AUTUMN_WILLOW_7's SparkPeople Blog AUTUMN_WILLOW_7's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Checking in So I haven't posted in awhile. I also have re-done week 4 of that challenge multiple times because I either couldn't do enough or I forgot <em>39</em> <BR> <BR> Been working out more the past few weeks and trying not to eat as much but still some snacking with all the holiday get togethers. I have been maintaining though, so that is better than nothing. <BR> <BR> Today my daughter wanted to work out as home work for PE so we did a 15 min walk at home video (courtesy of ondemand with C... Thu, 5 Dec 2013 01:30:25 EST Week 4 of 100 pushup challenge, take 2 Monday, alas, I didn't get a walk in as I had to go to the doctor, unless you count the 45 minutes or so I spent wandering around the nearby store waiting for test results:( <BR> <BR> This morning I successfully got up and got a short workout in before work since I didn't workout at all Monday night. I did 15 min walking workout ondemand. This might not seem like much but when you consider the fact that I almost never get up early to workout, despite setting two alarms, that's pretty impre... Tue, 29 Oct 2013 23:10:01 EST End of week 4 of 100 pushup challenge Week 4 of the 100 pushup challenge is now finished. Tomorrow - BEFORE I do any other weights, etc. - I need to redo the initial test to see if I should repeat week 4 or not. <BR> <BR> On Friday, I went to the gym. I felt self conscious doing the modified pushups at the gym so I warmed up and did weights first and then the pushups. Overall I probably spent 40 minutes on strength and then 20 minutes on the elliptical (warm up and cool down) plus the walk to and from the school (the rec cent... Mon, 28 Oct 2013 17:01:42 EST Thursday Today and tomorrow are my husbands day off! It is nice! We walked our daughter to school and back, about 20 minutes. Then we walked to and from the rec center, which is about 12-15 minutes. At the rec center I did 65 minutes on the elliptical and 13 minutes on the bike (waiting for my husband to finish weights and cool down). Plus I walked to and from the rec center again to pick up the kids. So overall, almost two hours or cardio in. Which is good, because I just added up my calories and I... Thu, 24 Oct 2013 22:46:58 EST Week 4 of 100 Pushup Challenge workout 1 done I completed the first workout for the week last night. Alas, I still cannot due a regular pushup though my arms were a little sore from working out the night before so maybe that is it. Depending on how I test at the end of this week (endurance week), I might have to repeat week 4 (per the challenge instructions) before going to week 5. <BR> <BR> I also did other strength last night with the pushups (while watching Biggest Loser), which I alternated to keep my heart rate up. The other exe... Wed, 23 Oct 2013 15:45:52 EST Week 4 of the 100 pushup challenge I haven't been posting it but I have been doing the 100 pushup challenge and just finished week 3 yesterday. This week, I am going to try and do some of the regular pushups. I couldn't do any at first but have been doing between 55-60 of the modified push ups so I am hopeful to at least do a few of the regular ones. <BR> <BR> Today was fairly good today, eating wise. I went over on calories but still under what I would eat to maintain my weight and got lots of produce. I also went to the... Tue, 22 Oct 2013 01:40:17 EST Week 2 of 100 pushup challenge So I kind of glossed over week 1 but this is week 2 of the hundred push up challenge. I did my pushups today (58 modified pushups total )and will have to do the other two days on Friday and Sunday as it's already Wednesday. Today was more difficult but probably because I've been doing the weights the last few times I went to the gym (the local rec center). <BR> <BR> I went to the gym Monday right after work - packed all my stuff and took it with me so I wouldn't have to stop by the house ... Thu, 10 Oct 2013 00:06:09 EST Thursday Update on Tuesday's Goals (not so good): <BR> 1) Drink 8 cups water - didn't meet though I did get other liquids too <BR> 2) Track calories and try to stay