BIGDADDYTEXAS69's SparkPeople Blog BIGDADDYTEXAS69's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Exercise program day 27 Sparkdate 72313 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> More overtime at work. Home at 3. Out the door at 3:15 for run <BR> <BR> Steps 5101 <BR> Distance 3.5 <BR> Time 43:02 <BR> Speed 5.0 mph <BR> <BR> 30 day arms <BR> Push-ups 47 <BR> Dips-105 <BR> Curls-135 <BR> Punches-115 <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit-ups-115-none <BR> Crunches-180-did 50 <BR> Leg raises-62 <BR> Planks-110 seconds <BR> <BR> That's it. Off day tomorrow then only 2 days left. Today should've been last day but life gets in the ... Tue, 23 Jul 2013 10:09:22 EST Exercise program day 26 Sparkdate 72213 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Ok. Back on track sort off <BR> <BR> Been working lots of overtime, less sleep than normal, families back from myrtle beach, and dealing with neck pain issues. Oh well, s#it happens <BR> <BR> Massive rain and flooding today. No run. Maybe when I get home at 3am it'll be Lear for a run <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push-ups-46 <BR> Dips-100 <BR> Curls-130 (30 lb bands) <BR> Punches -110 <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit-ups-110-none <BR> Crunches-170... Mon, 22 Jul 2013 10:17:45 EST Temporary hold on exercise program Sparkdate 71913 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> No exercises today. Gotta put this on 2 day hold. Didn't get home till 430 from work. 15 hour day. Same again tonight. Will gt back on it Sunday <BR> <BR> Y'all have a good day Fri, 19 Jul 2013 08:44:02 EST Exercise program day 24 Sparkdate 71813 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Countdown is on. 2 30 days, off day, final 3 30 days and one. Then onto the next challenge. maybe swim the Pacific Ocean <BR> <BR> Ok. Another 4 am run. I'm really likin this running in he morning thing. It's quiet. Peaceful. I get to starga...ow, damn curb. Someone should really put up a streetlight <BR> <BR> Run <BR> Steps 5510 <BR> Dist 3.8 <BR> Time 47:49 <BR> Mph 4.8 <BR> <BR> Yeah, I know I'm slow. Hold on, a 3 toed sloth is passing m... Thu, 18 Jul 2013 10:54:59 EST exercise program day 23 Four in the morning <BR> Came without a warning <BR> Everybody's got a place to be <BR> I got holes in my conscience <BR> Shot with a vengeance <BR> I must have been a fool not to see <BR> <BR> -4 in the morning by night ranger <BR> <BR> sparkdate 71713 <BR> <BR> hey y'all <BR> <BR> ok its actually 5 in the morning but it was 4 and hour ago so there <BR> <BR> todays an off day for the 30 day workouts but i still needed to get a run in so, after working an hour over and stopping at the s... Wed, 17 Jul 2013 05:08:44 EST exercise program day 22 sparkdate 71613 <BR> <BR> hey y'all <BR> <BR> ok. day 21 in the books. late start but its done <BR> <BR> run <BR> steps 5606 <BR> distance 3.5 miles <BR> time 46:46 <BR> mph 4.5 <BR> <BR> 30 day arms <BR> push-ups-44 <BR> dips-90 <BR> curls-115 (30lb resistance) <BR> punches-95 <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> sit-ups-um no <BR> crunches-150 (ow,ow,ow) <BR> leg raises-58 <BR> planks-85 seconds <BR> <BR> total steps on day so far 9771. only 6 flights of stairs though. gotta get another 14 i... Tue, 16 Jul 2013 11:58:52 EST exercise program day 21 sparkdate 71513 <BR> <BR> hey y'all <BR> <BR> ok. first things first. this is an accountability journal so i'm accountable for yesterday. I crashed and burned yesterday. layed on the couch and watched a documentary on the rock group the eagles all day. literally. 3 times. only had 997 steps in and 1 flight of stairs at 3. had 2 bags of chocolate goldfish for dinner. went grocery shopping at 10 and did emergency run at 11 to get my 10000 and my stairs. got done at 11:59. no 30 day ... Mon, 15 Jul 2013 10:15:14 EST Exercise program day 19 Sparkdate 71313 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Total off day. Good thing. Got home from work at 3. Daughter met me t door. Didn't go back to sleep. Been up since yesterday. Lovin it. <BR> <BR> Wife and daughter left on vacation today so maybe ill catch up on some sleep. Probably not though cause I'm an idiot that way <BR> <BR> Ok. Rum time. Up in 6 hours or run. Yeabuddy <BR> <BR> Y'all have a good evenin Sat, 13 Jul 2013 23:51:22 EST Exercise program day 18 Sparkdate 71213 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> No