BRIANNADUNN's SparkPeople Blog BRIANNADUNN's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Cutting I decided I am going to doing cutting calories and get this weight off. There is a ton of muscle under all this weight. I am also trying a belly fat exercise to slim the waist line. I have increased my protein and cut my carbs. I have also started to take my meds consistently. Wed, 10 Jan 2018 14:00:25 EST I am depressed today <img src=""> <BR> I went clothes shopping..I realize on the inside I may be healthier but I feel so fat on the outside. Despite over 1 yr at the gym and dieting 90% of the time, I have retained most of the weight and I haven't changed much at all. I am not giving up, just frustrated. Tue, 9 Jan 2018 12:53:05 EST New beginnings I applied for a new job this year so I can pay my debts off. I am tired of working for minimum wage with 22 yrs of professional experience. Goals for the new year 1. Get under 200lbs 2. Get a new job 3. Workout weekly 3x/week 4. Stay within calories 5. Pay off debt Right now I am going sideways in bills, exercise, eating, everything. I need to get my life under control. I moved to a new state, been here a year, time to show for it. Praying I get a job with the mill and my le-vel business t... Wed, 3 Jan 2018 14:38:41 EST Today Today has started really late because I was up all night keeping the fire was negative 2 degrees when we woke up Sat, 23 Dec 2017 15:58:30 EST Motivation <img src=""> <BR> 2 shakes with a fruit or vegetable and protein 3 100 calorie snacks 1 500 calorie large meal Sounds like slimfast to me but ok. Going to try it for 2 weeks while we are on Christmas break goal is to exercise 30 min a day or 1 hr 3x a week and drink 8 glasses of water. Day 2 week 2 of daughter/Mother workout We did weigts, elliptical, and bag work. We're going to feel it tomorrow. My goals this ... Wed, 20 Dec 2017 22:08:58 EST Working on goals When you are dealing with finances, work, life stressors and so forth you find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror and saying I am fat. I was thinking that the last few times that I looked in the mirror. That makes me feel very sad. I was 10lbs lighter and I let myself go. That seems to be the circle of things. It took me 7 months to lose 10lbs. I guess I need to not dwell on such and push forward. I am so worn out and tired of the stress of losing weight. Back at the grinding stone un... Mon, 18 Dec 2017 14:57:35 EST One year gone Still fat..yep I have only lost 10lbs this whole year. 10lbs forever gone. 248lbs but my lowest has been 234lbs..still plugging away though. Mon, 18 Dec 2017 08:59:24 EST Monday's adventure begins As my Monday begins my husband heads off to work at 2AM and my youngest crawls into bed. I always sleep so hard when he crawls in bed. Only 2.5 more days until Christmas holiday. Off to work it's 530am. Mon, 18 Dec 2017 08:37:43 EST Last couple months We are now living in a building/garage. We finished it just in time for the snow to fall. So far it has kept us all warm. My daughter and I have gotten back to the gym since I haven't been so wrapped up working and being sick. We have been doing Taekwondo and cardio and weights. Our eldest son has been real sick so I haven't been wanting to be gone for he is on the mend. I have been watching my eating closely and have been working out but I haven't been weighing myself because I alw... Sun, 17 Dec 2017 11:07:23 EST Day 4: a step in the right direction My day 4 of taking Thrive has been fine..I just got to remember to eat. Tomorrow I am back to work at 610AM and I am giving this stuff the real test. I got a early start then a late shift. Wed, 25 Oct 2017 22:39:17 EST Day 3: Easy day I found out that I have an ear infection, sinus infection and this is after I just got over strep and tonsillitis. Its in my ear that had Bell's palsy so I didn't notice until my chiropractor/doctor put an ear scope down it to see how full of fluid it was and it hurt, he said the whole ear was inflamed..good thing I went, I am on some antibiotics for my other two infections so this will help the ear as well. He adjusted my sinuses and my ears and nose started draining. What a relief. He told ... Tue, 24 Oct 2017 23:30:50 EST Day 3..feeling calmer I woke up this morning when my alarm went off and slept for another 30 min, after being woken up again at 1AM. It was finally a restful sleep where I was able to close my eyes for a few minutes and not fret about being at work. I keep remembering I don't have to get up real early but I am usually awake at 6AM anyway. 