AUNTRENEE's SparkPeople Blog AUNTRENEE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Clothes sorted out Well, got my clothes sorted out and I hardly have any clothes left. I had so far 5 shirts and 5 pants. I will add more when I do laundry. At least 1 each. Here's a break down: <BR> <BR> 2 t-shirts <BR> 1 Green Bay Packers jersey <BR> 2 sweatshirts <BR> 2 shorts <BR> 1 pair of jeans <BR> 1 pair of sweatpants <BR> <BR> I will add another pair of sweatpants and a tank top after I do laundry. I had to throw away a few things because they had holes in them. I have a picture of the clothes but n... Tue, 21 Oct 2014 21:42:35 EST Needing to change my wardrobe A lot of my clothes are needing to be changed. My XL sweatpants are too big. I need to get at least a large. Every once in a while I'm having to pull up my sweatpants because they want to slide down. I need to get new jeans because the two pair that I have are 22W and I need to wear a belt with them. If I don't, they start to slide down on me. I need to sort out my shirts out because they are too big on me. Next week we're going to get some new shirts. I'm getting a size large hoodie that has... Mon, 20 Oct 2014 20:34:19 EST A boring day Today was a boring day after church and lunch. The only thing that I did was watch Law and Order SVU marathon on USA and I have seen those episodes over and over again since I've started watching them a few months ago. So I decided to turn off my TV and put a music CD in my laptop and listen to it while I was online. I'm getting close in falling asleep while I'm sitting here at the laptop. I better not. Its too early to go asleep. <BR> <BR> No word on my sister-in-law's grandpa here lately.... Sun, 19 Oct 2014 20:24:39 EST A gloomy day Today has been a gloomy day. Not in mood but in weather wise. We had clouds outside and it was windy. We went up to Target to get a couple of birthday cards for my youngest niece. Her birthday is this coming Tuesday so we got them today. I will get them ready to get mailed out on Monday. <BR> <BR> My sister-in-law's grandpa is doing okay but had to be put back into the hospital yesterday after going to the rehab place, His temperature is down and they're doing everything with medicine. He's ... Sat, 18 Oct 2014 21:24:29 EST Too long of a day Today was too long of a day. Dad had his xrays this morning. His hemorohoids bled on him most of the time we were there but stopped before we left. We picked up parts and dropped off parts for the garage here in town. Dropped off what we got when we were up there at the garage here in own and then to the house so dad can change his underwear and jean. We went to get some lunch when we got text swap vehicles at an airport in a town south of here. So we did. Then we went back up to Target in ... Fri, 17 Oct 2014 22:23:20 EST Long and productive day Dad had his appointment with our regular doctor about his hemorrhoids. The doctor wants dad to see another doctor to get a colonoscopy on the 27th. Dad is overdue for one. Tomorrow he has xrays on his right shoulder. <BR> <BR> I mowed the yard and the neighbor's ditch in front of the chain link fence in 81 minutes and 1 tank of gas. So worth it. No Pain No Gain. I had a little pain. I earned 16 point from that mow. I was bored after coming home from dad's appointment. Thu, 16 Oct 2014 21:55:18 EST Feeling bored while waiting We're at my dad's 2nd appointment of the day in Peoria, IL. He went back to see the doctor about 15 minutes ago and I'm glad that I brought my laptop with me so I can have something to do while I'm waiting for him to come out. <BR> <BR> I can't believe how my energy has stayed up with all the running around that we did after dad's chiropractor appointment. We went to 4 different places to get parts for the garage in the town we live in just to get parts. You would think that I would be crash... Wed, 15 Oct 2014 16:20:46 EST No energy boost today Didn't get the energy boost. Thought that I had it but didn't. Tomorrow is going to be busy with dad's 2 doctor's appointments in 2 different towns. One in Galesburg, IL, (half an hour to the north) with his chiropractor. The other in Peoria, IL, (an hour to the east) with his heart doctor. So I will be figuring out before, during and after the appointments. <BR> <BR> Still on my TOM now and I'm not liking it with this week being busy. I've been drinking cranberry juice and hot tea to help w... Tue, 14 Oct 2014 20:16:38 EST Energy has leveled off but wishes that