ANGEL4NATURE's SparkPeople Blog ANGEL4NATURE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Main page entry from 2009 Ok so today I am a little older, a little wiser and thanks to a lot of website research a little less stressed than this time last year. I just read an article on yahoo that said if I keep my good, bad and ugly about my weight loss journey as this is out in the public I may succeed more than those that keep it secret. <BR> <BR> So here it goes. <BR> I plan to blog at least 2 times a week to let the world know how I am feeling, what I am eating, how much I am exercising, what exercises I lik... Thu, 7 Mar 2013 19:34:41 EST At a loss, what do I do??? I have tried isagenix, I have done tons of diets in the past. But how do I really loose weight. At the end of the day everything hurts and my feet and ankles are swollen. I just don't seem to know the right way to get this damn weight off. I am frustrated and upset and at a loss. What do I do????? Tue, 3 May 2011 23:53:31 EST Day two of Baby boot camp So today is day two and I woke up to know internet. Uggh how was I supposed to know how many calories are in my fruits and veggies without my spark people. But now it is up and running after calling the phone company and they sent out a repair man. wooo hooo I am back on line. <BR> My excitment this morning was to get online and post my weight from this morning as I do with Isagenix full body cleansing I like to weight in every morning, then go do a workout drink my shake and get in the sh... Wed, 27 Apr 2011 19:27:51 EST Day one of Baby Boot Camp So hubby and I decided we want to have as many more babies as possible before I can't anymore due to age. Hubby said he definetly wants a baby boy as we have a baby girl already together and I have a son already but my son is not ours together. <BR> Hubby is worried about not having a son to carry on his families name. <BR> I have always wanted a large family, the bigger the better for me. I already run a 24/7 home daycare so lots of kids is easy for me. We decided that we just both need... Tue, 26 Apr 2011 01:56:11 EST Don't know anymore I just don't know anymore. I thought I was loosing weight but turned out I gained 20 pounds instead. I thought I was eating healthy foods but I guess not healthy enough to get the weight off. So now I am 5 ft 6 and 282 pounds. This sucks. My heaviest ever was 289 and that was on the day of delivery of my son and 286 when I delivered my daughter 5 years later. I hate this but just don't know what to do anymore. <BR> True I have lost weight here and there with Isagenix and slim fast, and ... Wed, 20 Apr 2011 18:16:34 EST Going down in weight again So last week Sunday I weighted in at my mom's house and weighted 286.5 <BR> <BR> Today I stepped on the scale and am 273 <BR> <BR> That is a loss of 13.5 pounds in a week and one day. Granted it is from being sick and it is not inches I am seeming to be loosing. My throat is still in a lot of pain and over the counter medicines are not working. So my mom said it may be my tonsils since they were not taken out as a kid. Then yesterday my mom looked in my mouth and said yea your tonsils a... Mon, 21 Mar 2011 16:43:47 EST Sick as can be So on Sunday I woke up with a sore throat and runny nose. Later that day it increased to fever of 102, chills, nausea, and severe head ache, body ache. <BR> <BR> So my brother in law made me some thera flu tea, and I went to bed for a few hours. <BR> <BR> Woke up feeling better, still hoarse throat. <BR> <BR> The next day I felt better a little all I had was a head ache and sore throat <BR> <BR> This darn sore throat is not getting any better. I can't taste anything and it hurts to swal... Wed, 16 Mar 2011 13:19:39 EST What a weird mood I am in I got up this morning and took a pregnancy test because I was two days late. Negitive test and four hours later I started and feel so very sick. On the one hand I have always wanted to have a very large family and being a mom of only 2 children and just having my 29th birthday last weekend I was really hoping that maybe I would be pregnant again as my youngest is 2 and a half. But on the other hand I am still on this weight loss journey and medically should loose this stupid weight before ... Tue, 8 Mar 2011 22:54:06 EST 8 pounds from first goal I was 259 on 12/10/10. That was the closest I got to my goal of 250 I know I can do it. I have been doung really good at keeping with my new Wii and my new Biggest loser Challenge game has been really addicting. <BR> <BR> Tue, 1 Feb 2011 01:09:02 EST How much sugar and what kind is safe? I had no idea that the water I was getting from Walmart had aspertame in it. I also had no idea how dangerous aspertame is. <BR> Here is what I found online after being told in a child care food program class about the dangers of aspertame. <BR> <BR> From 10,000 consumer complaints the FDA compiled a list of 92 Symptoms reported from aspartame use, including death. <BR> <BR> FDA