BONOLICIOUS2's SparkPeople Blog BONOLICIOUS2's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Goodbye I've made the decision to officially cut ties with Sparkpeople. I'll be unsubscribing from emails and all after this post. I'll keep the page alive because I don't want to lose my old blogs, but I may never come back and post again. <BR> <BR> If you want to find me "IRL" start with Instagram - beezandbea <BR> <BR> Yesterday I posted what I thought was a status update. I logged on and this entire site was one gigantic weight loss medication ad. The background, the banners, everything - cover... Wed, 6 Dec 2017 10:50:23 EST Winner Winner (Healthy) Chicken Dinner! Down another 1.4lbs on WW! I am 12lbs down according to WW and 13 for Spark (how... I don't know) <BR> <BR> I had a couple small "wins" recently: <BR> <BR> - Survived a weekend with a holiday party and a bridal shower, stayed in ranges. Not being able to eat dairy REALLY helps me avoid some junk, like the most wonderful but not so good for you crab dip present at most parties in MD <BR> - On Black Friday, I ordered pants a size down off of Gap. I figured they would be motivation to keep los... Tue, 5 Dec 2017 17:05:30 EST * Little Pat on Back * I'm starting my 6th week of Weight Watchers and I am down 10.8 lbs. <BR> <BR> Seeing progress has really made me want to see even more. For that reason, I did something crazy (for me) last week. I woke up early and walked a 5k before we went to Thanksgiving festivities. I have NEVER done that, normally we spend most of the day in the car. Also new this year was pre-tracking my food and making decisions about where I wanted to indulge. I stayed in my ranges on the biggest eating holiday of t... Mon, 27 Nov 2017 14:29:34 EST 10 Pounds Checking in! <BR> <BR> According to Spark, I have lost 10 lbs. According to WW, I have lost 9.2 lbs. Still - loss is a loss! Today is my 1 month on WW "anniversary" so.... pretty productive month of losses if I may say so myself? Especially since I'm hypothyroid and every pound is a battle. My husband handed me one of his 10 lb weights and said "Here, that is what is gone now" and WOW! CRAZY! <BR> <BR> I've been fighting a migraine for three days now. My goal until this passes is just to ke... Tue, 21 Nov 2017 12:18:54 EST Over 100 Days... Hello! <BR> <BR> I haven't been on spark since June 20th 2017. That's four and a half months ago. Over one hundred days have passed! <BR> <BR> Last time I was here, I shared these updates: <BR> <BR> 1) I had just found out about my super lactose intolerance. I was making big changes to my diet. I was told I'd quickly lose 20 lbs just from not eating dairy products. Spoiler Alert - I didn't! And also my stomach is still being a general jerk and I am still working with a gastro doc to figure... Mon, 6 Nov 2017 11:13:21 EST Saying Hello Whew. I took a couple months away from Spark. Can't say I super missed it, but I'm not ready to shut it down yet just in case. I have been tracking my food and steps with the LoseIt! app. I think I'd get more out of it if I paid the money for it, which I don't really want to do, so I may be giving Spark another try again - this time with adblockers I think ; ) <BR> <BR> I do have so many updates though! <BR> <BR> It has almost been a year since I started my "new" job. I just attended my bo... Tue, 20 Jun 2017 16:01:15 EST I hope it's not goodbye but... Hello! <BR> <BR> Small update and some Spark thoughts... <BR> <BR> I finally saw the gastro doc last week. She said the same thing my primary doc said - her first thought was that my symptoms sound very much like celiacs so we're going to test that again. I really don't think that is it though? I hear stories about celiacs who get really sick if they eat any gluten and I feel like that isn't me? <BR> <BR> Her second thought was that I have done "internal damage" from the amount of ibuprof... Tue, 4 Apr 2017 14:09:42 EST Spark & Eggs I was going to come on here ranting and raving about the Sparkpeople changes but I see they are already rolling back or fixing a few of them, so now my rage is subsiding. <BR> <BR> I will say this: you don't go flipping a rug on someone without a little warning and thought given to the process. <BR> <BR> I know there are a few people new to Spark, people who are struggling or don't know where to start. Completely changing the site functionality with no warning on people who honestly are in ... Tue, 14 Mar 2017 10:10:03 EST Update & Pupdate I have never been very good at giving things up. If you've been my sparkfriend for many years, perhaps you remember the disaster that was me (a mostly Jew) attempting to give up all fried food for lent. ICYMI: I ended up in tears in public on more than one occasion. <BR> <BR> Oddly, giving up gluten has aligned with lent again. I'm sure there is a joke to be made about that somewhere in there. <BR> <BR> Today is Day 1 and almost immediately my brain zeroed in on what I can't have. Someone b... Wed, 1 Mar 2017 11:11:57 EST When your doc changes your diet... Small update... <BR> <BR> I have been trying my best to keep tracking and keep moving. I have been getting up early and squeezing in videos before work. The weather got SO nice last week that I went for many walks. Even the dog was tuckered out on Sunday! I wish I was feeling a physical change (like my pants becoming looser or something) but it hasn't happened yet. I am trying to tell myself to keep going and it will come along. <BR> <BR> I went back to the doc this morning. I have a coup... Tue, 21 Feb 2017 10:39:17 EST Jekyll & Hyde Weekends I don't understand what happens to me on weekends. Okay, no, maybe I do. I can take a guess at least. <BR> <BR> I spend a lot of energy during the week "being good"... I force myself out of bed. I do workouts. I make myself park far away and walk further. I research recipes, cook food, pack lunches and snacks. I watch coworkers go out to eat. I watch them share a pack of cookies. I go home and drink more water, not a glass of wine. Then the weekend comes and my willpower is gone. Friends wan... Mon, 6 Feb 2017 14:29:56 EST The Number 30 Hello all! <BR> <BR> I was prepped for a not-so-good weigh in this morning but I was still bummed by a 2lb gain. <BR> <BR> I was SO GOOD most of last week. I did some great workouts. My tummy was kind of upset all week so I didn't even eat as much as I could have. My 30th birthday was Thursday and that is when things started to slide (naturally!) My husband made reservations at my fave Mexican place and when we got there he surprised me and a bunch of my friends were already there! I had tw... Mon, 30 Jan 2017 16:23:13 EST I'm not looking for pity ... but I could use some tips and advice! <BR> <BR> There is a reason one of those "work out every day for 30 days" challenges won't work for me. There is a reason why I'm afraid to sign up for things like those "challenges" or strict workout plans. <BR> <BR> My body IS a challenge in itself. <BR> <BR> I have two doctor's appointments next week and I am glad because I've definitely reached a point of major frustration with my health. <BR> <BR> Without going into too much detail, my endome... Thu, 12 Jan 2017 13:33:00 EST * tip toes in * * sneaks back onto spark slowly * <BR> <BR> I realized I never really talked about our Honeymoon! I think I will start there with something positive. <BR> <BR> We took a Viking cruise down the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland and then we hopped over to Paris for a few days. It was WONDERFUL. The cruise was a delight, and we got to see so many things in such a short amount of time. It was NOT a relaxing honeymoon! I calculated it and we had walked something like 90 miles in ... Wed, 4 Jan 2017 10:22:55 EST Wedding Pictures! I've got a lot of a funk happening right now. Everyone told me you'd get the blues after your wedding is over, and man... I feel it. We went on this amazing honeymoon, came back to daylight savings darkness and Donald Drumpf somehow winning an election, and a couple other things and the. funk. is. real. <BR> <BR> So when our photographer sent these over earlier this week, my initial reaction was to rip apart how awful I look. My arms, my lumps everywhere, even features like my nose that I h... Fri, 18 Nov 2016 14:45:02 EST I'm backkkkkk Hello! <BR> <BR> Long time no blog. I think?! <BR> <BR> I'm a married woman now! Crazy! <BR> <BR> Still waiting on larger batch of photos but here are a few preview pix to hold you over: <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <img src=""... Tue, 1 Nov 2016 10:28:13 EST One Month Until I DO! There is one month left until the big day! <BR> <BR> I go to pick up my dress tomorrow. I am a bit nervous. I'm trying to remember how friendly/supportive they were when I was there buying it. I'm sure it will be fine. I got on the scale this