ASHPATCH11's SparkPeople Blog ASHPATCH11's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Sugar Rush I have fallen off the wagan the last three weeks. I got hives 3 weeks ago and still have them today they are driving me crazy with itching and I dont like how they look all over my face and body It is starting to really stress me out and last night I just threw in the towel and said I DONT CARE and eat my emotions in one hour i had 3 donuts and 2 king sized chcolate bars. I have a sugar hangover today and I NEVER want to go down that path again. Now today i am crazy itchy and feel so nasty a... Mon, 11 Mar 2013 08:22:14 EST Workout Flip Out I was planning my morning and dropped the wee one at daycare headed home for my workout before I headed to work. I talked myself into going for a run to a big hill (run up and down the hill x 10) then head home. So I got home dressed for the rain and snow mix got my phone all ready shoes on last thing I needed to grab was my headphones. Insert flip out here! I lost it when I couldn’t find them. I turned the house upside down got my husband to help but still couldn’t find the head phones anywh... Tue, 19 Feb 2013 18:16:19 EST Same weight BUT lower body fat % I added circuit training with weights into my routine to prepare for the tough mudder I entered which is in MAY! <BR> <BR> I have been training for a month now and my weight on the scale is the same 138pounds it wont move. However I measured my body fat % and It went down 2.36% over a month :) <BR> <BR> Happy to see all my hard work and better food choices are paying off. I notice it is getting faster and faster to shop healthy since I know what to look for now. I hope to drop another 2% ... Sat, 9 Feb 2013 09:57:07 EST MURPH Challenge I completed the MURPH challenge on the weekend in my basment on sat morning and I am still sore today (monday)....Basketball game and abs tonight. <BR> <BR> 1mile run - I ran on spot 9mins <BR> 100 pull ups -switched grip front/back and had a chair assist <BR> 200 push ups - 30 normal and 170 on knees <BR> 300 squates <BR> 1mile run <BR> <BR> TIME 48.32 <BR> <BR> I did sets of 30 and switched activity and kept track with peper and pen. No way could I do 100 pull ups in a row even... Mon, 4 Feb 2013 10:13:05 EST Kettle Bell Course Signed up for a kettlebell course to lean by a certified instructor how to workout with the kettlebells. It was an hour and a half then he gave us a free workout which was an attentional hour! Results I am hooked but my poor forearms are just screaming in pain. Next time no drunk workouts with my besty the night prior...have the worst headache all day today. <BR> <BR> Excited for my workout tomorrow basketball and abs....i might do a few kettle bell moves just for fun too. <BR> <BR> <em... Sun, 27 Jan 2013 16:10:27 EST Burpee Challange Today I have posted a challenge to a Tough Mudder spark team :) my first ever. Its 100 burpees in 10mins. <link><BR>sageboard_thread.asp?board=0x53902x517<BR>18717 </link> <BR> <BR> <BR> I also joined a 21 day binge free challenge today. Day 1 and its Saturday what was I thinking? I am going to try extra hard for the next 21 days and see if I can do it!! <BR> <BR> I have been slacking on my tracking and spark points so for the next week I am going t... Sat, 19 Jan 2013 10:15:08 EST Stronger and Faster So I've been training for the tough mudder and tonight at basketball I cleaned house ( played amazing). Mind you I am left with a few bad bruises worth it always of course. I was so much faster and stronger out there from eating better and lifting weights. After the mudder is done I am going to keep doing cricuit weights in my routin it's making a big difference after just a couple of weeks. Love this healthy lifestyle - eating better just makes me fly down that court! Goodbye junk and hello ... Wed, 16 Jan 2013 20:29:26 EST Mudder In Training Week one training down and I am sore but already feeling stronger. <BR> Changed up the training plan thanks to my fellow spark friends help Nancyanne55 and others. <BR> <BR> For the next 4 months I will be doing the following... <BR> <BR> Monday - Basketball ~OR~ Running Outside ~OR~Turbo Firer DVD + Ab Ripper X (p90x) and Stretch <BR> <BR> Tuesday - Rest (might do a running outside) <BR> <BR> Wednesday - Basketball ~OR~ Running Outside ~OR~Turbo Firer DVD + Ab Ripper X (p90x) and St... Mon, 7 Jan 2013 09:23:22 EST A BIG day for me Today was a big day for me because.... <BR> <BR> I officially registered to compete in TOUGH MUDDER as of TODAY!! <link> </link> <BR> Totally pumped I just cant wait ...actually I can I really need the training time. I signed up with a few other friends and we are planning matching outfits! White tops and army print bottoms the men will have guy versions of the outfit too. We are going to be so dirty after the race so we think the white tops will really highlight the... Fri, 4 Jan 2013 15:58:50 EST Tough Mudder - Training Time <link> </link> <BR> Alright time to train for the Tuff Mudder I am so pumped I got my workout plans set and took some before measurements and photos. <BR> For the next 4 months I will be doing the following... <BR> <BR> Monday - Basketball ~OR~ Running Outside ~OR~Turbo Firer DVD <BR> <BR> Tuesday - Ab Ripper X (p90x) and Stretch <BR> <BR> Wednesday - Basketball ~OR~ Running Outside ~OR~Turbo Firer DVD <BR> <BR> Thursday - Chest and Back (p90x) ~OR~Chest, Shoulder &... Sun, 30 Dec 2012 22:35:44 EST sugar Holidays came and went so did a new candy stash of chocolates and now I need to find a way off the sugar. So here I am ready to get my spark points and get back on track. <BR> <BR> Hope you all had better success with the holiday temptations! Fri, 28 Dec 2012 20:55:23 EST Vent about Crabby Joes Restaurant Christmas time = holiday parties and dinners out. <BR> <BR> My team at work went to crabby joes to celebrate christmas together. I looked up nutritional information ahead of time online so i could make the right choice for me....Well they dont have a nutritional guide. They had a section on the menu for under 600 calorie meals. Ha all are lies they are well over the calories based on calorie search engines. <BR> <BR> So there i was at the resturant asking for a copy of the nutritional in... Tue, 18 Dec 2012 09:55:33 EST Donut Ok so I broke and got a green tea double chcolate donut 250calories -yikes :( <BR> I wish I didnt get that donut I dont even know why I did just a bad choice. <BR> <BR> I made a good choice today when I did not take left over pizza my husband eat last night for lunch today. Instead I made a turky and cheese sandwich :) <BR> <BR> Good choices here I come! Thu, 13 Dec 2012 11:37:42 EST Rambling for sparkpoints I never seem to eat under my calories I am always just over or way over (weeknds, holiday potlucks, that time of the month ect). I am doing a lot better eating less junkfood since july 2012 but my portions are not where they should be. <BR> I am in the healthy weight range 5'6 138pounds so I dont NEED to lose weight but of course it would always be welcome! I need to be healthier and really need better flexability. <BR> I want and need to eat more veggies next up sparkrecipes hope to find n... Wed, 12 Dec 2012 11:29:25 EST Thursday Dinner Fail Yesterday I madepork roast with lots of veggies for dinner. <BR> I set temp wrong on oven so no dinner <BR> no dinner food in house to cook b/c groceries are fridays so no dinner <BR> Hubby had to leave for basketball in 35mins <BR> <BR> results = mcdonalds oh man <BR> Then the guilt from eating a cheese buger I ended up eating a whole box of cookies(that i didnt touch all week long) double fail. Why do i have cookies - I shopped hungery last week a no no for sure. <BR> <BR> So diss... Fri, 7 Dec 2012 10:22:02 EST spark points Found some motivation to log on and track.... all to get some spark points! <BR> Tue, 4 Dec 2012 18:36:23 EST Motivational For spark points it says to make a motivational collage so here it is :) <BR> <img src=""> Tue, 27 Nov 2012 10:58:55 EST Save on Calories & Money on Date Night Date Night <BR> <BR> One of my best girlfriends and I went on a ladies date night. Dinner and a movie!! <BR> <BR> Fun but was a bit stressful.... how was I going to eat at East Side Mario's when they have my favourite cheese cappelletti dish??? <BR> <BR> My solution .....I ordered a kids portion size = NO salad/bread and a smaller portion size of cheese cappelletti . I also saved on calories by just getting a water