ALLRONIX's SparkPeople Blog ALLRONIX's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community Some of the better ways to stay motivated to hit the gym daily 1. Picture lighting a couple bucks on fire. You're paying a monthly flat fee for "all you can sweat," and if you skip a day, you might as well light that cash on fire. <BR> <BR> 2. Say "I'll just do a half hour." Sometimes, that's all the workout you can swing, but it beats skipping it. <BR> <BR> 3. Reminder that the only one you're cheating when you skip a workout is yourself. <BR> <BR> 4. Reminding myself that I have a weekly weigh in, and if I slack off, I need to confess to a room f... Mon, 29 Jan 2018 13:03:40 EST R/Fatlogic While Reddit's "Fatlogic" board cannot and should not be mistaken for one of those safe spaces with soft lighting, puppy videos, blankets, and tissues to mop up the tears, I'll admit it's therapeutic in its own way. <BR> <BR> Think a daily listing of the BS, excuses, nutritionally crazy celebrity "diets," "fat and proud" types who project more than a movie theater and are convinced that the way to change a light bulb is to stand on a ladder with the bulb in place (since the world revolves a... Thu, 11 Jan 2018 13:16:59 EST Forgot a workout. Frustrated. Forgot to exercise yesterday; time caught up with me, and got distracted by that roller-coaster that was the Hawks-Texans game. Maybe not a bad thing as I did a workout and donated blood the previous day. I also cooked for the week (skinless chicken thighs, wilted chard, tomatoes from the garden) <BR> <BR> Blood pressure was a bit high when I went into the center. Not high enough to make me ineligible, but enough to be something I should bring up at my next physical. Doesn't help that those ... Mon, 30 Oct 2017 10:35:38 EST Dear, FA/HAES: Get out of my way! I have a sister. Twin. Identical. So, same genetics, same family background, etc. <BR> <BR> I know she's heavier than me. How much so, I can't put an exact number on it. I take about a size 14 these days (best guess - my clothes are from the thrift shop). She's also very much in support of HAES/Fat Acceptance. And like any convert to an idology, she is not going to shut up about spreading the "good word." She does laps in the pool at her gym, does some walking, is on her feet for her school... Thu, 31 Aug 2017 16:36:02 EST Notice the difference I definitely notice the difference on days where I exercise and days I don't. Had to miss a couple days this week again due to family stuff and the contrast was pretty obvious. I felt more tired and forgetful on the days I didn't work out. On the upside, Costco has some dirty traps like frozen junk food, but their Greek yogurt has an insane bang for the buck on protein. And still not sure how accurate the calorie counts on the arc trainer are. I think its 10 calories per minute estimate is... Fri, 3 Jun 2016 19:58:05 EST Tiring myself out Got sick and missed a couple workouts this week. Also, sweetheart is off visiting family (his dad was sick for a long time and finally passed). So after I got off work, I spent extra time at the gym and cleaning the house. I'm having a lot of fun, but I'm also getting really sore. Really want to cut down on the sore so I can go back to playing on the weight machines and cardio circuit. I welcome ideas. In other news, found a TOPS chapter that meets at the church down the street on Mondays. ... Sun, 15 May 2016 23:32:57 EST Still going down. Down more weight. That is good. But worried about other stuff. The company I work for is not doing well and trying to gloss it over. I also got hit with a written infraction at work over a 2 month old call that no one mentioned prior. So spent my weekend updating my resume just in case they start in with layoffs. Another bummer is that I still can't get sweetheart on board with this. Part of why I'm doing this is because he's having health trouble that's complicated by obesity. I accept he ... Fri, 29 Apr 2016 12:26:35 EST Struggling with: The good news? Down 25 pounds. But the victory is feeling a little hollow with no one to share with. <BR> <BR> 1. Sore today. May have overdone it the last few days with exercise. (including gardening). <BR> <BR> 2. I really need some offline support and