BYEPOUNDS's SparkPeople Blog BYEPOUNDS's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community left yoga early does not happen often <BR> <BR> didn't even give myself a guilt trip when I did <BR> <BR> trusting myself that whatever the reason was: <BR> didn't eat before I went to class <BR> unusually cold outside <BR> there were different activities going on at the y this weekend <BR> it will pass, and I will go on with whatever else I deem important, like doing my laundry <BR> <BR> next time I have a chance to do my exercising, I'll be able to focus more <BR> <BR> ... Sat, 31 Jan 2015 10:20:55 EST Friday Um....the one instructor asked me if I was in earlier yesterday morning when I was doing my activtrax in the afternoon and I said no. <BR> <BR> Then she said that I seem to be in there all of the time, and I joked about should I have my mail forwarded. Only I was surprised that I didn't know how to answer her in a different manner. <BR> <BR> Well, I asked in one of the message boards how to tell if I'm overtraining, and I'm fortunate that Coach Jen directed me to this link: <BR> http://www... Fri, 30 Jan 2015 16:30:17 EST Beans and porkchops and rice I'm going to talk about my success with a couple of recipes. My friend shared a bean recipe that goes into the crock pot and cooks for about seven hours--lima, black, northern, red--and I added bay leaves, split peas, black eyed peas, red and green peppers, onion,--it called for catsup, but I put in tomato juice, molasses and I think that's all. It is good, and now I have to put it into containers and freeze because it makes a lot! <BR> <BR> I also got a tray of thin cut pork chops that I ... Tue, 27 Jan 2015 16:40:22 EST Success on eating breakfast at home Well, I ate breakfast at home and I had the food handy. It worked, yeah!!!!! <BR> <BR> Today, I also had success for swimming laps. After I went to the noon water aerobics, I got a kickboard and some leg floats and put them near the side of the pool, so I didn't have to leave the pool to get them. It would have been too easy to walk on out the door. <BR> <BR> It's crowded in the lap lanes right after class, so I guessed correctly that I would be sharing. It's never been a comfortable time... Fri, 23 Jan 2015 17:15:05 EST Lunch bag well ok, next plan, find the lunch bag and put it on the counter..... <BR> <BR> I didn't pack my lunch, but I got some easy to reach things and grabbed them to eat in the car on the way to the gym, got to my tai chi class early <BR> <BR> this evening, I grabbed an apple, milk, and peanut butter and rye bread and ate it sitting down before I left <BR> <BR> yeah, Thu, 22 Jan 2015 17:19:09 EST wise advice help comes sometimes when I least expect it <BR> <BR> I overslept and went to a yoga class without eating breakfast. Then after the class, I left the y and got some breakfast and returned for the next activity. <BR> <BR> I mentioned to a fellow locker room member what I did. She just opened her locker and showed me her lunch box, a yellow one at that, and said, she packs her lunch in the evening before she goes to bed and puts it where she can't walk out of her home without it. <BR> <BR> O... Wed, 21 Jan 2015 16:17:01 EST 2 swimming and tai chi my goal now is to stay for the entire class, it hurt so much previously that I would leave early. Then I reallized I was getting better with less pain but somehow my body still thought that it was going to hurt <BR> <BR> So, now I'm weaning myself off the crutch of leaving and staying for more of the class. <BR> <BR> Swimming is going better, I'm trying to stay for 20 minutes with the correct form, and as another swimmer cheered me on by saying, hey, you have a lifetime to improve, there is... Tue, 20 Jan 2015 14:52:20 EST Take a break day Well, My pt brace was fixed so I'm back on schedule to do the daily sessions with it, and I'm concluding my pt sessions soon, so must prioritize the brace sessions. <BR> <BR> With family things to do today, I decided not to take the guilt trip about not going to yoga this am. A bit reluctant yes, but maybe somehow it will be ok. <BR> <BR> Sat, 17 Jan 2015 16:32:09 EST lol I did a shoulder stand In yoga class the instructor challenged us and I said right! <BR> <BR> Only I put the block under the tush and those ab work from the activtrac has marvelous results <BR> <BR> my legs went up and lol I did a shoulder stand with my hands holding the tush! Fri, 16 Jan 2015 15:11:21 EST busy week I'm exercising more and am eating more. I'm not sure how to figure how much extra I can eat. <BR> <BR> It has increased my want to sleep more and I've been able to accommodate that. <BR> <BR> I don't have the desire to fuss over little things, lol. That's a plus. <BR> <BR> Fri, 16 Jan 2015 14:46:15 EST practicing the crawl ok, after two lessons to improve my swimming strokes so that I can use swimming better to improve my shoulder, I was belly flopping myself in the lane much like a beached whale. <BR> <BR> When I got