morning and I have gained about 2 lbs... not too bad considering how bad I have been eating out and such since I started this new job. <BR> <BR> I had two lovely bridal showers and a bit of a crazy bachelorette. We took a pirate-themed booze cruise an... Thu, 8 Sep 2016 10:43:09 EST All The News Hello Everyone... <BR> <BR> Feel like I have been a bit absent from Spark. I guess I also feel like a blog will help me process some thoughts. <BR> <BR> Things have been crazy. I mean... every day something new falls down from the universe and surprises us. <BR> <BR> As you know, I started a new job A MONTH AGO. Isn't that crazy? Time has flown by! I don't want to jinx anything but I have come home from work every day for the past month to tell my fiancee that I had a good day. I don't kn... Wed, 17 Aug 2016 09:38:46 EST When disaster strikes... <img src=""> I'm writing this blog pretty heartbroken. Saturday evening our little town was destroyed by a freak flood. Six inches of rain fell super quickly and the destruction was swift and horrible. Lives were lost and entire stores and restaurants were washed away. My fiancée and I were incredibly lucky. Our house is on higher ground and we only lost a small tree, but we lost so much more of our neighborhood... Mon, 1 Aug 2016 10:34:03 EST I'm NOT a quitter! Thanks to IAMZEBEE for the suggestion, I feel motivated to write a blog! <BR> <BR> As my status confirmed, I quit my job yesterday. Whew! Glad that is over! <BR> <BR> I do not feel like a quitter. In fact, I feel more like a winner! <BR> <BR> I have decided to go the contractor route. I have a placement lined up that begins in a few weeks that seems like a good place to be. It will be back in a corporate environment, with a larger team of marketing specialists, and with more opportunities ... Thu, 7 Jul 2016 11:35:36 EST Engagement Pix! Feeding the stalkers out there... jk jk <BR> <BR> Pictures are a really tough thing for me. I am extremely critical of myself. I was dreading this whole photo taking process but the engagement shoot came as part of our package and we sorta had to do it. I've lost about 10 pounds since the first time she wanted to do this and we cancelled, but I thought I would have lost more. There is that. I was terrified to see these, and some of them obviously I'm not showing because I don't like how I lo... Mon, 27 Jun 2016 13:58:15 EST Got advice? (Please!) We all know stress has effects on the body. Right now I am the walking example of this. Some of my personal ones: <BR> <BR> - Headaches <BR> - Can't sleep <BR> - Rapid breathing/pounding heart/high blood pressure <BR> - Aching muscles <BR> - Stomachaches and digestive problems <BR> <BR> <BR> Wedding planning by itself is stressful, even though I'm trying to keep a very easygoing vibe about it. <BR> <BR> But my work dissatisfaction is at an all time high. On Monday, I got yelled at in fron... Wed, 22 Jun 2016 10:58:50 EST #Stressed Hallo! <BR> <BR> It seems like this year is going to be one of tests for me, in a few ways. <BR> <BR> I took a look at my Spark projected weight loss line this morning. Yeah, I'm nowhere close. And I'm realizing if I had really wanted to be a certain size by my wedding, I should have started as soon as I got engaged. I didn't, and now that goal weight is physically impossible to attain in time. I know my fiancee proposed when I was at a heavier weight, so I shouldn't beat myself up too much... Mon, 6 Jun 2016 16:43:44 EST Waving hello Not a super pumped up post here, if you're looking for one of those kindly move along. I'm here to wave hello and let you know I'm alive. But I'm not a star pupil! <BR> <BR> My body hasn't been cooperating in weeks. First I had that week of endometriosis/migraine hell. I took it easy the week after that because I was scared. I know I shouldn't be, but when my body shuts down like that I get really worried about going too hard and hurting again. Then my whole office came down with the plague.... Mon, 16 May 2016 15:21:09 EST May the 4th... Yes I'm going there Hello! <BR> <BR> I was kind of hanging my head in shame here for a minute. I have made some horrific decisions in the past week - my exercise has been non existent, my food choices have been borderline awful. <BR> <BR> I should have realized something was up. Earlier last week I started feeling my endometriosis kicking in and I tried to fight it. Then by Friday morning it escalated and