ANGELBELIEVER's SparkPeople Blog ANGELBELIEVER's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community LATEST ON MY BROTHER'S SITUATION. Hi everyone, The results of the emergency called board mtg. at his company was that he and Stanley be placed on un-paid leave until the case is resolved one way or the other. They can use their accrued sick time and vacation days, but then when that's exhausted, they're out of luck for money. I don't know how much time Robb has accrued. <BR> <BR> The preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 14. That is where they say they are guilty or innocent. I hope they can remain free until we see wha... Thu, 12 Jun 2014 00:57:48 EST A LITTLE OF THIS AND THAT! <img src=""> Yep, that's me around 5 yrs. old. My hair was chestnut brown and very,very naturally curly. Mom and I would have battles every time she tried to comb it, and it was even worse after it was washed. That was before de-tangler shampoos. She did use Johnson and Johnson , no tears shampoo, I know that. <BR> <BR> A lady named Martha from church gave out candy to all ladies on Mothers Day and our Pastor and his wife gave out pi... Wed, 11 Jun 2014 00:33:37 EST PRAYERS ARE NEEDED NOW, PLEASE. <img src="">Hi everyone. I don't usually do this, but I am asking for prayers for my brother, Robb. He and his boss are in serious trouble and are being charged with things they did not do. It's a long story that I am not going to type about, but Robb is facing 27 charges, 20 some are felonies. His boss is facing 47 charges, 30 some are felonies. The State's Attorney is bringing the charges against them. Last Tuesday there were both arra... Sun, 8 Jun 2014 00:46:41 EST BETTER NEWS AT MY SPECIALIST...PLUS MY NEW LOOK.. Hi everyone. Good news from my doctor visit. Dr. Hybaykah is a Pulmonoligist. He was the one who read my Pulmonary Function Test, or known as PFT. He read his own report and looked at my numbers again and decided I was at the moderate stage 2 B which was better than 3-1. He explained to me that COPD, (Cardio Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a big word and it encompasses anything having to do with the lungs....Asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. As we age our lung function decreases, but mor... Thu, 5 Jun 2014 23:37:09 EST IN YOUR MEMORY, DAD. <img src=""> <img src=""> <img Dad in his Army" <BR> <BR> Hi everyone. Dad seemed to go from one uniform to another kind of uniform! My Dad served in WW II and told us about how much walking they did. He was in the front lines in the Army. I can't remember what company. I'll see if my brother Doug knows. He told of being in Germany, Italy... Mon, 26 May 2014 21:16:04 EST NOT THE BEST LUNG FUNCTION REPORT. Hi everyone. First I want to thank everyone who read and commented on my 4 blogs on my breath work. I really appreciate each and everyone of you. You are all special in unique ways. I love the fact that each one of us is made differently and yet we are all made in God's image. God is good. <BR> <BR> So I went to my Dr's on Wednesday to get my lung function test results.. My Dr. wanted to see if my percentages have changed in 4 years. For those of you who don't know I have COPD (chronic obs... Fri, 23 May 2014 22:31:32 EST MORE TO LIFE THAN BREATH ALONE... PART 4 Here's the last part of my experience. My professor wrote alongside a paragraph. "This is glorious." I'll be anxious to see if you agree with her. <BR> <BR> Part 4. The Last Experience <BR> <BR> The last thing I remember will stay with me forever. "Amazing Grace was being played in the background and I heard this voice distinctly talking to me. My soul was very, very peaceful. I was told " You are special. You are my child. No one can separate you from me. You are wonderful just the wa... Wed, 21 May 2014 23:36:36 EST MORE TO LIFE THAN BREATH ALONE...PART 3 Part 3 of More To Life Than Breath Alone. <BR> <BR> The music changed to a very definite glorious, spiritual tone. My emotions were very high. I was crying very hard. I am told my tears were real and my face was wet. I felt like I was in God's presence. As the music continued, I became very humble. Looking ahead I saw an altar and there were steps ascending to it. There were candles all around, and the music sounded like a royal march. I could hear my own footsteps as I walked toward the... Tue, 20 May 2014 22:00:04 EST MORE TO LIFE THAN BREATH ALONE... PART 2 Part 2 of More To Life Than Breath