accountability. Spark is nice and all, but it's no substitute for having to look someone in the face and fess up to eating too many cookies. <BR> <BR> 3. Social media in general. Already had to un-follow a brother in law on Facebook beca... Sat, 23 Apr 2016 18:40:31 EST Another find at the thrift shop A food scale. Definitely older (yellow plastic - might be from the 80's), measures in metric and Imperial, goes up to 2 kilos. All of three bucks. Of course, the challenge now is to discern how accurate it is. Mon, 18 Jan 2016 18:05:27 EST Leasing clothing The joke is that I don't so much buy clothing as lease it from the local thrift shop. This is why the Macklemore and Lewis "Thrift Shop" video took the song from "amusing" to "pee your pants funny" - I have spent money in ALL the shops depicted, and the Goodwill bins on 6th are truly mind-boggling. Stuff that is just too weird for the regular store on Dearborn sold by weight. That being said, nothing like clothes shopping to let you know how many miles you still have to go. My waist loses... Mon, 18 Jan 2016 01:19:42 EST 195 and a blood donation 195 pounds and another inch off my waist. Also donated blood. My BP might have been elevated as I went directly from the gym to the center in King County traffic. Sparky doesn't have anything to say on the topic of diets and blood donation. Rats. Sat, 16 Jan 2016 18:17:38 EST Chugging along OK, annual checkup. Everything seems ok, but the BP and cholesterol is higher than I'd like it to be along with the weight. So, adding those to the trackers. The exercise and diet ought to help with those in the long run, but it's still a yellow flag (caution, not alert) to keep watching. <BR> <BR> Blood donation tomorrow. Going **after** hitting the gym. No need to risk falling on my face. did that once in nine gallons, and learned lesson. <BR> <BR> 345 minutes of exercise this week - so ... Fri, 15 Jan 2016 21:56:21 EST Partner worries Okay, Hanlon's Razor - never attribute to malice what is better explained by cluelessness. <BR> <BR> I went over budget last night. Sweetheart cooked supper - cheese tortellini, pesto. And piled the plate high. And had eggnog poured. I only ate about half of my plate, but realized I blew my budget for the day because of a big lunch and put the rest away, commenting that I had gone over budget. He just shrugs and says "It's okay to go over budget." One night I came in under budget, he remark... Tue, 13 Oct 2015 21:26:04 EST Good news bad news Well, the doc says I'm down another 7 pounds, making a total of 15 since Thanksgiving. There's the good news. <BR> <BR> The bad news; Metro's killing my bus route home, meaning I'll have to either drive (which cuts out my 2-mile walk), or figure out a bike commute for the 8 mile trip. <BR> <BR> Mind you, I'll walk rain, shine, snow. My route is also past a police precinct. So the weather and getting soaked is not something I'm really worried about, and I fear for my safety more during th... Thu, 19 Apr 2012 23:39:34 EST Where the weight started Most of this crap on my frame got on because my mind was occupied with a lot of everything else. It was college, and my mom is still a horrible cook, meaning I knew diddly squat about cooking. Second, I was in a nasty-difficult course of study (Computer Science) and mom made no secret about how she HATED my choice of college, that she didn't want to pay for it, that I should have just gone to trade school, so I was going to take the classes that would get me a **job.** (Meaning I didn't tell ... Fri, 16 Mar 2012 03:40:44 EST How to avoid Girl Scout cookies going to waistline and still help the kids. The Girl Scout cookie wagon came by. I did not buy a box of cookies, but I did slip the kid $5 - $1 for the troop, and $4 for a box of Samosas to send to the troops overseas. Wed, 29 Feb 2012 19:24:11 EST Bleh The smoked salmon I ate on Saturday did NOT agree with me, leading to a very miserable Sunday sleeping off the results. The only thing I kept down were two bananas, a cucumber soda (the store didn't have any ginger ale in the cold section) and some low-cal Gatorade. <BR> <BR> So, my calorie counts are going to be kinda low for the next couple while my stomach recovers from the insult. Mon, 27 Feb 2012 