AQUAGIRL08's SparkPeople Blog AQUAGIRL08's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Because I Was Not Using Moderation I read an article here on Spark People today by Coach Dean. The subject was using moderation. This got me thinking about the American idea that more is somehow better. The idea of quantity vs quality popped into my mind. <BR> <BR> Like many other people in America, I got caught up in the idea that more of certain foods would be better for me. Specifically, I am thinking of low fat and/or fat free foods. Yes after years of being an average weight (and being told by my petite mother that I ... Thu, 11 Aug 2016 16:48:37 EST Short Blog I'm on page 161 in the book "You On A Diet". I looked at the next chapter (chapter 8) of the book and I see that it is going to touch upon the mental aspect of weight loss. I am excited to continue reading. I can't wait to see what Dr. Oz and Dr. Roisen say about how emotions come into play. I have my own theory about it but welcome input from professionals. More later...... Wed, 10 Aug 2016 20:23:25 EST New Additional Steps For Success As many of you know, I have had many health issues repeatedly over the past five years. I won't lie to you, it has been difficult but I have had the support of family. friends and Spark friends. I don't know how anyone can be successful on this journey without support! Currently, I am facing one of the most difficult recuperative journeys yet. My mobility is fairly limited and I am awaiting results of lab tests that may indicate an underlying issue. Scary stuff! Why am I sharing this with y... Sun, 7 Aug 2016 17:42:13 EST The Orthopedist Is Very Concerned Too This morning hubby took me to the orthopedist. This time I saw only the doctor not the nurse practitioner. Don't get me wrong, the nurse practitioner is wonderful but there is something wrong with me that is a little out of the ordinary. The doctor handles those cases himself. The doctor didn't like what has been going on and is very concerned. He looked me in the eye and expressed his concern. He ordered blood work and gave me a prescription. <BR> <BR> The best case scenario is that a... Wed, 3 Aug 2016 16:20:18 EST To The Orthopedist - Please Give Me Some Answers Enough is enough! I'm now 9+ weeks post op. I am tired of pain, limited mobility and taking pain pills. I am tired of staying in the bedroom in a prone position. I want to make progress with physical therapy and don't understand why that is not the case. I can't drive or walk further than the mailbox by myself. (Sometimes I can't do that.). I feel like something is very wrong and my gut is usually correct. <BR> <BR> It takes a lot for me to say ENOUGH! I am saying it now. I have two t... Mon, 1 Aug 2016 12:40:56 EST Wednesday We've got lots of things going on today. We purchased a new mattress for my side of the split king. The mattress cost three times more than my first car! The mattress was delivered yesterday morning. So far, it is making a huge difference in the way I lay down. I was able to sleep on my side all night. Laying on the right side was tricky and I woke up in pain but I just switched over to the other side and went back to sleep! We hope that proper alignment of my body will facilitate the ... Wed, 27 Jul 2016 11:25:41 EST Facing Personal Challenges For the last eleven days, my oldest daughter has been visiting to take care of me as I recuperate. Hubby was gone half of that time, while he visited our youngest daughter, grandsons and attended his younger sister's wedding. During her visit, my daughter was able to take me to various medical appointments and physical therapy. She massaged my ailing leg to get the swelling to go down, fixed meals, did laundry and kept me company. I know that there were times when she was exhausted just f... Sun, 24 Jul 2016 19:17:04 EST Day One Outpatient Therapy I approached outpatient therapy with trepidation to say the least. My daughter took me to therapy and waited with me as I was treated. Both my therapist and a doctoral student, who is almost finished with his training, completed my initial examination. The appointment started out on a positive note but became very serious as the exam progressed. The therapists quickly determined that my treatment was going to be complicated. I brought all of the items involved with my pain control plan an... Mon, 18 Jul 2016 18:35:33 EST The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Yesterday, hubby walked me into the doctor's