Alone. <BR> <BR> " Breathe, Breathe, Breathe," I said to myself. Then very loud music started to play . It sounded like some form of primitive music with the emphasis on the drums and a definite rhythm. I began to notice that I was feeling very frightened. My heart was beating very rapidly and I was also trembling. In my vision I saw myself running for my life. I soon began to feel like this was actually happening. I felt like something or someone was c... Mon, 19 May 2014 23:30:56 EST MORE TO LIFE THAN BREATH ALONE...PART 1 Good evening to all my Spark friends. <BR> <BR> When I was cleaning out the book shelf in the guest room I found a notebook of an old project I did in a psychology class back in 1992. We had to write a paper no shorter than 1500 words. (Don't worry, I won't put them all in one blog!) I would like to share with you this glorious experience in segments. <BR> <BR> In the 1990's a technique know as "Breath Work" or Holotropic breathing came about. Holotropic gets it's roots from the Greek ho... Sun, 18 May 2014 20:54:28 EST MOTHER'S DAY CELEBRATION IN CHURCH. Hello everyone. Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there in Sparklville. We had a nice celebration to honor moms today. Out Pastor and his wife passed out pink carnations to those women who were the youngest Moms, the oldest Mom ( She'll be 100 in Sept.) the Mom with the most children ( one had 12 ) and then the one with the most grandchildren ( one had 30) and the most great grandchildren. It was interesting to see the numbers that were involved. <BR> <BR> On the way out we all wer... Mon, 12 May 2014 00:18:52 EST MY HONEY'S 76TH B-DAY IS TODAY. <img src=""> My honey on his 76th b-day today with his German Chocolate cake. I only had 2 candles, but i wouldn't have put 76 on the cake anyway. Now, if I had 76 small trombones I might consider it! (76 Trombones is a song from the musical, "The Music Man.") <BR> <BR> We celebrated it just the way he wanted to...nice and quiet with no fanfare. He cooked a steak for dinner along with potatoes and a salad. It was about 10 pm when we had a... Sun, 11 May 2014 00:03:15 EST BEFORE AND AFTER TRUCK PICTURES. Here is the original black truck. <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Now here are the "new" truck pictures after it's do-over. <BR> <img src=""> <img src=""> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> The color is Cinnamon Metallic. I had picked another color on Sunday but when Hal went to pick the color... Thu, 8 May 2014 21:53:48 EST GUEST ROOM PROJECT IS COMPLETED! <img src=""> This is what the room looked like in the beginning of my de-cluttering. Then we proceed to <img src=""> Max helping by cat-napping. We move on to arranging things. <img src="http://photos- <BR> <BR>"> <img src=""> Of course Max has to try this quilt out too. <BR> <BR> . <i... Sat, 3 May 2014 22:05:23 EST THE BLACK TRUCK WILL BECOME..READ ON TO SEE THE ANSWER !! Good afternoon everyone. Today was an exciting day for me. This afternoon Arjay and I <BR> met with the auto painter/body man today and talked about different colors. We chose a Metallic Bronze. This has some red and gold in it. I didn't want plain dark brown or a gray or silver. The painter's name is Hal and he works for himself. We seem to do well with those that are self employed. Dan, our mechanic is self employed and he referred us to Hal. Dan even called and told Hal we were coming and... Tue, 29 Apr 2014 16:39:42 EST NEED HELP CHOOSING A NEW COLOR FOR THE TRUCK! Hello again my friends. I'm asking for suggestions on choosing a color to re-paint the truck. The outside now is black and the inside is tan and brown. For some reason I thought the inside was black when I wrote it in my blog. Sapphire Blue Mica will not be the best color with the inside being tan and brown. I don't want a dark brown. I did find a truck with Sunset Orange that had some red in it too. Arjay said that may be ok. He also told me he really doesn't care what color the truck is..s... Mon, 28 Apr 2014 23:19:30 EST DRIVE THE MIATA? I THINK NOT. Good evening friends. It's time to update you on my re-fresher course on driving a standard shift car.... The Miata. <img src=""> <BR> Did well yesterday getting re-acquainted with the H shift pattern. Had a little trouble with reverse, but was finally able to feel it. <BR> <BR> Fast forward to today. A beautiful, warm sunny day with temps around 90 here in Fl. We took a ride to our community