within range - tracked but over <BR> 3) Do Day 1 of the Hundred Push up challenge- the 30 day ab challenge didn't go so well with my back but I am hoping this will be easier as there are different levels depending on where you are starting at. - Done! <BR> 4) At least 10 minutes of cardio, preferably before doing day 1 of the Hundred... Thu, 3 Oct 2013 16:54:20 EST Monday I am happy to say I successfully met my goals, which were to: <BR> <BR> 1) Drink 8 cups of water <BR> 2) Track calories - I did go over slightly because I gave in and got coffee but not by much. I wasn't going to but had to take my son downtown in the stormy whether to see if he had a UTI. I bought him some juice as he needed to give a urine sample (which he thought was hilarious; he told all his friends when I took him back to school) and ended up getting a pumpkin latte, though it was non... Tue, 1 Oct 2013 01:16:26 EST Sunday Just wanted to pop a note that my lower back is feeling better. Today I cleaned for a few hours, which included scrubbing dishes and our bathroom. Ate pretty well today but went over on the calories by drinking more OJ then water <em>39</em> . Later, I also did Zumba (on the Wii) for 25 minutes then about 10-15 minutes of strength which included some squats but was primarily upper body exercises with resistance bands; could definitely feel it after scrubbing this afternoon! <BR> <BR> My... Mon, 30 Sep 2013 01:45:19 EST Checking In Alas, I have not done the bootcamp videos as there is no room in the living room (where computer is) as we haven't finished rearranging/moving furniture. I have been working out otherwise though. <BR> <BR> Friday I did the little pedaler on my lunch break at work. <BR> Saturday walked the dog for 10-15 minutes (forgot to check time). <BR> Sunday went roller skating for over an hour with the kids and some bellydancing. <BR> Monday, today, did 20 min on the pedaler at work, with the first 10 ... Mon, 26 Aug 2013 17:42:34 EST 28 Day bootcamp day 5 again Now that my back is better, I am picking up where I left off. will do video tonight... Thu, 22 Aug 2013 17:01:18 EST 28 Day bootcamp day 5 Yesterday after working out the night before my lower back was hurting and was still sore. <em>39</em> I am going to day a few days to rest it and then pick it back up to get caught up on the videos. Fri, 16 Aug 2013 09:53:26 EST 28 Day Bootcamp, Day 4 Successfully did the video today, about 28 minutes of zumba, and tracked my food. Also, within target calories:) Feeling pretty good today too though I am getting my workouts in later at night than I would care for. Thu, 15 Aug 2013 00:38:34 EST 28 Day Bootcamp, Days 2-3 Yesterday, I successfully did the video and ate more produce. Also got a little bit of exercise in the form of gardening then riding the pedaler on my break. <BR> <BR> Today, also did the video for day 3. Total 40 minutes of cardio; 16 min on the pedaler at work and 24 minutes of zumba. Also tracked calories and was under for the day so feeling pretty good right now <em>30</em> Wed, 14 Aug 2013 00:52:09 EST 28 Day Bootcamp, Day 1 Starting the 28 day bootcamp. I did 13 min on the little pedaler on my lunch. This evening, we worked in the garden for at least 30 minutes then I did the first video, which was 10 minutes of cardio. I also successfully tracked food though I went over in calories; I must record all meals first so I don't accidentally eat too much. Tue, 13 Aug 2013 00:53:25 EST Sat Just did over 30 min of zumba and feeling good! Also have been successful tracking calories so far. Sat, 10 Aug 2013 15:36:25 EST Wed Weighed in this morning and down about 1.5 lbs; hope it's not just water weight. I was good on food today, on the low end of my target calories instead of going over. Primarily the result of eating Subway for both lunch and dinner. The family and I rode bikes to Subway and then the park on the way home, so I got 30 minutes of actual riding time in (the nice thing about Garmin for bikes <em>30</em> ). <BR> <BR> Hopefully I can keep it up. Thu, 8 Aug 2013 02:05:50 EST Tues Today was bad diet wise. I didn't get enough produce and caved and had some cookies at