run today. Got home at 3:30. Daughter got up and didn't get go back to sleep till 4. Ot up at 7. Beautiful morning but just wasn't feeling the run. Did trash, laundry, and dishes instead. Think the run woulda been more fun <BR> <BR> 30 day arms <BR> Push-ups-38 <BR> Dips-75 <BR> Curls-105 <BR> Punches-85 <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit-ups-0 <BR> Crunches-120 <BR> Leg raises-50 <BR> Planks-75 seconds <BR> <BR> So far I've done everything ... Fri, 12 Jul 2013 10:16:45 EST Exercise program day 17 Spark date 71113 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Ok. No run today. Wife let me sleep in. Something about getting less than 3 hours sleep a day not being healthy. Who knew <BR> <BR> So down 5000 steps so far. Good thing I worked overtime and went walmarting at 2am or I'd really be behind. <BR> <BR> <BR> Got 30 day workouts in though <BR> <BR> 30 day arms <BR> Push-ups -36 <BR> Dips-70 <BR> Curls-100 (30 lb resistance bands- getting hateful) <BR> Punches-80 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day ab <BR>... Thu, 11 Jul 2013 11:42:49 EST Exercise program day 16 Sparkdate 71013 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Ok. Full morning so far <BR> <BR> Home from work at 3:0 <BR> Out the door for run at 6:30 <BR> <BR> Run <BR> Steps 5113 <BR> Distance 3.3 miles <BR> Time 44:17 <BR> Speed 4.5 mph <BR> <BR> 30 day arm-full workout <BR> Push-ups-35 <BR> Dips-65 <BR> Curls-90 (30 lb resistance band) <BR> Punches-75 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit-ups -40 (35 short) <BR> Crunches -40 (60 short) <BR> Leg raises-45 <BR> Planks-65 planks <BR> <BR> So workout... Wed, 10 Jul 2013 09:26:02 EST Exercise program day 15 Sparkdate 7913 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Ok. Today's a 30 day off day. Good thing. Worked hour over last night. Home 2:55. Daughter up at 3 in full on ADHD mode. She never went back to sleep. Running on 2 hours sleep. Awesome. Situation normal. I did get her to ride her bike while I walked. No run <BR> <BR> Walk <BR> Steps 4535 <BR> Distance 2.44 <BR> Time 50:11 <BR> Speed 2.9 <BR> <BR> Slow speed. Never stopped timer, emergency stop at house for bike repair. Loose training wheel <BR... Tue, 9 Jul 2013 13:04:30 EST Exercise program day 15 Sparkdate 7813 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Ok. Halfway point. Too bad I did this program over vacation. I don't do well with tons of free time. Oh well, it is what it is <BR> <BR> Run <BR> Steps-5550 <BR> Distance-3.5 miles <BR> Time-47:35 <BR> Speed 4.4 mph <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push-ups -30 <BR> Dips-60 <BR> Curls-85 <BR> Punches-70 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit-ups-20 <BR> Crunches-45 <BR> Slacking on both of those, screwed up my neck sometime last week. <BR> Leg raises... Mon, 8 Jul 2013 10:55:18 EST Excercise program day 14 Sparkdate 7713 <BR> <BR> Got kicked out of bed this morning by my daughter at 5:30. Rough way to start a Sunday (especially when you go to bed at 2(guess vacations officially over). So I got my run in today. Good deal. <BR> <BR> Run <BR> Steps 6516 <BR> Miles 4.2 <BR> Time 55:28 <BR> Speed 4.6 miles <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push-ups -30 <BR> Dips-55 <BR> Curls-80 <BR> Punches-65 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Leg raises-42 <BR> Planks-1 minute <BR> <BR> Still need to do sit-ups and... Sun, 7 Jul 2013 08:31:52 EST Excercise program day 13 Sparkdate 7613 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> No run today. Did get in 12000+ today though <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push-ups-28 <BR> Dips-50 <BR> Curls-75 <BR> Punches-1 minute <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Leg raises-40 <BR> Planks-1 minute <BR> <BR> No sit-ups or crunches. Screwed up my neck a couple weeks back and decided not yo jerk it around tonight. Get back to them tomorrow <BR> <BR> On an unrelated note had date night with my lovely beautiful wife last night. Took her to a concert.... Sat, 6 Jul 2013 23:07:10 EST Exercise program day 11 Sparkdate 7413 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Happy 4th everybody. And thank you to all veterans currently serving, those who did serve, and those that gave their lives to ensure this nations freedom. Thank you. <BR> <BR> No run today though I did o a 6000 stp walk today. So that'll have to