college parking lot figuring that would be a ... Sun, 27 Apr 2014 21:42:39 EST CUTE ANIMAL JOKE. <BR> The Joke of The Day <BR> <BR> The animals were bored. Finally, the lion had an idea. "I know a really exciting game that the humans play called football. I've seen it on T.V." <BR> <BR> He proceeded to describe it to the rest of the animals and they all got excited about it so they decided to play. They went out to the field and chose up teams and were ready to begin. <BR> <BR> The lion's team received. They were able to get two first downs and then had to punt. The mule punted an... Sat, 26 Apr 2014 13:09:14 EST MORE CHANGES ARE A COMMIN'!!!! Hi everyone. <BR> <BR> For some reason I'm on this change a room kick. Next week I'm starting to de-clutter our guest room. We have a futon in there too that is now opened to a bed. After I clean the room, the futon will be back to looking like a, well, futon, couch and or sofa, whatever you care to call it. That room has 2 walls that have a very, very light green paneling and the other walls are painted a very light green. So.....yep....I found another country quilt set with pillow sham... Thu, 24 Apr 2014 15:17:27 EST WHO WAS JOHN COLTRANE? One of my favorite saxophonists was John Coltrane. <BR> <BR> <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Here is what Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, says about him. <BR> <BR> Background information <BR> <BR> Birth name John William Coltrane <BR> Also known as "Trane" <BR> Born September 23, 1926 <BR> Hamlet, North Carolina, USA <BR> Died July 17, 1967 (aged 40) <BR> Huntington, New York <BR> Genres Avant-garde jazz, hard bop, post-bop, modal jazz, fr... Wed, 23 Apr 2014 00:36:38 EST RE-DOING BED ROOM AND MUSIC ROOM. Hi everyone. Thanks to those who have commented on some new BR pictures. It had been 10 yrs since we updated our bedding and decided it was time to do so. All Arjay asked was that he NOT be asked to re-paint. No problem. Looked on line and found <img src=""> the quilt and Arjay liked the colors so I ordered it. <BR> <BR> Decided to re-do the music room too. Found curtains with song birds and music on them. <img src=" Sat, 19 Apr 2014 23:24:43 EST NEW .OUTFIT Here's a picture of the new yellow 3 piece outfit I bought today to celebrate the house closing! <BR> <BR> <link><BR>yle=35316&Color=640&Fit=P&Curcol=7619 </link> <BR> <BR> I love Bon Worth's clothes but unfortunately all 700 stores are closing in either June or Sept. I'm hoping someone else has bought the business. No one is saying at the moment. <em>198</em> As my friend said, "Where will we shop now? They have such a good selection of petites." I'... Tue, 15 Apr 2014 21:25:13 EST PRAISE GOD...THE HOUSE IS NO LONGER OURS !!!! PRAISE GOD !! It's finally over. Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, inspiration and caring throughout this ordeal these past 20 months. Prayer certainly works...just not always in our time table. <BR> <BR> My brother said the bank was mailing my check out today. When I hold that check in my hands, then it truly will be over. Into the bank it'll go..but not Wells Fargo Bank! <em>198</em> <BR> <BR> We are all doing a happy dance! Mon, 14 Apr 2014 15:00:43 EST MAYBE MONDAY IS THE LUCKY DAY! Just had a call from my brother Robb and the closing is scheduled for some time tomorrow. Everyone wants this over with. My brother Doug will not have to be there this time. Let's pray they have all they need now from Doug and can truly move forward. All I can think is they must have it resolved or they wouldn't be scheduling it for tomorrow. I am praising and thanking God in advance. I'll let you know as soon as I know tomorrow. <em>334</em> <em>244</em> <em>381</em> Sun, 13 Apr 2014 22:52:21 EST NOTHING RESOLVED AS YET. So frustrating for all, but mostly for my dear brother Doug. So far 3 pieces of additional ID including his service discharge papers where he served 4 years for the government, hasn't satisfied the government even though they were on the list of acceptable items or documents. When an FHA loan is involved, all parties have to have a background check. The bank should have started this two months ago, not waited 'til the day of the signing. <BR> <BR> Only God will help us to straighten this me... Thu, 10 Apr 2014 23:24:08 EST ANOTHER SET-BACK!!!!! Hi everyone. Not a happy camper tonight. They were all set at the closing. Checks were ready, papers signed BUT, alas..the bank