I woke up feeling awful and barely made it through work all day, at one point I had literally curled myse... Wed, 4 May 2016 12:04:45 EST I'm still trying Last week was one of the most stressful weeks that I have had in a very long time. It would take too long to explain on here, and would be blasting way too much of my employer's business, but something happened in front of me that was extremely unprofessional and revealed some deep issues here. I think the fact that I witnessed it and the subsequent falling out has given me a pass for peace for a few days. Having to live through it was pretty stressful and drained me. They also announced they... Tue, 19 Apr 2016 16:40:46 EST Crazy Walking Lady Hello! <BR> <BR> Today has been pretty cool for once, my boss brought his adorable french bulldog to work and puppies always make things better. <BR> <BR> No loss or gain from last week. I really wasn't trying my best for steps or eating. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. A little misunderstanding with my pharmacy caused me to miss a few days of thyroid meds and I think it made me struggle a bit more than usual. <BR> <BR> I have been struggling with my mental wellness a bit r... Tue, 12 Apr 2016 16:38:33 EST The scale did not fool me? No April Fools here... the scale did magically show a loss this week. I weighed myself because I wanted to shame myself by a gain. What a surprise when it was a loss! <BR> <BR> And I think since then I have just lost my dang mind. <BR> <BR> This week was full of temptations. I had a surprise/forced work pizza lunch earlier this week. I ate one slice of veggie and picked some cheese off, while I watched everyone else scarf multiple slices. I watched one coworker eat ice cream. Another one bu... Fri, 1 Apr 2016 09:59:07 EST A little detour to success and saggy pants Things went a little off course for me this weekend. <BR> <BR> My fiancee and I found out on Thursday that we'd both be off (sorta) on Friday, so we decided last minute to go visit his family in Pittsburgh. His grandparents aren't doing well and we thought we'd surprise them for Easter. I'm glad we did. You can tell it meant alot. <BR> <BR> My eating went completely off the rails. Easter dinner, his aunt fried fish Friday night (say that ten times fast!), SO many carbs. We came home last ni... Mon, 28 Mar 2016 10:54:21 EST I challenge thee to KINDNESS Checking in! <BR> <BR> I'm patting myself on the back for pushing through last week. I had a few endo days that were no fun, and a few days at work that were also no fun, and I still made it through. The nice weather didn't hurt too much. <BR> <BR> Sadly, speaking of hurting, my right ankle still isn't okay. It made a popping sound when I fell a few weeks back and I think I likely sprained it and I haven't rested - at all. I went on a long walk with Bea last night after work, but this morni... Tue, 22 Mar 2016 13:59:46 EST Little rays of something Hi. Me again. A little more sunshine in my shoes this time. <BR> <BR> First things first, I went to the dermatologist for the first time today! I had this weird red bump appear on my lower eyelid a few months ago and needed to wait for my insurance to kick in to get it looked at. Good news - not cancer. Bad news, I chickened out of having it removed because they would have had to put a needle into my eyelid. Yup. They swear a good makeup artist can cover it for the wedding and I'll just be s... Wed, 16 Mar 2016 15:52:43 EST Frustrated. <img src=""> Here I am again. No loss. Didn't gain anymore which I suppose is a good thing, but no freaking loss. Now my little line on my chart for projected loss is going down lower than where I'm at, so I'm falling behind. Ugh. According to Apple Watch, I burned like 3,000 calories and walked 26 miles last week. I know I made specific efforts to walk whenever I could. I tracked my food and stayed in line most ... Mon, 14 Mar 2016 07:44:45 EST 25 Miles and... Sitting here trying not to be upset with a gain this week. <BR> <BR> My apple watch says I walked 25 miles last week. I know I did workouts too. I know I asked my fiancee to go to the mall early on Sunday so that I could get a lap or two in before the stores opened. <BR> <BR> I had a burger with no bun on Friday night with two beers, and I had one beer on Sunday too. I did get a fancy latte on Friday and I ate a few of the cooler ranch doritos my fiancee brought home on Saturday. But