2 more days off and then I am hitting the floor running at 530AM and going all day again. I am also supposed to start my TOM today so I am normally whiped out, at least with my T... Tue, 24 Oct 2017 10:21:52 EST Day 2..more energy Day 2 of thriving..well I wasn't expecting to feel wide awake when I got up at 6AM but I took my pills and a half hour later I put on the patch and wowza, zing, I am wide awake..I am ready for my step 3..breakfast shake..time to get this day started and here I don't usually feel awake until 10 AM..tomorrow I will post the progress on our garage that the kids and I are building..have a wonderful and blessed Monday!!! Mon, 23 Oct 2017 10:18:01 EST Working towards success <img src=""> Ugh, slimfast lasted a week..I just couldn't bring myself to do it anymore. I wasn't getting anything out of it. I decided to try something else. A friend I have been watching started losing weight on Thrive Duo..I have decided to try it. I am on Day 2 thriving and feel amazing. I haven't been on here for awhile because I have been building a garage/home to live in for the winter until we are able ... Mon, 23 Oct 2017 10:07:37 EST Day 2 <img src=""> <BR> Day 2 has been much easier then day 1. I am actually remembering my diet plan from the first time I used Slimfast. I am breaking it down again into a simple to use diet plan. Although I will most likely just use this plan to get me started on the right track and not as a end all to be all plan. I weigh the same as I did before my initial drop. 235lbs seems to be the lowest I have been able to mu... Fri, 11 Aug 2017 17:58:16 EST Start of new challenge: 180 days on Total Soy The start of a new challenge. I am doing a 180 day challenge and am doing it with Total Soy. I lost 120lbs with Soy Slimfast so I am hoping that Total Soy will work just as well. <BR> <BR> Day one: I did my 30 minute workout and ate on my diet. I have my last drink for the day at for dinner. My goal is to have a shake for breakfast and dinner. The two times that I usually don't eat. I don't do it on purpose but I am not very hungry at either time. I want to start also getting up earlier but... Wed, 9 Aug 2017 19:47:23 EST Day 29 back in the saddle We are riding the horses again. Their feet are almost 100% and have recovered from the neglect that we had because we couldn't find a farrier. Now we have a farrier and they look great and we can ride them for miles again. My tush hurts from the muscles that I am not used to using and my kids want to check out 4H this year in our local area. We have 3 great horses and 2 that would be perfect for doing 4H. Doing some serious calorie burning this year. May ride and do the gym tomorrow after ... Fri, 30 Jun 2017 00:52:33 EST Day 29..binge eating Binge eating is a terrible thing to live with. When I first recognized that I have BED I was determined to get rid of it. Our bodies want to get back to where it thinks it's comfortable. If I weighed 260 and ate all I want it seems that is where my body and mind wanted to be. Its one of the first things I had to realize that I needed to change. I have PCOS also which has made it difficult to stay consistent. For me BED is brought on by failures and hunger. I have to eat a ridiculously low a... Thu, 29 Jun 2017 12:44:53 EST Day 28 2 more days It's counting down to the final days. Just 2 more. Can you believe it!?!?!..I can't. I ate a little more today. I had more food because I was actually hungry. Burned 2x more calories then I usually do for 3 days in a row. Adds up to being more hungry and tired. My chiropractor went very well and I had a new farrier out that I desperately needed for my 4 yr old thoroughbred whom I have been training. My eldest had been helping me with him. My son is an amazing rider and does real well with the... Thu, 29 Jun 2017 02:04:24 EST Month 2..Day 27..3 days left in the challenge 3 days to go. I can't believe its been almost 60 days since I started this challenge with my Mom. Although she has been not doing well I have worn through my shoes, need a couple more exercise pants and have been super active. I go to the gym 5 to 6 days a week and workout at home too. Today I have been tired. I took 2 naps and that has been nice. I also went horseback riding for 6 miles and worked out at the gym. All of which has been very tiring but worth it. Tomorrow I have a chiropractor... Tue, 27 Jun 2017 23:21:04 EST Day 26..6 days to go!! and up 3.5lbs 3.5 lbs!!! Its no big deal!!! I WILL LOSE THE WEIGHT!!! I seem to plateau when I am trying so hard to lose the weight. I am working towards getting to my goal this month and instead of 5lbs away or less, I am now 10lbs away. <BR> <BR> I decided to work on my weightloss bible study. Today's verse focuses on putting exercise in front of devotion to God's word. 1 Timothy 4:8 says