ALICIALYNNE's SparkPeople Blog ALICIALYNNE's Blog on SparkPeople, home of free diet plans and a healthy living community What Happened To This Place? Hello all! I haven't been on the app in a long time and WOW, the redesign is gorgeous! It will take me a while to find everything, though! My life has gone off the deep end for reaso ns I don't feel like discussing. I have only worked out a handful of times since we bought our house last August! This, from a 5x/week exerciser! Let me tell you, my awesome muscles have left the coop. I had very little weight-gain due to Paleo and Whole30. My favorite thing about Whole30? Zero food tracking yet ... Wed, 29 Mar 2017 07:00:09 EST Today I Turned 30!! Happy birthday to ME! <BR> <BR> All day today I have been thinking about how incredibly lucky I am. I know many women who have been apprehensive about turning 30 while I have been running towards it excitedly. <BR> <BR> I am the most fit I have ever been. I have a wonderful husband and a wonderful family. I am a successful business owner. My body is feeling amazing due to a mostly-Paleo diet that has pretty much eliminated my IBS and indigestion symptoms. I am, BY FAR, in the best financial... Tue, 28 Jun 2016 22:42:32 EST Whole30 RoundUp - I DID IT!!! I can't believe it! <BR> <BR> 30 days without any binge eating, alcohol, grains, added sugar - artificial or natural. <BR> <BR> To be honest, I didn't really think I could do it, especially when my husband started cheating on it. <BR> <BR> First things first, the numbers: <BR> <BR> May 1st numbers: <BR> Waist: 40 <BR> Hips: 45.5 <BR> Neck: 12.75 <BR> Upper Arm: 14.75 <BR> <BR> This morning: <BR> Waist: 38 (down 2!!) <BR> Hips: 44 (down 1.5!!) <BR> Neck: 12.5 <BR> Upper Arm: 15 (more ab... Wed, 22 Jun 2016 19:50:37 EST Feeling a Bit Horrible / Fat <img src=""> <BR> <BR> As my friends know, I have been doing Whole30 for 27 days. So close to the end! If you don't know about it, Whole30 is a 30 day "cleanse" where you don't eat any dairy, any legumes, any soy, any added sugar of any kind and avoid processed foods. <BR> <BR> I have been feeling amazing on it. I mostly started it due to issues with IBS which have virtually disappeared over the last three weeks... Sat, 18 Jun 2016 22:12:15 EST Whole30 - 10 days down! Can I just say how much I LOVE this diet? Especially now that I made a few bulk meals, and therefore do not have to cook every. single. night. like I did the first few days. <BR> <BR> My energy level is significantly higher. My IBS symptoms have all but disappeared. I don't feel exhausted at work in the afternoon. <BR> <BR> No clue if I have lost weight or not. I am so excited about the emotional benefits that the weight-loss is very much a secondary concern. <BR> <BR> My husband has been... Wed, 1 Jun 2016 20:58:31 EST Whole30 Days 1 - 5 Hellooooo! Start with pros: so far, my energy is up a bit. I am waking up easier in the mornings, and I jave had a significant reduction in my IBS symptoms. Cons: holy crap it takes forever to make everything from scratch! Plus, it is EXPENSIVE. To be fair, I chose some very expensive meals for the first week as a motivator. Scallops, shrimp and fresh salmon are naturally super expensive. Beyond that, though, this plan requires a lot of special ingredients that I had to find. Stocking up ... Sat, 28 May 2016 08:54:30 EST Starting Whole30 on Monday! So, the last couple months have not been going well for me. Starting back up at work has completely killed my momentum with both exercise and healthy eating. I constantly feel like I have no energy, my IBS has gotten really bad, my skin is breaking out and I can feel my muscles starting to disappear. It SUCKS. Last time I worked at this place, I gained a ton of weight. Not again, body! Not again! <BR> <BR> My previous goal plan setup isn't working for me, and hasn't been a good motivator for... Sat, 21 May 2016 07:49:42 EST April and I are not friends... March was amazing; April not so much. <BR> <BR> First get the numbers out of the way. <BR> <BR> Weight: 168.3 (up 1.6 for the month) <BR> BF: 36.6 (up .5) <BR> BW: 46.2 (down .3) <BR> BMI: 31.7 (up .5) <BR> BONE: 6.5 (same as always) <BR> <BR> My calorie differential was absolute crap this month. I did not meet my points goal for the month. The last 3 days of the month, when it was obvious that there was no mathematical chance of me making my goal? Well, let's just say mama binge-ate. A LO... Sun, 1 May 2016 