ANDREADAV's SparkPeople Blog ANDREADAV's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Trying to rest and relax I am under doctors orders to relax and stay away from large crowds and I feel kinda couped up so have gone out a couple of times. I need to slow down and just do things around the house with my 2 boys plus get them ready for school which starts in 10 days. Sat, 18 Aug 2012 23:31:27 EST Coutdown to vacation My boys and I will be leaving in 9 days to go to Walt Disney Worlde and Sea World in Orlando Florida and are getting excited. I know I am going to need to take it somewhat easy with my knee but am seriously hoping to have a great time. We will be taking Amtrak to get to Florida and taking bus back. Fri, 6 Apr 2012 17:17:29 EST injured and in pain I found out the other day that I had torn my right knee miniscus and it has been in excruciating pain. I am trying to takeit easy but have been having to go up and down stairs and that is just aggravating the injury. I have been trying to get the boys to help me more and they are trying. With the pain I have been in I haven't wanted to eat lately which is not helping right now either. I am hoping to feel better soon since I leave with my boys to go to Walt Disney World and Sea World in Orland... Sat, 31 Mar 2012 20:29:21 EST Getting back into the swing I have not been doing a good job with my eating habits but have been keeping up with my exercises in the time I have been away. I am seriously trying to get back into the habit of cooking my food from scratch and eating a minimum of 3 meals a day. I found that doing my exercises but only eating 1 or 2 meals actually made me gain weight when I need to seriously loose some weight. In just under 3 weeks I will be taking my boys to Walt Disney World in Florida plus Sea World and need to seriously... Tue, 27 Mar 2012 11:28:16 EST wasted day Today seriously felt like a wasted day to me since I got almost no exercise in and did no organizing around my place today. I have been doing really good up until recently but since I now have 2 pretty severe injuries to deal with I feeling myself falling back into old habits I felt were gone. I have gone back to not eating, getting very little if any sleep and running around all day dealing with mine and my boys issues. My body seriously feels like it is going to crash and I don't know what ... Tue, 4 Oct 2011 22:25:39 EST injured and in pain This weekend my boys and I went on a campout with older son's troop to introduce the wuebelos scouts to the pack at a nice park near us. Yesterday we had the choice of doing geocaching or going mountain biking I decided to go with my boys on the mountain biking just to make sure they did alright. When I tried to go up a fairly steep step to a bridge I didn't make it it twisted my thumb. I didn't start to hurt until about 6 hours later when I noticed it was purple. I iced it and took some ibu ... Sun, 2 Oct 2011 19:26:07 EST long and difficult day After spending time in the ER for me since older son got glass in my eye last night and seriously scratched my cornea . This morning I called the social worker at his school and I went in and we had a lengthy discussion and have decided to put him into an anger management class to deal with his anger issues. I have also layed down some ground rules and will definitely need to stick to them. Older son and I went and picked up my friend and she seriously got on his case and then told half her n... Fri, 30 Sep 2011 22:25:36 EST difficult night Today was a rough day all around with the rain causing my fibro to severely act up and being on new meds that made me tired just started my day off wrong. The middle of the day went alright but then when I was trying to do homework with older son he lost his temper and bit me and hit me so I told him to get away and leave me alone for a while. He refused to listen so I left and started helping younger son with his homework and that made older son very angry and he broke one pane of a very old... Thu, 29 Sep 2011 22:32:03 EST Another busy day Today I have lots of appointments to go to and already gone to see my psychologist and talked to younger sons psychologist at his school. Next I need to go to my support group and then to a meeting to decide on a new superintendent and then come home and feed boys and take younger son to cub scouts. During the other times I am hoping to do some laundry and work on the kitchen and possibly work on my room and put away clean clothes. Tue, 27 Sep 2011 12:34:26 EST Busy day ahead Today is going to be fairly busy for mewith taking older son to counseling and then speaking to his teacher and nurse. After that I need to come home and work on my room and older sons bedroom. I also need to call the dentist for older son after losing one of his permanent teeth Saturday. I will need to work on laundry and do some dishes and am hoping to make some homemade bread. Once my boys come back ffrom school I am hoping to bake a carrott cake with them and then in e evening I need to g... Mon, 26 Sep 2011 02:12:19 EST hard and trying day Today has been a very tough day for me. When I woke up this morning I had a migraine and sharp pain in my knee and wrist joints. Once I was able to getout of bed my older son was being very insulting and refused to listen to me but once he went out and rode his bike for a while he seemed better. Later he was playing around with a blanket over him and hit the wall and knocked out a tooth so we had to go to the ER. We were there for over 3 hours in which time they put the tooth back in and put... Sat, 24 Sep 2011 22:42:56 EST Doctor visit I was able to get in and see my primary care doctor today and she referred me bak to the orthopedist. I will be seeing him on Friday morning and possibly getting a cortisone injection. I also made an appointment to see the ENT doctor since my insurance won't cover me having a breathing machine until I have my tonsils removed so I see him on Monday. I also made an appointment to see the eye doctor tomorrow and have counseling for me and for my older son plus cub scouts and my support group tom... Mon, 12 Sep 2011 23:07:14 EST Long tiring day When I woke up this morning I was having serious trouble with my right leg. My knee was seriously swollen and I couldn't put any weight on it.I know that I seriously need to see my doctor tomorrow since it has been 3 days and is getting worse by the day. Once I eventually was able to get up we had breakfast and then went to a fair for over 5 hours. I probably shouldn't have been on my feet that long but the boys made a couple of new friends and some of their old friends were there so I let th... Sun, 11 Sep 2011 23:08:45 EST Serious set Backs My boys and I had a can and bottle drive for my younger son's cub scout pack today that I think went pretty well. My only problem was that I was on my feet for over 5 hours