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Just a little diet help!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Just a little diet help!
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I have had several people interested in how I do my diet. So I decided to post a blog to help anyone out there lose weight if I can.

The first thing to realize is that you DO NOT HAVE TO STARVE to lose weight! There are so many things that you can change in your everyday food intake that can cut your calories by half the amount you eat right now. And the great thing is……most of it you won't even miss! Losing weight is all about the choices that you make throughout your day. If you make a few small adjustments you will be shocked at the results you will achieve! These small choices can be great tools for you to use! Once you get into the habit of making these healthy choices then it is very easy to maintain your weight loss as well! I will give you some examples…but get creative with it! You will be surprised at how quickly you will catch on.

1. Always use skim- Mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar.

2. Always use wheat bread instead of white

3. Skip the cheese slice on your turkey sandwich and use light mayo (just enough to taste!}

4. Buy Fat free skim milk instead of whole milk

5. If something can be bought in "Light" "Fat Free" or "Reduced Fat" then the calories are usually cut down by 1/3rd

6. If you do not like plain water….then try sparkling water. It feels like you are still having a soda because of the carbonated water.

7. If you are out and you must buy a soda from the store…then go with a Siera Mist Free. These have 0 calories. But beware. Lot's of sodium.

8. If you are craving sweets then have yogurt-covered raisins instead. These are a perfect alternative to candy bars.

9. If you are at a buffet have a salad with some kind of meat cut up on it first. Then have some fruit. Then allow yourself to go back for anything else you want to eat at all. The sky is the limit. Chances are you will eat little to nothing else because you will already be full from a healthy meal. And even if you have a dessert…think of the calories you just saved yourself! This way you don't feel deprived because you can go back for anything.

10. Try to stay away from white starches, and sugars as much as possible.

11. If you are out for pizza…don't feel bad and try to only eat a salad. Have a salad and only eat the toppings off of the pizza. Leaving off the crust cuts the calories in half!

12. I f you must have that baked potato…cut it in half…use half the amount of butter you used to (just enough to taste), try fat free sour cream (if available)…again just enough to taste. Then if you still want the other half…go ahead. But chances are you won't.

13. Have baked Lays chips instead of regular chips

14. Coffee is an excellent appetite supressent! Have some in the morning and the afternoon to curb those cravings.

So I am sure you get the idea by now. Just use smart choices and remember to think about this one meal at a time. BABY STEPS! If you try to think of the next six months as a diet that you will starve and can't have anything but rabbit food on then you are sure to fail. You will find that if you tell yourself you cannot have something…chances are you will end up eating it anyway. Don't do this to yourself. Have one bite of that chocolate cake and you will see that it doesn't taste as good as it looks. Always eat healthy first…junk after. Think of it from meal to meal and make small changes….healthier choices….and you are sure to win! (or in this case..lose) lol

The second thing to realize is ALWAYS BE PREPARED! If you are going to a family reunion…you know the kind were Aunt so-and so makes that lasagna that is to die for. Just before you leave….have a turkey sandwich on wheat with light mayo (minus that nasty high cal cheese slice) and some baked lays. Take a cold bottle of peach sparkling water with you and chances are that Aunt so-and so's lasagna will have lost it's hold over you by the time you arrive to eat. You may not eat anything at all. Or allow yourself to have a sample of some dessert. Think of the calories you just saved yourself. Then instead of that dreaded "Why did I eat that" feeling…you can be proud and pat yourself on the back. These are changes you CAN LIVE WITH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Trust me…after awhile it becomes a habit! A great, wonderful, EASY habit! It will become second nature! If you are a mother and you have to cook meals for your family that are not exactly what you would call healthy food….don't freak out…there is an answer. Just eat your healthy food before you cook for them. This will eliminate any urges you may have to eat junk. If we order a pizza for the family….I make my own in the toaster oven! I take a whole-wheat hoagie, cut it in half. Spread on some pizza sauce, a few pepperoni's, top with Skim-Mozzarella cheese. Toss it in the toaster oven for a few minutes and there you have it. A healthy delicious, alternative to pizza. Then I don't feel the least bit deprived! Again…take this one meal at a time! Be creative! YOU CAN DO IT! If I can….so can you!

Eat more food in the morning and less in the afternoon. This gives your body more time to burn off those calories before bedtime! If you are going to pig is always better to do it earlier in the day!

The dreaded exercise! This can be achieved easier than you think! And can be lots of fun. Not only for you…but can include the whole family! Okay, every mother has untold cleaning to do, right? Of course! So turn on a favorite CD and dance with that MOP! Swirl that toilet brush to the beat and shake your body! This may sound ridiculous, I know. But give it a try and see if it doesn't perk up your day! It is contagious too! Your kids will giggle and laugh at you! But hey that beats screaming and fighting!! Have an afternoon dance party with them! They can be your best weight loss buddies ever! Grab a ball and take the kids outside. Run again! With your babies! You will be surprised at how good you will feel inside. And so will they! Do cart wheels! Play hide and seek. Mother May I. Ride a bike! Run back and forth thru a sprinkler in the afternoon sun! Find that 10 year old in you again! Think of all the things you used to do then. Get some ideas and get active!
Do you have a toddler? Lie flat on the floor and lift them up and down parallel to your body. Talk about a workout! Just get moving! Anyway you can! Bringing in some groceries? Grab that milk jug and give your upper arms a good work out! Carry in one bag at a time. Up and down the steps! You will be surprised at how good it feels. And imagine the example you will set for your kids! Instead of sitting in front of a video game…they will be enjoying time with a destressed mother who loves and plays with them! They will be active and learn how to enjoy life and always have fun no matter what their age! Imagine ALL OF THE BENEFITS! You will be happier, have less stress, look great, drop untold lbs and gain muscle! Who needs to scream and holler when we can laugh and play together. Who needs a gym when you have your home, children, and chores to keep you plenty active enough for a lifetime!

Well, I hope I have helped you on your journey to a new, happier, healthier, much slimmer YOU! If you get any new ideas…please let me know!

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    thank you....every little bit helps...n i know i can use alot of motivation as well....if u did it..then i can do it too....Cheers!!!...n good luck
    3052 days ago
    Thank you so much for all the tips, some I already use and some I will try. Congratulations on your success you're doing great and God Bless you and your family.

    3087 days ago
  • GIGA_O
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! emoticon
    3090 days ago
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