18:52:48 EST Camping and Updates First, get the crud out of the way. The results of today's weigh-in: <BR> <BR> Weight: 166.7 (down 1.2) <BR> BF: 36.3 (down .2) <BR> BW: (up .1) <BR> BMI: 31.4 (down .3) <BR> BONE: 6.5 (same as always) <BR> <BR> I absolutely bombed my calorie differential last week, so no clue how this happened. <BR> <BR> As of yesterday, we were 60% through the month. I have 58 points. Yes, I am behind. It is due mostly to the fact that I didn't work out for a few days following my chest pain scare last w... Tue, 19 Apr 2016 09:15:48 EST Well, That Was Not Fun Yesterday was just not my day! After the atrocious weigh-in I headed out to do errands with my toddler. We had a great lunch, went to the post office and bank. On our way to the insurance office, my chest started hurting. I figured it was heart burn until my arms started to hurt. Ruh-roh. I finished up at the insurance office then headed to the ER. Over the course of 5 hours I had an ekg, blood draw and chest x-rays. My toddler was a CHAMP throughout this whole thing. He slept or played th... Wed, 13 Apr 2016 11:12:33 EST Well, This Sucks You know, I went in to April with serious momentum. March was AMAZING and now April is kicking my butt! <BR> <BR> Weigh in for today: <BR> Weight: 167.9 (up 2.2 lbs for the month so far) <BR> Body Fat: 36.5 (up .4 so far) <BR> Body Water: 46.3 (down .2) <BR> BMI: 31.7 (up .5). <BR> <BR> What the CRAP is going on?? I use my Fitbit to track my calorie differential and this just does. Not. Make. Sense. According to my Fitbit, I have a -2089 differential for the month. Meaning, about half a pou... Tue, 12 Apr 2016 09:37:56 EST Progress Update! As of yesterday, we were 13.33% through the month. I have 15 points. So, doing really well on this so far this month! <BR> <BR> Weigh-in didn't go so great: <BR> Weight: 166.7 (up 1 lb) <BR> BF: 36.3 (up .2) <BR> BW: 46.4 (down .1) <BR> BMI 31.4 (up .2) <BR> BONE: 6.5 <BR> <BR> I have still lost 3.9 lbs since 2/22. Some weeks are gains, some are losses. Not gonna let it get to me today! <BR> <BR> It's my oldest boy's birthday! We went out to breakfast on Sunday. Today I will likely get him... Tue, 5 Apr 2016 08:40:44 EST March Was VERY Good to Me! We are officially done with March, and I got 102 points! I earned my prize! <BR> <BR> My incredibly complicated goal and spreadsheet system worked in a big way this month! Spreadsheet junkie strikes again! <BR> <BR> March progress: <BR> Weight is down 4.5 lbs, to 165.7. <BR> Body Fat is down .8%! <BR> Body Water is up .5%! <BR> BMI is down .9%! <BR> BONE mass remains at 6.5, which is within the "normal" range. That number likely won't change until I am much older. <BR> <BR> Full disclosur... Fri, 1 Apr 2016 09:15:33 EST Status Update, Reward, Race Decision, Almost Working, Streaks Hello all! <BR> <BR> I definitely had some serious junk food this past weekend! Who can blame me? Easter! I also went out to eat with my husband yesterday, and didn't go completely nuts! Woohoo! <BR> <BR> As of yesterday, we were 87.1% through the month. I have 89 points. Only 11 more to go before I get my reward! I get $100 of guilt-free spending. Muahahaha! I was originally going to just spend it on workout gear. However, we have a Cub Scout camping trip next month and I don't have nearly... Mon, 28 Mar 2016 15:10:37 EST Status Update: Almost There! As of yesterday, we were 77.42% through the month. I have 79 points. Almost 21 more to go, and I will get $100 bucks to spend guilt-free on anything FOR ME that I want! <BR> <BR> I have also gone 23 days in a row getting my 8 A Day in and getting in my steps! This is my longest streak ever. Woot! Fri, 25 Mar 2016 09:16:15 EST Status Update: Almost There! As of yesterday, we were 77.42% through the month. I have 79 points. Almost 21 more to go, and I will get $100 bucks to spend guilt-free on anything FOR ME that I want! <BR> <BR> I have also gone 23 days in a row getting my 8 A Day in and getting in my steps! This is my longest streak ever. Woot! Fri, 25 Mar 2016 09:16:14 EST Finally a Loss! The hits keep coming! <BR> <BR> Weight: 168.8 (down 1.6 lbs!) <BR> Body Fat: 36.6(down .3!) <BR> Body Water: 46.2 (up .2!) <BR> BMI: 31.8 (down .3!) <BR> BONE: 6.5 (same) <BR> <BR> So yay! <BR> <BR> This is my first real loss in months. Mostly I just lose (then regain...) a couple ounces at a time. 1.8 lbs down total since 2/22. I lose weight very slowly, so this works. Mon, 21 Mar 