For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things. I have been focusing a lot of my ... Mon, 26 Jun 2017 13:27:41 EST Day 25..Only a few more days Its been just a few more days and then this month is over. Hopefully with a drop. I gained to 239.6lbs this morning again but I weigh myself Fridays and this Friday is my weigh-in day for the start of next month and then I get to stop weighing myself every day. <em>386</em> I used to be abscessed with the scale and used to weigh myself several times a day and then I threw out my scale and I am only weighing myself daily because I was on a motivational kick to see how I drop weight with my ... Sun, 25 Jun 2017 17:21:36 EST Day 24..1 week to go My parents show up in one week. If you have been following my blog you will know that I have been doing a 2 month challenge with my Mother. I have only slipped up a couple times in 2 months. I am so excited, I have lost some weight but I have also broken a lot of terrible habits and I am continuing to break even more. My Mom has informed me that she has failed miserably but I don't believe that. Although she has gained weight she also has been maintaining for over 2 yrs. So have I but at a 10... Sat, 24 Jun 2017 08:42:01 EST Day 23..The struggle is real When I think of PCOS I think of women trying to get pregnant. I have had PCOS my whole life from 11 yrs to now and had 5 kids. What PCOS is for me is an inability is lose weight and keep it off. I have done lots of research on PCOS talked to countless doctors and I have come to the same conclusion. 1st. No dairy. It turns to fat. 2nd. No sugar. It turns to fat. 3rd. Limited grains. It turns to fat. You also can't eat as many calories as everyone else. Just like a diabetic you have to eat fo... Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:40:21 EST Day 22, 8 days to go!!! I decided to modify my entry. I erased everything I said before. I can't believe how this day went. I got in my workout this morning for 45 min and then my youngest daughter and I kicked booty doing Turbofire 30 class. Which is a 35 min workout. I loved it. Turbofire workouts are so much fun. So what was going to be a relaxing day (i did get a 2 hr nap) I managed to fit in 2 workouts and stay within my calories. What started off stressful has ended in a kick booty day!!! Thu, 22 Jun 2017 11:58:01 EST Day 21 1 hr on the elliptical and then cleaning and organizing for a few hours. Getting ready for my parents to come over and wanted things to be better organized. Next is the kitchen and then garbage patrol. I was going to go swimming but I think it may have to wait. Wed, 21 Jun 2017 15:53:56 EST Day 20..reflection I want to really get back into jogging. Why? My feet hurt, my knee hurts, my hips really hurt and I want to jog. When I weighed 182lbs I loved jogging, 165lbs I could fly, and now I am 236 lbs and miss it. I want to get back into it but I am realizing I am far from ready to fly. My legs are strong enough to carry me, I have read a lot of articles on running while over weight. I am just going to have to start pushing myself to fly again and find my way back to the zone. Wed, 21 Jun 2017 00:14:48 EST Day 20 -10 days to go!! My 2 month challenge is almost done. 10 days to go!! I am stoked. I have had maybe 2 days of slip ups but other then that I still averaged under my max calories and exercised 5x per week. Time to really kick booty these last few weeks to get under 230. My goal is a Size 16..My body has been stuck in a Size 18 to 18W for all year. Tue, 20 Jun 2017 11:55:16 EST Day 19 reflection I really hope this water weight goes away fast, it is killing me. I knew I would gain some water weight from my period but 4lbs!! I am tired of seeing the 200s. I want to get below 200 so bad but it seems it is that all elusive goal. 39 lbs to go. Come on body..let's go..this is frustrating. Official weighin day Friday. 237.8 last Friday and 236.5 the week before so my goal is 234 or less on Friday. My end of the month goal is 228 or less. Mon, 19 Jun 2017 13:03:23 EST Day 19 in the home stretch <img src=""> <BR> Less then 2 weeks to go. I have made it to day 19. My first official non-work day for the summer. It feels like I can sleep the day away but I am going down to the gym and going to workout. I can't lose my motivation now. I am still drinking my detox shakes and eating below my max calories. This last week was painful but doable and I fought my back spasms and focused on my eating and modified e... Mon, 19 Jun 2017 09:29:56 EST Day 18 Fathers day <img src=""> <BR> It has been a good rest day. Much better then last week and I have managed to stay within calories all day. I am looking forward to tomorrow and starting a run program