office, then he went to the airport to pick up DD1. While he is at a family wedding, she will be on "Mom duty". I was early and shock of shocks (orthopedist's offices generally run about an hour late) they took me right away. <BR> <BR> First the nurse practitioner examined me and asked me a ton of questions. I luckily had written my questions down on paper, lest I forget. She answered most of my questions and then said she wanted to go get the... Thu, 14 Jul 2016 16:24:33 EST Venting - Frustration And More Frustration I woke up this morning with a song in my heart because my daughter is coming to visit tomorrow. I can't wait. I haven't seen her since Christmas and have missed seeing her sweet smiling face. Then, I turned over in bed and got up. There is was again, that crippling pain. I have to admit, I indulged in a complete pity party for myself for a minute or two and it didn't help my situation at all. So, I hauled my carcass out of bed and gimped into the bathroom to take a shower. <BR> <BR> With ... Tue, 12 Jul 2016 17:14:06 EST Been Out Of Commission .... This hip replacement seems to have been cursed with loads of issues. Since I have felt so awful and didn't want to keep writing blog after blog about pain and Illness I quit writing after I wrote my blog on July 4th. I have managed to write a few notes (usually at 3-4 am) but I haven't even returned many phone calls. I checked my voice mail last night and there were 7 messages. Sigh, most of the time I haven't even heard the phone ring. I apologize to those of you wonderful Sparkers who h... Sun, 10 Jul 2016 19:13:30 EST 4th Of July Reflection I am sitting here listening to the pops and booms of fireworks, pondering the meaning of our 4th of July. I often think that in the day to day hustle and bustle of our lives we don't pause and think about the original circumstances surrounding our fight for independence and freedom. <BR> <BR> Our ancestors were passionate about their quest for freedom. Many believed in the cause enough to give up their lives. Would I have been willing to do that if I had lived in that time period? I hones... Mon, 4 Jul 2016 23:02:41 EST Update On Wednesday, I went to the doctor because of severe pain, muscle spasms and fatigue. Hubby took me and I was pretty scared. First I had a whole series of x-rays done. Then, the nurse practitioner examined me very carefully. She didn't like the way the incision looked, plus it was very warm. I was not running a fever but the spasms were horrendous and interfered with the progress I was making in PT. The nurse practitioner could see the spasms in my thigh. She did a lot of poking and pro... Sat, 2 Jul 2016 21:01:54 EST Sometimes Pain Needs Medical Intervention I had therapy scheduled for 9am this morning. I had been up half the night with huge amounts of pain and discomfort. I am in the process of changing from a very strong pain medication to one that is one step down. I always go through a short period of adjustment, during which my pain is poorly controlled. Last night was a textbook example. Because the two pain medications don't mix well, I always allow a big block of time before switching from one to the other. The time block is usually 6... Mon, 27 Jun 2016 19:18:10 EST Slow And Steady Wins The Race Therapy has been really tough for the last two weeks. I have had lots of pain and swelling in my hip and leg. The whole approach to rehab for a hip replacement as opposed to a knee replacement is different. With a knee replacement, therapy is fairly aggressive. I was able to complete therapy in about 5-6 weeks. For a hip replacement, therapy is slow and steady and, for me, it takes a lot longer. My last hip replacement took me about 10-12 weeks to feel a lot better. <BR> <BR> The loca... Sat, 25 Jun 2016 20:30:39 EST Happy Father's Day! To family and friends, I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day. Appreciate the man in your life. Time goes by too quickly to suffer the "I wish I had done this or said that" syndrome. Give hugs, smiles and love to those people who are special in your life! Sun, 19 Jun 2016 13:46:54 EST So Far, So Good Today, I had my first at home therapy appointment for my newest hip. The rehab hospital finally contacted the company that we use and I have the privilege of working with the same therapist and nurse I had after my last hip replacement. I am blessed because they are awesome! <BR> <BR> The nurse came out to assess me late yesterday afternoon. She did a very thorough