22:22:12 EST More time on Sparky, less time on Yahoo Yahoo news is living up to its name. The comments section is just page after page of angry, vengeful, and bullying comments. Thing is, I can't help but wonder if this is how people really think once the politeness filters are off and the consequences gone. A lot of anti-everything, aside from violence. <BR> <BR> It's all very lizard-brain. Very "MINE, STAY AWAY!" No room for complexity, thought, ambiguity. "Hurt them before they hurt you" thinking. <BR> <BR> Mind you, I'd like to find som... Fri, 15 Apr 2011 02:56:13 EST Losing weight in another area... I did not hit the gym this weekend. <BR> <BR> I cleaned out my closets instead, taking two full carloads (I have a Toyota Tercel) down to the Goodwill. Got rid of a nightstand, a chair, several blankets I don't use, a box load of kitchen gadgets, two CD racks, half a shelf of books, etc. Every box trucked down the staircase and down a block to the car. <BR> <BR> I'm aggressive about clutter as I'm fighting genetics. My mom is a classic hoarder, to the point where it's hard to walk around ... Sat, 20 Feb 2010 14:15:52 EST Never underestimate a good workout I took my frustrations out on the exercise bike. 60 minutes on the "cardio" (150 heartbeats a minute) setting, followed by 30 minutes of weightlifting and stretching afterward. It was two hours at the gym well spent. <BR> <BR> I'm also playing Clue against the computer. Distraction is a time-honored tactic. Miss Scarlet in the Lounge with the Revolver - can anyone prove me wrong? Sun, 14 Feb 2010 21:31:49 EST Loneliness and emotional eating<BR>ml <BR> <BR> I went online and looked at the "viewer comments" on Yahoo News in regards to the Hatian disaster...and was overwhelmed by the sheer nastiness of the responses. <BR> <BR> <BR> *** <BR> "I HATE HAITI. LET IT FALL INTO THE OCEAN." <BR> <BR> "I will not send one red cent to any organization collecting in the pretense of helping Haiti. I do not give a damn about Haiti. Matter of fact, I do not give to any of the so called 'charitable... Sun, 14 Feb 2010 10:53:45 EST Final holiday - birthday I stopped tracking because I kept forgetting. That, and I was becoming REALLY resentful of the tracking, as it was taking all the joy out of trying new things. That, and trying to dissect my own cooking was becoming a headache. I make X, using ingredients A, B, C, equates out to how many servings? How much of this or that? The other thing that makes tracking a pain is that, when I go out, I avoid the chain restaurants. The stuff there is usually too greasy and too meat-heavy. Subway is... Tue, 5 Jan 2010 11:54:45 EST *Yawn* I went out with Patti yesterday. We hit the Goodwill on Dearborn. For those of you not in the Seattle area, that Goodwill is about the size of a Wal-Mart Super Center. Wal-Mart managed to make a lasting first (and last) impression when I poked my nose in on one weekend. It was too loud, too brightly-lit, and far too crowded. When you have people doing road rage with *shopping carts* and the management tacitly encouraging barbaric behavior? Besides, I'd rather support recycling, and ... Sat, 19 Dec 2009 13:06:42 EST crossposted to lj OK, so I got turned away at the blood center for the usual reason (low blood iron), and told to come back after New Year. <BR> <BR> I've been hitting the gym daily (for an average of 45-60 minutes at a whack) and following Sparkpeople's food diary. No real difference in the scale, so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or if there is something else I should be doing. <BR> <BR> Good news is that Moon seems to have passed through his hip surgery with flying colors. <BR> <BR> I'm stil... Fri, 18 Dec 2009 00:42:13 EST Ow. According to Sparky's tracker (and my legs), I've been overdoing it at the gym. I did not realize swimming burned that many calories. That, and I've been on the exercise bike, watching the afternoon news. I leave work in the early afternoon, well before the general population does. <BR> <BR> Not like it's making ANY bloody difference on the scale! *growl* I love exercise, but being this fat and trying to do certain exercises (yoga comes to mind) feels like playing a first-person-shooter wi... Wed, 16 Dec 2009 08:49:20 EST Minefield ahead! 