I swe... Tue, 8 Mar 2016 11:51:19 EST My dog is lucky I love her... <img src=""> I must admit I had a fantastic night of sleep last night. I think I finally reached a point of exhaustion where my body gave up? Anyways, woke up and did a great Jessica Smith High Intensity Cardio video, was feeling great. Went to leave for work and out of nowhere Beatrice bolted between my legs and out the front door. I think it's because my neighbors outdoor cat has been tormenting her but still, cr... Thu, 3 Mar 2016 10:44:05 EST Hush Brain, No Snacks No gain, no loss this week. I'm considering this a victory after a week of travel, stress, and more illness. <BR> <BR> Yes, I have pushed through my THIRD cold since January. I feel like a crazy person because I take vitamins, drink a vitamin water every day, and compulsively use sanitizer. Last week I started feeling nasty again and by Sunday I was hurting. I didn't eat dinner Sunday night because I was so bah. I sneezed so much Sunday into Monday that my abs STILL hurt on Wednesday! Even s... Wed, 2 Mar 2016 11:39:59 EST Reflecting on this week Hallo! <BR> <BR> This has been quite a week. <BR> <BR> First of all, I had a major meltdown last weekend. Although I was on my feet and walking a good bit, I ate junk. Plain and simple. And had two gigantic beers. It was the nicest weather on a Saturday that we've had in a while and that is what I'm blaming it on. Felt a little loose! <BR> <BR> Sunday night my throat was sore again, like it was when I got that nasty cold a few weeks back. I've had a slight cough this week, not really sure ... Fri, 26 Feb 2016 11:49:43 EST Doing what you can A little rant on healthcare for a moment... <BR> <BR> I may have mentioned a few times on here that I am hypothyroid. I went to the doc a few months back, found out I was low again, adjusted my meds. I was doing pretty well there for a while. Then my insurance company at the time (Cigna AKA THE. WORST.) refilled my synthroid with a different manufacturer. In case you don't know, not all people manufacture meds the same. Switching like this means the pills are different and my body will proce... Wed, 17 Feb 2016 09:37:42 EST I wanna be a LOSER I decided to assert my “Grown Up Woman-ness” today and take a snow work from home day. Originally they said come in and they would assess around lunchtime. I was like actually, I don’t feel safe, nope. Looks like I made the right choice because my road is now completely covered and it is still falling. Go self, you’re smart and strong! <BR> <BR> I sneaked in a teensy loss last week. Yes, I still weighed myself this morning even though I said I would wait until Tuesday. I think part of it wa... Mon, 15 Feb 2016 10:19:10 EST Taking down the green monster Three blogs in a row?! ON FIRE. <BR> <BR> Yesterday I started to feel a little worse again. I took a nip of NyQuil last night and that seemed to help a bit but this is the craziest hanging on cold ever! I can't go two minutes without a cough and I'm starting to really annoy myself lol. <BR> <BR> Okay I have another "spark stuff related rant"... <BR> <BR> I have a good friend that has struggled with her weight as long as I have known her. She'll throw herself into something like Weight Watc... Wed, 10 Feb 2016 09:48:59 EST Being shamed into good health I need to share this experience I had last night with a bit of food shaming. In my last blog I shared how I've been catching myself fearing or avoiding foods because they may be "bad"... well last night something happened that may have hurt me but then helped me: <BR> <BR> I was researching ways to use my apple watch better for fitness/food tracking. I keep seeing someone on Pep who is posting shots of hers with an app that looks like it is tracking better than just the regular steps/move/st... Tue, 9 Feb 2016 10:32:59 EST Go go go go go... It is weigh in day, which might as well become blog day too to reflect on the weighing in part hah. <BR> <BR> I am down about another pound, bringing me to nearly 10 pounds lost since around New Years. Not too shabby! I'm proud of myself but at the same time I wish I noticed it. I don't feel ten pounds lighter nor am I really seeing any change in how my clothes are fitting. Sigh. Only means I need to get rid of more! <BR> <BR> This time last week I was really hurting, physically, with the ... Mon, 8 Feb 2016 09:28:52 EST A Bad Day/Kettlebell Curse <img src=""> Thanks for all of your