work someone had brought in. To try and offset it, I walked about 30 min then 12 min of strength (spark people videos). <BR> <BR> Yesterday the kids and I rode bikes for 30+ minutes (I forgot to check the clock). <BR> <BR> Sunday I didn't workout per se but we spent several hours cleaning the house, including scrubbing the bathroom. It felt like I got my heart rate up but then it was hot in the house... Wed, 7 Aug 2013 01:32:46 EST 10 min a day, Day 15/test results I got the test results from yesterday and it appears I have pre-diabetes, <em>39</em> More motivation to work on the diet and consistency. <BR> <BR> Today at lunch I did 12 minutes on the little bike pedaler at work before eating lunch, which I ended up not finishing. My husband had made lasagna for dinner tonight and I was good and had only one serving. Instead of getting more when I was hungry, I had more snap peas and a banana then later, a 100 cal pudding pack. Was under my target... Wed, 31 Jul 2013 16:22:53 EST 10 Min a day, Day 13-14 Day 13: Sadly, I spent the evening paying bills and didn't workout. Apparently I need to balance the checkbooks more often. <BR> Day 14: feeling motivate today, especially after a doctor appointment this afternoon. Did an hour of dancing after everyone else went to bed and workout up a good sweat. I also successfully tracked calories today and did okay eating wise:) I also turned down the bake goods the boss got everyone at work though I did have a non-fat chai latte (small one). Wed, 31 Jul 2013 01:21:14 EST 190 min a day, Day 4 - 12 This is a late check in as we were gone all week camping but here is the summary. <BR> <BR> Day 4, Sat; at least 10 minutes cleaning though probably more as we were getting ready to go camping <BR> Day 5, Sun: 20+ min of bellydancing (I'm not sure how much time we actually spent dancing) <BR> Day 6, Mon : approx. 60 min of bike riding, including several butt kicking hills <BR> Day 7, Tues: more bike riding, probably about an hour again, with the horrible hills again <BR> Day 8, Wed: I got si... Mon, 29 Jul 2013 01:19:06 EST 10 min a day, Day 2 and 3 Yesterday I had meant to do Zumba but ended up correcting my daughter's summer workbooks instead. So at 11 o'clock at night I found myself walking the dog so I could say I did at least 10 minutes. <BR> <BR> Today we went on a bike ride. Total time moving was 34 minutes but a few minutes were coasting behind the kids though I tried to put the bike in a lower gear so I could pedal and not run into the kid's bikes in front of me. <BR> <BR> I would also like to add that I was good and avoided... Sat, 20 Jul 2013 01:14:10 EST New challenge, day 1 New challenge is to work out at least 10 minutes a day for the next week. I will try and remember to post daily... <BR> <BR> Update: did 10 minutes on the little peddler on my break at work (you peddle it like a bicycle, but can by done at work). Later I did some housework. Hoping for more activity tomorrow. Wed, 17 Jul 2013 16:40:58 EST Half Marathon Results T <em>30</em> his is a little late but I was hoping to finish the half marathon (walking it) in 3 hours 45 min. I beat my time and finished in 3:39:15 Thu, 11 Jul 2013 15:49:30 EST 2 more days! Only two more days; I'm excited! <BR> <BR> Tuesday I rode for about 30 minutes than had 20 minutes of walking. <BR> Last night I walked 35 minutes (2 miles was the goal). <BR> Tonight is a rest day though I'll be moving to clean out my car (carpooling with my coworker). <BR> Tomorrow is a 20 minute job. I think we are going to the Spaghetti Factory for some whole wheat pasta:) <BR> <BR> Wish me luck! Getting up and meeting my co-worker by 6 am will be the hardest. Hopefully I'll get more... Thu, 6 Jun 2013 16:12:29 EST 1 Week to Half Marathon! I haven't been checking in but I have been walking! I did miss a few weeks though but have kept it up for the most part. I found it harder to get the shorter walks in during the week. The DH is back to days temporarily so that helps though we've been doing a lot of family bike rides. <BR> <BR> Last week I did 11.5 miles in the rain. I wanted to quit early but finished though I was soaked. Today