BELIEVING-N-ME's SparkPeople Blog BELIEVING-N-ME's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Discouraged I need to find away to stop the emotional eating! Realizing, that when I'm Stressed, upset, disappointed, I'm turning to food <em>494</em> <em>495</em> . Then I feel bad and upset with myself. I know that I need to exercise, cause it makes me feel better; but lately I don't care and that also, upsets me. Have gone to the doctor, she put me on some meds that is suppose to help, but it just makes me sleepy. Have a follow up with her in May. <BR> <BR> So it's time that things have to chan... Mon, 28 Apr 2014 15:39:58 EST 5% Update This challenge, has been a struggle for me; but I have also been a learning experience, too! <BR> <BR> I really ready knew that I needed to eat more fruits and vegetables. <em>45</em> <em>291</em> <BR> Learned that I need more fiber and less sodium in my diet and that I also need to track. Also, that I feel better when I get enough sleep and drink enough water. When I don't get enough water <em>274</em> , I feel <em>15</em> and not enough sleep, I am very grouchy, and have a h... Fri, 14 Jun 2013 11:38:16 EST Exciting Week This week there is a lot of exciting things happening. My youngest daughter is crossing over, this is were sixth grader cross over the bridge, showing that they have finished elementary, and moving to the next level. On Friday, my Sister-in-law graduates college and my other one comes in from Arizona; then that night we are having a crawfish boil. The weekend we are taking the girls to New Orleans to the zoo. <BR> <BR> <BR> Tue, 14 May 2013 17:37:52 EST April 27 <BR> This year I have begun to think that I can succeed in reaching my goal. So, I am changing my username from Bestmommy64, to Believing-N-Me. <BR> <BR> I have had a fun day. Did my 1st <em>364</em> with my Mom. We had fun walking together; we don't get to see each other often. Cali, went to walk with us, but they needed her help as a junior leader. She walked the last mile with us. Sat, 27 Apr 2013 23:37:09 EST April 16 <BR> I have been doing good with the squat challenge; am now doing it by myself as sister-in-law has lose interest. That's okay, will finish the challenge; it is getting tougher each day for me. Today is a rest day, tomorrow I'll do 150 squats. <BR> <BR> Last week I was doing some bicep curls and 3year old nephew wanted to do some with me, he got some weights an wanted to do some. Well that didn't last long, but thought it was cute. <BR> <BR> This last 8 weeks has been a challenge in itsel... Tue, 16 Apr 2013 12:15:56 EST Squat Challenge Day 4 I'm surprise that sister-in-law is actualy doing the challenge with. We are having fun with it. Sometime it is hard to keep count, with all the laughing. Well yesterday, youngest daughter thought it would be fun to try to get us to lose count so we would do more that 60; we told her that she could to them with us, she just laughed at us. Today is rest day and tommorrow we will do 70. So far we are having fun; our legs can tell it. <BR> <BR> Thanks everyone for the support! Good luck to any... Thu, 4 Apr 2013 15:31:04 EST SQUAT CHALLENGE This is challenge that SIL are going to do for April. This should be interesting. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> I will need to take messurements, before and after pictures. <BR> <BR> If anyone else is interested please feel free to join in. <BR> <BR> Sat, 30 Mar 2013 17:55:12 EST Update on healthy habit <BR> Good Morning everyone! <BR> <BR> I am still improving on healthy habit. Have still been adding vegetables into my meals and eating vegetables as a side. Have also been eating more fruits. <em>45</em> <em>291</em> <BR> <BR> Still have days where I don't make the best choices. Not going to beat myself up! Will <em>386</em> forward. <BR> <BR> This week I have added some ST and walking more; still have a long way to go. Struggle with doing exercise, when no one at home is wi... Sat, 16 Mar 2013 12:41:30 EST THANKS! <BR> I'm suprised that I enjoyed doin a blog. I've never been one to blog or journal. I have REALLY Enjoyed reading everyones blog. <BR> <BR> From the