well wishes. It has been a long day. I swear every time I attempt kettle bells the world goes south. The first time was interrupted by my neighbor backing into my car. Today was this... My alarm did not go off. Or... It did, but with no sound? Thanks iPhone because that is useless! Luckily it was still early enough that I thought I could squeak in Kettlebells. I get downstairs,... Thu, 28 Jan 2016 21:22:09 EST Double Ouch <img src=""> I had a snow binge on Saturday. We ate cheese and crackers and some sweets and this amazing stuff called spicy feta salsa from Whole Foods. I stayed in my ranges yesterday to make up for it - tracked everything on a snowed in Sunday! We legit did four hours of shoveling. You guessed it: I'm hurting from head to toe. Ouch. Spark said I burned nearly 2,000 calories. My Apple Watch said 500... And my gr... Mon, 25 Jan 2016 09:06:01 EST Double Ouch <img src=""> I had a snow binge on Saturday. We ate cheese and crackers and some sweets and this amazing stuff called spicy feta salsa from Whole Foods. I stayed in my ranges yesterday to make up for it - tracked everything on a snowed in Sunday! We legit did four hours of shoveling. You guessed it: I'm hurting from head to toe. Ouch. Spark said I burned nearly 2,000 calories. My Apple Watch said 500... And my gre... Mon, 25 Jan 2016 09:05:22 EST My name is Jonas... <img src=""> What? This storm hasn't made everyone else permanently have this song stuck in their heads?!?! It is really starting to snow here! They keep tossing around the words "epic" and "historic" to describe this snowstorm. Yikes. We shall see! I'm a little afraid I'll wake up tomorrow morning and it will be the tundra outside. I did not get enough workouts in this week, so part of me hopes it will snow enou... Fri, 22 Jan 2016 15:40:38 EST Chugging Along Sometimes all of my insides malfunction at once. I know in my last blog I mentioned that my endometriosis was acting up. That blew up this weekend, along with some stomach nonsense, so I was down more than I'd wanted to be this weekend. I didn't even eat that much. The scale showed a teensy bit over a pound lost last week, which honestly I'm proud of considering how bad I felt Friday - Sunday and not getting as much cardio in. Also it is that lovely time of the... well mine don't go by months... Mon, 18 Jan 2016 10:40:06 EST Random Points <img src=""> Forgot a few things from yesterday's blog, and a few other new things I don't want to forget! First of all, I'm blogging from my phone?! Weird! For some reason my other blogs keep showing ? Where ' should be and I don't know how to fix that. Maybe this will help. Also please forgive any autocorrect mistakes lol. I forgot to mention yesterday that my anxiety has been creeping up on me again. It's sill... Tue, 12 Jan 2016 07:17:26 EST Momentum and Positivity I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning. Things are finally heading in the right direction! <BR> <BR> I’m not sure what finally snapped in my head, maybe it was seeing that new high weight, but I’m in the zone and working it. <BR> <BR> Things I have noticed/changed/working on/learning: <BR> <BR> - I did not drink alcohol during the week. I used to do this more than I’d care to admit before. Two glasses of wine worth of extra calories a night really adds up. <BR... Mon, 11 Jan 2016 11:01:51 EST Lifestyle Changes I had "a moment" on Sunday night. We had eaten so much stuff over Christmas and I was feeling AWFUL, just so bloated and blah. I told my fiancee as we got in the car that even the act of getting behind the wheel felt awkward to me because my body is beyond itself. So I forced myself on the scale on Sunday night. It knocked me over. I have never been this heavy, ever. Seeing a number so close to 200 lbs was shocking. I'm five feet tall, carrying almost 200 pounds. This is not good. <BR> <BR>... Wed, 30 Dec 2015 19:28:21 EST Good Times Life has really changed in the past week! <BR> <BR> My last day at my old job was last Wednesday. I had to give a 90 minute presentation to close it out. They asked me to email the slide deck out afterwards and I couldn't because my email had already been shut down. It made me realize just how ridiculous the place had become and I was so ready to politely bow out. But get this - the next day they posted my job opening and it is now a manager level position. I'm a little hurt, it feels like a... Mon, 21 Dec 2015 21:28:12 EST