needs more proof that my brother Doug is who he says he is. What? It seems an other person with his name is on some secret no fly list and he has to prove himself to be himself. This is to prove he's not a suspected terrorist, although not said in so many words. Doug took the day off from work, drove 3 hrs. to be at the closing, but of course all he had with him was ... Tue, 8 Apr 2014 21:06:10 EST GOOD NEWS ABOUT MY PARENT'S HOUSE At long last, after 27 months the sale of my parent's home will come to a close on Tuesday, April 8 at 3 pm. Please pray there are no more snags and that it will be smooth sailing that day. We are so looking forward to putting this behind us and moving on to a new chapter in our lives. I wish the buyer, Brian, all the happiness in the world in that house and he will make it his home. It is a beautiful home. I never lived in it though. It was built after I moved out. Sat, 5 Apr 2014 15:16:25 EST NOW HERE'S THE REST OF THE STORY! Hi everyone. It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Fl and I had a wonderful sleep in my own case in my own home. YIPEE!!!! <BR> <BR> I was telling you in the story before my trip to Dr. Steve's about Mommy trying to learn to play my cousin, the clarinet. Mommy tried for some time, but just couldn't get used to the fact that one register on my cousin had the same fingerings as I do, but the second register was totally different. Poor Mommy. It became very frustrating for her and that was wh... Tue, 25 Mar 2014 12:14:03 EST MOMMY TOOK ME BACK TO DR. STEVE TODAY. Hi everyone. This is Allyson again. Mommy had to take me back to Dr. Steve today. I was not playing the notes correctly and was squeaking when I should not have been. It sometimes takes a little time to get me all sorted out. Dr. Steve looked me over very gently and noticed some of my springs were too tight. (Yes, I have springs!) Dr. Steve loosened some of the tension and changed the height of one of my keys and I felt so much better. I play nice and smooth now without any side effects such... Tue, 25 Mar 2014 00:43:08 EST ALLYSON'S MOM TELLS ANOTHER STORY. Hi everyone. This was a project for a class I was taking in college and I had to write something that would keep one interested and guessing a little. So, on January 16, 1994 Allyson and I sat down and wrote this story. Hope you enjoy it. It may be a little long but hopefully you're interest will keep you reading. <BR> <BR> My dearest one, <BR> <BR> It all started in August of 1964 A.D, just one month shy of my 16th birthday. I remember sitting in the chair of the living room in a little ... Sat, 22 Mar 2014 21:38:34 EST ALLYSON IS HOME FROM THE INSTRUMENT HOSPITAL. <img src=""> <BR> <BR> Hi everyone. I am so happy to be home with Mommy now. The picture is with Dr. Steve and Mommy right before she and Daddy brought me home. I am all new and shiny and all fixed up. I have new key pads, rods and pins. I actually enjoyed soaking in a big vat of soapy water as part of my cleaning. It felt warm and relaxing. Just wished I could have listened to some John Coltrane or Kenny G. while I was soaking. Oh well... Fri, 21 Mar 2014 21:36:41 EST INTRODUCING SUZIE AND ALLYSON, MY SAXES. Hello Sparkies. My name is Allyson, and I am a 49 year Gold Alto Saxophone. My Mom, Elayne, received me for her 16th birthday. She actually started playing on a rented saxophone at age 9 named Suzie. You'll hear from Suzie a little later. At age 16 she was starting to play in competitions for Regional and State Bands. Her Dad, who was a music teacher/band director, realized she was going to keep playing and he felt she was doing very well. So the time was right to purchase me from Charles & ... Mon, 10 Mar 2014 22:03:38 EST ASH WEDNESDAY, THE BEGINNING OF LENT. Today is Ash Wednesday for all Christians. It's the beginning of Lent, or 6 weeks before Easter Sunday. It's a period of fasting and repenting of our sins. A time to turn back to God. So today I begin my fast from all deserts, cookies and candy. I have tried this many times and was not successful. I want to be successful this year. It is my personal sacrifice. Along with giving up something, I was to add something positive to my daily life. I want to say something nice about everyone I meet. ... Wed, 5 Mar 2014 15:09:19 EST RE-THINKING MY GOAL WEIGHT. Hi everyone. I've been looking back at where I was and far I have come and discovered i had my weight incorrect from the beginning. I had put down