BOLLINGER25's SparkPeople Blog BOLLINGER25's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Hot Outside?--Have a great Friday! <img src=""> Fri, 22 Jul 2011 11:07:34 EST Something Very Sweet for Your Tuesday This was a sweet video about a friendship between a deer and goose. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> Have a great day! Tue, 3 May 2011 10:54:00 EST In Honor of Easter...My One and Only Bunny Joke A woman opens her refrigerator and sees a bunny sitting inside. <BR> She asks him, "What are you doing in there?" <BR> He asks, "What kind of refrigerator is this?" <BR> She answers, "It's a Westinghouse. Now, what are you doing in there?" <BR> He responds, "Westing" <BR> <BR> <BR> OK, it may not be the best, but it's the only bunny joke I know. If it made you smile, then I've achieved my goal. <BR> <BR> I hope you have a great weekend! <BR> <em>30</em> Sat, 23 Apr 2011 05:33:58 EST Some Easter Humor <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Have a great day! Fri, 22 Apr 2011 10:02:45 EST Who's the Guilty Dog? Something cute for your Friday <link> </link> <BR> <BR> Have a great Easter! Fri, 22 Apr 2011 08:27:01 EST Venturing into Uncharted Territory The other day, I got a department store coupon for 15% off any merchandise (including sale items) that was valid from 4/13 to yesterday 4/16. So, my husband and I stopped by there yesterday. I needed some new pants anyway, so... <BR> <BR> Anyway, it was a totally new experience for me. I knew where the regular-sized clothes were in Target, because that's where I first found out I could wear them. But, this was a different store. All the time I've been going there, I've only shopped the ... Sun, 17 Apr 2011 08:58:18 EST A Goose Named Maria--something sweet for your Thursday <link> </link> <BR> <BR> <BR> Have a great day!! Thu, 7 Apr 2011 10:09:11 EST Baby Hummingbird Video--Something to Make You Smile This guy found this baby hummingbird after it was attacked, and he nursed it back to health until it decided to stay and be his pet. Very charming video, and be sure to have your sound on. The song in the background is almost as good as the video itself. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Mon, 4 Apr 2011 15:16:42 EST Church Ladies with Typewriters They're Back! Those wonderful Church Bulletins! Thank God for church ladies with typewriters. These sentences (with all the BLOOPERS) actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services: <BR> <BR> The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals. <BR> -------------------------- <BR> The sermon this morning: 'Jesus Walks on the Water.' The sermon tonight: 'Searching for Jesus.' <BR> -------------------------- <BR> Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chanc... Thu, 31 Mar 2011 09:11:56 EST A very Short Story Man driving down road. <BR> Woman driving up same road. <BR> They pass each other. <BR> <BR> Woman yells out window, PIG! <BR> Man yells out window, B@$%&! <BR> <BR> Man rounds next curve. <BR> Man crashes into a HUGE PIG in middle of road and dies. <BR> <BR> Thought For the Day: <BR> If men would just listen,... <BR> <BR> Have a great day!! <em>30</em> Mon, 28 Mar 2011 08:43:43 EST OK, I finally bit the bullet... I've been putting it off for a good while now because I was afraid of what would happen. But, yesterday I finally broke down and did it. I did a little clothes shopping! <BR> <BR> It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it was for me. Clothes shopping as a fat girl has never been fun for me. The options available in the Plus-Size sections aren't that many, and often I would finally find something that I liked, but either couldn't find it in my size or would think I found something ... Sat, 12 Mar 2011 06:25:32 EST This May Sound Crazy But... This week, I've felt incredibly sad, but I couldn't really figure out why. It wasn't sad enough to make me cry all week. It was just an underlying feeling of sadness no matter what I did. <BR> <BR> Then, it hit me what was making me sad--I was no longer the person I used to be. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm very glad that I've lost as much weight as I have. Although the weight loss is slower now, I'm adding muscle and now have some muscle definition in new places--not completely ripped, ... Fri, 25 Feb 2011 20:52:52 EST An Early Valentine's Day Gift and a Very Special Shirt My husband gave me a Valentine's day gift early this weekend--a red concert T-shirt! Let me explain why and why it means so much to me. <BR> <BR> Since I've been losing weight, I can wear some of my old concert T-shirts for the first time. I used to ALWAYS get a t-shirt when I went to concerts even if I couldn't wear them-- if for nothing else, I wanted to commemorate the event. Well, as I said, I've been wearing some shirts I've never been able to wear before--some from 2004. Not too ... Sun, 13 Feb 2011 12:23:29 EST FDA Warning PLEASE read this carefully!!...I do not want this to happen to the people who mean so much to me........ <BR> <BR> Government Health Warning: <BR> <BR> Do NOT Swallow Gum!! <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Crude, I know. But it made me laugh. Thought you could use a chuckle too. <BR> Have a great day! Thu, 10 Feb 2011 09:39:49 EST Is this a flower garden or what? It's hard to read the text on these pictures but this carpet is made out of begonias. It's in Brussels and was first created in 1971 as a way to promote begonias. Each square meter of land contains 300 begonias, placed by hand by craftsmen. <BR> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <img src=""> <img src=""> Thu, 10 Feb 2011 08:43:21 EST A Few Funny Quotes for Your Wednesday Someone sent me these. I thought I'd share them. Have a great day!!! <BR> _____________________________ <BR> Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself, 'Lillian, you should have remained a virgin..' <BR> - Lillian Carter (mother of Jimmy Carter) <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> I had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: - 'No good in a bed, but fine aga... Wed, 9 Feb 2011 08:30:36 EST My Complaint-Free Experiment--Week 4 When I started this a month ago, I had no clue that it would lead me where it did. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This week, I was able to go without any lapses (complaints), but it sure wasn’t easy! <BR> <BR> Have you ever decided to work on something (like patience, for example) and as soon as you make the decision EVERYTHING that could possibly test your patience happens? Well, that’s what happened to me this week. Each day, something made me want to complain to someone abou... Wed, 2 Feb 2011 13:44:26 EST More Friday Humor--Call Center Conversations I just got these funnies. Thought I'd share them. <BR> -------------------------- <BR> ------------------- <BR> <BR> Actual call centre conversations !!!!! <BR> <BR> Customer: 'I've been ringing 0800 2100 for two days and can't get through to enquiries, can you help?'. <BR> Operator: 'Where did you get that number from, sir?'. <BR> Customer: 'It was on the door to the Travel Centre'. <BR> Operator: 'Sir, they are our opening hours'. <BR> ------------ --------- --------- --------- ---------... Fri, 28 Jan 2011 11:53:28 EST A little humor for your Friday I saw this video and got a chuckle out of it. I felt sorry for the cat though. Thought I'd pass it along. Hopefully, the link will work for you. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Fri, 28 Jan 2011 08:28:19 EST My Complaint-Free Experiment--Week 3 To sum up things so far— <BR> <BR> Week 1—Observations about my complaint habits <BR> Week 2—My attempts at trying to limit complaining from others so that I wouldn’t want to join in <BR> Week 3—something different <BR> <BR> At the beginning of week 3, I was listening to the CD “Getting Unstuck” by Pema Chodron. In it, she discussed shenpa, the urge to engage in a habitual response to an unpleasant feeling. For example, if you’re hungry and want a brownie, that is NOT shenpa. But, if you... Wed, 26 Jan 2011 09:14:09 EST My Complaint-Free Experiment--Week 2 Well on average, I complained less than I did last week—an average of 1.85 times per day AND I was able to go 2 complete days (back-to-back) without lapsing (complaining). Here are a couple of things I noticed: <BR> <BR> 1. If someone is complaining to you and you just don’t chime in, the person will sometimes stop complaining. It’s like they are looking for you to join in and when you don’t, it’s like you’re saying you don’t want to play that game, and they stop. <BR> <BR> 2. If someone... Wed, 19 Jan 2011 08:10:07 EST Why Ya Gotta Love Kids (some humor for your Tuesday) Thought these were cute and I wanted to share them. <BR> --------------------------- <BR> <BR> 1) NUDITY <BR> I was driving with my three young children one warm summer evening when a woman in the convertible ahead of us stood up and waved. She was stark naked! As I was reeling from the shock, I heard my 5-year-old shout from the back seat, 'Mom, that lady isn't wearing a seat belt!' <BR> <BR> 2) OPINIONS <BR> On the first day of school, a first-grader handed his teacher a note from his mot... Tue, 18 Jan 2011 14:46:58 EST A Necessary Purge My company is raising money for the Salvation Army. You can either donate a coat or money in return for being allowed to wear jeans on Friday during January. I have a nice, warm coat that I don’t wear anymore. I was considering donating that, but yesterday I was talking to my friend about it and was asking her how much of a donation I needed to give for January jeans days. I told her I had a coat, but it seemed like extra effort to take it where it needed to be dropped off. So, I’d just ... Thu, 13 Jan 2011 08:25:26 EST My Complaint-Free Experiment—Week 1 My observations during week 1 (1/5/11-1/11/11): <BR> <BR> 1. Averaged 4 lapses (complaints) per day <BR> 2. Noticed I wanted to lapse when I was around certain people <BR> 3. Noticed that several of my lapses were about the same subject <BR> 4. Noticed it was easiest to lapse when everyone else was doing it <BR> 5. The easiest times were when I was alone or sleeping (Ha!) <BR> 6. I was able to go one day without complaining (Sun) but then again, I didn’t go anywhere and just stayed home wit... Wed, 12 Jan 2011 08:02:39 EST A Different Approach to Positive Affirmations I post this in case it's helpful to someone else. <BR> <BR> I've read about the importance of staying positive for a long time. I don't believe you're always what you may think (for example, if you mess up, you're not a total failure). But, I do believe thoughts have an impact on your body and health--emotionally and physically. <BR> <BR> So, I like the concept of positive affirmations. I've tried doing them before, but I could never keep it going very long. But, recently, I read someth... Sun, 9 Jan 2011 09:56:46 EST How Fights Start (a little humor for your Saturday) Someone sent me this and I got a chuckle out of it. Thought I'd pass it on... <BR> <BR> ******************************* <BR> My wife sat down on the seat next to me as I was flipping channels on TV. She asked, "What's on TV?" <BR> <BR> I said, "Dust". <BR> <BR> And that's how the fight started... <BR> <BR> ******************************* <BR> My wife and I were watching "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" while we were in bed. I turned to her and asked, "Do you want to have sex?" <BR> <BR... Sat, 8 Jan 2011 16:06:53 EST A Complaint-Free Experiment I have a book called “A Complaint-Free World.” I bought it a while back, and have only revisited it recently. Basically, the premise is to try to get through your day without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping. To help you stay mindful of this, you start the day with something around your wrist (a rubberband, for example) and switch it to the opposite wrist whenever you find yourself complaining, criticizing, or gossiping. I’ve heard some say that it helps to “vent” their frustrations... Thu, 6 Jan 2011 12:16:22 EST Me--The Past, the Present, and the Future THE PAST & PRESENT: <BR> -------------------------- <BR> This morning I looked back at my records from a year ago today. As of today, my: <BR> <BR> --weight decreased by 53.2 lbs (not too bad I guess--about 1lb/week) <BR> --body fat % dropped 10% <BR> --average blood sugar dropped 93 points! <BR> --average blood pressure went from 118/75 to 105/65 <BR> <BR> So, overall, I improved. I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted, but I'm glad to see the body fat % drop. <BR> <BR> I'm also glad... Sat, 1 Jan 2011 13:27:29 EST 39 Gifts--Day 39: Make-A-Wish & This 39 Day Experiment I always consider New Year's Eve a day that is full of hope for the coming year, and hope can be a very powerful thing. Therefore, today's gift, my final one, was a donation to our local chapter of the Make-A-Wish foundation. My hope is that it will help make a sick child's wish come true. <BR> <BR> I'm thankful for what I learned during this 39 day experiment. I learned that when you think of something you're thankful for, it's a reminder that things aren't always as gloomy as they seem.... Fri, 31 Dec 2010 07:54:29 EST 39 Gifts--Day 38: UPDATED--A Click for Hunger Relief & Feeling Optimistic (Facebook link added) Today's gift didn't take long. On the news, I heard that Wal-Mart was going to give $1 million for hunger relief to the metropolitan city with the most votes on it's Facebook site. My city, Columbia, SC, was one of the 100 metropolitan areas identified as having the highest rates for food hardship in 2010 by the Food Research and Action Center. The contest ends tomorrow. We're currently #3. The first place winner gets $1 million and the next five cities with the highest number of votes ge... Thu, 30 Dec 2010 09:09:12 EST 39 Gifts--Day 37: An Unexpected Attitude Change & Warm Soup My gift today was unplanned, but worked out pretty well. Over the holidays, I got several gift cards to Barnes & Noble. So, I ordered some stuff on Sunday. Since I'm a member, I get free expedited shipping (1-3 business days). They're usually very good about this. But, their website was extremely slow and I kept getting messages that my stuff either hadn't been shipped yet or had been re-scheduled for delivery. I was getting frustrated. I just wanted to know when I'd get my stuff. Fin... Wed, 29 Dec 2010 16:19:41 EST 39 Gifts--Day 36: A Foot Rub & a Helpful Husband My husband has been so nice to me lately (helping me when I was sick and helping me get around yesterday). I wanted to do something nice for