2016 08:33:36 EST Goal Status Update No soreness from the race yesterday! Woot! I am likely going to do some step aerobics later just to stay limber. <BR> <BR> As of yesterday, we were 61.29% through the month. I currently have 61 points! Right on track! <BR> <BR> I have met my step goal the last 18 days in a row! A new record for me! I have drunk 8 a day for the last 18 days in a row, which is also a new record! Between these things and smashing my PRs yesterday, this has been a weekend of smashing past successes! <BR> <BR... Sun, 20 Mar 2016 12:05:44 EST SMASHED Personal Record at Today's 5k! Well, now doesn't yesterday's blog seem silly! <BR> <BR> It was rainy and cold this morning, but there was still a great turnout. During the mile fun run, I stood at the last intersection cheering on the participants (mostly young children who attend the school that the race benefits). I also took a GU Energy Gel. <BR> <BR> When the 5K came up, I put on my new armband with my phone in it and put on Pandora and my Run Log app. I popped the headphones in and set off. <BR> <BR> I knew within ... Sat, 19 Mar 2016 11:19:36 EST Negative Feelings I am a big believer in blogging the bad just as much as blogging the good. I regularly reread my past blogs, and it is important for me to remember the highs and lows. So, if you don't want to read a Debbie Downer post, skip this one. I feel like complete crap. I have a 5k tomorrow. It is a race I have done many times. Great atmosphere, gorgeous course. I am a nervous wreck about it anyway. I am an extremely slow runner. After years of running, I only rarely go under 15 minute miles on the tr... Fri, 18 Mar 2016 20:12:05 EST Goal Status Update, Upcoming Race, Work We are 51.61% through the month, and I have 52 points! Over halfway there! <BR> <BR> My 5K is in TWO DAYS! I am so excited, but also nervous. The last 2 times that I did this race, I did the 10K. I really, really hope it goes well. I know I will finish, but I don't want it to be a massive struggle. One of my favorite things about this race is the beautiful, older, heavily-wooded neighborhood it is in. Fingers crossed for a great race day! <BR> <BR> I am likely going to go back to working ou... Thu, 17 Mar 2016 11:10:38 EST Goal Status Update: Booooo! As of yesterday, we were 41.94% through the month. I have 41 points. Still on track! <BR> <BR> Today's measurements: <BR> Weight: 170.4 (up a full pound, booo!) <BR> Body Fat: 36.9 (up .2, boooo!) <BR> Body Water: 46.0 (down .1, lame!) <BR> BMI: 32.1 (up .1, GRRR!) <BR> BONE: 6.5 (very consistent, since bone doesn't exactly change very often unless something is wrong...) <BR> <BR> I did great with my differential and working out last week, so I assume my body is just being a punk right now.... Mon, 14 Mar 2016 08:29:37 EST Goal Status Update, Tabata and Husband at the Gym! As of yesterday, we were 25.81% through the month. I have 25 points, so woohoo! I did go over my Fitbit range yesterday, but that's OK. My differential is still great - I went over my recommended range but still burned more than I ate. <BR> <BR> I did a great Tabata workout yesterday! I only did 3 cycles, but I do 9 exercises per cycle so it is still rough! After that, I popped the little one in the stroller and walked to get the big kids from the bus stop. It was GORGEOUS out! Unfortunately... Wed, 9 Mar 2016 11:18:55 EST Goal Status Update: PROGRESS! As of yesterday, we were 19.35% through the month. I had 18 points, so 18% through goal. I am closing the gap fast! Yay! <BR> <BR> Scale today: <BR> Weight: 169.4 (down .8 from last week!) <BR> BF: 36.7 (down .2 from last week!) <BR> BW: 46.1 (up .1 from last week!) <BR> BMI: 32.0 (down .1 from last week!) <BR> BONE: 6.5 (same as last week!) <BR> <BR> So YAY on all 4! Body Water and Bone are both within "normal" ranges. Body Fat and Weight are both down. I have been doing really, really goo... Mon, 7 Mar 2016 10:01:30 EST Goal Status Update and First Blister of 2016! As of yesterday we are 12.9% through the month. I have 11 points which means I am 11% there. Closing the gap! I ate over my range today (but man the sidral mundet and the bottled iced coffee were worth it!) So I won't get that point today. Oops. I may still get the other 3 though. I had a great run on the treadmill last night, just past 5k distance. Unfortunately I got a blister. Grr! And that despite wearing 2 pairs of socks. I hope it is ready to pop tomorrow since