with my daughter. Here is to getting into competitive shape. Mon, 19 Jun 2017 01:47:27 EST Day 19 "Considering Competing" <img src=""> <BR> I found out that there are a ton of 5ks in our area and I would love to compete in some next year. I am just to heavy at 232lbs to compete. It would be to hard on my lower back and my ankle. I know there are plenty that compete at my weight but I just don't want to be that person. I have 100lbs to lose to get to my goal weight. It will be my reward for reaching my goal, plus it will give me someth... Sat, 17 Jun 2017 20:36:11 EST I don't see a difference <img src=""> I was looking at photos today to see if I see a difference between last September and today. Nope. I have longer hair. Nothing dramatic, nothing massive, just a little nip here, and maybe a tuck there. I can't wait until the end of this summer. I am determined that I will get a side by side photo and see a difference. After is me not smiling and before is smiling Tue, 13 Jun 2017 14:53:19 EST Day 13 gain of +3lbs <img src=""> I am wonder women!!! Lol..pushing through to the end. I am ready for time away from dealing with the kids on these buses and my boss. Ready for a break. Working on a workout schedule and really a summer schedule. The kids are so ready for summer fun and I am ready as well for doing more swimming and taking my workouts to that next level. My back has to stop fighting me though. This time last year I... Tue, 13 Jun 2017 12:07:25 EST Day 12 no weight loss gain +.5 Time to focus on the positive..I have worked out 1 hr today and it is the last week of school. That means only 3.5days until summer vacation and I am going to a baseball game for the first time in Friday with the kids. A great way to kick off the weekend. This weekend I am taking advantage of the warm weather and going swimming too. I am going to enjoy a weekend at the river/park with the kids and then work on fixing and cleaning up our campsite for the summer. I am actually getting excited a... Mon, 12 Jun 2017 13:29:43 EST Day 10 "My husband's Birthday" 11 days ago I thought to myself that I really wanted to lose weight and how nice it would be to be able to get to his birthday without going backwards. I can say that I am 236.5lbs now at the gym and that I have accomplished so much and feel so good about my small successes. This includes but isn't limited to graduating grooming school, finishing the school year bus driving, buttoning up my 16s and not feeling like a failure that they didn't fit quit yet. I know I will be in a 16 in 3 more we... Sat, 10 Jun 2017 22:08:25 EST Day 9 weigh in day 236.5 I am 236.5..a new low. I haven't been 236 in 4 yrs. The detox is working. I am very irritated today though. Hunger? Job? Life? I am not sure. I am lifting weights today and I walked hills but I am still on edge. Maybe it's the weather? Going from 90 to 60s in a day. I am a week away from TOM but I feel I am pmsing. I am just not sure. I am going to have breakfast and then go back to work and see if I can calm myself down a little bit. Fri, 9 Jun 2017 12:19:01 EST Day 8 from pissy day to kicking butt <img src=""> I had one bad day, late night snacking on day 6 but I am on day 8 and it's the first day of week 2. Today was a pissy day for me. I got bit in the hand by something, I had a bad day at work, I missed my workout because I had my farrier out, and didn't eat until noon and then didn't take my pills until this evening. Needless to say it has been a day, not to mention having to use the restroom twice durin... Thu, 8 Jun 2017 21:54:33 EST Finally under 240s AGAIN <img src=""> It's not my weigh in day but I am very proud of myself. I didn't give into my sugar cravings or eat pizza at a bus driving all nighter trip and I went swimming 2 hours on Saturday. I lost back to my lowest at 239 as a reward for such a great weekend. I have to still go to the gym today. I am going after work so I can fit it in before bed. I am so excited!!! 25 days to go with my detox regimen. Woot woo... Mon, 5 Jun 2017 15:22:05 EST It's Saturday, reflection day <img src=""> <BR> I no longer count my diet days in days but years. I am on year 23, month 3, day 3. I was reading a blog post today that struck home. It was saying and I quote "I give up, my body loves 180 to 185 and with diet and exercise it will not go down" I have been there and so has so many others. I have been exercising for years and eating fairly well, as a matter of fact my doctor was shocked I am not 1... Sat, 3 Jun 2017 09:57:02 EST Friday nights Friday night's are always my late nights or should I say date nights. My husband and I go to a bible study at church and then we make our way to go shopping. It has