AMOS76's SparkPeople Blog AMOS76's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Day 12 in Ketosis...I think The title of this blog entry speaks for itself. I'm tracking all my macros in SP, but I find that I'm still not 100% convinced that I'm in full ketosis. I say this because although I do find that I have mental clarity that I didn't before, and I can go much longer periods of time between eating (between 12-16 hours most days), I still question my success because the scale isn't moving much. I didn't get into this hoping for a huge weight loss, but rather to improve my athletic stamina and if ... Mon, 9 Jan 2017 14:22:29 EST Day 2 in Ketosis I had to start the counter over. I fell off the carb wagon hard (did you hear the thump) on Christmas and it took me a couple days to get back into ketosis. It is what it is, but now that I'm back in ketosis, I feel great again and plan to push through the new year like a juggernaut. I even did an IF (intermittent fast) the last two days where I didn't eat for 14 hours for both days (much easier than it sounds as I slept for 8 or so of those hours.. Also, I learned something about the ketosti... Fri, 30 Dec 2016 13:59:12 EST Day 32 in ketosis When I woke up this morning, I peed on a ketostix, as I normally do, and found it was pretty darn pink. That's a good color to anyone in ketosis. It means the litmus paper registered a high number of ketones, which means my body is making a lot of ketones! I'm not supplementing them in any way either, so this proves the diet is working. I do have some MCT oil coming in the mail that should be delivered tomorrow (thank you Amazon prime). Once I incorporate the MCT oil into my daily routine, I ... Thu, 22 Dec 2016 14:34:33 EST Day 31 of the keto diet In the first few weeks of being in ketosis, your body is learning to fuel itself with ketones instead of glycogen which can make you feel sluggish when working out because your body is just not very good at it yet. Until last week, I felt like gravity was having its way with me whenever I went for a run (something I do 4 or 5 times weekly), with my arms and legs feeling especially heavy. I ran slower, and had to stop intermittently to give myself little pep talks. It was tough, but it didn't ... Wed, 21 Dec 2016 14:06:03 EST Back in ketosis It took about 48 hours of eating less than 20 carbs to start registering keytones on the keto sticks again. During that time, I did not have 'keto flu' symptoms, so I'm thankful for that, but I did feel a bit sluggish from all the extra water weight that came with the consumption of a million carbs. I expect the water weight to resolve itself in the next day or so since part of the processing of carbs requires additional water to be stored, and without all the carbs coming in, the body will l... Tue, 20 Dec 2016 14:51:22 EST More carbs, please! Yesterday, I ate 50 carbs and still managed to register 'trace' amounts of keytones on the keto strip this morning. I've read conflicting info about the number of carbs you can eat to stay in ketosis. The information varies in that the 'guaranteed' to stay in ketosis requirement says you must eat less than 20, 25, or 30 grams of carbs each day. Well, 30 carbs is 33% more carbs than 20 carbs each day. That's A LOT! Especially to a girl who is in perpetual PMS because her period has not show ... Wed, 14 Dec 2016 15:05:39 EST Keto diet It's been a while since I blogged on SP. Mostly because I just wasn't using it. I got a fitbit in December of 2014 and started tracking my calories and fitness minutes on the fitbit site. 12.5 months later (also known as just past the warranty period) my fitbit quit working and I decided buying a new fitbit wasn't what I wanted to do. Instead, I bought a Garmin so as to better track my runs. I also stopped using the fitbit site to track anything, mostly because I was training for my first mar... Mon, 12 Dec 2016 15:10:35 EST Day 310 - WTH? Has it really been 178 days since I last posted a blog? Unreal. <BR> <BR> I decided to post a blog today because I'm feeling rather HANGRY. For those of you who don't know what that means, it is a combination of hungry and angry, so it means I am angry because I'm hungry. Why am I so hungry? It's the result of multiple factors really. The first being that I am working out most every day and even though I increase my daily caloric intake (per Sparkpeople's recommendation), I