I want to take the kid... Sat, 5 Mar 2016 20:16:44 EST February Goals, March Goals, 3/1/16 Measurements Well, my February goal was a bust. I was supposed to get in 8 glasses a day of water / tea / coffee and missed several days. Ooops! <BR> <BR> Moving on. <BR> <BR> For March, I am going back to a technique I used in the past that really worked. I created goals and have given them a point value for each day. Each goal is worth one point per day, with a total points possible of 124. My goal is 100 points, which is 80% of the points possible. The goals are to complete 5500 steps per day, eat at... Thu, 3 Mar 2016 15:03:32 EST Finally Got My Treadmill! As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, my husband has had a bit of a wake-up call regarding his weight and heart health. So he signed up for Planet Fitness. I almost signed up as well. I have been begging him for WEEKS to get my treadmill outof storage (we put it in there to make room for the Christmas tree!). Well, at the gym, I almost made him sign me up because I wanted to use the treadmills. It worked, because he finally brought it home last night! WOOHOOO! You bet your butt I immediately c... Thu, 25 Feb 2016 09:09:07 EST My Husband's Health This morning my husband went to the doctor for a very stubborn foot problem he has been having. My husband HATES medicine and doctors so this was a major achievement. He mentioned that he had chest pain a couple weeks ago and the nurse and doctor both flipped out on him for not getting seen for that! Turns out he officially weighs 200 lbs. at 5'4". NOT. GOOD. So I got him scheduled for a physical and an EKG. This is his first physical in 14 years! We are getting A1c, cholesterol, etc. We th... Wed, 24 Feb 2016 17:45:06 EST 2-22-2016 Measurements Monday is weigh-in day, so here we go! I tried to enter all of this information in to Spark, but apparently we can not add in custom fields anymore. Booo, Spark! <BR> <BR> Weight: 170.6 (up .3 from last week) <BR> BF: 36.9% <BR> BW: 46.0% <BR> BMI: 32.2 <BR> Bone: 6.5% <BR> <BR> I have not ever tracked a few of those fields before, so I want to put them in a blog each week for future reference. <BR> <BR> We did our first grilling of 2016 yesterday! Mexican-marinated chicken, my mother-in-l... Mon, 22 Feb 2016 09:37:59 EST 8 A Day, Looking Ahead So far this month I have missed 3 days on the 8 A Day. Oops. I think the biggest problem is that when I remember at night, it is too late. I don't want to squeak it in before bed then be up all night! I have already made up my goal list and points system for March. I used a similar system before and was VERY successful. I pick some goals then for each day I meet a goal, I get a point. I then have a point goal for the month for a prize. That way, if I bomb a couple days on a goal I can still... Sun, 21 Feb 2016 08:52:19 EST 8 a Day, New Scale, Sadness I bombed the 8 a Day yesterday. I remembered when I was in bed last night, but didn't slam the water down since I frankly didn't want to be up going to the restroom all night! So, no reward for this month. I am already at 6 for today, so it's going a lot better today! I FINALLY got a new scale! It's a Weight Watchers one with all the bells and whistles. It measures body fat and everything. It came out at 170.2, while my old one was around 165/166. I have now put it under my bed with the pla... Tue, 16 Feb 2016 16:38:00 EST 8 a Day Challenge, Successful Streak, Gratitude I managed to squeak in my 8 cups of water/coffee/tea today. I have been eating in my Fitbit range for 3 days in a row! That is the first time I have done so in many months! Yesterday I had a major NSV. I did all 3 sections of Jillian Michaels' Kickbox FastFix. I have had this video for a long time and could do the upper-body portion fairly well. I attempted the lower-body portion a couple times. I had never even watched the ab section before. Yesterday, though, I powered through like a bos... Sat, 13 Feb 2016 00:05:43 EST 8 a Day Challenge, Binge Eating and Lent The 8 a Day water challenge is going great. I missed the 2nd, but have far surpassed my goal the other days. I am ALWAYS thirsty! Tuesday was an ugly night. I am a Cub Scouts den leader, and have been for several years. What was once a joyful responsibility is now making me miserable (we have a much larger group and I can no longer stay in control of all the kids). I almost walked out of Tuesday's meeting until a parent