list of 92 aspartame-related symptoms: <BR> <BR> Abdominal Pain <BR> Anxiety Attacks <BR> Arthritis, Asthm... Sun, 30 Jan 2011 20:01:25 EST 200 calories burned I was falling asleep on the couch at naptime which is a big no no when doing daycare even with just a few here today, so I decided to get up and mute my tv and do my Wii biggest loser challenge game. (Monday I had to buy a new Wii for the games I already have because my 7 year old son broke the disc drive in the other Wii I had.) <BR> I must say I am liking the new Wii better. This one has internet buttons and loads faster and seems to track what I am doing better thanks to the new sensor r... Wed, 26 Jan 2011 18:14:07 EST What a weekend First my back was not completly better but my husband got sick and when he gets sick he don't do anything. He did not even leave the bed for more than 3 hours ALL WEEKEND. <BR> So I was left trying to clean house, cook, keep up with the kids, and try to work on daycare paperwork and taxes. <BR> Normally I do my paperwork on the weekend while my husband has an eye on the kids so I can focus on it. <BR> Then this morning when I got up he says your bra is not strapped all the way. <BR> Then ... Mon, 24 Jan 2011 09:58:41 EST Six pounds in 3 days So I could not help myself. I know it has not been a week yet that I have been on the weight watchers system but my pants are getting baggy so I figured I would step on the scale and not expect much. <BR> <BR> I was 276.8 on Monday morning this week and today (thursday morning) I am 270.0 <BR> <BR> I could not believe it. I did not even completly follow the weight watcher points yesterday because I was feeling so sick at the store that I thought I had to get something to eat and stopped t... Thu, 20 Jan 2011 10:49:16 EST So happy but so hurt at the same time I am so happy to see I have so many people following my blogs or at least commenting on them. The comments really help to keep me going. In my line of work (home daycare) I don't get to socilize with a lot of adults very often so I love to log on and see that adults are talking to me. Call it strange but that is why I love checking email each day and logging on to here. <BR> <BR> I love the kids but I need the adult time too. So nap time if all goes well and after daycare hours I am on h... Tue, 18 Jan 2011 18:34:07 EST First short term and long term goals Each week like I said I will post two short term goals and the one long term goal that I am working on. <BR> <BR> Short term goals will be worked on one per week or until accomplished. <BR> Long term goals will be a year or more away. <BR> <BR> <BR> Short term goal number one: <BR> <BR> Loose 2 pounds this week. <BR> (Should not be too hard as I am making a change in my eating and making a goal of working out.) <BR> <BR> Short term goal number two: <BR> <BR> Exercise at least 3 times t... Mon, 17 Jan 2011 18:23:27 EST First day of Weight Watchers I am starting weight watchers today and to those who may read this knowing I am in the isagenix group I do still plan on using isagenix from time to time but I have found that for an everyday thing I need to be able to eat what the kids are eating or similar throughout the day in order to stick to anything. I will still have a week here and there where I will cleanse and do a basic 9 day isagenix program but I cannot see myself living that way day in and day out. <BR> <BR> I am starting my ... Mon, 17 Jan 2011 18:11:51 EST Posting from New Years 2010 I have been struggling with my weight for years. I was eclamptic with my pregnancy with my son and had 3 miscarrages. <BR> Then I was blessed with a daughter. <BR> However she came 3 weeks early by emergency c-section and that scared me and my husband. <BR> During my pregnancy with her I was gestational diabetic, anemic, and at the end eclamptic. It is amazing that my baby girl is here. <BR> I have to loose this extra weight. <BR> My husband was diagnosed as diabetic with high cholestera... Mon, 17 Jan 2011 17:51:40 EST 17 days and counting 17 days till my husband and I leave Alaska on vacation to Miami. It is a surprise vacation for him but since he does not know about spark people I can post it on here to get some of the excitement out. <BR> <BR> I restarted my isagenix in prepereation for this trip. I just did a cleanse day on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Wednesday morning I weighted in at 269. But my summer clothes were bought for under 250 because I actually got below 240 this summer. <BR> <BR> So Wednesday I was... Fri, 10 Dec 2010 16:06:41 EST What in the world am I supposed to do???? Everyone says something different about every different diet. I want to eat right. I want to feel better about what I am putting into my body. I want to loosed the weight the right way. <BR> <BR> I have been in so much pain from the extra weight on my joints and just don't know what is ok to put in my mouth anymore. <BR> <BR> It makes me not want to eat