it was higher My energy has gone up and leveled up but wishes that it was higher. I have a lot to do before we go to Ohio (whenever that will be). I have done things that have boosted it but its not boosting it. I'm going to try something tomorrow to see it might work. I haven't figured it out yet but I should be able to figure it out before morning. <BR> <BR> Mon, 13 Oct 2014 21:40:31 EST Energy is coming back My energy is coming back. My TOM is almost over and I've been eating things that have helped before that I pretty much forgot that gave me energy. I'm not as tired as I am usually at night. I'm usually tired right about now. I'm hoping that it keeps on going up by the time we have a busy week since Wednesday through Friday we are being busy. <BR> <BR> I didn't get to walk to church today. I'm kind of glad that I didn't because it was cold and I wasn't dressed warm enough for walking. I don't... Sun, 12 Oct 2014 21:52:31 EST Slow day We went up to get a couple of dad's medicines at Target and then to another place to get driveway marker since the one got busted when I forgot to put it back when I got done mowing and dad ran it over with the van. <BR> <BR> My energy is down here lately with my TOM being here. Its almost over but still my energy is down. Doesn't anyone have an idea what type of medicine or what to eat to help me boost it beside oatmeal? I know that exercise can help but my TOM flow gets too heavy if I do t... Sat, 11 Oct 2014 21:52:56 EST Another long and busy day Dad and went to 2 different towns today. We dropped off and picked up one of our neighbors in one town and went to another town to pick up parts for a boat motor in another town for the garage here in town. I didn't get the chance to take a nap. I could of going to get supper tonight but didn't. All of this while my TOM is here. I hate busy days like this because I need to pee lot no matter how much I drink. <BR> <BR> Lost 3 pounds. I was 214 pounds yesterday and today I'm at 211 pounds. I... Fri, 10 Oct 2014 23:23:41 EST A long and slow day Dad had a doctor's appointment today. We both thought that it was at 2pm but it was at 2:30pm. So while we were waiting for it to get closer, we went to our regular doctor so dad could get his flu shot. There isn't much that they can do for his right knee. Its pretty much scar tissue. But next Friday he's going to get an xray done on his right shoulder. That is still bothering him. But the day before he does that he is going to see our regular doctor about his hemmorhoids because they've bee... Thu, 9 Oct 2014 17:53:58 EST A day of exercise This morning I did the Walk Away The Pounds 5 miles for 68 minutes and this afternoon I mowed the yard for 73 minutes. I feel so great. I forgot to put my braces on my wrists and knees when I mowed. My left wrist got a little sore when we were eating. I feel so good after I exercise. I was a little sore this morning after the workout DVD but worth it. I should take something for the pain before I go to bed tonight. If I don't, I would be really sore in the morning. I might drink some hot tea... Wed, 8 Oct 2014 21:37:28 EST Got a new modem for internet Got a new modem for the internet. And it also combines with my WiFi router too. So I'm down to one device for my internet instead of 2. We need to take the power cord to the phone company tomorrow. Only thing that we took up was the modem. <BR> <BR> I've been smelling something floral around the house ever since this morning and I cannot figured it out. Just wish that I could figure it out. <BR> <BR> Still enjoying the laptop. I took it with us when we went to supper because I was wanting t... Tue, 7 Oct 2014 21:40:27 EST Got my laptop today We ended up with the higher priced laptop but same brand. Its an HP laptop. I'm just getting use to it right now. The stupid internet was down but it came back up and now I can do my blog entry on it. Cannot wait to use it while on vacation. <BR> <BR> Might of lost weight because I'm getting a little sore where it I feel it when I lose weight. I will wait to check in the morning when I get up. Mon, 6 Oct 2014 21:50:48 EST Nothing to report Sorry that I haven't put in a blog entry since Thursday but the stupid internet was down. <BR> <BR> Going to order the laptop either tomorrow or Tuesday. Going to get one that's about $70.00 cheaper. But it has the same memory and all that but its a bit slower. And it doesn't have a CD ROM on it. But it does have a slot for memory cards. At least