out, one of the instructors mentioned that age did not have anything to do with improving one's self it's just a retraining of the brain, which ok, I've heard it said. But then, she added something that made sense. it's a matter of making the new thing automatic and all that it requires is repe... Thu, 15 Jan 2015 16:08:23 EST how are you? Just curious as to what is going well with you today and what do you wish were different? Best to you Tue, 13 Jan 2015 12:30:32 EST Beginning swimming lessons, yep, good idea Beginning swimming lessons, yep, good idea <BR> <BR> What can I say, lol, I went and thought that because I spend so much time in the water, that the instructors would say that I didn't need to be there, wrong! <BR> <BR> Lol, let's see my head was not down in the water right, my legs did not flutter fast enough, my mouth was not shaped right to get the water out and turn fast enough to get the right amount of water into my body, there might have been more, but after the 45 minute class, I w... Sat, 10 Jan 2015 16:10:06 EST an adventure with my new-to-me car well, i have a new credit union and I had an adventure finding it and I shared with my car how it is the car's owner but I'm changing that. <BR> <BR> I also found a thread on emergency meals, and it seemed to be a great idea and one that I will find useful. <BR> <BR> Deciding whether or not I want to join the swimming class for beginners this evening, I think my shoulder is ready. It would be helpful and motivating for me to have others remind me to move more. My breathing and alignment on ... Tue, 6 Jan 2015 16:02:18 EST exercising again well, the instructors are back on schedule and it is after the holidays <BR> <BR> it was great to be working out this am Sat, 3 Jan 2015 12:17:34 EST two days with out eating out 1. good for me, two days without eating out <BR> <BR> 2. lunch today, ate out, grilled cheese and a pepsi, what could I have done otherwise? powdered milk in a cup and bottled water to make my own milk, two ounces of cheese, and I need to add more good stuff <BR> <BR> 3. physical therapist said to go back to swimming laps, it moves my shoulder better <BR> <BR> 4. working hard to keep my new to me car clean and decluttered. Why does it feel like climbing Mt. Everest when I have to take in... Fri, 2 Jan 2015 12:48:33 EST Food Well, the port loin, I was able to fix, serve for several days, and have no waste, and I didn't beat myself up when my plans got changed and I ate out. <BR> <BR> Last evening I put pieces of chicken in the crockpot, and then before I ate, I deboned it and put the chicken in small containers into the refrig, then I ate some for supper. <BR> <BR> I want to get some skim/lowfat milk and tomato juice for at home before I go home after the library today. <BR> <BR> Wed, 31 Dec 2014 14:41:44 EST focusing on food at home Learning not to buy too much food at once <BR> <BR> I focused on protein last evening, buying a pork loin already rubbed with spices and I baked it when I got home. I ate some for my evening meal and put the rest in the refrigerator to eat today and tomorrow. <BR> <BR> I also bought some beef and chicken which I froze. New to me, only fixing one of the cauliflower protein pieces instead of more. <BR> <BR> Veggies--cauliflower, which I will just steam. The whole head, tha... Sat, 27 Dec 2014 12:31:16 EST well, i'm going to focus on eating low carb and preparing home food how do I begin to cook at home, <BR> <BR> I've had that dilemna for a long time, so I'll focus on that again <BR> <BR> not looking forward to it again. Fri, 26 Dec 2014 13:34:07 EST clothes that fit ok, I've lost weight and still have problems sorting through my clothes to get rid of the larger size <BR> <BR> as a gift I got two workout pants and two tops, even so, it is hard to get rid of my recently new large pants <BR> <BR> guess I've been walking around the gym tugging at my pants to keep them up...... Tue, 23 Dec 2014 15:08:04 EST A1c from 7.5 down to 7.1 A1c from 7.5 down to 7.1 <BR> <BR> can't complain about that, and with that I'm going into the next four month period until I have the next blood work done <BR> <BR> Wed, 17 Dec 2014 13:42:32 EST Gratitude This has been quite the year for me. I was newly diagnosed with diabetes early this year and had to postpone shoulder surgery. I was able to get the a1c score down for the surgery in September. Since it was last October when I first noticed the slow moving shoulder, it's been a year for some of these muscles to be awakened through physical therapy and exercise. <BR> <BR> My work life exited, I had a kiddish fight with my sister so we are having a passive aggressive time-out period, and th... Wed, 10 Dec 2014 12:31:13 EST Monday exercise went well today Mon, 8 Dec 2014 13:08:09 EST car shopping I'm ok, my ol' car totaled and I procrastinated looking for another. Now that I've started and I got tutored on how to use the etc and where to start looking for cars, it's kind of fun. <BR> <BR> Im