BTINCHER2001's SparkPeople Blog BTINCHER2001's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Still going strong! I realized today that I overlooked my anniversary of quitting my job, and becoming "retired". That happened on the 21st. This week was another milestone, of receiving my Medicare card. So here I am approaching my 65th birthday, and I'm more active than I have ever been since college! I'm walking, going to Jazzercise classes, getting outside to garden or going birding. I love this new found freedom, and the fact that my body seems to be liking this. Amazing. <BR> The weight is coming off... Mon, 26 Jan 2015 00:26:17 EST Body Massage I was mulling an interesting thought yesterday afternoon, as I gazed at a billboard of a gorgeous young woman with defined collar bones and blond hair swept into a french twist, wrapped in a luxurious towel, and someone's hands giving her massage. I wonder how the masseuse feels about customers who aren't so shapely and thin. Do heavy folks get turned away? Is there a weight limit for the massage table? <BR> Obviously, I'm not experienced with this level of luxury. I could be, but honestl... Thu, 1 Jan 2015 23:52:49 EST Looking back at 2014 2014 was the year I decided to focus on ME. I improved my life by quitting a very stressful job, and replaced that activity with bird watching and nurturing a garden. In July, with my doctor's prodding, I started working on my weight. Kaiser's tracking tools are terrible. I returned to SparkPeople and have focused my efforts there. (I'd read the SparkPeople book a couple of years ago. Now I have the time to use its tools.) <BR> In 2015, and probably for the rest of my life, I'll need to ... Thu, 25 Dec 2014 00:44:30 EST Size 22 Pants I was size 26 when I started this journey last July. I had a pair of size 22's in back of my closet, reminding me of my goal. I noticed my 24's were baggy, and thought, "What the heck? Let's try on the 22." OMG! It fits perfectly! Then I went out to the garage to find my box of smaller pants, I'd stored away. It wasn't a fluke! They all fit except one, that was a miss-labeled item because I couldn't pull them up past my knees! Ha, ha! <BR> From there, I started dragging out more smalle... Thu, 2 Oct 2014 15:43:44 EST Responding to My Body Okay, Body. I hear you! You have clearly informed me that you want a balanced meal plan with carbohydrates in proper perspective. You like carbs. You also like some fats to keep the skin subtle. So I'm going back to the SP recommended pie chart, and I will try to keep my foods balanced to that plan. The bottom line is that 1200 calories plus an hour of exercise makes you a very happy camper. <BR> If you are happy, then I'm happy. We can make this work. <BR> <BR> Hey body. Have you no... Fri, 26 Sep 2014 18:30:24 EST Respecting One's Body I just read an SP Article about Loving One's Body. The closing paragraph was as follows: <BR> Take care of your body <BR> Diets, pills, quick-fixes, binging, not exercising, over-exercising, all these things disrespect one of the greatest gifts you have been given – your body! You only get one per lifetime, so give it the respect it deserves. You will not only feel better, but you just might become someone else’s role model! <BR> <BR> I have a problem with that last paragraph. The diets an... Sun, 21 Sep 2014 23:05:27 EST Still Reducing Carbs Yes, I lost 2 lbs this past week. That's better than any week during the past two months. I'm going to keep doing this, and see how it goes. <BR> Now that I'm 14 lbs down, I'm starting to fit into clothes that I couldn't wear before. This is a treat! I have more size 26 pants to give away to Good Will. But I don't have many 24's for the interim... Such a problem! <BR> No one is noticing the difference yet. I figure I've got drop 25 lbs before they will notice. But I know. And this i... Fri, 12 Sep 2014 20:49:24 EST Follow up - Reducing Carbs I'm still finding it difficult to get close to 40% fat, 30% carb and 30% protein. My husband eats low fat, and tons of fresh fruit and veggies, to keep his heart healthy. So I'm adding fats, and eating small carb servings (like rice, pasta and bread). So far, the weight seems to be coming off more quickly. I weigh in tomorrow. We'll see. <BR> I am starting to see my first goal of weighing 230 by the end of 2014. I think I'm going to get there, and perhaps surpass that. My goals in vari... Tue, 9 Sep 2014 22:51:50 EST Changing the weight-loss formula? Last Monday, there was an article on All Things Considered about a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. It adds to the body of evidence that cutting back on carbs, not fat, can lead to more weight loss. <BR> The big point here, is that both groups lost weight. But the low carb group lost twice as much weight. Both groups had the same amount of calories. <BR> I've provided a link to the article, in case you want to read or hear it. <BR> <link> Thu, 4 Sep 2014 00:22:46 EST Aim for your goals I just read an interview with the Sacramento King's newest rookie, Sim Bhuller. Sim is 7'5" tall, and of Indian-Canadian heritage. He was talking about working toward one's goals. He said, "My message is just that if you work hard and really aim for your goals, you can accomplish anything. There will always be ups and downs in the journey. But at the end, you have to push yourself hard to achieve your goal." <BR> His statement is exactly what SP is all about! We are setting goals to direct... Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:50:55 EST Social Eating It seems to be human characteristic to celebrate special occasions by sharing food. Yesterday, I had two examples of social eating, and I want to share how I managed to keep them controlled. <BR> On Fridays, my husband and I go to the coffee shop to meet friends, and celebrate the week. This place has wonderful raisin scones. Unfortunately, they run about 500 calories each. So I split mine with an elderly (thin) friend. I still got to celebrate and enjoy a special treat, and so did my fri... Sat, 16 Aug 2014 14:11:30 EST One Day at a Time Weight loss is a slow process, especially as an older person. I have to remind myself of that. There are no quick fixes. After all, these unwanted 100 pounds crept on to me over the past 10 years. It's going to take a while to work them off. <BR> I'm finding that I need to increase my physical activity to lose weight. Sure starving myself might work, but that is not a healthy approach. Besides going to Jazzercise classes 5 days a week, I'm working in my garden. I recently started addin... Wed, 6 Aug 2014 18:33:40 EST 18 Months later Wow. It's fascinating reading my previous entry. So much has happened since then! <BR> My husband's surgery has been postponed for another 5 years or so. The aorta is not dilating any further. The valve will need to be replaced, but not now. <BR> Mom's health took a bad turn. I went to Maine for two months, and got her to specialists. She is now age 91, and still living on her own. She is doing well, with 2hr visits Mon-Fri by a caretaker. I just got back from 10 days out there, and I'... Sat, 2 Aug 2014 23:29:15 EST 2013 - a year of challenges 2013 is going to bring some challenges in my life. My husband, Steve, is expecting open heart surgery some time between May and October. His next tests in April will help determine when his upper aorta needs to be replaced. <BR> So how does this affect me? <BR> 1) I'll need to give him full time care for the first 8 weeks. <BR> 2) That means my chorus will need to find a substitute or replacement director. I'm facing that with a lot of mixed emotions. I'm ready to hang up my hat, but... Mon, 31 Dec 2012 21:27:36 EST