am not eat... Wed, 25 Jun 2014 13:54:45 EST Day 132 - Countdown to spring It's been a while since I posted anything - 56 days to be exact. In that time I have injured my foot, and recovered, ran a 5k in stellar time and hit my longest run yet (6.2 miles). I'm still in awe at how far I have come with running in such a short period of time, but I feel a bit stalled at the moment. <BR> <BR> The weather here (midwest) is so wicked cold in the winter that my ability to persevere through freezing temps, coupled with a wind chill that is unbelievable, is put to the te... Sat, 14 Dec 2013 17:51:36 EST Day 76 and the Zombie Walk is upon us I have been working towards the goal of losing 15 pounds before the Zombie Walk and have lost one third of my goal. What I didn't realize when I set that goal was how using the scale as the measurement for my success would be so completely wrong. This morning I ran 3.5 miles without stopping. I haven't smoked in 76 days and I have lost inches off my entire body (total unknown since I haven't measured myself recently). The inches lost make themselves known every time I put on a pair of pants... Sat, 19 Oct 2013 15:51:24 EST Day 60... My family and I are going camping this weekend. We leave tomorrow and return Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it. Fresh air, campfire, leaves changing colors and s'mores. What more could a girl ask for? We tent camp, but we just bought a new tent and I'm looking forward to using it. It has hinged doors and is not a dome so it allows for dressing while standing up. <BR> <BR> Onto other news I am on week five of C25K. I cannot stress how wonderful I feel this program is. I am actually ... Thu, 3 Oct 2013 23:14:13 EST Day 53, but what does it mean? If the day 1 version of myself could talk with the present day (day 53) version of myself about how it feels to not smoke it would probably go something like this. "It can't feel that good and there is no way that you can run that far or for that long in that short a period of time." To which the present day version of me would adamantly explain that it is very possible and that I am proof of those possibilities. For so very long I identified myself as a smoker. You know, someone who is a... Thu, 26 Sep 2013 21:14:17 EST Day 48 of smoke freedom! I'm closing in on the zombie walk date pretty rapidly and have not made as much progress as I would have liked. I've lost 5 pounds (1/3 of my total goal), but I have to give myself props for having done that while quitting smoking. I have also become a convert at the church of running. I cannot stress how much I completely enjoy running. I was an athlete as a kid and finding that athlete again after the smoke lifted was really a surprise. I plan to run a 5k in November and December. Hoor... Sun, 22 Sep 2013 14:46:57 EST Day 48 of smoke freedom! I'm closing in on the zombie walk date pretty rapidly and have not made as much progress as I would have liked. I've lost 5 pounds (1/3 of my total goal), but I have to give myself props for having done that while quitting smoking. I have also become a convert at the church of running. I cannot stress how much I completely enjoy running. I was an athlete as a kid and finding that athlete again after the smoke lifted was really a surprise. I plan to run a 5k in November and December. Hoor... Sun, 22 Sep 2013 14:46:47 EST Day 36 of Smoke Freedom....38 days until the Zombie Walk I haven't weighed myself recently, but I'm pretty sure I won't hit my 15 pound weight loss milestone before the zombie walk. I'm working out every day, staying within my calorie range, and feel great, but the weight just doesn't seem to be moving. Because I feel so good right now I'm okay with not seeing huge dramatic changes to my appearance. Feeling so good and taking care of myself is really the ultimate reward and acts as all the motivation I need right now. <BR> <BR> I will start the ... Tue, 10 Sep 2013 09:14:27 EST Day 34 of smoke freedom It has been a great weekend for me so far. Friday my son's middle school football team won 36-0. He played for all but maybe eight plays in the whole game. I'm proud of his dedication and voracity. <BR> <BR> I ran two more times using the C25K program on my phone. I am completely floored by how good running makes me feel and how quickly my stamina is increasing. It's incredible. I used to think I could never be a runner and