12 Days of cookies. In the lead up to Christmas, the IT department is offering free cookies as a gift to the staff. The staging point for the goodies is *right* behind my desk. <BR> <BR> And half of what got me into this mess was a sweet tooth. BIG chocolate chip weakness. To the point where I was able to resist it today, but had chocolate chip cookie on the brain all through my workout. Hell, I worked out for 85 minutes instead of my allotted thirty (60 on the exercise bike, 30 swimming) an... Mon, 14 Dec 2009 21:13:53 EST Food tracking - stinks. Exercise - FUN! OK, the charting and tracking every calorie? Sucks. Because it, by nature, is unable to help much on some items, leaving you to guess. <BR> <BR> Case in point: In Seattle, the teriyaki shack is EVERYWHERE. (<BR>ood/how-teriyaki-became-seattle-s-own-<BR>fast-food-phenomenon.php/2) Most are little Mom and pop operations. A lot are run by Koreans, who bought them from Japanese owners and love to tinker with sauces. What you end up with is cheap and heav... Thu, 10 Dec 2009 21:09:37 EST That would be the sound of my stomach...again. Well, since...Boy, howdy, I paid for it...ponying up for the gym, I've been stopping off and getting 30 minutes of swimming in every day save Thanksgiving. Swimming's the one thing I've been able to stick with consistently, even if I am the slowest-moving thing in the pool. <BR> <BR> Now, the problem - I'm HUNGRY! I've been keeping to Sparky's calorie count (turns out I did not adjust my activity level, though), and I've still had a tummy that is demanding fuel. I've always had a big appet... Sun, 29 Nov 2009 20:02:26 EST OK, officially scared I went ahead and prepaid for a couple months at the gym. It was the same price as the parks and rec, but it felt a little impulsive and reckless to drop cash all at once. Tue, 24 Nov 2009 18:30:38 EST Fell off wagon; face down in ditch I knew I was losing ground on the weight loss front. Schedule changes, stress, erratic eating...but I hadn't realized how badly. <BR> <BR> I regained all but 6 pounds of the 40 I lost. <BR> <BR> I want to cry. I want to berate myself up one side and down the other for being such a careless pig. I have to start from scratch and watch every little crumb on my plate, seeing food as something to outwit and fight, an enemy, something to measure out, carefully ration, and something I can't take p... Mon, 23 Nov 2009 23:21:00 EST Off the wagon, on the wagon Well, chalk it up to a combination of getting sick and this swing-shift, "can't do squat" schedule. I fell off the wagon. Didn't balloon up much, but still remain somewhere in the 185 range. When I worked graves, I got off work in time for lap swim and was able to squeeze in aerobics classes before work. No dice with swing. You get up in time to throw together breakfast and clothing, haul out the door for work. And when you get home at midnight, the walking paths are all closed, and hitting t... Thu, 4 Jun 2009 00:35:24 EST Off the wagon, on the wagon Well, chalk it up to a combination of getting sick and this swing-shift, "can't do squat" schedule. I fell off the wagon. Didn't balloon up much, but still remain somewhere in the 185 range. When I worked graves, I got off work in time for lap swim and was able to squeeze in aerobics classes before work. No dice with swing. You get up in time to throw together breakfast and clothing, haul out the door for work. And when you get home at midnight, the walking paths are all closed, and hitting t... Wed, 3 Jun 2009 22:46:55 EST Cold remedies...if you've got suggestions, I'm listening The guy in the next cube came in with some varient of Martian Death Flu, and I've caught it. Hence the reasons I've been much less active. <BR> <BR> This. Sucks. <BR> <BR> Can I do anything about it? Not really. Bring on the chicken soup and cough drops! Fri, 27 Feb 2009 01:47:04 EST *sigh* Why do I bother...? (political) I don't use the term "facist" lightly. It represents an ugly belief system and an uglier time period... <BR> <BR> Yet, some of the comments I see on KOMO's news page reflect a mentality that seems a short hop from detention camps, guilty until proven innocent, public executions taking place as soon as the judge's gavel hits, repealing