girl! Tue, 31 Jan 2012 08:23:48 EST I CAN DO THIS Today's SparkPeople motivational quote was written just for me! "Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm." (unknown) <BR> <BR> When you fail and fail and then fail once a again...what's your next move? Since I'm addicted to HOPE, I wake up and plan for success. I give it another go, I encourage myself with The Word, SparkPeople, and the Holy Spirit. I act like a winner. I thank God for what He's doing in my body and mind and spirit. I acknowledge that my ... Mon, 30 Jan 2012 08:40:37 EST WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE? What's it going to take to get back on track? I know it's 99% mental. It's a "brain thang". It's a spiritual battle as well as a physical battle. I must rely on Godpower not willpower. It's time to dig deep and just do it! Sun, 29 Jan 2012 08:10:15 EST WHO AM I? "Quitting is more about WHO you are, than WHERE you are, or WHAT you're up against." (The Word for You Today) <BR> <BR> Who am I? Am I a quitter? I admit I have quite a few unfinished craft projects in closets. I've started and stopped hundreds of diets. I've lost and regained gazillions of pounds. I'm random abstract when I clean house...10 minutes in the kitchen, make my bed, dust the livingroom, back to the kitchen to put the dishes away, back to the bedroom to gather Fri, 27 Jan 2012 08:12:30 EST WALK THE WALK It's a beautiful morning in southern Georgia. I can't believe it's going to be in the 80's today! I'm going to put on my tennies, grab a trash bag and my "grabber" and go pick up some litter on my walk. It's been a long time since I walked and I'm not sure how it's going to feel...but I'm going to walk at least 10 minutes. Tomorrow I'm going to an "Off our Rockers" exercise class. I have to push myself more. My mobility issues will just get worse if I don't move more. I will attempt t... Thu, 26 Jan 2012 08:47:16 EST OPEN DOOR "I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept My Word and have not denied My Name." <BR> (Revelations 3:7) <BR> <BR> This made me think of the red open door goodie that I like to send to my Spark family. It reminds me that I must rely on His strength, because I know the weakness of my willpower. It's comforting to know that He knows how weak I am, yet is willing to give me the strength to walk through that door. The... Mon, 23 Jan 2012 08:21:52 EST NEW SLATE Today's a new day, a new slate, a new canvas. How will I spend it? What will I write? What picture will I paint? Everything I need to succeed, I already have. This is not an impossible dream, it's a doable goal. I'm in charge of what goes into my body, my mind, and my spirit. I'm the head not the tail. I am more than a conqueror, which means the battle's already been won. <BR> <BR> I press on... Sat, 21 Jan 2012 07:46:29 EST RENOVATION Building means to renovate. It implies tearing down what's not working for you and building up what will. Here's what works for me: <BR> 1. tracking <BR> 2. sparking <BR> 3. proper hydration <BR> 4. meaningful movement <BR> 5. staying within my calorie ranges <BR> 6. SPENDING TIME WITH THE ONE WHO LOVES ME BEST (hope you know Him) <BR> Here's what doesn't work: <BR> 1. doing 1-4 and not 5 <BR> <BR> Peace and Progress Fri, 20 Jan 2012 08:28:02 EST PROACTIVE "If you're proactive your faith will grow. If you're passive, it won't. Like the rush of water against a riverbank, there's an erosion of faith that comes simply from living every day. If you don't do anything to secure and strengthen your faith, it begins to deteriorate." (The Word for You Today) <BR> <BR> I was finally able to stay on track yesterday! My ankle and knee is less painful this morning. Too much sodium makes my bones scream for mercy! While I didn't quite get in all my ... Thu, 19 Jan 2012 08:03:36 EST LESSONS FROM FAILURE Learn from your failure, grow stronger through it, use it to bless others, move on with your life, and stop condemning yourself!" (The Word for You Today) <BR> <BR> This is just what I needed to read this morning. I have been headed in the wrong direction for weeks. I start out every morning strong by tracking, sparking, blogging...and then at some point I crash and burn. I've come to the conclusion that this is a spiritual battle. I need to remind the enemy that the battle has already ... Wed, 18 Jan 2012 07:13:47 EST PRINCIPLES THERE ARE PRINCIPLES TO BE OBSERVED: <BR> 1. calories in, calories out <BR> 2. eat less, move more <BR> 3. repeat <BR> 4. More of Him and less of me <BR> <BR> I know what to just do it! (with the help of God) <BR> Tue, 17 Jan 2012 12:20:53 EST DESTRUCTIVE COPING SKILLS Do not cope with destructive habits. As I was reading my Bible this morning, I read those words that I had written on the margin in '08. Here it is '12. and I'm still going