rescued me. So, I came home and hit the food pretty hard. I even had a ... Thu, 11 Feb 2016 09:31:47 EST 8 a Day Challenge Still Going Strong 6 out of 7 days complete! I don't know why, but my energy is FIERCE today! I cleaned a lot and then worked out. I did Level 2 of 30 Day Shred today and holy cow, I like it so much better than Level 1! The movements feel a lot more natural to me. I felt so good after Level 2 that I then did the first circuit of Level 1 for fun! I then finished off with 5 solid minutes of quality stretching. Not gonna lie, I feel like a total rockstar today. TAKE THAT, JILIAN MICHAELS! Sun, 7 Feb 2016 13:27:50 EST 8 a Day Challenge Days 3 of 4 Complete I may have messed up on Tuesday but I definitely have made up for it! Both yesterday and today I had over 11 cups! I also had no trouble with hunger... must be a coincidence, eh? I had a rough workout today. I decided to skip my workout class because I just felt off, and the class is very intense. So I decided to do 30 Day Shred. Within 10 minutes I thought I was gonna die. I had to drop my weights several times and just do the motions bare-handed. My workout class is like an hour-long 30 D... Thu, 4 Feb 2016 22:13:57 EST 8 A Day Challenge - Oops! Well, that didn't last long! I did great on Monday and then completely blew Tuesday. I am back on the challenge today, though, even though it means I won't be getting a reward for February. Darnit. I am buying January's reward this weekend, though! Woot! My feed exploded this morning with people earning 500 Sparkpoints and 500 Fitness Minutes awards. You guys are doing so well Wed, 3 Feb 2016 10:03:57 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 28, 29 and 30! CHALLENGE COMPLETE! Day 28 was simply laps around the apartment. Day 29 and 30 were actually the same "workout". My husband took me dancing for the first time in yeats! I was dancing almost nonstop from 11 to 1:30 this morning! I am counting it because holy cow was my heart going! It's a latin dance club, so it was all bachata, reggaeton, cumbia. We sat out the salsa. Anyway, my challenge is complete! 30 days of at least 10 minutes of exercise per day! I can't believe it! I definitely earned that workout bra!... Sun, 31 Jan 2016 09:46:49 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 27 10 minutes of aerobics with 3 minutes of stretching afterwards. For whatever reason, my thighs are SORE. Maybe because they are used in EVERYTHING - walking work outs, aerobics, a lot of strength moves. To think about it, my thighs haven't had a break in 27 days! Hang in there, legs! Three more days! I had a bona-fide panic attack last night. We are under an incredible amount of stress due to various things. My husband acting like a spoiled kid instead of a man just grated on me. The straw b... Thu, 28 Jan 2016 22:04:21 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 25 and 26 Can I just say how much I LOVE the 30 minute Latin walk Spark video? I rocked that baby out today, torched calories and enjoyed every minute. Yesterday was just 10 minutes of aerobics moves since I was super busy yesterday taking care of taxes (much more complicated with our business...), Cub Scouts, one kid's speech therapy and another's doctor visit, etc etc. I am so dang close to getting this new workout bra! I can't wait! I have started thinking about what I want my next challenge to... Wed, 27 Jan 2016 15:06:15 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 22, 23, 24 I got in some shoveling, walking and even a 30 Day Shred in! Woot woot! I am so close to the finish on this! New workout bra soon! Tue, 26 Jan 2016 14:40:26 EST Reflections on Reaching 40,000 Sparkpoints - LONG A few days ago, my e-mail blew up with notifications. A lot of people had hit "like" on a feed post - I had reached 40,000 Sparkpoints! Whaaaa? I was so focused on getting to 1,000 this month (reached, by the way!) that I didn't really pay attention to the actual total. <BR> <BR> So, I got curious. I have been an on-and-off Sparker for many years. Why not sneak a peek at my over time numbers? <BR> <BR> Kudos to Spark for keeping all this information in the system! I LOVE being able to go ba... Mon, 25 Jan 2016 09:19:44 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 21 - Snow and Ice! Day 21 is a wrap! I ended up using a dust pan to "shovel" snow for 20 minutes between my apartment and my mother-in-law's apartment. I don't want her to slip! We