and doing some heavy lifting. With my knee being in severe pain from yesterday after helping my friend it was probably too much for me. I am now in severe pain and even the pain meds I have are not helping. I have quite a bit I want done before my parents come home tomorrow but am uncertain if I will get everything done wi... Sat, 10 Sep 2011 23:18:33 EST watching goddaughter I am thoroughtly enjoying having my goddaughter here today. She is 2 years old and just woke up from her nap a little while ago. We are playing with the duplos and watching her Elmo program at this point. My parents have left for the weekend and won't bb until later Sunday so I have the house to myself and her until my boys get back from school later. After they get home we will pick up my goddaughter's mother and bring her back here. After that we will have dinner and relax for a bit and I w... Fri, 9 Sep 2011 11:59:53 EST Busy Day Today was quite busy and very stressful day for me but had a cople of bright linings. I got both of my bys up this morning and ready for school. I then took older son to talk to his counselor. I was allowed to come in halfway thru and found outhe had been lying to her. The good news was she could tell by his expression that he wasn'ttelling her the truth and all 3 of us had a very hard discussion. My son said he desn't want to be like his dad but doesn't know how to stop himself. After he got... Tue, 6 Sep 2011 22:18:40 EST FunLabor Day with late day injury Boys and I had an enjoyable day today. We had a good breakfast this morning and then went out to 2 state parks since the overnor made all open state parks free today. The first one was a very hard hike up a mile and a quarter mountain to a lookout tower. We went up to the top of the tower which was 145 steps and then back down all th way to our car. It was a hard workout but I definitely enjoyed myself. After we left there we went to another state park and did some walking along the trails te... Mon, 5 Sep 2011 22:26:12 EST Off Track Slightly What I am seriously trying to work on right now is getting better sleep but last night seriously set me back. Iwas only able to get around 5 hours of on and off sleep. I am still tired now but need to deal ith younger son who has a very bad cough and is warm now. Part of the reason I only got the sleep I did was younger son had a bad hacking cough that kept me awake. He seems better now after giving him cough meds but still has a cough. His keeping me up has also made us miss church today but... Sun, 4 Sep 2011 10:15:50 EST Made it thru hurricane Today my boys and I stayed indoors for the most part since until mid-afternoon we were getting it by hurricane Irene. After things calmed down we went out and helped a couple of neighbors and then my boys played with their friends. Younger son has not been feeling tha well today so you spent most of the day laing down or playing games. Both of my boys are nervous but excited since they will be starting school on Tuesday. Sun, 28 Aug 2011 22:58:34 EST New Computer and boys getting ready for school It has been a seriously long time since I have been on due to lots of computer problems plus an extremely busy summer and getting my 2 boys ready to go back to school. I have decided for my own sense of well being to send both of my boys back to school for this year so I can deal with my medical problems plus go to school online in peace. Both of my boys start school on Tuesday and I am seriously looking forward to it at this point. Plus it will give me time to keep doing my sewing that I lov... Sat, 27 Aug 2011 02:35:46 EST hectic but close to maintenance This week is going to be hectic with getting Older Ds ready for boy scout camp, having rehearsal dinner and large wedding for youngest brother and getting ready for my dad to go in for surgery. I am hoping that I will be able to maintain as much as possible to get ready to do some more moving done when it is just my mom, younger DS and I. I did have the futon in my family room cleaned off but it is now piled high with sheets and blankets but I think my mom wants to go thru them soon. Today I... Mon, 27 Jun 2011 14:09:16 EST wedding and boat pick-up Last night was the wedding for my younger brother and his now wife and it was great with friends and family there. The wedding was held in her church and was very poignant with people from both families speaking. After the wedding we went to her parents house and had dinner and let the children play for awahile. I have been at home all day today with younger DS since he is sick with a temp and having severe headaches. Older DS went with my parents and older brother to bring dad's new boat t... Sat, 18 Jun 2011 15:08:28 EST excited for youngest brother's marriage My youngest brother is going to be getting married tonight and I am very happy for him. I have been seriously getting back into reading my bible and that has helped ground me again. Me and my boys are trying to get into a routine and avoid any conflict right now. I am just going from day to day trying not to get into any fights or arguements. I am still have severe problems with sleeping but am trying to keep going on the sleep I do get. I need to find a way to get more sleep and not continue... Fri, 17 Jun 2011 03:01:33 EST stressed out and upset I have been living with my parents for about 1 1/2 months now and things are not going so well. I am totally stressed out and my anxiety level is very high also. I am being yelled at for every little thing that happens and it is making me not get enough sleep and not eat correctly. I need to get back into the habit of eating 3 meals a day and a couple of snacks and try to get back to eating vegan again. I did very good today with staying vegan but need to eat more calories and other things t... Mon, 13 Jun 2011 20:57:22 EST 16 days or less to new place This weekend was really busy but went really well. Older DS had fun on his boy scout campout as did younger DS and I at his webelos campout. I was able to send 3 bookcases and the boys top bunk with my mom on Friday. I was also able to bring over 2 more car loads of small items yesterday that we are keeping. Tonight I have to take younger DS to cub scouts and also need to get the LR flor cleared up since mom is coming out to watch older DS. Tue, 12 Apr 2011 16:23:55 EST moving in under 3 weeks Today is going to be very hectic with everything that I have going on. I have to take a friend to work then pick up more boxes for packing and take the cat to the vet. After that I seriously need to box up more things and take my 2 boys to sports and walk my 2 miles. Once we get back from there my older DS need to get ready for his campout and my parents will be over to load up the truck. Then I need to bring older DS to the church for him to go camping with his boy scout troop. Once I do th... Fri, 8 Apr 2011 01:01:04 EST