do. <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push-ups-25 <BR> Dips-40 <BR> Curls-65 <BR> Punches-50 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day ab <BR> Situp-55 <BR> Crunches-65 <BR> Leg raises-35 <BR> Planks-1 min <BR> <BR> That's... Thu, 4 Jul 2013 23:35:31 EST exercise program day 10 sparkdate 7313 <BR> <BR> hey y'all <BR> <BR> no run today. still got in my 10000+ steps and 20+stairs <BR> <BR> 30 day arms <BR> push-ups-22 <BR> dips-35 <BR> bicep curs-60 <BR> punches 45 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> sit ups-50 <BR> crunches-50 <BR> leg lifts-30 <BR> planks-1 minute <BR> <BR> wife is doing ok 30 day challenge also. struggling but gutting it out where she can. proud of her for the effort. <BR> <BR> had a few coments on my steps being down. usually up around 180... Wed, 3 Jul 2013 22:54:50 EST Excercise program day 9 Sparkdate 7213 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> No run today. Still got in 13000 steps and 20 stairs <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push ups-20 <BR> Dips-30 <BR> Bicep curls-55 <BR> Punches-40 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit ups-45 <BR> Crunches-30 <BR> Leg raises-30 <BR> Planks-1 minute <BR> <BR> Wife is trying to do this also so I did curls and push-ups with her also <BR> <BR> That's it. Y'all have a good evenin Tue, 2 Jul 2013 22:35:14 EST exercise program day 8 sparkdate7113 <BR> <BR> hey y'all <BR> <BR> late day today. <BR> <BR> didn't get my 20 flights of stairs in till 6:00 <BR> <BR> run <BR> steps 5002 <BR> distance 2.9 miles <BR> time 46:51 <BR> speed 3.8 <BR> <BR> ok. 2 things happened on run today. <BR> <BR> 1. i'm visiting my folks and its pretty hilly where they live. when i finished my run my fitbit said i'd done 49 flights of stairs. so fyi, if you live in an area with hills you might not have to do actual stairs. good to kno... Mon, 1 Jul 2013 23:21:51 EST excercise program day 7 sparkdate 63013 <BR> <BR> hey y'all <BR> <BR> no run today <BR> <BR> 30 day arms <BR> pushups-18 <BR> dips-25 <BR> curls 50 <BR> punches 35 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> sits-40 (brutal) <BR> crunches-30 <BR> leg raises-20 <BR> planks 1 minute <BR> <BR> off day tomorrow. will try to get run in tomorrow <BR> <BR> on vacation-honda shutdown for a week over 4th. away from eating routine. this'll be rough <BR> <BR> y'all have a good evening Sun, 30 Jun 2013 22:53:39 EST Excercise program day 6 Sparkdate 62913 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Late start today <BR> <BR> No run today <BR> <BR> Pouring rain out. Just wandered around the house for an hour to get my last 4000 steps in. 15 steps back door to front door. Boring but it's done <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push ups-15 <BR> Dips-20 <BR> Bicep curls-40 <BR> Punches-30 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit ups-35 <BR> Crunches-15 <BR> Leg raises-20 <BR> Planks-1 minute <BR> <BR> Y'all have a good evening Sat, 29 Jun 2013 21:22:41 EST Excercise program day 5 Sparkdate 62813 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> No run again today, maybe tomorrow <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push ups-12 <BR> Dips-15 <BR> Bicep curls-30 <BR> Punches-25 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit ups-30 <BR> Crunches-12 <BR> Leg raises-15 <BR> Planks-1 minute <BR> <BR> That's it. More tomorrow. Y'all have a good day Fri, 28 Jun 2013 07:54:53 EST Exercise program day 4 Sparkdate 62713 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Sorry to waste your guys time. Taking complete off day. Back to it tomorrow. <BR> <BR> Y'all have a good day Thu, 27 Jun 2013 08:41:34 EST Excercise program day 3 Sparkdate 62613 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Ok. Day 3 down <BR> <BR> Run <BR> 4203 steps <BR> 43:36 minutes <BR> 2.5 miles <BR> 3.5 average <BR> <BR> Wife let me sleep in today. Unfortunately my daughter didn't. So got a late start. Daughter went on walk with me today. She set pace in her escalade <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push up-10 <BR> Dips-10 <BR> Bicep curls-20 <BR> Punches-20 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day ab <BR> Sit-ups-25 <BR> Crunches-10 <BR> Leg raises-10 <BR> Planks-1 minute <BR... Wed, 26 Jun 2013 11:45:48 EST Excercise program day 2 Up with the sun, gone with the wind, she always said I was crazy-bob Seger's