to drink. My bill was $7 so cheap compare to the $30 my friends bill was... Mon, 26 Nov 2012 09:53:16 EST Game Plan for Integrating Healthy eating Game Plan for integrating Healthy eating into my family's diet. <BR> <BR> 1. Change everything to whole wheat (completed 5 months and going) <BR> <BR> 2. Reduce Sugar - working on this <BR> As condiments and food run out we restock with "no sugar added" or sub for other ingredients that are lower in sugar. Trying to detox off sugar treats. - very hard struggling but still working at it started a month ago. <BR> <BR> 3. Chance dairy to lower fat skim products (exception to milk toddler ... Wed, 24 Oct 2012 13:04:07 EST 5K Zombie Run with Obstacles <img src=""> <BR> 5K Zombie Run 2012 <BR> I just completed my first ever Zombie run this weekend! It was a ton of fun and I highly recommend it! I was transformed into a zombie! I had to navigate a series of challenging obstacles throughout a 5K course in an attempt to reach the finish line however the course was zombie-infested so you’re not just running against the clock you’re running from brain-hungry, virus-spreading, zombies lol H... Mon, 24 Sep 2012 14:32:11 EST Weekend Calories - Fail <img src="">So this weekend I thought I was doing Ok with calories. I was very wrong I entered my caloires in for today for the past few days. <BR> So I was .... <BR> 1300 calories OVER on sat <BR> 2050 calories OVER on sunday <BR> <BR> This week I am going to try to be perfect or close to perfect and I am NOT going to binge on the weekend like I do every weekend. I have things to keep me foucused my zombie run on sat and my new shoes ... Mon, 17 Sep 2012 10:42:05 EST calories add up! so today work was freezing so me and a gf walked to starbucks and got white hot chocolates (me thinking oh how bad can it be?) add it SP tracker and almost fall off my chair...500 calories!!! They should have warnings on drinks! Who know one tiny drink could pack so many calories! <BR> <BR> lesson learned just say no to drinking calories i would much rather eat them! <BR> <BR> Sat, 15 Sep 2012 15:38:49 EST Got my Friend to join us on SP So yesterday was a bad mood day I still foused a run adn eat good. However eating tons of veggies I still went over on calories :( <BR> <BR> Today is much better I got my friend to join SP! YEAH!! <BR> <BR> I woke up and my belly didnt feel all nastey and bloated like normal. I read some educatonal articals on SP and looked up season fruit / veggies in ONTARIO to make buying health food a little cheaper. I also decided even though no one posts on my blogs I feel like they make me more ac... Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:11:53 EST Healthy Food options...taste good...I never Knew! I eat bad when I try to eat good I always binge. <em>198</em> <BR> <BR> Anyways got some recipes on SP.... <BR> -Oatmeal in slow cooker with apples <BR> -Brocolie Baked <BR> <BR> I must say WOW to both they were fantastic! I hate Oatmeal but I have only ever had instant packets yuk! I needed a healthy replacement for my sugar cereals like fruitloops. This was soo yummy. My 2 year old eat the whole head of brocoli that I made and he was asking for more!! I had to make another batch! ... Tue, 11 Sep 2012 09:33:45 EST Running Goals I set some running goals and wanted to blog to make it offical and have more incentive to meet them. <BR> <BR> By Christmas 2012 <BR> 5k goal is under 25mins <BR> 8k goal is under 40mins <BR> <BR> By June 1st 2013 <BR> 5k goal is under 22mins <BR> 8k goal is under 35mins <BR> <BR> By Christmas 2013 <BR> 5k goal is under 20mins <BR> 8k goal is under 30mins <BR> <BR> Hope I can do it! Mon, 10 Sep 2012 11:12:51 EST Registored my Two year old into a Run I am keeping myself motivated by entering my son Austin (for his second birthday) into a run. It's a cute kids run age 1-10years. My husband is not into healthy living so I am trying to raise our son to like healthy foods and enjoy working out and competitions. <BR> <BR> I thought it would be fun for him to have something to "train" for with mama as I entered my self into a Zombie Run a few weeks after his run. Anyone do a Zombie run before? <BR> <BR> This is my first blog just found the ... Mon, 27 Aug 2012 12:23:56 EST