job. My physical therapist came out this morning. He did a thorough assessment and we set up a plan with some at home exercise... Thu, 16 Jun 2016 11:30:05 EST Healing I am exhausted. All movement appears to take a big toll after a joint replacement but move you must. I had a much better experience with rehab after my recent surgery. I am making good steady progress. I attribute my progress to continuing my home exercises after the physical therapy stopped for my last hip replacement. The recovery from any surgery goes more smoothly when your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones are in shape from exercise done before the surgery. I am at the point wher... Wed, 15 Jun 2016 11:37:12 EST I Am As Ready As I'll Ever Be Today's accomplishments: <BR> <BR> Faxed pre-op records to my orthopedist <BR> Mailed a telephone cord to DD1 <BR> Mailed three books to my darling Aunt who is fairly bed bound and bored <BR> I changed the sheets on the bed. <BR> I bathed the dogs. <BR> I did three more loads of laundry. Hubby folded one and I folded one. One is waiting for the dryer. <BR> I reviewed my pre-op prep sheet - I am currently doing everything on the list. <BR> I set up the GPS in the car (in the garage) <BR> I pu... Thu, 26 May 2016 21:44:29 EST To Do List Is Complete Hubby and I had a wonderful breakfast with good friend, Slenderella61, and her hubby this morning. It was wonderful to see them. There is nothing like the support of friends to ease anxiety. <BR> <BR> Here are the tasks I completed today: <BR> <BR> The dogs are groomed (I will bathe them in the morning.) <BR> My small bag for the hospital is packed. <BR> The bag for my rehabilitation hospital is packed. <BR> My outfit for Friday is laid out. <BR> Medical records have been copied and are r... Wed, 25 May 2016 20:59:13 EST Anxiety Is Starting To Set In Three days and counting until my surgery. I can feel anxiety beginning to set in, as expected. My way of coping with anxiety is to keep busy. Yikes! We saw some friends this morning. One friend has a little baby. He is 2.5 months old already. I remember when he was born (premie). He is now a regular size and so handsome! <BR> <BR> Today's tasks are: <BR> <BR> Check in with the doctor again to make sure all paperwork is in order. <BR> <BR> Pack small bag with toiletries for the hospita... Tue, 24 May 2016 09:48:02 EST Almost Finished With My To Do List I was a busy bee today! Here is what I accomplished: <BR> <BR> I picked up my pre-op report from my primary care doctor. I called my orthopedist's office to make sure that they have received the fax sent by my doctor. If so, great. If not, I will fax them a copy. I had to leave a message. They will call me back. <BR> <BR> I wiped down the kitchen counters, cleaned the microwave, polished the glass topped stove and polished the stainless steal sink. <BR> <BR> I worked on the master b... Mon, 23 May 2016 17:23:25 EST Giving Myself The Gift Of Being Prepared I learned a long time ago that one sure fire way to keep myself from doing something I'm not supposed to do after surgery, is to do the task before I go in for surgery. Thus, I make all these to do lists for myself before I even get to the day of surgery. I look at the month of surgery and the two months following surgery and decide what tasks need to be completed in order to keep myself from doing what I know I can't. Then, I break the list down into chunks that I can complete over the wee... Sun, 22 May 2016 15:57:03 EST A Constructive Day Today Have you ever had one of those day when you complete a task that you have been putting off? It feels good when you get it done! I vacuumed the bedroom carpet and then shampooed it. The bedroom smells so good and fresh! I feel great because I finally got it done. <BR> <BR> I also made sugar free cupcakes this morning. Nothing can compare to the delicious aroma of something baking! Yummy! When they cooled, I put all of them but one into freezer bags and froze them. Now when July rolls a... Fri, 20 May 2016 18:05:29 EST Thursday's To Do List I started off my morning by making a plane reservation for my daughter to come down and keep me company in July. Hubby has a family wedding. My daughter will be able to help me drive to my various medical appointments. I will be excited to see her! So the reservation is made. <BR> <BR> I went with hubby to do a trial run for his customer pick up tomorrow. It was fun and it gave me a break from my usual lawnmower approach to my to do list. LOL <BR> <BR> When we came back I finally reached ... Thu, 19 May 2016 12:39:45 EST Wednesday's To Do List Today, here is what I did: <BR> <BR> Repeatedly called the doctor who cancelled on me last week. Left message <BR> <BR> Went to same doctor's office - the office was closed. I found this strange. <BR> <BR> Pick up new glasses. Done! I can now see very clearly! <BR> <BR> Stock up on frozen veggies - Done! <BR> <BR> Purchase some healthy frozen meals for hubby. - Done! <BR> <BR> Restock fresh produce - Done! <BR> <BR> Celebrate my sister's birthday with her. - Done! It turned out grea... Wed, 18 May 2016 22:30:53 EST Today's Short To Do List I was up and out with the pups by 7:30am this morning. I can't walk them due to being a falling risk but we do go out into our yard. Hubby and I went out to breakfast. It was nice to see some friends. When we returned, I started on today's short to do list. Here is what I accomplished: <BR> <BR> Bake birthday cupcakes. Done. I kept several out for my sister's birthday and froze the rest for the June/July birthdays <BR> <BR> Vacuum the master bedroom. Done! I also vacuumed the bathroom,... Tue, 17 May 2016 17:53:35 EST A Short To Do List Today I will have a short to do list today: <BR> <BR> Take Missile and Razzle to the vet Done! I also took Zeus. <BR> <BR> Vacuum, dust and spot clean the carpet in the master bedroom - will do tomorrow <BR> <BR> Wrap birthday gifts for May/June/July birthdays. Done and out of town gifts are ready to ship. <BR> <BR> Address birthday, Father's Day and Wedding card. Done! May birthday cards have been mailed. <BR> <BR> Call the doctor who cancelled my appointment on Friday Done - voice mail... Mon, 16 May 2016 07:54:34 EST Busy, Busy, Busy! I have been so busy getting myself prepared for my May 27th surgery that my head is spinning! Here is how I have done with my to do list so far: <BR> <BR> Records from my tests - got them and hand carried them to my primary doctor. <BR> <BR> Make my last pre-op appointment - done! My appointment is Tuesday. <BR> <BR> Birthday shopping for May/June/July birthdays - completed (I still need to wrap and mail them) <BR> <BR> Father's Day cards - purchased! I still need to address them. <BR> ... Sat, 14 May 2016 13:57:01 EST A Surprise Pre-op Today! I was up and out by 8:45am this morning. I drove to the doctor's office and allowed extra time in case there was a long wait for my x-rays. I had trouble finding a parking space due to the huge number of patients there today. I have never seen so many! I decided to drive to the most obscure spot on campus and I found one open space. I made good time in driving there but it took me 15-20 minutes to find a space. I was afraid that I wouldn't have time to get my x-rays done before my appoint... Wed, 11 May 2016 20:29:34 EST Some Improvement All Around! I went,back to the eye doctor again today. I have healed much more this week. In fact, it is good enough for me to have gotten a new prescription for glasses! I will try to go and order them tomorrow. I am so excited. <BR> <BR> I went to my stress counselor this morning. She is pleased with the way I am currently handling my stress level. She said it is very healthy. (Whatever that means.) it is a huge improvement over where I was in late December. Some of that I attribute to better vi... Tue, 10 May 2016 17:52:12 EST Yesterday Was A Mixed Bag..... Yesterday, I had a wonderful Mother's Day! DD1 sent me a beautiful card and she called. I enjoyed talking to her. DD2 called and I got to talk to both her and our oldest GS. That was both entertaining and sweet. Hubby took me out for brunch. I had a veggie omelet that was delicious.It was such a beautiful day that we decided to take the three dogs for a walk around the block. That was when things went south fast. <BR> <BR> Without thinking, I attempted the walk without my cane. I usuall... Mon, 9 May 2016 21:43:32 EST So Much To Do! May 27 seems like a long way away. I've discovered that I have so much to do to get ready before my surgery. I started by making some telephone calls yesterday. I changed some appointments around. This morning, I discovered more appointments that need to be changed. Hopefully I will be able to cram it all into the next four weeks. Deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths! Sat, 30 Apr 2016 16:41:32 EST Finally, A Date For My Second Hip Replacement Today, the surgery coordinator in my orthopedist's office called with a date for my second hip surgery. The