half of bill of rights, and vigilante, mob "justice." Couple this with "liberal," "government," and "Mexican" thrown around like swear words. <BR> <BR> Ther... Fri, 13 Feb 2009 03:38:14 EST The scale won't bloody MOVE Been swimming 3-4 times a week, been taking the NIA classes on top of it. Keeping under 2K calories a day... <BR> <BR> So why is that scale not bloody moving? Sat, 7 Feb 2009 00:50:42 EST Modifying games Well, I was a bit on the lazy side Sunday and Monday. I was working with my video games. Not so much playing as testing, repairing, and retesting. You see, I'm a fan of mods. My copy of Sims 2 boasts somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 mods, and my copy of Knights of the Old Republic? At least a hundred, including stuff I design myself. <BR> <BR> Now, the problem. some of those mods don't play nicely with one another, leading to game-ending crashes, misfiring scripts, characters that don't... Tue, 20 Jan 2009 01:41:06 EST update Well, today I donated platelets. For those who have never done it, it involves a good-sized needle in your arm for about two hours while this machine the size of an ATM alternates among draining your blood out, filtering out the platelets, then pumping it back in. Your lips will tingle, you get a bit hypothermic (the blood it's pumping back in is room temperature), and you end up sporting this big, honking bruise on your arm. I also tend to end up feeling pretty wiped out after a session of... Tue, 13 Jan 2009 07:21:45 EST What do I fear? (X-posted from Head turners) Betrayal. Or, being disowned by my loved ones. <BR> <BR> I spend so much time and energy on self-protection. It was a terribly useful thing when I was in school. I have never forgotten the times when someone pretended to be a friend, or pretended to be interested in me, only to realize I was getting played. I keep few secrets, because I realized that a secret is the best weapon an enemy can hit you with. Being open about things gives your foes less ammo. <BR> <BR> In college, my Mom set a ... Fri, 9 Jan 2009 04:14:38 EST Ugh! I'm sore AND hungry. I got disoriented going to the Queen Anne Pool for early morning lap swim, but found it after going the wrong way at first. I wanted to do 45 minutes of swimming, but my shoulder started hurting, so I only managed 30. Went home, crashed, had a bit of the gazpacho I made Monday. Came to work early, did 30 minutes of walking around the block to finish off my 60 minutes. I'm still sore, about a 2/5 on the Wong scale. It's distracting as all get-out, but not debilitating. I'... Fri, 9 Jan 2009 03:01:53 EST A relaxing Birthday. <BR> Thank you to all those who commented on my Sparkpage regarding my birthday. I cannot control getting older. I can control how WELL I age, however. I can age like a well-cared-for Volvo, or I can age like a Yugo put in D-derby. I'm shooting for the former. <BR> <BR> Well, the good news is that I've got the cooking done - three bowls of stir fry (1 cup brown rice, 1 cup mixed vegetables, 0.5 cup tofu), two bowls of homemade gazpacho, and two cowls of oatmeal with raisins. <BR> <BR> I'... Tue, 6 Jan 2009 01:21:15 EST The good, the bad, and the call volume. Successes: Walked 4 miles today. 35 minutes on the exercise bike. Ate lots of veggies. <BR> <BR> Missteps: Got hungry and got into the leftover vegetable pizza in the break room. Also, three Hershey's kisses and a half-ounce chocolate bar from same batch of leftovers. <BR> <BR> I realize that I was having a hungry day, but stress made it worse. I got hit with a ton of translator calls, and one was a real...*head desk* I must have told that guy five times "no, you can't use an unlocked Iph... Sat, 3 Jan 2009 03:41:45 EST The obiligatory New Year's Post Well, it's that liminal period between New Years' and my birthday (Jan 5). Last night, I had off. Overindulged on pasta, chocolate, and some stout, so I'm keeping my counts low today. Thank goodness for Subway. Oh, and to those with some points on your cards, use 'em up by 2/9/09, as they're doing away with the system. <BR> <BR> After my celebratory (cheese)cake and ale, I took out the recycling that piled up. The common supersition is not to take things out of the house on New Year's, but ... Fri, 2 