that we have that part. Got a carrying case and a mouse set for $20.00. Its cheaper than getting them separate. It would of cost $45.98 if we got t... Sun, 5 Oct 2014 21:56:44 EST My Nook went kaput My Nook Tablet went kaput today. It wasn't letting me online or use a few apps and they're not the ones from SparkPeople. So we're going to put a HP laptop on layaway at Wal-Mart probably tomorrow so we can get it next week. They have a mouse and case with the laptop for a great price. <BR> <BR> The internet was down this morning and I wasn't happy. Couldn't do anything until after breakfast when we came back home. Let's hope that I can get on in the morning. <BR> <BR> My cat is sitting n... Thu, 2 Oct 2014 21:57:59 EST Lost another pound I checked my weight this morning just to be curious. I've lost another pound. So I've lost a total of 2 pounds in the last 2 days. It feels good to have lost that much. I can feel it in my core. Especially in my back. Now I know that I'm on the right track. <BR> <BR> While I was doing a workout DVD this morning, I almost fell asleep while doing it. I would close my eyes for a while but I'm still following what's going on. It's a cloudy and rain day plus my TOM is getting close in coming. I u... Wed, 1 Oct 2014 21:36:41 EST Lost a pound I've lost a pound. I was at 214 pounds and now I'm at 213 pounds. But that isn't the only thing that I'm happy about. We did the free screening that a hospital from Peoria, IL, does every 3 months and it includes a free breakfast. A lot of them went down but need to raise one of them. <BR> <BR> Blood sugar: 75 (it was 82 in March) <BR> Blood Pressure: 140/92 (140/90 in March) <BR> Total Cholesterol: 173 (was 204 in March) <BR> HDL: 35 (was 39 in March but the doc wants it at 60) <BR> LDL: 10... Tue, 30 Sep 2014 22:06:14 EST Long and tiring day What made it feel like that is that we traded in our 2011 Ford Escape for a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country van. Dad fell in love with it. So we have it right now. I need to sort out what we have in it sometime soon. Probably do it sometime tomorrow. There are a few things that I need to get rid of. It was kind of late when we got home for me to get rid of what we need to get rid of. Plus I'm tired. I only did 1 workout DVD and after what I did today I'm going to sleep well tonight. I need to ... Mon, 29 Sep 2014 21:31:44 EST Beat my times in walking to and from church I have beat my times in walking to church and back home. 2 weeks it was 36 minutes round trip. A week a go it was 34 minutes round trip. Today it was 30 minutes round trip. I knew that I was going to beat my time today because it took me 4 minutes to walk the full length of our street. Usually it takes about 5 minutes to walk the entire thing. Dad says that I must of had a faster pace but I didn't. Same pace and same route that I've been taking here lately. I wasn't tired getting to church or... Sun, 28 Sep 2014 21:46:04 EST A light day Did only 1 workout DVD and walked for 5 minutes at Target. Really didn't want to feel burned out for the rest of the day. Been feeling like that for a few days. If my dad doesn't get up in the morning, I might be walking to church for the 3rd Sunday in a row. <BR> <BR> Dad got up late today. Sometimes he'll sleep in on Saturdays but sometimes he doesn't. Today was one Saturday he sleeps in. If he sleeps in past 8am tomorrow, I'm sending in the dog. She'll get him up. She'll go over to his s... Sat, 27 Sep 2014 21:53:27 EST Its starting to look like fall Our front yard is starting to get covered in leaves from our sycamore tree that is in our front yard. There isn't too many leaves in the back yard from the 2 maple trees. I'm going to wait a while longer to get the push mower out to mow over the leaves. <BR> <BR> Our high school football team is doing pretty well. They're undefeated so far and they're winning 38 to nothing right now. This is our 2nd school year of the consolidation and this is pretty great. If they win tonight, they will be ... Fri, 26 Sep 2014 21:41:56 EST Feeling great but starting to feel burned out When I mean burned out, its the exercises. For about a week now I've been repeating the same exercises. But worth it. I might jazz it up in the morning when I get the pets fed and my medicine taken. I haven't figured it out. I need to do something because I've plateaued. Still stuck at 211 pounds. <BR> <BR> I did 2 workout DVDs this morning and I almost quit through the 2nd one. It