date is May 27th. As before, I will stay in the hospital for 4-5 days and go to a rehabilitative hospital for a week or two. Then, I will come home and begin an at home physical therapy program. After about 3-4 weeks of home therapy, I will begin out patient therapy. Out patient therapy usually lasts 5 to 6 weeks. After I finish out patient therapy, I will have a home therapy progr... Thu, 28 Apr 2016 13:47:27 EST Vision Vastly Improved! Although it's still healing, my check up with the eye surgeon shows huge improvements. As far as the tech could tell, my eye is currently at 20/30 vision. That's a far cry from 20/475. My vision is still real blurry but all the colors are sooooo much brighter. As it heals, my vision will get better yet. Now when I compare the colors with my right eye to my left eye, the right eye sees white as white and the left one sees it as off white - almost beige. That is due to the cataracts in th... Thu, 28 Apr 2016 09:29:45 EST Cataract Surgery Went Well So Far I had my cataract surgery early this morning. The doctor said it went well. He will check my healing progress tomorrow morning. My right pupil is super dilated and very light sensitive. This will decrease by this evening (I hope!) It is strange having only one lens in my glasses. I feel lopsided! I am putting two sets of drops in my eye four times a day, five minutes apart. They sting like crazy but not as badly as the drops that they put in my eye before surgery. Surgery was weird. ... Wed, 27 Apr 2016 14:57:07 EST Progress On Tasks, Etc., Etc. Razzle had a fairly good weekend. I played compound pharmacology and turned one of her pill medications into a liquid medication. (It only comes in pill form unless you pay a compound pharmacy to make it for you.) Don't worry, the vet told me how to do it and provided me with the one mL syringes to use to squirt the liquid into her mouth. I melted the pill in a very small amount of water. Then I added some honey to it and stirred it until it was well mixed. I put it into the syringe an... Mon, 25 Apr 2016 13:37:54 EST Razzle Is Home And Other Updates! We enjoyed having a delightful breakfast with Spark friend Slenderella61 yesterday morning. Both hubby and I were feeling better after a nasty bout with the stomach flu. She also had it again so it must be making the rounds again. The visit was the highlight of my week! We would have talked longer but hubby had some chores to do so off we went. <BR> <BR> We ran some additional errands and then took Missile and Zeus to the vet for some blood work. After I paid for everything (I could hav... Sat, 23 Apr 2016 15:10:01 EST Fierce Doggie Mom Takes On Animal Control Since I got little if any satisfaction from my two phone calls to animal control this morning, I decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and I drove 16 miles to speak to a supervisor. I was armed with documentation. I took as many vet bills as I could find along with our original paperwork from Zeus' adoption. This included his information intake when they found him abandoned in a field, his medical history from animal control's vet, his neutering surgery and record of medicati... Wed, 20 Apr 2016 19:13:15 EST Hospitalizing Razzle I am so upset today. I took one of our fur babies, Razzle, in for another vet appointment this morning. Her white blood count has dropped from 53,000 to 32,000 but it is still twice what it should be. Since this has dragged on for three weeks now, after I speaking to her regular vet this morning, I decided to hospitalize her. Hopefully, more intense treatment will bring her levels closer to normal. I also requested that the vet do a blood panel on Missile and Zeus this Friday. This is a ... Wed, 20 Apr 2016 12:44:45 EST Not The Way To Lose 5 Pounds! I am really feeling tired, with a headache this morning. I took a shower and just let the water run over my head. It helped. I decided to hop on the scale and, yup, I am down 5 pounds since I weighed myself Sunday morning. The weight loss is fluid loss and not the way to lose weight. So, I will drink lots of fluids today and rest. Maybe I will try to eat a piece of toast later. Everything I consider, makes me feel blah just thinking about it. I did manage to keep down some crackers (uns... Tue, 19 Apr 2016 11:21:52 EST Stomach Virus I got hubby's stomach virus. Nothing like sharing it with those you love. All I am having today is Gatorade. I may try real food tomorrow or the next day. This virus is particularly nasty. Both my stomach and lower intestines hurt. Oh well, tomorrow is another day! Mon, 18 Apr 2016 16:23:13 EST Improvement For Both Razzle And Hubby! Yesterday I went non stop from 9am to about 7:30pm. First, I was involved with the dogs and trying to feed them take them out and dose them with their various medications. All the while, I was on the phone with our family doctor because hubby was violently ill all night. Finally the nurse at the doctor's office said that the doctor called in a prescription for him. Great! I would be in the area near our pharmacy later in the afternoon so I could pick it up. <BR> <BR> Next I picked up my... Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:37:24 EST More Aggressive Treatment For Our Fur Baby I was a polite but ferocious doggie mommy this afternoon. The vet finally is being more aggressive with Razzle's treatment. The poor dog has been utterly miserable. I already have a re-check appointment for this Friday. She has been sick for way too long. The other two dogs are running and playing, so they are much better. If Razzle isn't better by Friday, the vet will need to do some blood work. She started on a steroid and is taking a new antibiotic. (For the next two days, she wil... Wed, 13 Apr 2016 17:34:58 EST Taking Control Of My Environment My side of the bedroom was horribly cluttered. I could make lots of excuses for it or I could forget the reason why and just take control of my environment. Now, the junk is cleaned out, the clothing re-hung and the space reclaimed. It feels great! I tend to be a fairly neat person so when things pile up, I find that it bothers me and kind of hangs over my head. It is very liberating to organize my environment, especially when I have lots of other things going on. So today I am liberated!... Tue, 12 Apr 2016 20:00:34 EST Some Improvement - Fingers Crossed Hubby and I slept better last night with only three interruptions. I am able to see daily sleep and activity with my FitBit. It blows my mind when I look at the sync with my iPad and FitBit and I can see exactly what time I get up and for how long. I can also see when I am the most active during my day. <em>224</em> So far today, I have over 6,800 steps. I still need to do my at home physical therapy exercises. That will put my step total up by quite a bit. <BR> <BR> Because of my inte... Mon, 11 Apr 2016 16:43:32 EST Poor Sick Pups We were up at 3am with our poor, sick pups again. Razzle is so stuffy that she is blowing bubbles out of her nose. I feel so sorry for the sweet baby. I sat and rocked her in my lap last night. Eventually, she fell asleep on top of me. I fell asleep from shear exhaustion. The other two dogs are feeling better but are still clingy and slept next to hubby. Normally, all the dogs sleep in the kitchen but since Razzle has been so sick, she whines all night if she is in the kitchen. If Razzle ... Sun, 10 Apr 2016 12:51:03 EST Physical Therapy And A Too Packed Schedule Yesterday, I decided that I have made just about all of the progress I can make in physical therapy without having had my second hip done. My therapist agreed and now I am finished with PT at the therapist's office. I do still need to do my home program, which shouldn't be an issue. I am noticing some decline with my right hip, which is to be expected. What I would like to do is get through my cataract surgery and recovery before having the right hip done. In between all of that, I need ... Thu, 7 Apr 2016 13:34:55 EST I Am Pround Of My Goal Achievement Today Hubby slept out on the couch last night so that I could finally get some sleep. Our new puppy either has to sleep next to you or sleep with the light on. Hubby kept the light on until 4am so that little Zeus could sleep in his crate. After 4am, he took the puppy outside and then slept with Zeus on his lap. I was so tired that I hardly moved and woke up stiff as a board. I decided that I was going to make a list of things to do today and see if I could finish everything on the list. <BR> ... Wed, 30 Mar 2016 17:51:10 EST All My Pictures Didn't Post Yesterday I tried to post picture of all three dogs yesterday but only the picture of the puppy posted. So, I will try to post pictures of our older two female dogs. They both turned 3 on February 28th. <BR> <BR> Here is Razzle. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> Here is Missile. <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> <BR> Here is Zeus tormenting his ... Tue, 29 Mar 2016 19:06:51 EST