did play in the snow a bit this morning, but not for long. It has been sleet coming down since 11 a.m.! Yuck! My 2 year old got in to a snow fight with his big brothers which was HILARIOUS! It is supposed to keep snowing until tomorrow afternoon, and the temp is not supposed to be above freezing for very long. So glad I stocked up... Fri, 22 Jan 2016 19:11:50 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 19 & 20 Plus SNOW! Yesterday's brief workout was pretty nice. It was snowing, and I was worried that my son's bus was really late. So I bundled up and walked laps in front of my apartment! Far better than laps in the living room! Today was a Tabata day and it was a bunch of failsauce. I couldn't even hang in for every exercise! I think it was because 1) I ate Taco Bell today, which isn't exactly a power food and 2) I drank a diet Dr. Pepper about a half hour before my workout. I thought I was gonna get sick! ... Thu, 21 Jan 2016 19:46:48 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 17 and 18 Day 17 was great. I did a Sparkvideo, 30-Minute Latin Spice. I gotta admit, I caught myself grinning through a chunk of the workout. Today SUCKED. I had a rough night and was not feeling like doing 10 minutes of laps in my apartment. Have I mentioned that my apartment is tiny? And I am bored to tears of laps in here? 25 minutes total, just so I could get to my step goal. Blegh. Tue, 19 Jan 2016 22:24:43 EST Cuz I Felt Like It! <img src=""> Why do my pics always show up sideways?? Mon, 18 Jan 2016 10:19:55 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 16 - Halfway There! Day 16 was an easy day since I am recovering from Tabata yesterday. Honestly, though, I have barely any soreness! Woohoo! I did very thorough stretching yesterday, so maybe that explains it. Today I just did laps around my apartment again, stopping every few laps to do leg lifts and punches to get the heart rate up. Only 15 minutes total! I FINALLY got a food scale today! I have been wanting one for years and finally saw a good price on one at Aldi. I always get lost when tracking meats... Sun, 17 Jan 2016 20:26:06 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 15 I just did Tabata and want to die. I can barely get up off the floor! 24 minutes, 9 exercises for 5 rounds. I also did 5 minutes of walking each for warm up and cool down. I topped it off with a few stretches. My HR monitor says I only burned 134 calories. However, when I put my exercise in to Spark as well as another calculator, I burned almost 250. My monitor has my HR over 80% of maximum heart rate throughout the Tabata portion. No chance I had such a small burn. OK, time to go guzzle... Sat, 16 Jan 2016 16:48:26 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 14 Plus Reward Day 14 is a wrap, jack! I am planning on doing tabata tomorrow so I kept today easy. I did laps around the inside of my apartment. Every 5 laps, I stopped and did an interval of more intense work such as 30 jumping jacks. I decided to go until I hit my step goal. It took 35 minutes. My HR monitor says I burned 175 calories! Woot! I have picked out my reward for getting 30 days done. A new workout bra! It seems some of mine have disappeared so I really need more. It was a toss-up between t... Fri, 15 Jan 2016 18:51:40 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 12 and 13 Plus Class Fail Almost halfway there! Last night I did 10 minutes of step aerobics moves. I was wiped and just did the bare minimum. Today, though, I managed to make it to my workout class! It was a DISASTER! My class is a mommy & me style bootcamp class. I only get to go once every few weeks, so I always get super excited when I go. The other moms are in amazing shape, which is really motivating for me. If they can rock it with kids, so can I! Usually my toddler runs around, plays with toys and is his... Thu, 14 Jan 2016 11:06:34 EST 10 - Minute Challenge Day 11 Still going! I am so glad that I decided to walk laps around the laundromat for 10 minutes yesterday. After Scouts I was COMPLETELY wiped out. I did walk around the apartment a bit to get to 5,500 steps but that wasn't 10 minutes. Baby started puking around 1:15 last night. He puked on a lot of stuff, so I am going to the laundromat again today. I can't stand hand-washing all that puke but also cannot allow it all to fester until laundry day. Yuck, yuck, yuck. We'll see if I get any exer... Wed, 13 Jan 2016 09:38:38 EST