bottom of my <em>26</em> , I <em>304</em> all for the support and encouragement. <BR> <BR> So thankful for the 5% challenge and the <em>345</em> A's. Found that the challenge help to keep me accountable. I do so much better when I'm in the challenge. <BR> <BR> Still need to improve on healthy eating and building on my fitness mi... Fri, 8 Mar 2013 20:28:10 EST How can I improve! Will continue to keep trying new fruit and vegetables. Will add more vegetables at mealtime and need to add fruit as snacks, and after exercising. Need to plan and perpare ahead of time. <BR> <BR> Still doin Streaking into Spring, on day 6. Also, starting to train for my 1st 5k. This is something, I have been thinking about for awhile now. Signing up for one on April 27. Wed, 6 Mar 2013 11:30:42 EST How am I doing day by day! This week has not been the best, for healthy eating. Well, I will not beat myself up; I will continue to focus on making better choices. I when I go shopping will buy more fruit, will continue to add whole grains to shopping list. <BR> <BR> Also, continuing with the Streak into Spring, day 5. Well Cali brought home a paper for a 5k to promote 4-H, so think I will sign us up for it. She told me that she has been wanting to start walking. Think this will be a way for us to spent some qualit... Tue, 5 Mar 2013 09:48:11 EST Day 3 New week and a new day! Well the weekend was not a good for the new habit. I gave into stress, and made homemade cookies and ate way too many. Then I feel bad. I'm learning that when I eat, something that is not right for me, I don't feel good. Just need to learn to listen to my body. <BR> <BR> Have learn that when I drank at least 8 glasses of water; I feel good and when I don't drink enough waer. Feel bloathed, sluggish, and all round just don't feel good. <BR> <BR> Also, doing the St... Mon, 4 Mar 2013 10:56:33 EST Healthy Habit Day 2! Morning all! <BR> <BR> Well how will I do it! I have joined Eat Better, Feel Better Challenge! It will help me to focus more on making healthier choice! Will be adding more vegetables, to our food. Will buy more fresh fruit and vegetables, when grocery shopping. <BR> <BR> Have an Blessed day! Sun, 3 Mar 2013 09:29:33 EST New Healthy Habit! The new habit, I am working on is eating healthier. <em>265</em> <em>267</em> <BR> <BR> I will explain, I have never ate any vegetables, well I thought I was but later learned that they were starch an not considered vegetables. Also, never ate fruit often. Well that is changing. I have started trying new vegetables, and fruit. Still struggling with eating healthier. Not giving up! Sat, 2 Mar 2013 13:25:53 EST Got To Keep Exercising! This week, I've struggled to exercise. I've exceeded on a few days. , I will try to get some exercise in; not feeling well. Hope to feel better soon. <BR> <BR> Thinking of trying a Zumba class that I just found out about. Sounds like it would be fun. Got to find ways to get in more cardio. Have to kept thing fun and exciting so that I will stay at it. <BR> <BR> I am so proud of myself! Cause on Monday, I will have been with SparkPeople a Year! <BR> <BR> <em>244</em> <em>224</... Thu, 19 Jan 2012 12:26:34 EST 5% Week 7 Day 3 The weekends are tough for me. It's hard for me to exercise one the weekend and to eat healthy. It is hard to exercise when the family is all together. They are not willing to and they laugh and make fun of me , when I exercise. Not going to give up on trying to get them to exercise with me. That is one of my goals for the year. Will keep pushing on and not going to give up. <BR> <BR> Whether they want to I am going to get my family to be healthier. Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:46:14 EST 5% Winter Challenge Week 7 Day 1 This is my first 5% Challenge. I am really enjoying the challenge and it is helping to keep me accountable. Am learning some stuff about my self, like if I don't exercise I feel guilty and feel that I should be exercising. Learning that when I exercise, feel better and am in a better mood. Also that I am enjoy exercising. <BR> <BR> <em>247</em> <em>252</em> Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:21:16 EST