BETHIN_MN's SparkPeople Blog BETHIN_MN's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Week 3 16 Week Challenge (December 5-11) Week 3 of 16 week challenge (November 28-December 4) <BR> WEEK 32 PLAN: <BR> SPIRITUAL: <BR> Focus time with God DAILY!! WHy is this so hard??? <BR> Seek the Holy Spirit's leading in my decisions <BR> <BR> PHYSICAL: <BR> MONDAY-7.08 miles done! <BR> TUESDAY-Walk 1.60 miles and run 3 miles; REsistance Band Workout <BR> WEDNESDAY-Walk 1.60 miles and run 3 miles <BR> THURSDAY-Walk 1.60 miles and run 3 miles. Resistance Band Workout <BR> FRIDAY-WALK 1.60 miles and run 2 miles ((or rest))... Tue, 6 Dec 2011 07:51:22 EST Week 2 Recap Week 2 of 16 week challenge (November 28-December 4) <BR> WEEK 2 PLAN: <BR> SPIRITUAL: <BR> Focus time for devos DAILY!! WHy is this so hard??? <BR> <BR> PHYSICAL: <BR> MONDAY-4.17 miles! <BR> TUESDAY-No run; Band workout-Back, chest, trs, glutes <BR> WEDNESDAY-6.11 miles <BR> THURSDAY-3.21 miles; Band workout-Shoulders, Bicepss, legs <BR> FRIDAY-4.44 miles <BR> SATURDAY-4.59 miles <BR> SUNDAY-REST DAY!! <BR> <BR> NUTRITION: <BR> Continue tracking meals on SP. EAT ONLY FOODS THAT ARE... Tue, 6 Dec 2011 07:46:24 EST Week 2 of 16 Week ROCK*STAR Challenge Week 2 of 16 week challenge (November 28-December 4) <BR> WEEK 2 PLAN: <BR> SPIRITUAL: <BR> Focus time for devos DAILY!! WHy is this so hard??? <BR> <BR> PHYSICAL: <BR> MONDAY-Walk 1.50 miles and Run 3 miles <BR> TUESDAY-Walk 1.50 miles and run 3 miles REsistance Band Workout <BR> WEDNESDAY-Walk 1.50 miles and run 3 miles <BR> THURSDAY-Walk 1.50 miles and run 3 miles. Resistance Band Workout <BR> FRIDAY-WALK 1.50 miles and run 2 miles <BR> SATURDAY-Walk 1.5 miles and run 3.50 miles <BR>... Sun, 27 Nov 2011 21:16:08 EST Week 1 Recap Rock*Star Challenge Well the first week is over! It was a week of settling into my routine again. I found it difficult with all the preparations I needed to get done for Thanksgiving!! Thursday's workout did not pan out with only 4 hours the night before and everything I had to get ready for company. Friday and Saturday were, I'm afraid to say slough days! I worked on Friday and did NOTHING on Saturday! Diet was okay. Thanksgiving went well. Didn't overeat or anything! But Saturday was a day I'd like to forget!!... Sun, 27 Nov 2011 20:17:49 EST Week 1 Day 1 Week 1 of 16 week challenge (November 21-27) <BR> <BR> MONDAY: DONE!!! <BR> 5 MINUTE WARM UP WALK (.30 MILE) [22 calories burned] <BR> 3 MILE RUN [33:23 (11:07 pace) 393 calories burned] <BR> 5 MINUTE COOL DOWN WALK (.30 MILE) [24 calories] <BR> 5 MINUTES OF STRETCHING <BR> <BR> TUESDAY: <BR> 45 MINUTE RESISTANCE BAND WORKOUT (BACK, CHEST, TRIS, GLUTES, THIGHS) <BR> BACK TRI-SET: <BR> MIDDLE BACK ROW2X15 <BR> HIGH SEATED ROW 2X15 <BR> WIDE GRIP PULLDOWN 2X15 <BR> <BR> SEATED ROW 2X... Mon, 21 Nov 2011 13:05:21 EST Week 1 of 16 Week Rock*Star Challenge! Week 1 of 16 week challenge (November 21-27) <BR> <BR> MONDAY: <BR> 5 MINUTE WARM UP WALK (.30 MILE) <BR> 3 MILE RUN <BR> 5 MINUTE COOL DOWN WALK (.30 MILE) <BR> 5 MINUTES OF STRETCHING <BR> <BR> TUESDAY: <BR> 45 MINUTE RESISTANCE BAND WORKOUT (BACK, CHEST, TRIS, GLUTES, THIGHS) <BR> BACK TRI-SET: <BR> MIDDLE BACK ROW2X15 <BR> HIGH SEATED ROW 2X15 <BR> WIDE GRIP PULLDOWN 2X15 <BR> <BR> SEATED ROW 2X15 <BR> <BR> TRICEP TRI SET: <BR> REVERSE GRIP TRICEPS PRESSDOWN 2X15 <BR> THUMBS-UP TRICEP... Sun, 20 Nov 2011 21:18:21 EST 4x4 Rock*Star 16 week Challenge! 4 x 4 ROCK*STAR ACTION PLAN. <BR> <BR> I, Beth Masog, am a ROCK*STAR and I will SHOOT FOR THE MOON! <BR> <BR> On March 11, 2012, 16 weeks from now, <BR> I WILL FEEL renewed, stronger, and healthier! Just watch me glow! <BR> I WILL ACCOMPLISH much, regret nothing, and love myself unconditionally! Just watch me shine! <BR> I WILL CELEBRATE BY treating myself to new running gear to match the neon pink knee high socks I bought for my next half marathon AND running the Earth Day Half Marathon ... Sun, 20 Nov 2011 19:51:32 EST My first half marathon reflection I remember when I first started adding runs to my