Jan 2009 00:30:53 EST To the folks in Seattle To the folks in Seattle, if you can donate blood, PLEASE do so. The recent snowstorms prevented a lot of the regulars from showing up, and also increased demand due to car crashes and falls. So, I did my part, rolled up my sleeve, and gave a pint (which officially makes me a 4-gallon donor). <BR> <BR> For more information and to sign up to donate. <BR> <link> </link> <BR> <BR> Afterward, I treated myself to the Brown Bag's Fruit Omlette (sounds odd, tastes divine). After tha... Tue, 30 Dec 2008 03:24:59 EST To those who read this... Yes, I did work until 6AM (5 hours of OT), crashed on the sofa just inside the office door where all my colleagues could see me, took a nap, then got up and clocked in two hours early, with a long call at the end of the night going 20 minutes over for a total of 7.33 hours of OT. <BR> <BR> Christmas? Mostly cancelled due to snow. My twin spent the entire week screaming at me via email to not go to work because of the snow, telling me I was a bad person for going to work in the snow and worry... Mon, 29 Dec 2008 02:12:33 EST I must be out of my mind... I did call in yesterday, but that means my paycheck isn't going to be good. Maybe I ought to just sleep at my office tonight and stagger home after Monday's shift. <BR> <BR> 95 people in Queue, and only about 20 nutters (myself included) staggered into work. The boss had us fortified with pizza, and unlimited OT was offered to those with no other place to go. I'm not stupid enough to drive out, only to brave it again in the afternoon. Screw it. I have blankets, the break room as a sofa, and... Mon, 22 Dec 2008 06:36:40 EST Emotional eating - i doez it Well, Monday's workday got off to a roaring start. Queue's let up, calls a'waiting, people ticked off and upset. One call was a double whammy - not only was the person computer illiterate and shouting orders to her husband (the blind leading the blind), but they only spoke spanish, which required a translator. So, I give directions, the interpeter has to translate it and the lady shouts it to the husband. this made even the simplest command ("Right-click on the icon") take about five minutes ... Tue, 9 Dec 2008 04:14:11 EST Christmas Plans Egad, the holidays... <BR> <BR> Mom, out of arrogant pride, stopped speaking to her older sister, my Aunt Pat. As a result, my twin sister refuses to speak to Mom, which wounds her pride further. <BR> <BR> And I'm caught ground zero of this crap, as I speak to all parties. <BR> <BR> Mom: Is angry because she believes her older sister has barged in where she wasn't welcome and "stole her daughter" (my twin). She also considers my brother in law (twin's hubby) a deadbeat, and hasn't a nice... Mon, 8 Dec 2008 03:57:29 EST update Well, back on the phones for yet another cell carrier. At least I still have a job and didn't have to take a pay cut. <BR> <BR> This whole "packing my breakfast" has gone pretty well. I'm not working the late shift, so I'm spending more time in traffic than I like. <BR> <BR> My weight hasn't gone down at all. I'm still 186.6, but I'm losing inches. The Size 14 jeans I picvked up a couple months ago need a belt. I guess the nice part about it all is that my waist shrinks first. <BR> <BR... Wed, 12 Nov 2008 13:14:51 EST Well, great... Emailed Ms. Tsang & reschedule. <BR> Need to call Dr. Ellison & reschedule <BR> <BR> At least I'll be able to eyeball the Tacoma Dome gift show. <BR> <BR> My schedule for the next five weeks has been re-routed to be 9:00-18:00 Mon-Fri to accomodate training for my transfer to the other department. <BR> <BR> Still playing musical chairs until training starts. <BR> <BR> What do you do if you're losing your enthusiasm during a plateau? The scale's not budging much, even if the inches ar... Fri, 17 Oct 2008 23:58:37 EST time to get back on wagon Okay... <BR> <BR> Parked car & walked a mile into work, followed by a few laps around the building. <BR> <BR> Spent my coffee break walking more laps around the building and enjoying the surrounding greebelt. <BR> <BR> Spent my lunch walking down to the parking and back, followed by a couple laps around the building. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Mon, 13 Oct 2008 23:49:32 EST