travlin man <BR> <BR> Sparkdate 62513 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Ok. Day 2 <BR> <BR> Run <BR> 4018 steps <BR> 33:55 <BR> Miles 2.78 <BR> Avg speed 4.8 miles <BR> <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push ups-10 <BR> Dips-10 <BR> Bicep curls-15 <BR> Punches-20 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit ups-20 <BR> Crunches-8 <BR> Leg raises-10 <BR> Planks-1 minute <BR> <BR> And just to stir he pot and drive people crazy, a... Tue, 25 Jun 2013 08:20:33 EST Excercise program day 1 Sparkdate 62413 <BR> <BR> Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Ok. We're off and runnin. Literally. Up at 6:15 <BR> <BR> 4.1 mile run <BR> 6002 steps <BR> 51:26 time (yeah I walked part of it. What can I say, I'm old) <BR> <BR> 30 day arm <BR> Push ups-5 <BR> Dips-5 <BR> Bicep curl-10 <BR> Punches-10 seconds <BR> <BR> 30 day abs <BR> Sit ups-15 <BR> Crunches-5 <BR> Leg raises-5 <BR> Planks-1 minute <BR> <BR> Wife even joined me for the abs part. Pretty cool <BR> <BR> Y'all have a good day Mon, 24 Jun 2013 08:39:22 EST update to an update to an update hey y'all <BR> <BR> ok. thanks for the feedback. i truly appreciate it. the overriding concern here is sleep. trust me. i know. i'm the one living without it. <BR> <BR> i worked 12 years in dayton oh as a bottled water delivery driver for culligan water (99-11). in june of 2011 i was downsized. only me. they kept on some guys that had been there a year or less. why. company was up for sale and i was making $5 an hour more than the others. $18 hour job gone. 3 weeks vacation gone.... Sun, 23 Jun 2013 21:49:52 EST Follow up-may answer questions Hey y'all <BR> <BR> Thanks for all the feedback and support. Greatly appreciated. Reading it through I think a lot of good questions have been raised, so... <BR> <BR> I do the weight watchers program. Been on it since 12/29/11. Started at 289 lbs. I'm currently sitting at 41 points a day with 49 extra to get thru the week. Eat lots of fruit and veggies, drink lots of water (worked at a bottled water company for 12 years-if anyone knows about drinking water it's me). I eat the same thing ev... Sun, 23 Jun 2013 08:37:01 EST looking for help from my sp family sparkdate 62213 <BR> <BR> hey y'all <BR> <BR> been a while. my muse has been quiet. and sorry to disappoint but this won't be one of my quirky funny blogs (still hate that name). <BR> <BR> i'm stalled out here. i've been at or around 205 for a month. i just haven't felt it. been doing the wrong things. sleeping to little, not exactly eating to much, just the wrong things, not exercising (though i have started running lately). i'm spending too much time on other things and not eno... Sat, 22 Jun 2013 20:05:37 EST Update Sparkdate 8 something minutes past the last post <BR> <BR> Good news. There's one person more active than me in the getting back to good sex group. So there's hope for America yet <BR> <BR> Do I still get he wheaties box cover. No. Damn Sun, 9 Jun 2013 01:17:24 EST America, we have some serious issues Sparkate 6whatevertodayis13 <BR> <BR> Howdy kids <BR> <BR> Ok. Houston we have a problem. Truer words were never spoken. I just got emails from all the sp groups I belong to. Here's what it says <BR> <BR> Rockers <BR> No topic off limits <BR> Classic rock fans <BR> Sexy upgrade <BR> Spark Texas <BR> San Antonio digest <BR> Columbus city digest <BR> Men you're not alone <BR> Sp class march 17-23 2013 <BR> <BR> You guys suck. Out of all these groups how in the hell am I the fitness leader i... Sun, 9 Jun 2013 01:05:34 EST momentum sparkdate 6813 <BR> <BR> howdy kids <BR> <BR> sorry i've been absent for a while. working too much, sleeping to little and my muse has been silent. but she spoke to me today. just a whisper, but enough to be heard. <BR> <BR> i've got friend who's having a crisis right now. we've all got them. some are more profound then others. but to each of us no matter how trivial it might be, to some people its a mountain to that person. <BR> <BR> we're all here for the same reason. we want t... Sat, 8 Jun 2013 22:43:02 EST song of the day sparkdate 6513 <BR> <BR> howdy kids <BR> <BR> i've got no theme today. just a song. i've been emailing with a friend about song lyrics (see confessions blog). she's been asking about what songs might inspire. i always liked this song. it's where eagles fly by sammy hagar. good lyrics. good beat. good message. for me anyway. hope y'all