him before he returned to work, so I gave him a foot rub. He likes those anyhow, but I wanted to give him a foot rub before he went to work where he stands on his feet all day. <BR> <BR> Note: Please forgive any typos in this. I'm having trouble seeing again. I felt better for a day or two and tried to get all of my exercise in before we went to s... Tue, 28 Dec 2010 15:14:34 EST Cute Baby Sneezing Panda You may have seen this before, but LOVES_ANIMALS panda blog reminded me of the video. This little baby has such a LOUD sneeze! I think it really surprised the mother too. Hopefully, the link will work okay. <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Mon, 27 Dec 2010 14:29:37 EST 39 Gifts--Day 35: Pasado's Safe Haven & a Day with my Hubby Today's gift was to Pasado's Safe Haven in WA. It's an animal sanctuary for all types of animals--neglected, abused, abandoned--farm animals, pets, etc. I've supported them for a while now. They will prosecute those who abuse animals as well as care for any animals they receive. If the animals aren't adopted, they can live there for life. The excerpt below is an example of what they do and why I wanted to help: <BR> <BR> ----------------------------------------<BR>- <BR> "Noel <BR> 12/2... Mon, 27 Dec 2010 11:42:07 EST New Year's Resolutions for Dogs I saw this and got a good chuckle out of it. Thought I'd pass it on. After all, why should we be the only ones to make resolutions? <em>334</em> <BR> ----------------------------------- <BR> <BR> 1. I will not play tug-of-war with Dad's underwear when he's on the toilet. <BR> <BR> 2. I'll remember that the garbage collector is NOT stealing our stuff. <BR> <BR> 3. I do not need to suddenly stand straight up when I'm lying under the coffee table. <BR> <BR> 4. I will not roll my toys... Sun, 26 Dec 2010 15:14:53 EST 39 Gifts--Day 34: St. Jude's Hospital & (Almost) Christmas Snow! Today's gift was a donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. As you may already know, it's the only pediatric cancer research center "where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance. No child is ever denied treatment because of the family’s inability to pay." I believe very much in helping those who need it get medical care no matter what their financial or insurance constraints are. So, I hope my little bit helps toward that goal. <BR> <BR> Today, I'm thankful for the s... Sun, 26 Dec 2010 11:47:28 EST 39 Gifts--Day 33: A Gift in Transit & a Comforting Kitty This is actually about yesterday's gift. After I made my early morning SP login, I started feeling awful--deep stomach cramps, aching, chills, and vomiting. Not pretty. Anyway, because of the way I felt, I didn't visit anyone yesterday. I had already prepared the food for my parents (a gift I promised earlier), so my husband took the food and gifts to them. So, yesterday, my gift was 1) to send the meal I'd prepared to my parents via courier (my husband) and 2) not to spread anything tha... Sun, 26 Dec 2010 08:55:13 EST 39 Gifts--Day 32: Playing Santa without a Cane Today's gift was a visit to Lexington Medical Center's Extended Care facility to distribute Christmas presents to its residents. I went with a friend of mine from Finance. We had a lot of fun! I've never played Santa before! <BR> <BR> Each year, Lexington Medical Center Extended Care (LMCEC) gives the community a unique opportunity to share the holiday spirit with their residents. LMCEC currently has 388 residents and the majority (85%) are Medicaid patients. During the holidays, LMCEC la... Fri, 24 Dec 2010 17:32:24 EST Dog for Sale (an Oldie, but a Goodie) A guy is driving around the back woods of Montana and he sees a sign in front of a broken down shanty-style house: 'Talking Dog For Sale ' He rings the bell and the owner appears and tells him the dog is in the backyard. <BR> <BR> The guy goes into the backyard and sees a nice looking Labrador retriever sitting there. <BR> <BR> 'You talk?' he asks. <BR> <BR> 'Yep,' the Lab replies. <BR> <BR> After the guy recovers from the shock of hearing a dog talk, he says 'So, what's your story?' <... Fri, 24 Dec 2010 17:21:37 EST 39 Gifts--Day 31: An Anniversary Pizza & a Day with No Prior Commitments This may sound silly, but my husband & I remember when we first went out. Today is that day. Almost 21 years ago, he & I went on our first date. We ate at Applebees and went to see "War of the Roses" at the movies. We try to acknowledge this day every year in some way. But today, he only had two hours of time between his two jobs. So, we didn't really have time to do anything, but I at least wanted to buy him lunch--a pizza (today's gift). Doesn't sound special, I know. But, pizza wa... Thu, 23 Dec 2010 17:09:46 EST Something to Remember Someone sent me this, and I liked it. It's not funny, but it's something I will try to keep in mind. <BR> --------------------------------------- <BR> <BR> <BR> The <BR> Cab Ride <BR> <BR> I arrived at the address and honked the horn. After waiting a few minutes, I walked to the door and knocked.. 