I did 6.8 miles, with a bunch of hills. I am a little concerned about the hills. There are so... Sun, 2 Jun 2013 02:43:59 EST Weeks 5 - 6 Week #5 walk 3 - did about 7 miles through the trail. <BR> <BR> Week #6 walk 1 - successfully got up early and walked, though I didn't quite have 3 miles. <BR> I also did cross training Monday since Monday ended up being a rest day. I walked 15 min (to and from gym) then did 15 min on the elliptical (I didn't get there early enough to stay longer). <BR> <BR> Today was a rest day so hoping I get up early again tomorrow to work out in the morning. Wed, 10 Apr 2013 16:38:41 EST Week 4 - 5 checkin I've been slacking on my posts: <BR> <BR> Week 4 Walk 2, didn't do until Saturday morning and only 28 minutes (I had to get to work but didn't get up super early). <BR> <BR> Week 4, Walk 3: I was going to do my long walk Saturday night or Sunday morning. The weather was gorgeous and we ended up doing a 6 mi bike ride instead, which is better than not doing anything but I missed the long walk <em>39</em> I also bruised both of my legs on the pedals somehow, though I have no idea when. <... Thu, 4 Apr 2013 16:55:31 EST Week 4, Walk 1 Tonight I didn't quite do 3 miles. I decided to sign up at the rec center so I worked out there. It was nice to have a set pace; gave me an idea of how fast I am actually walking. A little boring though but then I didn't have to worry about getting wet or tripping on the sidewalk where the roots have pushed it up. I took the scenic walk home so I ended up walking about 2 3/4 miles, which was more than I thought it would be. Also got a pretty good sweat, though it might just seem like tha... Wed, 27 Mar 2013 01:24:37 EST Week 3, Walk 3 and other Saturday before work I did the long workout, 6 miles through the park trails nearby in 1 hr 39 minutes. Sadly I misjudged how deep some water on the pathway was and went through it. Well, it was several inches deep and I soaked my feet, so I walked about the last 50 minutes with wet shoes and socks. <BR> <BR> I didn't go to the gym Friday after work so Sunday morning I got up and danced for about 10 minutes to warm then did a resistance band strength workout, about 15-20 minutes. Still ne... Mon, 25 Mar 2013 16:23:14 EST Week 3 walk 2 So I was bad and didn't cross train yesterday <em>39</em> I decided to spend time with my husband instead since he goes back to working nights after spring break and I won't be able to see him. I told him to start waking me up in the morning, turning lights on etc when he's getting ready for work. I'll have to go into work early to get my extra hours after spring break. I've decided since yesterday ended up being a rest day, I'm going to take clothes and change at work so I can stop by ... Fri, 22 Mar 2013 02:03:52 EST Week 3, Walk 1 Today's goal was 3 miles and at least 10 min of strength (well the goal is to get 2 strength workouts but my training program recommends them after the shorter walks during the week). <BR> I decided rather than go out in the rain, sans glasses (I can't see out them when they are wet), I stayed in and did some walking workouts on demand. The first one was 25 min. The second one was 15 minutes and incorporated some light weights while walking. AFter walking, I also did some modified pushups... Wed, 20 Mar 2013 01:42:43 EST Week 2, walks 2 & 3 Thursday night I worked late so I didn't get my walk in then <em>39</em> (I got home after 10:`15 pm). Instead I went Friday night and went 3.3 miles, jogging approximately 12 minutes of 50. <BR> <BR> Sunday I was scheduled for 5 miles and ended up doing 5.4 instead (per maymyrun, after the workout was done). So total miles goal for the week was 11 and I did 13,1 total. This included an easy mile walk with the dog the beginning of the week. I did do some strength after the Tuesday walk... Sun, 17 Mar 2013 18:29:16 EST Week 2, Walk 1 check in I successfully did 3.4 miles tonight instead of 3 miles, in about an hour. Average pace 17 min mile. I didn't do a good job checking the time before and after the workout but it was about an hour. I even jogged part of it. I didn't time it, just tried to job a