like it. if not, blame sammy <BR> <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> Sunday morning 9 a.m. <BR> I saw fire in t... Wed, 5 Jun 2013 10:52:34 EST confessions for my fitbit family A born Texan has instilled in his system a mind-set of no retreat or no surrender. I wish everyone the world over had the dominating spirit that motivates Texans." - Former Texas Speaker of the House Billy Clayton. <BR> <BR> Sparkdate53013 <BR> <BR> JOE WALSH - THE CONFESSOR <BR> <BR> If you look at your reflection in the bottom of a well what you see is only on the surface <BR> If you try to see the meaning hidden underneath the measure of the depth can be deceiving <BR> <BR> The bottom ... Thu, 30 May 2013 10:45:28 EST Thank You And Happy Memorial Day sparkdate 52613 <BR> <BR> Thank you. Thank you to all the current and retired, and deceased members of the United States military. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you safeguarding the ideas of freedom and liberty against those that would see it undone. Thank you to The United States Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard, The Army National Guard, and all reservists across each service. <BR> <BR> Thank you to the men who died on the beaches of N... Sun, 26 May 2013 10:42:28 EST update for me got my 12500 steps in, 29 stairs, dips, calves, now having adult beverages. sweet Sat, 25 May 2013 02:56:20 EST white lies don't hurt you, or do they Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called "walking." - George W. Bush <BR> <BR> sparkdate 52413 <BR> <BR> morning everybody <BR> <BR> quick acountability update for me. 13,500 steps, 29 stairs, calves, shoulders <BR> <BR> ok. sorry to disappoint all the hundreds and thousands of my dedicated followers but i've got nothing for you today. though i hear my posts are getting rave reviews and i'm up for a bloggy or grammy, or oscar, or pulitzer. pretty cool ... Fri, 24 May 2013 04:10:15 EST The easiest mistake you can prevent that you'll regret forever morning everybody <BR> <BR> Steve's log: way too late for me and too early for you <BR> <BR> ok, here's the who cares part. got in my 20+ stairs, 10,000+ steps, assorted planks, and calf raises today. good job, yay me. now on to more important things. <BR> <BR> I work as a temp at a Honda plant. I sand cars. trained monkeys can do it. it doesn't require a lot of brain power. I work with good people. we talk a lot while we work. most people do at they're work places. but you also... Thu, 23 May 2013 04:14:29 EST update sparkdate 52213 1:15 blah blah whatever else kirk says <BR> <BR> things have a way of working out. my lovely beautiful daughter decided she wanted to go on a bike ride after school. so i got some more steps in. sweet. <BR> <BR> kirk out Wed, 22 May 2013 13:16:31 EST just because it's not recorded it doesn't mean its wasted morning everybody. i'm still struggling with an intro here. maybe a sparkdate like in star trek. gotta release the inner geek every now and then <BR> <BR> Steve's log, sparkdate 52213. <BR> <BR> So the theme is just because it's not recorded doesn't mean its wasted. this sort of covers all ground. I went for my run/walk this morning and did 3000 steps. awesome. great. hooray for me. but i found out i left my fitbit (sorta like a hi-tech pedometer) at home. boo!!! stupid me. s... Wed, 22 May 2013 10:45:31 EST Do what you can when you can late start today. didn't get home from work till 3:30. my wife let me oversleep which is awesome but it throws a wrench in the workout plans. no walk today, but had almost 3500 steps in for the day by the time i got home. <BR> <BR> I work on an assembly line so my work time is constant motion, like is said yesterday, wax on wax off. full disclosure, my steps at work are really just a series of 5 feet to the left and 5 feet to the right. its steps but not walking steps. but a step is ... Tue, 21 May 2013 11:01:51 EST new attitude I don't know what a blog is. don't know, don't care. i look at this as my accountability journal. i've been on weight watchers for 16 months now. I started at 289 lbs. I got that way after losing my job of 12 years and not being able to get even 1 interview or call back from all the applications I sent out. I lived in Dayton Ohio which is a dying city after it's General Motors plants shut their doors. <BR> <BR> So what's unemployment. A lot of doing nothing because there's no money c... Mon, 20 May 2013 10:24:06 EST