was so mystified by the lithe, and not so lithe, (especially the... Sun, 8 Sep 2013 15:08:01 EST Day 32 of not smoking and 42 days until the Zombie Walk I started a C25K this week. The first day went well and I manged to complete a little over two miles. I'm looking forward to another two miles tonight. It's super, duper hot here though, so I'll have to work to stay hydrated. I also ordered running shoes on line. After my first day I noticed pretty quickly that my ankles, knees and feet hurt. The shoes I was wearing are at least seven years old and are cross trainers. Not a good combo for running. I'm going to wear a different pair I h... Fri, 6 Sep 2013 08:52:13 EST Day 30 - 44 days until the zombie walk I didn't track calories this weekend and I know I was well over my recommended caloric intake for the majority of the weekend. I also didn't drink my usual 8 glasses of water, however I managed to not gain any weight and still feel pretty darn good. I feel like I could take on the world this morning and am looking forward to starting a C25K program tonight. <BR> <BR> When I was a smoker I joked that I was not a runner, never would be, and thought it was silly to run when there wasn't someth... Wed, 4 Sep 2013 09:29:11 EST Day 27 - 47 days until the zombie walk. I had a good cardio workout this morning. The elliptical machine I'm using at my boyfriend's apartment complex gym is some new technology that forces the user to lean forward while using it, even when in a severe incline. It's the most bizarre feeling, but WOW does it work a body out. I was at 75% heart rate the entire time. I had to quit at 20 minutes for fear I would faint....I'm joking...kind of. <BR> <BR> Heading home to start party preparations. I'm really looking forward to a few MGD6... Sun, 1 Sep 2013 12:06:38 EST Day 26 - Red Lobster sunk me.... I went out to dinner with my boyfriend's parents and my daughter tonight. I should have done the nutrition research before ordering. Cheddar biscuits are completely, ridiculously, stupidly high in fat and calories. At 160 calories a piece and 13 grams of fat I shouldn't of eaten one let alone two! My grand caloric total was 1000 just for dinner. What!?!?!?!? Looks like I will be starting off my day tomorrow with some hardcore cardio. <BR> <BR> Tomorrow is my Labor Day party for my friends an... Sat, 31 Aug 2013 23:54:10 EST Day 24 - Hungry... That's how I felt all day yesterday. I had sushi for lunch and don't know if I calculated my calories correctly or not, but if I did I went over my daily goal (100 calories). I was just hungry all day long. My body wanted food. I gave it good food (with the exception of a very small 150 calories soft serve ice cream cone). I am not used to feeling hungry all day long like I did yesterday, so my mind is telling me it must be because of my workout regimen this week. I am still super sore fr... Thu, 29 Aug 2013 09:37:15 EST Day 23 - Mild period Chantix withdrawal rage My brother said he had the same rage issues when coming off the Chantix, so I guess I should have expected it. We seem to have very similar biology for most things. <BR> <BR> I went to my bootcamp class last night and was introduced to things called "Karate pushups, accordian crunches and burpees." There is a special place in hell for whomever thought up these gems. I can hardly drive my car since my arms are refusing to work. I'm typing this with my nose... In all seriousness, they are... Wed, 28 Aug 2013 09:45:32 EST Day 22 - T minus 52 days until the Zombie Walk I'm officially coming off the Chantix as of today. The only adverse side effects I had while on the medication was especially vivid dreams and a bit of nausea for an hour or two each day after taking the pill. I consider myself lucky to have bypassed the worst case scenarios I have so often heard about with this drug. Now I'm counting on that same good luck to get me through until I am past the potential "withdrawal" phase that is also listed as a side effect. <BR> <BR> Not much else to sh... Tue, 27 Aug 2013 09:34:55 EST Day 21 - feeling guilty I spent Friday night with friends at a local bar celebrating a friend's moving out of state. It was a great night full of great memories and lots of vodka. Too much vodka. I spent all day Saturday on the couch recovering from the massive amounts of vodka and lack of dinner from the night before. I also spent the day "feeding my