was either do the 2nd workout DVD or fall asleep in dad's recliner. But I went ahead and did the 2nd workout DV... Thu, 25 Sep 2014 21:49:43 EST Beautiful day for a beautiful mood Today we had sunshine and warm temps. I di the same workout DVD that I did yesterday. Did a lot of walking while we were shopping (actually me) and then unloading the vehicle with what we got and putting away what we got. Now I have to figure out what workout DVD that I'm going to do tomorrow. I have time until I get up to figure it out. <BR> <BR> Wed, 24 Sep 2014 21:39:04 EST Feeling the new me coming out I have had this feeling of the new me coming out but this is a lot more than I have felt in a long time. There were times that I wanted to throw some negative thoughts out but I remembered that I didn't need them. Who needs negative thoughts? Not me. <BR> <BR> Today I did the Walk Away The Pounds 3 miles DVD (47 minutes long) this morning and this afternoon I mowed the yard and it took me 65 minutes. Dad tried to convince me not to mow it but I told him that I wasn't sure how our week was go... Tue, 23 Sep 2014 22:01:08 EST Another great day for boosting mood I did the same workout DVD that I did Friday and Saturday this morning. This afternoon I did about 20 minutes of the SparkPeople 28 day Boot Camp workout DVD. Then not too long after that I went out and picked up sticks out of the yard for about 10 minutes. I'm glad that I did because I was starting to get bored with doing nothing and feeling depressed. I know that I will workout tomorrow morning before dad gets up. It seems like I have too much time on my hands that time of day when he's sti... Mon, 22 Sep 2014 21:44:33 EST I'm in a good mood today I walked to and from church this morning. Shaved a minute each way from last week's time. Last week it took me 18 minutes each way to go to church and back home. Today it took me 17 minutes each way to go to church and back home. Same route both times to and from church. It might be because I'm not feeling depressed like I was last weekend. At least I got some fresh air while I was at it. The good mood doesn't wear off. I'm still feeling good right now and its getting close for me to go to be... Sun, 21 Sep 2014 21:49:27 EST Another full day of boosting my mood Well I did the same workout DVD this morning as I did yesterday and went out and trimmed where I didn't get with the push mower yesterday. The trimming took me 17 minutes to do. I trimmed a couple of trees. I had to because I kept on hitting them when I was mowing. My mood has been so great and I haven't felt depressed all day. If dad doesn't get up to go to church tomorrow, I will be walking to church like I did this past Sunday. With the weather report for tomorrow we might be having a beau... Sat, 20 Sep 2014 21:24:33 EST Made a boring day feel full I did a workout DVD this morning. The Walk Away The Pounds 5 miles for 68 minutes. Then this afternoon I mowed the yard for 70 minutes. I wasn't going to do anything this morning before the workout DVD but I decided to exercise. Boy did it boost my mood up full blast. I was kind of depressed. I'm going to exercise from now on to boost my mood. If I start feeling like I shouldn't exercise, I'm going to remind myself how great it made me feel. Just wish that we didn't have big dogs in the neig... Fri, 19 Sep 2014 21:40:12 EST Stupid internet Sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday but our internet was down. I called the phone company but somehow after supper I got it fixed. I pushed the power button on the WiFi and somehow I got it to work. If the phone company calls tomorrow I will tell them that I figured it out. Never thought of doing what I did. I didn't have any internet for over 24 hours. <BR> <BR> We were busy yesterday. After we got home from dad's chiropractor, we took a vehicle to another town for the garage here ... Thu, 18 Sep 2014 22:11:27 EST A boring day Today was a boring day. We didn't even leave town. Not even for supper. I know that we will be leaving town tomorrow because dad has a chiropractor appointment in the morning. <BR> <BR> Tue, 16 Sep 2014 21:47:21 EST Slept well last night but sore this morning Boy was I ever sore. Took something for pain this morning and then I drank a cup of hot tea. I haven't had to take anything for pain for the rest of the day for pain. Not even for a headache. I had a headache but the headache went away before I could take anything for it. I was in so much pain that I