also learning to buy some chicken, crock pot it, put it in the refrig. Then when it is there and I have more home time, buy some veggies and cook them in water (steam them) and not get fancy and eat them <BR> <BR> Only, I'm eating them for breakfast and supper/evening--not trying to stop... Sat, 6 Dec 2014 11:11:33 EST Getting back on track made some chicken in the crockpot <BR> tonight, I'll cook the veggies <BR> tomorrow, when I leave, I'll take my bag of food with me <BR> I even got some ginger for tea, mmmm Tue, 2 Dec 2014 16:36:03 EST Hello December Today, I am getting back into my exercising routine. <BR> <BR> Lie on your back and touch your left arm over your shoulder and touch your hand on the floor. Today, I was able, with the help of my physical therapist, able to touch there. Amazing. I didn't think that would happen. <BR> <BR> So take care! <BR> <BR> My physical therapist shared that I am not over the therapy part of my life, I have a ways to go, it's just in one stretch that I'm almost back to normal. Mon, 1 Dec 2014 15:32:42 EST Emotional--hit the couch instead of going to exercise One of my goals is to not shy away from exercising. <BR> <BR> Yesterday, I had an upsetting phone call, and when I got off the phone it was early evening. <BR> <BR> So I vegged in front of the a potato. <BR> <BR> Didn't eat, just thought that my thoughts were more important to worry about rather than scoot into the car and go to a favorite class. What was I thinking? <BR> <BR> I want to make better choices next time and reduce this way of thinking. Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:11:19 EST shoulder well, the physical therapist is telling me that I am almost to my goal of having a full range of motion and I'm not comprehending <BR> <BR> it's been such an ordeal that she might be saying that my physical therapy sessions might be coming to a close <BR> <BR> not for sure, cause I didn't ask her, but I need to make a list of questions and then ask her some of them Thu, 20 Nov 2014 14:52:24 EST today Today, I went to a pilates class and did my activtrax, had a low carb breakfast and lunch, and did two of my four braces 1/2 hour for my shoulder. I took a nap and now I'm at the library which will soon close. Two more brace sessions today. <BR> <BR> I was swimming laps yesterday and the lifeguard stopped me. I thought I was using my shoulder correctly in the water, and he thought not and we talked about it for a while. <BR> <BR> He showed me how to put on the weighted waist float and the... Fri, 14 Nov 2014 17:04:27 EST Continuing on the wagon eating fewer carbs and more protein <BR> <BR> focusing more, nothing exciting to report, same ol' same ol' of getting back to doing what I should be doing Wed, 12 Nov 2014 14:12:39 EST More protein less carbs Well, I'm a diabetic and I've fallen off the wagon. <BR> <BR> So, to brush myself off and get back on the wagon and perhaps into the saddle again, I went to the grocery store and bought more protein and less carbs. Two items--tuna in water and celery. <BR> <BR> Lunch today will be tuna salad, I have the rest of the ingredients. Also, I'm going to a friend's house who has kids and I love to have a bowl of the sugary cereal which I don't keep at home. Oh well, not today. I also feel co... Sat, 8 Nov 2014 13:21:05 EST yoga 6 am This week, I made it to class for the 6am yoga and then for the 9:30 Barre class. <BR> <BR> Some of the classes are changing to a $5 fee class. Fri, 7 Nov 2014 11:07:20 EST Found a healing process Last weekend I went to a Tai Chi seminar and many of the people from my gym class were there. One of the class members also, I learned is a Reike instructor. <BR> <BR> She had her bed there and we were able to sign up for a session. <BR> <BR> My session was awesome. She and her assistant had me lie down face up and they touched my shoulders, both of them. She called it a draw. When the pain comes out. I couldn't believe it. It was awesome, simply awesome. <BR> <BR> She also talked to m... Tue, 4 Nov 2014 12:36:08 EST Barre Class Explanation from Sparkpeople members blog "By Andrea Rogers, Xtend Barre workout creator <BR> <BR> If you are staying on top of fitness trends you know that "barre workouts," which are designed to give you a long, lean dancer-like physique, are all the rage these days. Barre studios are popping up in every major city across the globe, along with a variety of DVDs you can do at home. While all barre workouts differ slightly in structure, most methods incorporate exercises done at a ballet barre (you can use the back of a chair at hom... Sat, 1 Nov 2014 17:31:07 EST Reike After Halloween yesterday, I left early and went home. I didn't stay with the relative's kids and I miss them much, but I wanted to go to a Tai Chi seminar. <BR> <BR> Missing the young folk, it was still beneficial that I went. Time management goofed and I didn't do my Saturday yoga, cause I needed to stop at the bank and also buy gasoline. Got to my seminar