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I Love Yoga

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Went to yoga class today and decided I love yoga. Do you want to know why I love yoga? I love my body the way it is RIGHT NOW when I do yoga. I feel longer and leaner and more graceful and seeing myself that way makes me love myself enough to do truly good things for myself. I love that at yoga class I am supposed to clear everything out of my mind and think about me--about my health--about how my body is working and feeling and what I need to do to help it work and feel better. I love that yoga is an exercise I truly look forward to--so much so that I've starting calling it my "exercise candy." I love that I was brave enough to try something new and totally foreign and that I didn't let myself shrink to the back and leave early. And I love that yoga challenges me to put myself in contortions that seem impossible, but then I try them and they're really not so bad. And I guess that's really it, that my yoga experience has kind of become a metaphor for this whole thing. Me putting myself out there in a new, risky way and somehow succeeding against all the odds. Me loving me enough to take care of me. Me feeling fantastic most of the time now and wondering how I ever put up with how lousy I used to feel. So it's easy for me to love yoga, and easy for me to love the new me that decided to try it in the first place.

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