around the same mountain! "Do not destroy that one Christ died for by what you eat." (Romans 14:15) I think the Lord was trying to tell me something this morning! Yesterday in church, my pastor reminded us that we should be led and guided by more than your feelings....we should be led by the Holy Spirit. My prayer fo... Mon, 16 Jan 2012 08:45:10 EST STEADY, OLD GIRL Steady on, Old Girl! You've had two consecutive days of staying on track. Yesterday you hit all 5 goals: <BR> 1. track <BR> 2. stick to tracked plan <BR> 3. water (64oz.) <BR> 4. exercise (10 minutes) <BR> 5. spark <BR> <BR> My plan of improvement will be to increase water to 72 oz. My sodium is better than yesterday, but still needs to decrease. As long as I do just even a little bit better than's progress. I'm aiming to be more productive before I have to pick up the gr... Fri, 13 Jan 2012 10:32:48 EST BARE-KNUCKLED Why are some days easier than others? Yesterday I was food sober, sticking to my tracked plan, exercising, sparking, and working on increasing my water intake. (didn't quite make it) The scale rewarded me this morning, but still have to give myself permission to release the 14 pounds I've taken back. I like these words from SP: <BR> <BR> "When you're on the right track with something, keep going with it...or beware of what's charging after you!" <BR> <BR> I'm going for day two and my m... Thu, 12 Jan 2012 08:40:13 EST STRENGTH AND SUPPORT "After you suffer for a short time, God who gives all grace, will make everything right. He will make you strong and support you and keep you from failing." (1 Peter 5:10) <BR> <BR> He's never lied to me...He always keeps His promises. I'm good to go! Tue, 10 Jan 2012 06:56:37 EST I DID IT! FINALLY: I was able to stick to my tracked plan, drink my water, exercise, and sparked! I have been off track for weeks and can't seem to get it right. I start off strong and then veer off into danger ice cream, chips, unmeasured portions, fried food, fast food, and let's not forget the cookies...lots of them! That could explain the 14 pounds I've gained since the end of October. I'm always amazed at the bloggers that say they are doing everything right and still not losing.... Mon, 9 Jan 2012 15:44:52 EST PROGRESS I need to make some progress. I'm playing around with being serious about losing weight. What am I afraid of? I AM GOING TO SLAY THIS FOOD GIANT! I'm arming my slingshot with an apple, banana, salad, spinach, an egg, skim milk, yogurt, fruit smoothie, olives, and turkey. I'm going to flush the enemy out with lots of water. I'm jogging onto the battle field to burn a few extra calories. <BR> <BR> READY, SET, AIM! Sun, 8 Jan 2012 14:04:33 EST SPIRIT FOOD "God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present and well-proved help in trouble." (Psalm 46) <BR> <BR> "He does not crush the weak, or quench the smallest hope." (Matthew 12) He will treat you gently. He will make you whole again. You're not beyond the reach of God's grace. (The Word for you Today) <BR> <BR> Let's all have a great WEEKEND....not WEAKEND! Sat, 7 Jan 2012 11:59:08 EST STRENGTH AND POWER "You gain strength from the struggle and power from the pain when you are willing to risk moving from the shadows into the light." (unknown) <BR> <BR> I'm stepping out and turning on the LIGHT! Fri, 6 Jan 2012 07:05:28 EST S.M.A.R.T. An oldie but a goodie: <BR> S: specific (state exactly what you'll do) <BR> M: measurable (specifics you can measure) <BR> A: attainable (something doable) <BR> R. realistic (something doable) <BR> T: timely (give your goal a reasonable time frame) <BR> <BR> food for thought: <BR> "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." (Klaudie Vanousova) Thu, 5 Jan 2012 11:44:57 EST GETTING IT BACK I finally feel like I'm getting back my self-control and resolve. Yesterday I exercised (walking), tracked, sparked, and stayed in my calorie ranges. Today I am going to try and get that water in! (almost made it) My daughter and two grands are still with me. I have to say I love having the house full again. We went grocery shopping together yesterday. Nothing but good stuff in my cart, not so much in hers. Brownie bites, chex mix, puddings, chips...and she made cookies late last night... Wed, 4 Jan 2012 03:52:54 EST TAKING STOCK I was feeling like a loser (oh, that I literally was a LOSER) about the holiday gain and then I checked my weight last year on this date. I'm seven pounds lighter. I have to take victory where I find it...I'm not 70 pds. lighter, which is what I could have been if I had had more control of myself...but I AM starting the year off a wee bit healthier. My day is starting off on a positive note: <BR> 1. time with The Lamb <BR> 2. healthy breakfast (poached egg on sandwich thin, reduced fat bac... Mon, 2 Jan 2012 08:34:16 EST