my starting wt. as 135 but it was 150 when I started Spark and 135 when I started Weight Watchers. I just turned the two weights around. Now the ticker is correct. My goal wt. now is 122. I'm 124.2 now so I should be able to get to 122. I don't want to go any lower as I just had to replace my whole wardrobe and I can't afford to do that again so I... Sun, 2 Feb 2014 00:27:13 EST GOOD NEWS Hi everyone. I am thanking all for prayers and praising God for what happened today. Finally after my parent's home being on the market for almost 17 months, a contract was agreed to and signed today and closing is set for Feb. 21 at the earliest and Feb. 28 at the latest. We have to pay to have the house tented, and we came down another $1,000.00 for the buyer due to some structure issues in some places. This young man really wanted it as he looked at it 5 times before he made an offer when ... Thu, 23 Jan 2014 00:03:05 EST DOWN MEMORY LANE Merry Christmas everyone. Hope all had a wonderful day. Ours started Christmas Eve as we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. Our wedding was a night to remember! We were married at 9 pm by a minister who was also a family friend at my husband's parent's home. <BR> We chose 9 pm because that was when our friend could come and marry us in between the 7 and 11 pm church services. But of course he and his wife also got fed. <em>246</em> <BR> <BR> Well. Arjay's Aunt Janet brought her lit... Thu, 26 Dec 2013 11:12:59 EST IRRITABILITY SOMETIMES EQUALS DEPRESSION Good morning everyone. I was diagnosed with Major Depression about 25 yrs ago or so and was started on Zoloft. That worked for years. Then I was diagnosed with Fibromyalga , so the Dr. added a low dose of Cymbalta to help with the fibro pain. Then after about a year I didn't feel the Cymbalta was working, so he took me off it. Then I changed Drs. and began to feel numb again and didn't want to do anything..even the things I enjoyed. I was then put o n the lowest dose of Welbutrin which wor... Tue, 10 Dec 2013 10:01:38 EST A PRAYER FOR OUR COUNTRY. This was sent to me from my brother. It's exactly what we need today. <BR> <BR> If you take one minute to read this prayer, imagine how many prayers might be said for our country. <BR> <BR> "Hi Lord, It's me. We are getting older and things are getting very bad here. Gas prices are too high, no jobs, and food and heating costs are too high. You have been taken out of our schools, government and even Christmas, but Lord I'm asking you to come back and re-bless America. We really need you! Th... Sat, 7 Dec 2013 12:40:05 EST PRAISE GOD...MR. JINX IS HOME SAFE!!! Hi everyone. <img src=""> Mr. Jinx is safe and is back home with Doug and Lanette. We are so happy and so thankful for all the prayers and good thoughts that went out to him. He is a little thinner but other than that, he is fine. He must have found warm places to sleep at night. He came to this one lady's porch and she covered him with a blanket. She couldn't take him into the house as she had 3 dogs. A friend came over and said that l... Fri, 29 Nov 2013 21:37:36 EST Florida's 5 Day Weather Forecast Thought I'd share our Fl. weather forecast for the east coast. I'm in central Fl. <BR> WEDNESDAY: 10% Chance of Storms, Gusty, Cooler, Highs in upper 60s. <BR> <BR> THANKSGIVING: Sunny, Cool, Breezy, Highs in mid 60s. <BR> <BR> Details: <BR> <BR> After a few light showers this morning, cooler and drier air will arrive behind a cold front. Winds will be strong out of the north at more than 20 mph at times. There is a Small Craft Advisory and High Surf Advisory posted for area waters due to... Wed, 27 Nov 2013 13:50:28 EST MIXED FEELINGS TODAY Hi everyone. I have mixed feelings today. I am happy that my brothers Robb and Doug are celebrating their wedding anniversaries this week. Robb and Norma's was yesterday and Doug and Lanette's is today. My parents would have celebrated their's on Sunday, Nov. 24. The shadow that is over their celebrations and Thanksgiving is that Mr. Jinx, seen here with my Dad, is missing. <img src=""> Doug and Lanette took Mr. Jinx when Dad died 15 mon... Wed, 27 Nov 2013 12:46:07 EST YOUR FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD! MERRY CHRISTMAS <BR> YOUR FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD <BR> <BR> A dear friend sent this to me and I had to pass it on and share it. Hopefully you will do the same. <BR> Love, <BR> Elayne <BR> <BR> <BR> Twas two months