hangover." Lots of greasy comfort food and soda. Zero water. Yep, zero water. Sunday wasn't much better. I had a birthday gathering for another friend at my ho... Mon, 26 Aug 2013 09:06:40 EST Day 18 - Insert cool, eye-catching title here All of my blog titles have been focused on the total number of smoke free days I've had, but I'm ready for a new countdown (or up). The Omaha Zombie Walk I mentioned in earlier posts and my goal to lose 15 pounds before then will be my new daily blog title (with the exception of an occasional trumping by something more interesting). With that being said the walk is in 58 days. YEAH BUDDY! I don't know what the theme is yet this year so I haven't begun my normal costume planning. Maybe I'll ... Thu, 22 Aug 2013 11:08:27 EST Day 17 - Forgot to take my Chantix last night I've forgotten one other time and was okay. I have six days worth of pills left and I'm pretty certain that will be sufficient. I went to the bootcamp class last night and got my butt handed to me. It felt good and I am sore today, but not nearly as sore as I wa after last week's Thursday class. The routine we did was a little different (more abs than legs). <BR> <BR> Not much else to say other than I did weigh myself and I know my starting weight for the 15 pound goal I've set for the ne... Wed, 21 Aug 2013 09:12:09 EST Day 16 - 60 days until the zombie walk A week or so ago I set the goal of losing 15 pounds before the Omaha Zombie Walk in October, but I failed to weigh myself to know what my starting point was. I will weigh myself this evening before boot camp class and get an accurate starting point. I'll have to dig up last year's pictures and get those posted on here. Every year I go to the Zombie Walk and every year I say to myself "I will not be this out of shape next year." Well, this year I am actually setting and keeping that goal. ... Tue, 20 Aug 2013 09:20:08 EST Day 15 and it just keeps getting easier I had a great weekend. I spent quality time with friends and family and really enjoyed the streak of cooler weather we had here this weekend. Not much to report today. I'm just trying to get back into work mode. Have a great week! <BR> <BR> : ) Mon, 19 Aug 2013 08:55:01 EST Day 12 of not smoking and life is pretty good I got eight hours of sleep last night with my snuggle buddy (my 7 year old daughter). I'm feeling recharged and ready for the weekend. I am volunteering for a program tomorrow called Paint Nebraska. It's a program that selects qualified recipients (based on financial need) in need of having the exterior of their house painted. Last Friday in we scraped and primed the house, tomorrow we paint. The house my team was given is owned by an elderly woman who has dementia and has an adult son li... Fri, 16 Aug 2013 09:26:23 EST Day 11 - Still on the wagon It feels pretty phenomenal to not be driven to go out in the rain this morning to smoke. I only thought about smoking in passing as I drove by a group of huddled smokers under an umbrella. That would have been me a couple of weeks ago. I've "successfully" quit smoking a few times over the years, once for as long as 15 months. What feels different this time, however, is that I really, really want it. I remember seeing my friends smoking at times when I had quit and being really jealous of t... Thu, 15 Aug 2013 10:15:32 EST Day 10 - Still not smoking I've got to admit it gets easier every day, but what seems to be getting harder is my motivation for working out. I'm tired for a couple hours every day after taking my morning and evening Chantix pill. The fatigue is usually accompanied by an upset stomach. I figure I have a minimum of two more weeks of taking the pill before I am "safe" to quit taking it and if those are my only side effects I should consider myself lucky. <BR> <BR> I'm trying to get back on the work out/health eating... Wed, 14 Aug 2013 13:19:03 EST Day 9...sort of I haven't tracked anything in more than a week. I'm using the excuse that I'm emotionally and physically drained from not smoking (non smokers will understand this), but it's more than that. Things have been pretty high intensity for me on the home front during this time. One of my younger brothers has been living in my basement for the past six months. During this time he has developed a pretty awesome set of free loading skills. He works occasionally, he cleans occasionally, he eats, dri... Tue, 13 