Sometimes you feel...BLAM!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sometimes you just feel like you've hit a brick wall...that all your momentum has flown south for the winter, like the birds (actually they fly to FL, which means they're here...). I haved eyed this wall quite warily for a few months, and only recently decided to just hit the damn thing and get it over with...OUCH, that hurt, now let's move on....

Dealing with three rather largish issues...

1. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards....hellish amount of work on top of regular teaching, planning, grading (wash, rinse, repeat...what it feels like)...videotaping is a nightmare (I think my camera adds 50 pounds...), my writing is wooden, and I feel like the last four months, I have just read and reread the standards over and over (wash, rinse, repeat) a rut...

2. A sick, now dead, computer at work...unfortunately, this sick computer sucked out nearly an entire semester of lesson plans which I have to rewrite (and this time...hard copies) has corrupted my grades, nearly erased my website, and simply been an agent of mayhem since I moved to the room in which, until recently, it resided...but it's gone now, so Hallelujah!!! Now to deal with the aftermath.....

3. USCIS (also called Immigration)...I never knew there was a part of the government that had more red tape than education...boy, was I wrong...these guys take the cake, hands down! I am starting the process to reunite with my BF, who is English; I am soon to be in a 6 month to possibly 2 year process of endless forms, interviews, and documentation collecting...Immigration sucks the spontaneous romance out of a relationship, let me tell you...But God bless my BF, he still tries to be romantic. It's just a shame that doing this the right way, the LEGAL way, is such a headache...but he's worth every Advil...

And all of this while still trying to lose the last 60 of 140 pounds...makes my head spin sometimes...GET ME OFF THIS TILT-A-WHIRL!!!

But, as I said, now that I have hit the wall, I can let myself just get on with it!!!
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    I'm sorry, Dawn. For some reason, I only just saw this blog. :-( I'm sorry you're having all these headaches, and I'm amazed that you manage to seem so serene. (Are you a duck? :-) Well, I hope you're able to get past these hurdles with a minimum of stress and aggravation. And kudos to you for not turning to food to relieve your anxiety. ((hugs))
    3705 days ago
    "I'm a teacher!" he roared at Harry. "A teacher, Potter! How dare yeh threaten ter break down my door!" --Rubeus Hagrid

    Sometimes you have to keep hitting the wall to get through it. A little perseverance and that bottle of Advil will get you through. Keep faith.
    3709 days ago
  • MCHELLE1971
    Good luck with everything that you're going through right now. Fortunitly, it will all pass and things will calm down for you, hopefully.
    Take care,
    3721 days ago
    Yikes! What a mess! Great attitude though; hit that wall and move on. I hope it all works out (hopefully in the 6 month range and not the 2 years!) and that things get better. I'll be pulling for you!
    3723 days ago
    I'd love to move to England, but no, he is coming here...we've been talking about dual citizenship for each of us, easier to go back and forth since his parent live there...
    3723 days ago
    Good luck with everything! Your world sounds insane like mine!
    3723 days ago
    Oh, its so nice to see a blog from you:) I can't believe all the crap you are dealing with!!!! I can't even imagine losing all that work. We don't have boards here, I was also lucky enough to get my certification before the praxis so I feel for you! So are you becoming a citizen and moving or is he? Congrats either way!!!!
    3724 days ago
    Wow you have a lot on your plate! Hopefully things will start to look up for you and especially for you and your bf! A co-worker of mine is from the Dominican Republic and he has gone through so much and spent so much money on trying to be a citizen the legal way it's just crazy. Hang in there and remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! *hugs*
    3724 days ago
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