before Christmas <BR> When all through our land, <BR> Not a Christian was praying <BR> Nor taking a stand. <BR> <BR> Why the PC Police had taken away <BR> The reason for Christmas - no one could say. <BR> <BR> <BR> The children were told by their schools ... Thu, 21 Nov 2013 23:37:25 EST GIVE THANKS <em>335</em> Hi everyone. Since it's getting close to Thanksgiving, I thought I would copy the words to one of my favorite songs. We will be playing this in church on Nov. 24. As in the title of my blog, it is Give Thanks. <BR> <BR> "Give Thanks" by Henry Smith. <BR> <BR> Give thanks with a grateful heart, <BR> Give thanks to the Holy One, <BR> Give thanks because he's given Jesus Christ His Son. (repeat) <BR> <BR> And now let the weak say, " I am strong," <BR> Let the poor say, "I am ... Fri, 15 Nov 2013 22:04:53 EST MY WORLD TRAVELS YESTERDAY <img src=""> Hi everyone. As I wrote before, I am a licensed ham radio operator. Over the weekend there was a contest going on where you try to make as many contacts as you can in a 24 hour period. Well, I didn't stay up for 24 hours nor did I take it seriously as many hams do. I basically scanned the frequencies when I felt like it and in-between football games and during half time. When I heard another ham calling," N3OMO contest." I u... Mon, 28 Oct 2013 13:31:40 EST THE DEATH OF COMMON SENSE. A friend sent me this and it is really something to think about. Enjoy. <BR> <BR> An Obituary printed in the London Times.....Absolutely Dead Brilliant! <BR> <BR> Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who <BR> has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, <BR> since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. <BR> He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: <BR> - Knowing when to come in ou... Wed, 23 Oct 2013 12:38:36 EST FUNNY MAX STORY. <img src=""> As you all know, this is me, Max. Mommy luves to take lots of pictures of me because I am soooo handsome as you can see. I love my Laser eyes. Hope they don't scare you too much and you won't have scary dreams about me. Mommy does something strange every night when I come in from my Feline Lanai. (screened porch) This is when I come in for the night when Mommy and Daddy go to bed. Mommy puts me in my sand box and I do what ... Tue, 15 Oct 2013 23:20:30 EST I LOST INCHES AND WEIGHT THIS PAST MONTH!!! Hi everyone. I lost inches this past month at Curves! I've really been working hard and it shows. Here are my measurements: <BR> <BR> Arm--- lost 1/2 in. <BR> Bust --lost 3 /4 in. <BR> Waist--- lost-1/2 in. <BR> Abdomen---lost 1 in.. <BR> Hips---- gained 1 and 1/2 in. Don't know how that happened. I question the measurement.. <BR> Weight-- lost 3/4 pound. <BR> Body fat % lost 3.10 in. or 4.34 pounds of body fat. <em>244</em> <BR> <BR> Total Curves workouts from July 12, 2013 to Sept 18, ... Wed, 18 Sep 2013 23:24:50 EST 10 RULES FOR A BLESSED DAY. I found this on another Spark friend's page (JANEGIBE) and she said I could share it on my blog. These are beautiful. Enjoy and be blessed. <BR> Elayne <BR> <BR> <BR> 10 RULES FOR A BLESSED DAY <BR> <BR> 1. TODAY I WILL NOT STRIKE BACK . . . <BR> If someone is rude, if someone is impatient, if someone is unkind, I will not respond in a like manner. <BR> <BR> 2. TODAY I WILL ASK GOD TO BLESS MY 'ENEMY' <BR> If I come across someone who treats me harshly or unfairly, I will quietly ask God... Wed, 18 Sep 2013 00:00:29 EST I HIT THE BIG 65 TODAY !! <img src=""> Hi everyone. I turned 65 today and I am proud of it. However, thankfully my DH Arjay didn't put 65 candles on that Pumpkin Roll for me to blow out. The three candles were the magic ones that wouldn't blow out! Had fun with that. <BR> <BR> Had a wonderful day. Had a sisterhood meeting this am and then 24 of us went out to lunch and celebrated both my friend's Mom's 99th b-day and mine. I hope I look half as good as Miss Vel... Sun, 15 Sep 2013 00:55:16 EST CELEBRATING A FRIEND'S 99TH BIRTHDAY! <img src=""> Here is a picture of my friend's mom, her daughter and me. Miss Velma will be 99 years young tomorrow. Her daughter, Artiste, is our music director at church and we are also very close friends. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. I did really well. I chose the grilled salmon salad and it was huge. The salmon was a 6 oz. serving, which is what my WW book lists for 7 points. I ate the salmon only and that was plenty. I had one ... Sat, 31 Aug 2013 15:54:55 EST