workouts (May of 2007) A minute here a minute there. And I also remember when I used to try and make excuses to myself to hop off the treadmill and catch my breath or quit a workout early because my legs were "sore". <BR> <BR> Well no more. On Saturday I proved to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. I completed my first 13.1 mile half marathon! And not once in the 2 hours and 22 minutes did I tell myself that I couldn't do it. <BR... Mon, 19 Apr 2010 09:19:35 EST My first Half Marathon! I did it! I ran my first half marathon! And my foot made it through the race! I felt some pain in my tendon, but I made sure to just let the foot land where it may. Around 5.4 miles I finally had to stop and pull out my lift and finish the race without it. It was an awesome feeling to finish 13.1 miles. I can't wait to do it again in June! Here's a look at my splits: 11:00,10:39,10:33, 10:27, 10:48, 10:27,10:57,11:20,10:56,11:15,10:43, 11:24, 09:50, 9:12 (last .16). I'm trying to figure out w... Sat, 17 Apr 2010 23:12:18 EST FINISHED THE RACE! REACHED MY GOAL WEIGHT OF 140 POUNDS!!! <BR> <BR> 73 POUNDS GONE FOREVER!!! <BR> <BR> HAPPY DANCE!! <BR> <BR> Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:23:11 EST Another Milestone So this morning my goal was to run a 5k in 31 minutes-giving me a 10 minute pace. Well I surpassed my goal by doing 3.17 in 31 minutes! That is a pace of 9:46! Yeah for me! I was so proud this morning after my workout. Sweat was dripping off my brow. <BR> I am so ready for my 5k road race next month! Thu, 23 Apr 2009 22:37:47 EST BOUT FELL OFF THE SCALE! Wednesday I weighed in at 144# <BR> <BR> Saturday I weighed in at 142# <BR> <BR> This morning I weighed in at 140.5#!. What the?!?!?! <BR> <BR> I am totally in shock! I have been working so hard to get these last ten pounds off (check out my weight journal on my SPark page) and i lose three in a matter of days! And I only had one workout this week because I have had a major head cold this week! <BR> <BR> I have to contribute my routine diet this week for my awesome weight loss this week.... Sun, 22 Mar 2009 17:23:12 EST Another milestone! I ran 2 miles straight in 19:34! Hooah! Tue, 10 Mar 2009 19:39:16 EST Treadmill workout- a new record! This morning I did NOT want to workout, but boy am I glad I did! 3.24 miles in 35 minutes! 10.80 minute pace. yeah for me!! Sat, 7 Feb 2009 13:36:36 EST 2 1/2 pounds to my goal!! <img src=""> <BR> There is something about a goal that keeps one pushing forward, and I am so excited to be so close!! 2 1/2 pounds to go!! Woohoo!! Just had to share!! Fri, 6 Feb 2009 21:13:55 EST 1-19-09 strength workout (sets/reps) <BR> Incline Dumbbell press-2/15 <BR> Pull down to front-2/15 <BR> <BR> dumbbell bench press-2/15 <BR> one arm dumbbell rows-2/15 <BR> <BR> bent over lat raises-2/15 <BR> dumbbell shoulder press-2/15 <BR> <BR> incline dumbbell curls-2/15 <BR> overhead dumbbell triceps extensions-2/15 <BR> <BR> squats-2/15 <BR> lying leg curls-2/15 <BR> <BR> leg extensions-2/15 <BR> standing calf raises-2/15 <BR> <BR> lying leg raises-2/15 <BR> crunches-2/15 Mon, 19 Jan 2009 22:50:17 EST New strength training routine Soup until a couple weeks ago, I've done all my strength training with resistance bands. For Christmas my husband got me adjustable weights, and a few weeks ago, picked up a weight bench. i tweaked my old workout to fit in the free weights, but wanted to find something tried and true. So I ordered Hugo Rivera's book The Hardgainers' Bodybuilding Handbook. It is a 21 week training program, and I am pumped up about it. this morning was my first workout and I really enjoyed it. i look forward to... Mon, 19 Jan 2009 22:38:00 EST Finally done...for now! yay for me! I finished my finals for this quarter and now I can rest until the new year. <BR> <BR> I mean now I can hurry up and get everything done that I've been putting off becasue I've been too busy doing homework before I have to start classes again!! Fri, 19 Dec 2008 00:16:18 EST I can finish this race! Plateau indeed! I