anything at all anymore but can't realistically do that either. Mon, 1 Nov 2010 22:52:26 EST Frustrated with weight loss I spent all weekend sick and I mean very sick. Most would think that would assist in loosing pounds. But not for me. I spent all weekend puking and diareah and ended up gaining 6 pounds. How???? Tue, 27 Apr 2010 10:12:02 EST Healthy weight So accourding to the latest medical tests, I am now 5 foot 6 and today on day 3 of my isagenix cleanse I am 258 pounds. <BR> <BR> But my healthy weight should be 120-150 by the latest chart on <BR> <BR> Sat, 24 Apr 2010 12:31:09 EST Day one of 30 day Isagenix cleanse I have started today. So far I feel great. I am not starving. I have a small headach and my ankles and knees hurt but those are normal every day thing right now which is primarilly why I am trying to loose this weight. I feel pretty good about doing it too. The weather is cloudy and may actually snow again but I will not let that stop me. I cannot believe here we are a week from May and it may snow again. My high school 10 year reunion is also comming up and I want to loose weight for ... Thu, 22 Apr 2010 18:07:12 EST So fed up with weight Why can't I loose weight? I am so tired of being fat. I am sick of being the fat girl that can't bear to keep bending over for my kids. I just want to loose enough to keep up with my kids and feel good in front of my husband. I know he loves me no matter what and my kids don't know the difference but it drives me crazy. Wed, 24 Mar 2010 23:05:40 EST My 2010 Plan I am starting the new year with the goal of a new me. <BR> <BR> I have another 55 pounds to loose minimum so that I can try and have more kids. I have always dreamed of having a large family of my own and to do this I must loose the weight. <BR> <BR> Here are the steps I will be taking.........Hopefully someone can encourage me and help me stay on track. <BR> <BR> 1. Start Isagenix 1/1/10 done <BR> 2. Finish 9 day isagenix program and order more <BR> 3. Workout on Bigges... Sat, 2 Jan 2010 01:07:23 EST July 09 I am currently finishing with nursing my daughter. The weight has all come back. I am getting somewhat depressed from it. It has been so hard to just play with my baby girl. She got her first tooth today though(July 9, 09). <BR> <BR> We will be done with nursing on Monday so either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how we work out, I will be starting Isagenix again. <BR> <BR> I was told if I did not loose the weight I would become diabetic and we just found out my husband is. I can't... Sat, 2 Jan 2010 00:55:39 EST How I will acheive. Directions for Creating the Visual: <BR> <BR> Step one: Choose a motivator from the “My Major Motivation Points” above and locate a picture or pictures that symbolize the motivation point (You can repeat this process for more motivators). <BR> Helpful tips on finding visuals: <BR> <BR> Most important is that the visual captures the essence and meaning of the motivating message to you. <BR> Good sources for finding pictures are family album, yearbooks, magazines, newspapers, the internet a... Fri, 23 Jan 2009 23:53:40 EST My Motivation My Major Motivation Points <BR> <BR> Personal Appearance: I want to: <BR> <BR> •Look younger <BR> •Wear a swim suit on the beach <BR> •Firm up what I have <BR> •Stop avoiding mirrors and cameras <BR> •Keep my thighs from rubbing <BR> •Look better naked for my husband <BR> •Have my clothes fit better (size 14 or less) <BR> <BR> <BR> Health & Fitness: I want to: <BR> <BR> •Live longer <BR> •Have tons more energy <BR> •Climb stairs without being winded <BR> •Run or walk ... Fri, 23 Jan 2009 23:53:04 EST What I wrote when I first joined Spark Hi. I am a 25yr old mom of one and I work from home. I don't ever remember being a "healthy" weight but am trying very hard to get to my "healthy" weight now. I am a member of a gym, I eat pretty healthy. <BR> <BR> I have always been a little chubby. Then in 2002 I had a miscarrage and fell into depression and gained 45 pounds. Then I had my wonderfull son who is now 4 (I gained 65 pounds with this pregnancy as I was afraid of having a miscarrage). I got married in feb 07 and gained th... Fri, 23 Jan 2009 22:45:19 EST BLC5 Challenge The Pledge: <BR> <BR> I Pledge that during the BLC5 I will... <BR> <BR> good to my body and fill it with healthy foods and enough water to drown a fish. <BR> <BR> ...treat myself and my teammates with kindness and love. <BR> <BR> ...weigh in every week, no matter if I lost, gained, or stayed the same. <BR> <BR> ...follow ALL of the rules of the contest, and ask Shining if I have any questions. <BR> <BR> ...ask for help when I need it, and give others help when they need it. ... Wed, 21 Jan 2009 17:13:22 EST Wow I am proud of me I have beaten my daily fitness goal two days this week so far. <BR> <BR> number of min. i did was 255 / my min. goal 30 <BR> actual calories burned today so far 1926 / my min. goal 920 <BR> Mon, 19 Jan 2009 20:19:43 EST