almost couldn't walk but after taking the OTC pain medicine and drinking the hot tea, I was feeling better. The pain was a good kind of pain. But felt a little depressed for some odd reason. I wa... Mon, 15 Sep 2014 22:07:27 EST Going to be sleeping great tonight I walked to and from church today. Each way was 18 minutes each. Mowed the yard today with the push mower for 67 minutes. Its a good thing that I got it done when I did. It was getting dark and getting hard to see. So you can imagine I'm going to be tired tonight and sore. I better take something for the pain here pretty soon. I'm going to exercise in the morning so I can at least get a great start to my day. I want to get some more weight off before the holidays come around. <BR> <BR> Dad i... Sun, 14 Sep 2014 21:52:18 EST Was planning on mowing yard today but didn't I was going to mow the yard today but didn't. Got a late start on things like leaving the house and all that. I was going to mow it when we got home from supper but it was after 7pm and it was starting to get dark. Might do it tomorrow afternoon after I change clothes. Go from my dress that I'm going to wear to church to something that I can mow in. Its suppose to be warmer tomorrow so I might wear shorts while mowing. I need to do something besides sit around. I want to get it done before Mo... Sat, 13 Sep 2014 22:26:28 EST The rain came back But it didn't come down as bad as it did earlier in the week when we had standing water in the back yard. If I get lucky and it is nice and sunny I may mow the yard then. I haven't mowed the yard in a week. It looks a like I haven't mowed it longer than that. Our neighbor across the street got his mower back and he didn't do much of his yard. <BR> <BR> Dad is walking somewhat better today after the cortisone shot to the knee. But it'll take it a while longer until he's walking better. I not... Fri, 12 Sep 2014 21:35:54 EST Dad's bone scan results Well, there isn't anything wrong with his knee. Just inflammation from the scar tissue from the surgery that he had 4 years ago next month. They gave him a cortisone shot to the knee. And they did take xrays of his right hip because the chiropractor was working on that when dad saw the chiropractor last month. Dad got the xrays of the hip on a disk to take to the chiropractor. That appointment is this coming Wednesday. Dad goes back on October 9th to see the doctor he saw today to see if the ... Thu, 11 Sep 2014 21:57:00 EST Too much rain Looks like it might be next week before I can even mow the yard. Part of the back yard has standing water in it. We're suppose to get more tonight and then more on Friday. The yard looks like I hadn't mowed it over a week. Let's hope that next week it doesn't rain and I can mow it so it looks nice. <BR> <BR> Tomorrow dad's gets the results of the bone scan that he had last week. I'm hoping that its good news. He doesn't needs it replaced. He just got the one that he has 4 years next month. ... Wed, 10 Sep 2014 22:02:02 EST A rainy day Today was a really rainy day. It rained off and on all day at least 4 or 5 times today. And they weren't light either. They were downpours. It started about the time I got up this morning around 5am. We're suppose to get more tomorrow. So that means the grass is REALLY going to grow and I'm going to have to mow this weekend. I was thinking of mowing Thursday with it being nice and sunny but its going to rain on Friday so I'm going to wait until the weekend to mow. Plus we're going to be busy ... Tue, 9 Sep 2014 22:01:45 EST A somewhat slow day Well, today was a somewhat slow day but it was a busy. Dad had to get his monthly blood test and we got a couple of things at Target that was needed. Plus we got a few parts for the garage. I'm not sure what we're doing tomorrow or Wednesday. Just Thursday with the day that dad gets the results of his bone scan. <BR> <BR> We're going to get some rain I think starting tonight through tomorrow and probably Wednesday. So I might be mowing by the weekend. I'm glad of that because we're going to ... Mon, 8 Sep 2014 21:36:56 EST I'm looking forward to a new week I'm so looking forward in a new week. Last week went by so slow leading up to dad's bone scan. This week might do the same with the results Thursday being the day that dad gets the results of his bone scan. Might go in just to see what the results are. Hate waiting in the waiting room. So slow. Better make sure that I have the wall charger for my Nook so if I