never struggled with plateaus during my major losing phase until I hit my last ten pounds, and i have been struggling ever since! I have 6 pounds left and I will finish this race!! <BR> Fri, 19 Dec 2008 00:13:01 EST High School Phys-Ed memories Do any of you remember phy ed in school? I do. Do you remember having to run the mile? I do. And it was the worst, most embarrassing moments of high school. I was scared to go to gym class on those days. I knew that I would never make it. The teacher would blow his whistle and I would set off. 4 times around the track. Halfway through the first lap, I thought I was going to die. My chest felt like it was going to explode. So I'd give up. I would end up walking the rest of the way. More out o... Sat, 24 May 2008 12:09:22 EST I still love you scale but.... Throughout this entire journey, the scale and I have worked together really well. I would step on it every morning and it would always report good news to me. Sometimes it would tell me I have to work a little harder, but I never got mad at it or guilty from it. Well, I think now I am at a point in my weight loss where I need to reduce my scale watching to my weekly weigh ins only. It's not that I don't love the scale anymore, it's just that these last five pounds are taking their own sweet t... Fri, 2 May 2008 09:24:26 EST Final Five! What is up wth these last five pounds? Will they ever come off? i feel like I have been struggling ever since Christmas. i get down to 145, then go back up to 148. Now I'm back down to 145 again, and I am hoping to keep going down, but i have GOT to lay off the sweets! Mon, 28 Apr 2008 22:17:37 EST Happy SP Anniversary to me! I was just welcoming a newcomer to SP, and realized today is my one year anniversary here!!! My how the time flies! I started my journey a month before I joined, and let me tell you, I could not have done this without SP. I've lost 67 pounds and I am 6 pounds away from my goal of 140! <BR> <BR> God is Good! Fri, 21 Mar 2008 23:17:42 EST Almost there! 7.5 pounds to go and lovin it!!!!! Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:11:07 EST Feeling good...again! After gallbladder surgery on Halloween, I had a hard time getting back into the routine of exercise, but the last week of December, I finally made the choice to get back on it and continue on my journey. I have lost 64 pounds so far, only have 9 more to go, and I am more determined then ever to reach that goal! I know how to do it, and I have learned that a little slip up is not the end of the world; you just pick yourself back up and keep going. I have my weekly exercise goals and I am gett... Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:26:27 EST 10 pounds left!! I am so excited! I have lost 63 pounds, and I am only ten pounds away from my gol weight of 140! I never thought it was possible, until I actually did it. This is a great day for me. I am going to look at these last 10 as easy. hear so many people have a problem with the last 5-10, but I am not going to look on it with dread. Bring it on! I mean Burn it Off!! Fri, 14 Dec 2007 10:25:01 EST I'm Normal! As I watched my BMI go down with my weight loss, I cheered when I was overweight, because that meant that I was no longer obese! Now I am cheering again because I am no longer overweight, I'm normal! Still have 14 pounds to go though until I meet my original goal of 140, but I have faith that I will get there! Mon, 26 Nov 2007 17:43:57 EST Who is that chick in the SIZE 8 jeans?! Size 8! I can't believe it! I've never been a size 8 before! Not even as a child. I went from a size 14 youth straight into plus size womens. Try walking around with your pant legs rolled up because fat pants were always cut for tall women. A not so fond memory from my youth. But all of that is behind me now as I look in the mirror and discover- I have no behind left!! Oh well; a small price to pay for good health! Sat, 24 Nov 2007 23:45:53 EST The fluids... I had the fluids for the last two days. That is what my sisters call the stomach flu. It