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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

...ok WOW. I'm taking a calculus class, right, and I got there late today, and the class was going over the homework that was due over the weekend (, so yeah, they can do that...). So they're working a problem, and I got all of them right ('s in the book, and the notes... not hard stuff -yet...-) So, I'm looking over the notes for today, and they're working on a problem and the instructor doesn't even know what he's doing. So finally, I say whatever the problem is supposed to be... and he doesn't understand what I'm saying...which I understand, so he asks me to come up to the board and just write it down. I go up and write the part I was talking about. Well, there was one part that, for about 20 minutes everyone thought was wrong. I mean seriously...they worked through the problem (which did work out the way they did it...but that's only because the factors being used in the problem were 5 and 5... which probably doesn't make much sense to anyone...but that's ok...) the very end of it, someone says "but that's supposed to be negative" ...which is the way I had it written to begin with... But, the instructor didn't even know how to work the problem. AND... it was an odd problem... and in the teacher's version of the book all the answers to the odd questions are in the back of the book.

I'm not trying to "put anyone down" ...I mean, the question was a bit confusing when I did it, it took me about 15 minutes to finally realize what was going on.... I'm just venting.

So... I felt really good about that class after worrying I'd be the stupid one in there.

...and more on common, I was looking through some recipes on the spark site, and I was reading some of the reviews... it's surprising how many people rate the recipe as one star, or "bad" and say "Sounds good, I'm going to try it!!!" can it be bad if you haven't tried it?

My FAVORITE one today was on a macaroni and CHEESE recipe.

ok... Macaroni and CHEESE... what does common sense tell you? has can probably put in whatever pasta you like, right? ...and Cheese. A dairy product, like ice cream. Or milk...or yogurt... I mean, if it was titled " Macaroni and 'Cheese' " ...with cheese in quotes or something, indicating that it were made with fake cheese...this would make sense... but... someone rated it "Bad" because... it's "Not good for lactose intolerant people"

Now, I understand that some lactose intolerant people may like macaroni and cheese too. But I don't really think it's fair to rate something as "bad" just because it has a dairy product in it.

And again, I'm really not trying to put anyone down. I just thought it was amusing.
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  • EEPE27
    LoL. I really could not believe they did that!
    2967 days ago
    Yeah, that's really stupid. Maybe I should go label every single seafood recipe "bad" because I'm allergic to seafood.
    3675 days ago
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