Aug 2013 09:12:31 EST Day 1 I'm starting my day counting over....why? Because I've made some pretty big changes recently and I feel like this will be a more accurate measurement of my achievement. What changes? Well, I'm on day one of smoking with the help of Chantix. I'm supremely optimistic and feeling pretty good. I've had just one side effect from the Chantix - nausea. It last for a couple hours and is gone, but is tolerable. <BR> <BR> I started attending a bootcamp class offered at my work gym after work a co... Mon, 5 Aug 2013 09:16:37 EST Day 33 My project to finish the stairs is almost complete. I put the first coat on the treads and will put the second coat on tonight. Between that and what I started yesterday I am sore! I completed day one of 30 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. It is wicked good. I took my measurements last night and hope to see some progress in a week or so. I also weighed myself last night, but didn't see much movement on the scale, but I'm wondering if I should have weighed myself in the morning. I could ... Wed, 24 Jul 2013 08:31:49 EST Day 26 I'm a little tired today. I slept approximately 7.5 hours, but really want to hit that golden number - the elusive eight. I will try tonight. I met my calorie and water goals yesterday. Water is never a hard goal for me to meet because I drink it all day long at work. I'm really looking forward to weighing myself next Monday. I have met all goals the last 10 days without exception and don't see this week being any different. A loss on the scale would substantiate that what I'm doing to mak... Wed, 17 Jul 2013 09:22:35 EST Day 25 Another day where I stayed in range for my caloric intake. I didn't have near as much physical activity yesterday, but I did go up and down the stairs all night doing laundry. Speaking of - my washer is acting up again. Six months ago I dissassembled the pump and coin catch and cleaned both out as the pump would not turn on because of how full it was of stuff (coins, jewelry, pillow inards). If I have to clear the pump and coin catch again it will not be the end of the world, but it is a bit ... Tue, 16 Jul 2013 09:04:22 EST Day 24 I can't believe it's Monday again...already. Had a super productive weekend. I helped one of my bestie's paint her daughter's room and do an overall deep clean on her house Saturday. (SP says I burned 1200 calories doing those things....not sure I believe that.) I spent Sunday decluttering my own house and preparing to paint my stairs. My boyfriend and I pulled the carpet off the entry stairs last weekend. I put wood putty in the leftover holes and he finished sanding them yesterday. Painti... Mon, 15 Jul 2013 09:36:09 EST Day 21 Happy Friday all! <BR> I finally got more than six hours of sleep last night. For me, not sleeping is asking for trouble. My b-face flag flies high on those days, and should it be over multiple days...well, that's just asking for me to rip unsuspecting people's faces off and not even feel bad about it. However, I got some sleep last night and feel great. The studies that suggest weight loss is restricted, and weight gain promoted, when the subject is sleep deprived make complete sense to m... Fri, 12 Jul 2013 10:52:34 EST Day 20 I haven't blogged in 13 days. I blame it on the vacation I took for a week and the four days since I've been back at work completely monopolizing my time. So far this week I have met all my goals. I should be super stoked about that, and I am, but every time I log on to SP I find myself worried about JESSERMOVICK. I hope she is okay. If anyone has heard from her, please let me know. Thanks! Thu, 11 Jul 2013 09:02:36 EST Day 7 I stayed within my calorie range yesterday, but was below the minimum for fat, carbs and protein. No exercise. <em>39</em> Wed, 26 Jun 2013 09:56:44 EST Day 6 We had a bad storm here and 50,000 people lost their power. That number includes my household. I spent last night running around checking on my Grandmothers who live close to me and making sure they had power (they did). I took my diabetic Grandma, who hadn't eaten since breakfast because her power was out for most of the day, to dinner. I managed to eat within my calorie range, but got no exercise in. I drank plenty of water and went to bed a little later than usual so I was pretty grumpy... Tue, 25 Jun 2013 09:48:36 EST Day 5 I had a pretty good weekend. I didn't track