'Just a minute', answered a frail, elderly voice. I could hear something being dragged across the floor. <BR> <BR> <BR> After a long pause, the door opened. A small woman in her 90's stood b... Thu, 23 Dec 2010 16:50:51 EST Just a Cup of Tea (for laughs) Someone sent me this. I thought it was funny. <BR> =============================== <BR> <BR> <BR> ONLY A MOTHER WOULD KNOW... <BR> <BR> ~A Cup of Tea ~ <BR> <BR> One day my mother was out, and my dad was in charge of me. <BR> <BR> I was maybe 2 1/2 years old. Someone had given me a little 'tea set' as a gift, and it was one of my favorite toys. <BR> <BR> Daddy was in the living room engrossed in the evening news when I brought him a little cup of 'tea', which was just water. After s... Thu, 23 Dec 2010 16:36:05 EST 39 Gifts--Day 30: W.H.O. Fruitcakes & VACATION! Today's gift was kind of a 2-for-one gift. I bought a couple of W.H.O. fruitcakes (small ones) to take to my parents on Christmas. Who is W.H.O.? W.H.O. is the Women Helping Others Foundation. It is dedicated to "encouraging women everywhere to help others through community service supporting organizations dedicated to the needs of women, children, and families in crisis. Since it's inception [in 1993] the WHO Foundation has granted more than $3.8 million to other non-profit organization... Wed, 22 Dec 2010 18:18:38 EST Christmas Lights Sort of our plan this year... <em>334</em> <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> Wed, 22 Dec 2010 13:52:38 EST 39 Gifts--Day 29: A Few Laughs & Getting Back on the Wagon I’ve heard of people giving the gift of laughter, so I tried to do that today. My goal was to make at least 10 people laugh today, and I succeeded! I personally serenaded 10 different people with the 12 Cats of Christmas song I posted yesterday. Everyone laughed-- I think it was due to the lyrics and not my singing! Oh well, even if it was because of my singing, we got a good laugh out of it and that was the goal! <BR> <BR> I’m thankful that this work week is winding down. Thursday and ... Tue, 21 Dec 2010 14:51:54 EST The 12 Cats of Christmas I ran across this and thought it was cute. Thought I'd share. <BR> ---------------------------- <BR> <BR> On the first day of Christmas when I brought home my tree <BR> My 12 cats were laughing at me <BR> <BR> On the second day of Christmas I saw beneath my tree <BR> 2 mangled garlands <BR> and my 12 cats laughing at me <BR> <BR> On the third day of Christmas I saw beneath my tree <BR> 3 missing Wise Men <BR> 2 mangled garlands <BR> and my 12 cats laughing at me <BR> <BR> On the fourth da... Mon, 20 Dec 2010 19:49:33 EST 39 Gifts--Day 28: Kindness Ranch & a Mid-day Walk Today’s gift was to Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary. It is the nation’s only sanctuary that takes in all kinds of research animals (pigs, sheep, cats, dogs, horses, etc) from medical schools and labs and nurtures them back to health. Many of the animals they get are nervous and frightened, but they work with them and if possible, rehabilitate them and find them new homes. However, if the animals are too traumatized or no one wants to adopt them, they are allowed to stay at the ranch for th... Mon, 20 Dec 2010 10:51:52 EST Cute and Funny Animations for Those with Cats Here's a link to some very cute cat animations. The first one I ever saw was the one called "Cat Man Do". Hopefully, you won't have any problems with this link. I just wanted to share these. <BR> <BR> Have a great day! <BR> <BR> <link> </link> Sun, 19 Dec 2010 14:04:44 EST 39 Gifts--Day 27: A Holiday Meal Promise & a Short Work Week Coming Up Today's gift was a phone call to my mom. Friday, she left the hospital from knee replacement surgery. Usually, she prepares the holiday meals. I knew she'd be worried about how she'd do it this year, so I called to let her know that if she and my dad could make some brown rice and heat up a Field Roast (a vegan roast of butternut squash, legumes, and other veggies that we all like), I'd take care of the rest of the meal. She seemed to appreciate it (less stuff for her to worry about). No... Sun, 19 Dec 2010 13:45:13 EST 39 Gifts--Day 26: Food For All & a Bad Movie Today's gift was given while I was at the grocery store--to Food for All. This group "partners with over 6,000 grocery retailers across the country to raise money for community based non-profits. From a small soup kitchen to a metropolitan food bank." I know that there are a lot of people who don't have enough to eat, especially in these economic times, and I wanted to help. <BR> <BR> Today, I'm thankful for being able to spend some time with my husband. He's been working a LOT lately, an... Sat, 18 Dec 2010 18:14:31 EST