little bit of each song I listened to. I am pretty sure I jogged more than I did last week, so it's a good start <em>30</em> <BR> <BR> I also did an easy 20 min walk last night as well to walk the dog, so that was about a mile.... Wed, 13 Mar 2013 02:16:23 EST Week #1 Walk 3 checkin Wanted to briefly mention I did a little over 3.5 miles on Saturday in about an 1 hr 15 min. It could have been farther; I used a pedometer but haven't measured my stride. I'll have to confirm on mapmyrun but I don't think I was moving as fast this time. Nice walk though; the sun was out:) Glad I worked Sunday and not Saturday. <BR> <BR> Week 2 goal; I will cross train! Mon, 11 Mar 2013 16:12:51 EST Week 1, Walk #2 I didn't cross train yesterday but I did walk this evening. One of my knees was sore so I was going to do a shorter walk but once I got started, I felt fine so I did an extra loop around the block. According to mapmyrun, I walked 2.78 of the 3 miles, about 45 min (I didn't try and jog tonight). <BR> <BR> I also got at least 8 glasses of water at work alone and lots of produce though dinner was not good; my husband is in charge of dinner during tax season and he got Taco Bell. I am going to... Fri, 8 Mar 2013 01:31:46 EST Weekl 1, walk #1 Depending on which training schedule I look at, I was suppose to do 2 - 3 miles today. I didn't want to but I did even though it was cold and rainy outside and almost 9 pm. Mornings don't really work with the husband leaving for work by 6 am and the whole, I can't get up even with multiple alarms set situation, LOL. <BR> <BR> To get done sooner, I even jogged part of it, about 9 minutes out of 40. So I average 16 min a mile instead of 18 min a mile that I normally walk (I did 2.5 miles... Wed, 6 Mar 2013 01:08:27 EST Half Marathon training has officially begun:) I did my pre-training walks this past week. <BR> <BR> Tuesday night: I walked about 2.5 miles (walked to Great clips, got haircut and came back). <BR> <BR> Sat am (I know, should have gone Thurs or Fri, better late than never): I walked 2.2 miles (to Walgreens and back) <BR> <BR> Sunday afternoon: Walked 3.3 miles around neighborhood (goal was 3, but the route I chose was a little longer) in 58 minutes, averaging about an 18 minute mile. I was lucky and had some sun! Still cool though. We... Tue, 5 Mar 2013 02:30:39 EST 5 day til official half marathon training begins I have five more days until training officially starts. Today I had a goal to walk two miles so I changed after the kids went to bed. I decided to walk down to a local little shopping center so I could get a hair cut. I got there not long before they were going to close by the time I left, but they did the hair cut anyway, which didn't take long as I am growing my hair out to donate it and just needed a trim. <BR> <BR> It actually ended up being 1.3 miles there so I did 2/6 miles today. ... Wed, 27 Feb 2013 00:56:20 EST T- approx. 1 week until training begins Last week I only walked once but this week I was good and did the pre-training for the half-marathon. This week was much better. Training next week includes several days during the week of walking (and/or jogging) three miles and then walking 4 miles one day on the week for the endurance/distance part. This week I walked 25 min on Tuesday (the dog wasn't happy about that - he is tiny). <BR> <BR> Thursday I was going to go as soon as the kids went to bed but then I started talking to the... Sat, 23 Feb 2013 22:07:26 EST Pre-training I found a training schedule for the half marathon and have a few weeks to work up to that schedule. I'm having trouble getting in the routine though. I only walked once last week <em>39</em> Today I told myself I had to walk (walking days for training is Tues, Thurs, and Sat) so I put on workout clothes as soon as dinner was done and took the dog out right after the kids went to bed. Walked for about 25 minutes though I think I'll have to leave the dog behind. He's little and got tire... Wed, 20 Feb 2013 00:17:54 EST Almost tax season I realize I haven't posted recently so here's what I have done exercise wise the past week. <BR> Almost all of last week I was sick