early, and it was great. Sat, 1 Nov 2014 16:58:09 EST Barre Class at the y Went to my first barre class this morning and there were lots of great moves for my recovering shoulder <BR> <BR> Barre classes include lots of ballerina moves <BR> <BR> I'm feeling the stretches, which is good <BR> <BR> Fri, 31 Oct 2014 13:23:21 EST Went to a pumpkin patch last weekend's nice weather made a great background for going with the family to a pumpkin patch and hayride <BR> <BR> it was fun and then came home <BR> <BR> my cell phone isn't working so will choose another one today--I don't know what features to get as my old one had the lid and no voice mail <BR> <BR> guess, I'm in for an adventure Wed, 29 Oct 2014 14:13:29 EST yoga this am, exercising this pm a good day so far Sat, 25 Oct 2014 17:02:41 EST limited time just writing this because I only have three minutes left on this computer <BR> <BR> Thu, 23 Oct 2014 15:04:53 EST schedule my top priority for the day is to go to the y and complete the Activetrax. 2)Then it is to do the four 1/2 hours of brace stretching. 3) Then shoulder stretching using the cloth and wiping the wall down, with my hand high on the wall as possible...substituting my windows and spray... I'll have clean windows. 4. on Tues and Thur, add TAi chi for 1/2 hour and building stamina. 5. On Tues Eve, Wed morning, Sat morning, add yoga class whenever possible. 6. Swimming on Tues noon, Thur noon... Wed, 22 Oct 2014 12:44:15 EST getting healthy again a journey doing research, i learned that sometimes frozen shoulder can happen as a result of a sedentary life style <BR> <BR> it's been almost five weeks since my frozen shoulder surgery and i've been told to move the shoulder <BR> <BR> last week i received a brace that i wear for four half-hour sessions a week that stretches my shoulder in some miraculous way with two little wheels <BR> <BR> along with that i am using the y and adding yoga, tai chi, weights, exercising and swimming throughout the w... Sat, 18 Oct 2014 10:35:29 EST the brace is helping for my frozen shoulder that I had an operation for in September, it was still tight <BR> <BR> the surgeon ordered a brace and I wear it for four 1/2 hour sessions a day <BR> <BR> After the second day, there was enough of a change that the physical therapist could move my arm <BR> <BR> I'm grateful for the brace Fri, 17 Oct 2014 14:18:53 EST where are stink bugs favorite place to hide? stink bugs are everywhere, and they like my closet, especially knit material <BR> Thu, 9 Oct 2014 13:57:20 EST calling the insurance my doctor has ordered a brace for me that will include doing exercises three times a day for a half hour each <BR> <BR> I'm glad that the technology is there to help me. <BR> <BR> I'm told that shoulders heal slowly, so I have a while to do this <BR> <BR> hope that I'm up to the challenge <BR> <BR> not meeting with the therapist today, so am taking a deep breath and doing some things that I've been procrastinating on Wed, 8 Oct 2014 12:34:33 EST talked to the therapist I talked to my physical therapist and she is shuffling some of the activities around. <BR> <BR> she says that I do better when I can have more control over my body so has set me up with the weight machines <BR> <BR> then before she stretches me, we both go to the nearby weight room and she monitors some of the machines <BR> <BR> On one or two of them, I don't have the strength to move the machine and she has been helping me <BR> <BR> <BR> I told her today about a move that I wasn't able ... Tue, 7 Oct 2014 16:56:21 EST l l Wed, 1 Oct 2014 17:03:23 EST fighting my therapist I am scared of the pain from the physical therapist, and I've never been this way before <BR> <BR> I anticipate when she's going to stretch me and I tense up terribly <BR> <BR> I'm at a loss as to what to do Tue, 30 Sep 2014 18:30:08 EST yoga went to the Saturday yoga class this morning Sat, 27 Sep 2014 13:57:59 EST potato chips, a four year old relative carried in her bag of potato chips and asked me if I wanted one, and I said yes <BR> <BR> so, she dug around her bag and then inspected each one that she pulled out to determine if she wanted to part with it, and most of them she returned to the bag. <BR> <BR> on the sixth try, she pulled one out with a hole in it, and I almost received this one, but at the last moment, she retrieved it and put it back into the bag <BR> <BR> lol, then her attention span was such th... Fri, 26 Sep 2014 11:31:40 EST yoga flop lots of people at yoga and the first time back after surgery <BR> <BR> someone else got the last mat and I'm out of alignment til my muscles get stronger <BR> <BR> anyway, I left early.....went to the weight room <BR> <BR> not defeated, cause I'll be back next time with my own mat and will get there a few minutes early so I get a spot <BR> <BR> also, I'm way behind in how to move my whole body again...really my arm still needs to stretch out more before I look and feel coordinated Wed, 24 Sep 2014 12:58:45 EST