need it, I will plug it in. <BR> <BR> Today was a slow day. It started out being slow after church. I don't know why but it did. That... Sun, 7 Sep 2014 21:59:54 EST Took a lot of naps today Took a lot of small naps today from the time I got up until this afternoon. I was that tired. I deserved those naps. I was going to mow the neighbor's yard across the street but decided not to today. If I'm not too tired tomorrow I might do it then. <BR> <BR> I got a brace for my left wrist today at Target. I'm needing something to support it when I'm mowing. It was KILLING me today from the bottom knuckles of my fingers down to my wrist. I broke the left wrist in 1995 while learning how to ... Sat, 6 Sep 2014 21:51:40 EST Going to sleep good tonight Mowed the yard (push mowed) this afternoon and it took 70 minutes to do the entire yard. I was starting to feel tired by the time dad and I went to get some supper. Its the good kind of tired. Got the fresh fruit plate tonight where we usually get it. I had it with cottage cheese and not raisin toast. Dad had no cottage cheese (he doesn't care for it) and wheat toast instead of raisin toast. I got dad spoiled with that fresh fruit plate. He just started eating it this year. We have a few more... Fri, 5 Sep 2014 21:52:53 EST Not as slow as I thought I though that it was going to be a really slow day but it was the waiting from the time that he got the shot to when he had the scan. When we got back to the hospital they did an xray of his right knee and then did the scan. Those didn't take long. I had a hard time getting onto the WiFi when we got there for the shot but didn't have a problem when we went back for the xrays and scan. We have to wait until next Thursday for the results. <BR> <BR> Thu, 4 Sep 2014 21:59:46 EST It's going to be a long day tomorrow Dad's bone scan is tomorrow and its at the hospital we always go to. There is a 3 hour wait after he gets the shot before he has the scan. I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. I'm hoping to figure that out soon. <BR> <BR> If it cools down and doesn't rain tomorrow after we get home from the scan, I might mow the yard. If not, I'll wait until the weekend since its going to be in the 70s then. Wed, 3 Sep 2014 21:42:57 EST Wanting a slow but didn't get it I was hoping for a slow day but didn't get one. Dad had some bills to pay in one town. When we got done with the last one, went to Menards for the guy who owns the garage here in town to get a quart of paint thinner (he said that he didn't care where it came from as long as he got some), got a few things in Galesburg, and got back to town. The railroad was trying to get one of their trucks on the north crossing where we had to go. So we went down to the other crossing (they could of used sinc... Tue, 2 Sep 2014 21:52:10 EST What a boring day Didn't get the chance to do what I wanted to do today. Too lazy to do it. Especially outside because we were suppose to get rain today. We didn't. According to the weather report it might be tonight. Looks like Wednesday and Friday we're suppose to get some. Either Thursday or the weekend I might be mowing the yard. <BR> <BR> I kept track the mileage of mowing the yard yesterday.. It was 2.915 miles to do a 89 feet by 130 feet yard. By the end of the day I walked over 5 miles and got my 10,0... Mon, 1 Sep 2014 22:09:55 EST 6th Sparkversary for me I've been with SparkPeople for 6 years now. I started on August 31, 2008. I'm not regretting it one bit. I'm glad that I've started. I have so much support. And it helps me keep in mind that I'm not alone in this life. <BR> <BR> I mowed the yard today. Took me less time to do it. 6 minutes less. Friday it took me 75 minutes to mow the yard. Today it took me 69 minutes. It feels good to get something done. Dad thought that it didn't need done but it did. I'm going to wait until at least Thurs... Sun, 31 Aug 2014 21:45:23 EST I think that I will be mowing sooner than thought When I took the dog out this morning after giving her her breakfast, I looked at the grass. Just great. It looks like it needs to be mowed again. It shot up that much overnight since we got all that rain last night. Either tomorrow or Wednesday I will be mowing it again. If dad complains that I shouldn't do it tomorrow, I will tell him that I will do it because I don't want it to get too tall by Wednesday. I think that we are going to get more rain on Monday and Tuesday and it'll be taller by... Sat, 30 Aug 2014 22:17:57 EST