calories, but think I did pretty well as I was very active all weekend. I don't have much else to share other than I will try to get better about tracking over the weekends going forward. Happy Monday all! Mon, 24 Jun 2013 10:14:22 EST Day 2 The last two days have gone pretty well. I was under on calories both days (200 on Wednesday , 400 on Thursday), but didn't purposefully remain under. It just so happened that I was busy doing other things and my food choices kept hunger at bay. I had no real exercise the last two days, but I was busy doing other things that had to be done. Last night my sister in law and I made a "liquor bouquet" with a Jagermeister theme for my brother's graduation. He became a journeyman electrician last... Fri, 21 Jun 2013 08:54:19 EST Day 1 I have been a spark people member for a couple of years. In that time, I have alternated between using it religiously (Monday through Friday), and not at all for weeks at a time then wondered where I was going wrong. I am going to start this whole process over and create a fresh start for myself. Today is day one. I will post daily and never go a day without tracking. I have been so inspired by Jessermovick in her daily blogging that I will be using her format. Thanks Jess! <em>249</em>... Thu, 20 Jun 2013 08:34:45 EST 6/13/13 I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night and I am going to pay for it greatly today - a busy day full of meetings and planning that will require the full use of a functioning brain that is already taxed by lack of sleep. I have no excuse for it either other than I stayed up too late having a few cocktails with one of my besties and my boyfriend. I did work out yesterday (5 mile walk in 75 mins), but skipped dinner and drank my calories instead. Completely dumb thing to do since I only c... Thu, 13 Jun 2013 08:25:51 EST 6/11/13 It's been a while since I blogged apparently....this will be a quick one, but I wanted to capture what has been going on in my life lately. My friend is almost done with his radiation treatment (1 more week), I am on day four of not smoking (cold turkey) and it has been pretty easy so far, I have pledged to myself to get and stay active and my kids are ready and willing to participate. Yesterday, my 12 and 6 year old went for a bike ride with me, then they wanted to do a couple rounds of H... Tue, 11 Jun 2013 10:05:45 EST 5/15/13 I had a great workout yesterday with my dear friend Linda. We did 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and a new program of High Intensity Circuit Training. I'm feeling the burn today. For any of you that are interested in this the link is<BR>/Fulltext/2013/05000/HIGH_INTENSITY_CI<BR>RCUIT_TRAINING_USING_BODY_WEIGHT_.5.aspx It's a pretty cool theory and I will let you know in a few days if it is working beyond the burn. <BR> <BR> My friend wit... Wed, 15 May 2013 10:45:00 EST 5/6/13 Planted my garden yesterday as well as approximately 50 tulip and gladiola bulbs and four planters worth of annuals. I was wiped afterwards, but manged to get some stretching in before bed. It was an overall good weekend. Bonfire with friends on my deck Friday night and my daughter's soccer game was rained out on Saturday but she was able to attend her friend's birthday party instead. <BR> <BR> Bring on Monday! Mon, 6 May 2013 09:37:40 EST 5/3/2013 No news on my friend yet. His oncology appointment is May 9th and he may be taking a trip to the Mayo Clinic, but is still trying to work that out with his health insurance company. <BR> <BR> Been a crazy week for me. Lots of stress, most of it around the relationship I have with my younger brother who lives in my basement. He's a good guy, but I have to poke and prod him to do the right thing constantly. I don't nag, it's just not part of my personality, so it infuriates me that I have to... Fri, 3 May 2013 09:49:15 EST 4/29/13 A good friend of mine was diagnosed with a malignant tumor at the end of last week. I will be praying for his health and full recovery and doing all that I can to help him and his young son. It was a complete surprise. He is young (35), healthy (other than what he thought was a minor back problem), and doesn't smoke or drink to excess. He rides a bike a lot and is a generally active person. It was a big shock and I think I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. <em>46</em> <em>3... Mon, 29 Apr 2013 09:42:27 EST