was not fun, and I lost 4 pounds from it, but I am feeling much better today, and am eating more. I also had surgery a couple weeks ago, and am recovering from that, so I have not been exercising. And I can tell! My back is sore, my calves are stiff, and I have no energy. I've lost 61 pounds and I am so close to my goal! Time to get back on it! Thu, 15 Nov 2007 10:39:41 EST Back from surgery Well, I had my surgery yesterday for my gllbadder. Hopefully once the pain is gone from the surgery, I can eat without the fear of getting an attack. I just hope this doesn't mean I can eat whatever I want now! I still need to watch my food choices. I am 17 pounds from my goal. 56 pounds gone so far! Thu, 1 Nov 2007 08:20:23 EST Back pain mystery solved! Well, I went to the dr, had an unltrasound done, and found some very large gallstones. I go in for surgery on Oct. 31 to remover my gallbladder. They say it is minor surgery, but I have never had surgery before; anything for me is major. The surgeon said I will be off work for 8 days and should be able to work out again in 2-4 weeks. I'm looking forward to being able to eat without having an attack. Sat, 27 Oct 2007 09:59:29 EST I feel good! Yesterday, I was telling my husband that I still feel fat. that even though i lost 53 pounds, I still feel feel the same. <BR> Today, I took some pictures of myself and compared them to my starting pics. I am so amazed! My progress is really starting to show! <BR> And I love the sweater- clearance rack @ Target. ladies, if you're in the process of losing weight, clearance/thrift is the way to go until until you reach your goal. Sun, 21 Oct 2007 15:00:35 EST Unusual back pain from eating- any ideas? I have been having a lot of back pain after my meals, it used to be fairly infrequent, but now it is occurring at least once a day, yesterday happening twice. I get a bit of a stomach ache, but most of my discomfort is in my back. I have a doctor appt on the 16th, but was wondering if anyone would have any clues to this mystery ache of mine. Tue, 2 Oct 2007 17:30:44 EST Beth Masog - Motivational Speaker??? Tonight I will have the honor of speaking to a group of ladies at my church about my weight loss journey. A lady I know has a Tuesday night exercise group at church which she has restarted since taking the summer off. It's wierd though, I don't feel like a success story yet, so why would they want my imput? I think it's because they can see the results. they see that I've dropped 5 dress sizes, and that I have the discipline to make healthy choices when I am faced with unhealthy food choices ... Tue, 2 Oct 2007 17:28:32 EST Idols As I browse around the Spark Pages, I see pictures of beautiful children, loving husbands, and family pets. But I also see a lot of pictures of movie stars, models and super heros with captions that say 'my inspiration', or 'my hero' underneath them. As we make this lifestyle change, we need to be aware of our motivation behind it. Is it because we want to look like a certain person, or is it for our health, or to be around to see our children, and our children's children, grow up? Motivation... Sun, 30 Sep 2007 14:31:56 EST Updated Photo- What a change!! What a beautiful day today here in central MN! there was a nice cool breeze, and the sun was muted by clouds. It was perfect weather for pictures. Once I uploaded them onto my computer, I couldn't believe the change! without pictures, it's hard to remember what size my body used to be. But today just confirmed all the hard work I've committed to. Looking forward to my next photo op!! <BR> <BR> P.S. current weight-164 pounds; weight loss to date-49 pounds! Sat, 29 Sep 2007 22:36:07 EST One reason to lose weight- Size 10 jeans!! <BR> I have never worn a size 10 before. I was always in plus size for as long as I can remember, so being able to buy my first pair of 10's, what an awesome feeling! Thu, 20 Sep 2007 08:03:12 EST friday weigh in So Friday is the day we weigh in for the record books and guess what, I lost 4 pounds this week! So