but Saturday I felt better and the sun was out so we walked down to the school so the kids could ride bikes safely behind it. J and the kids rode and I walked the dog behind them. It was at least 30 min walking though not very fast. <BR> <BR> I didn't work out again until Tuesday. I was so excited to leave work while there was still a little light out so I to... Sat, 9 Feb 2013 21:13:55 EST Monday evening I was feeling pretty energetic after dinner so I took bundled up and took the dog for a walk, about 25 minutes. I was also motivated by the scale tonight; even though I had eaten and was wearing work clothes, I weighed myself just to check in (I haven't weighed in for 2 weeks because I had to replace the battery). I didn't like what I saw so off on the walk we went. That and I drank about 3 cups of water beforehand as I hadn't had much since this morning. We'll see what the scale says in ... Mon, 21 Jan 2013 23:45:57 EST Monday, Monday Despite being up late, I successfully got up and did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout this morning. Mainly because it's a holiday so the kids and Jer don't have school and work, respectively, and I didn't want to wake my husband up by hitting the snooze button several times, which is what I normally do. It is nice though, since I have time to eat breakfast at home and enjoy my coffee before it gets cold. It also allowed me to have time to enter my food for the day through lunch, which... Mon, 21 Jan 2013 10:24:39 EST Tuesday morning This morning I got up though not as early as I wanted so I did the walk 1 mile program instead or 2. Last night I also walked a little and do some weights while watching the Biggest Loser; hard to watch that and not workout, which is one of the reasons I like it. I am trying to finish entering the calories for what I plan on eating today before the kiddos get up; it makes it easier to resist snacking if I can see the damage ahead of time. <BR> Have a great day:) Tue, 15 Jan 2013 10:02:14 EST Almost Friday It's been a long week at work so I am glad tomorrow is Friday! <BR> <BR> Today I didn't track calories but I had Subway for breakfast and lunch and made my own coffee instead of getting Starbucks. I didn't snack at work but then snacked while waiting for dinner to cook, which wasn't done until almost 8 pm <em>39</em> <BR> <BR> I had to run an errand so I walked to do it while waiting for dinner to finish for my workout. Then while watching part of the biggest loser on demand I did so... Fri, 11 Jan 2013 01:01:51 EST Checking in For the short term goal, on Friday I was good and only ate planned snacks. I didn't get up and work out in the morning; I was up half the night and didn't feel good. I was also exhausted in the evening but remembered the challenged so I did some wall pushups before bed to say I did something. <BR> <BR> Saturday I walked the dog for about 28 minutes. <BR> Sunday I bellydanced for at least 30 minutes. <BR> Monday, yesterday the biggest loser was on so I did strength while watching; mostly ab... Tue, 8 Jan 2013 10:08:30 EST Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. I am trying to make a conscious effort to work out more. New Years day it was below freezing but I bundled up and took the dog out for about 30 minutes. While cold, it was dry and the sun was out, which I haven't seen in ages. It made me realize how little sunshine I've seen the past two days. <BR> <BR> On the 2nd I got up with the intention of working out but my husband hadn't left for work and I felt self conscious working out. Plus I wanted ... Thu, 3 Jan 2013 23:58:54 EST Day after Christmas Today I was thinking that it's almost New Years again and I weigh about 16 lbs more than I did this time last year, which is a little depressing. It was even more depressing when I thought of my coworker who's slowly lost about 60 lbs over the last year. My fault though for not working out regularly since this summer, I can't seem to get back in the routine. <BR> <BR> So today I brought my lunch and didn't get Starbucks though my boss did for us. I was good and ordered an unsweetened ice ... Wed, 26 Dec 2012 23:28:20 EST