been wonderful to spend time in the word with him. I am still doing great on my diet today, no sugar and I have stayed within calories. Taking this bull by the horns. I have been in diets long enough, it is time to finish dieting. Like college, I am done with the daily struggle. Graduation is a ends to a beginning. Time to go and ... Sat, 3 Jun 2017 00:52:52 EST Detox day 2 I decided to do a 30 day detox this month. I want to kick my sugar habit. It is a shame that taking some time off brought me back to the 240s. I am going to weigh in on Fridays and focus on the exercise and eating right portion of my diet. My body hates losing fat. I had my first shake this morning, cilantro, nectorine, banana, chia seed and almond milk. I also had 2 eggs on the side. SW 242 GW 232 by July 1st Exercise: 5x per week Calorie range: 1200 to 1500 calories I am on month 2 of my... Fri, 2 Jun 2017 13:25:13 EST Pilates I was super tired today, I woke up late for work and got there right on time. I decided I was going to see if Windsor pilates was on youtube. IT WAS!!!! I am super excited!! I used to do them every day. My tummy and legs were slimming down immediately after doing them when I did them years ago. This time around I am going to try to do them 3 to 4 days a week and doing my weight lifting and treadmill/elliptical work outs too because I love working out even when I don't lose weight. Thu, 1 Jun 2017 15:45:31 EST I am out of school!! Time to focus on losing weight. Woohoo!! I graduated with a 90% on my finals for my certification in Dog grooming. This was a long 2 yr journey. My Mother asked me what my next goal was. I decided to concentrate on my weight loss instead of continuing in college. 16 yrs off and on has been a long time. I am done having kids too, my youngest is 5 and eldest is 15 with 3 in between. This is the last thing on my bucket list I want to achieve for me. I joined the gym last October to accomplish my weight loss goals, well that an... Wed, 31 May 2017 12:49:35 EST Deciding to not give up Over the last 4 yrs I have been trying to get back to 182lbs without starving myself. This has been a battle of wills because I have had to learn not to give up everyday, eating foods I like, and healing my body from the inside out. Today I still weigh the same as last year 239 lbs. The biggest difference is that I gained and lost all year from 258 to 238..the same 20lbs for 4 yrs. How is this possible? I workout daily, I eat healthy, and I try to keep my stress to a minimum but I can't get t... Tue, 30 May 2017 16:16:22 EST Month 1 down into two month challenge <img src=""> I found out that my blood work finally came back normal. Now I have nothing keeping me from losing weight except me. I worked out today and so far I have eaten real well today. Trying to stay focused. I drove a thousand miles in two days so I am a bit sore and tired today but I managed. I am looking forward to the day that I no longer look like I just had a baby. My doctor said that if I help my body t... Mon, 29 May 2017 17:22:50 EST Monday-Again!!!! <img src=""> <BR> There is a bunch of people at the gym today. Usually there is nobody here but today we are packed. I have a trip this afternoon if the weather holds. I decided to get my workout in before the trip. I have a lovely bruise on my forearm that makes lifting weights not a possibility. I am walking on the treadmill instead. Mon, 15 May 2017 11:45:01 EST I won!!! 2 hrs of working out, 2 hrs studying, and then went to a party today. I loved it. I ate with-in calories, shot a bow, watched baseball. Got a big welt on my arm. I am so happy with my decisions today. <BR> <BR> I won a dollar out shooting everyone. 7 out of 7 arrows hit their target. Sun, 14 May 2017 00:27:01 EST End of a week, start to another <img src=""> <BR> I was great up to day 7 last week. Worked out and kicked booty. Day 8 had been a bit of a struggle no sleep and stress got the better of me. Day 9 hasn't been all that bad. I worked out 1.5 hrs and feel Great. I am ready for next week and have my week planned. I dropped my midday job so I have no excuse not to workout next week between shifts and still be able to finish my final exams. Week 1: mi... Sat, 13 May 2017 16:32:07 EST Day 6 of our challenge <img src=""> <BR> My Mom just informed me that she had to start over on Monday. She is on day 2 again. I have to say, I am not really concerned about it. I have lost to 239lbs. I am officially under 240lbs..I can't wait until I see the scale tip past 200lbs and I no longer see a 2 at the beginning of my 3 digit number. I don't weigh in often but I am keeping track every once in a while to see how I may add or chang... Wed, 10 May 2017 13:42:55 EST