far, I have lost 45 pounds, and only have 28 more pounds to go!! <BR> I cannot remember the last time I weighed 168 pounds, I want to say it was junior high, but that was 20 years ago! it doesn't matter anymore, because I am looking forward to being at a healthy weight. I already have more energy for my kids. And it feels so good to be in a size 12 jean, which, I might add, are getting too big ... Fri, 14 Sep 2007 17:31:30 EST We Be Athletes! Me and my sisters, Laurie, and Leslie <BR> <BR> We be Athletes! That's what my sister says we are. On August 11th, the day before my 31st birthday, I ran my first run/walk. It was 2 miles, and I completed it in 22:21. that's only 11:10 a mile!! What an accomplishment! What a milestone! I've NEVER done anything like this before and I can't wait to do it again! HOOAH!! <BR> <BR> P.S. Could they make a sports bra more unflattering?? Fri, 17 Aug 2007 15:47:43 EST Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! I weighed myself this morning and the scale said 174. that is 39 pounds gone since February. I cannot even remember the last time I weighed this much. I think I put 176 on my very first drivers license at age 16, and even then I think I lied about my weight!! I just pray that I can continue to be successful with my weight loss and that I will be able to keep it off for good! Fri, 17 Aug 2007 15:42:08 EST I did it! My sisters and I ran in our hometown's Fun Run/Walk this past Saturday! This was the first competitive run I've done. It was only two miles long, but it was a great starting point for me. My finishing time was 22:21. That's 11:10 a mile!!! That is a record for me. It felt great accomplishing this, and I can't wait to do it again! Tue, 14 Aug 2007 08:26:11 EST Halfway there!!! Well, I am halfway to my goal weight!! Today's weigh in was 176; 37 pounds gone so far! I never thought I could ever accomplish this, but I'm doing it, and I'm going to keep doing it until I reach my goal! Hooah!!!! Fri, 3 Aug 2007 09:45:18 EST New job God provided me with a new job a couple weeks ago, and I am loving it! I am the Dietary manager of the childcare center that is located in our church. It is 20 hours a week, and my children get free childcare while I am working. My hours are 10-2, which I think is perfect, but my workouts have been a bit lacking. I really want to try and get them done in the morning, but with a baby, find it challenging to finish without something happening. By the time I get home from work, I take care of th... Tue, 22 May 2007 21:18:30 EST The Hardest Part The hardest part about my lifestyle change has got to be not baking. I love baking, and I never thought I did, but I actually love cookies! I could eat a batch of No Bake Cookies in one day. Every time I would pass through the kitchen, I would grab one, and before I knew it, the bag was gone. Now I added up the caloric value of a batch of No Bakes, and per cookie is only about 170 calories, but per batch is over 4,000 calories! Something to think about next time you're baking. <BR> <BR> Sat... Mon, 14 May 2007 09:03:25 EST New Challenge My new challenge is to catch up to my sister. <BR> <BR> I have 2 sisters; one is 138 pounds and just trying to stay in shape at 46. My other sister is at 183, 45, and trying to meet the same goal as me-140 pounds. I weighed in today at 193.5. That's almost 20 pounds lost!!! Yeah! I need to challenge myself, so my next short term goal is to catch up to my sister's weight of 183 (if she keeps eating those blizzards, I should have no problem!) <BR> <BR> I am not hoping she fails. I'm hoping m... Sat, 5 May 2007 08:56:32 EST Ive hit the 100's!!! I am so excited! I'm finally below 200! I weighed in this morning and I am at 198. I've lost 15 pounds!! I never thought that was possible! My weight has been on an upward climb ever since I can remember. it feel so goood to have accomplished my goal! I made my March weight loss goal, and am on track to making my April goal. Thanks to my sisters for helping me stay motivated! Sat, 7 Apr 2007 09:10:55 EST