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I'm so sad

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My dear friends,
I just don't seem to be able to stop crying. Some of you will know that our dearest little Beanzie was sick. We had brought her to the vet back in August when we returned from holidays in Holland. The prognosis wasn't good. We were told that her liver was failing and she wouldn't live to see Colin when he returned from Japan.

Well, our little furry friend, although she continued to lose weight did live to be there for Colin when he came home - we actually brought her to the airport to welcome him home.

She went back to sleeping on Colins bed - he used to joke and call her "the spouse".

Last week she appeared to be deteriorating very quickly. We brought her to the vet on Monday and Tuesday evening and he took blood tests and took her overnight to run some more tests.

On Friday morning we went down before work to give her some doggy treats only to find that she had passed away peacefully in her sleep. The three of us don't seem to be able to stop crying.

I miss my dear Beanzie so much ......
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    Polly, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Beanzie. It is rough to loss a friend and member of our family which is what fur babies become. Just remember Beanzie will always be with you. Warm hugs from a not to sunny California. ~ Lin

    3364 days ago
    Hi Polly
    I havent met you but i was so touched by your loss of Beanzie.. she sounded like a dearly loved family member.Blesses on her for being so lucky to be loved and cared for by you and I wish her all the best on the next stages of her journey. Blesses
    3612 days ago

    I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our puppy (14 years old!) last November and don't think we will ever get over it. She was our "child". Hugs and thoughts are with you.

    3668 days ago
    I am so sorry. I just read the sad news. I can relate to how sad it is to lose to a fur baby. I had to put my little Agatha(white chihuauha) to sleep on 12/12/07. I know it was the right time for her but it was still very tough. I have shed so many tear for that little sweety. I hope you are doing better. I see that you have a new fur baby. Stay strong and remember all the wonderful things that Beanzie brought to your life. Hugs,hugs and more hugs.

    3708 days ago
    Polly Wolly, I know how it feels to lose a pet. They are so much better than people sometimes. It is a heartbreak to lose a loved one whether it be a person or a pet. I feel for you, my friend, Polly Wolly.
    3714 days ago
    Polly-I am feeling your pain. My old girl is going down fast so this weekend may be it. I wanted my grown kids to have the chance to come over and be with her this weekend. I don'twant her to be suffering so if she's still here by Mon. we may have to go back to the vet one last time.
    3725 days ago
    ive got tears pricking the back of my eyes and a lump in my throat. i sleep with my dear kitty gawry, and worry about her when shes goes out for her ramble. i couldnt imagine losing her.
    im so sorry you lost your dear friend. some people dont understand, but losing a loved animal companion is a bereavement.
    such a sad time to lose her at too. i am so sorry to hear about it.
    i agree with another sparker who said beanzie is still around you. she will sty until you are ready to let her move on.
    take care
    anne marie
    3729 days ago
  • JNEEN1
    My heart and tears are felt with you. To lose a pet is like losing a family member. There is not a lot that I can say to comfort you at this time but I just want you to know that I'm there for you. If you need comfort the offers some comfort and helped my DH and I when we lost Micky(another Border Collie) 5 years ago. Maybe this will help you too. I tried copying and pasting but I couldn't do it. If you need a friend. I'm always here. God bless and take care of you and your family.
    3743 days ago
    I'm soooo sorry to hear about your best friend, Beanzie....I also have to appoligize for being sooo late in responding to such a loving tribute to such a very loved friend....

    I'm sure you'll have days where you're waiting for Beanzie to come around the corner from the kitchen or jump on the clean clothes as you fold them...You have wonderful memories, and they will be in your heart forever...just as Beanzie is...

    I pray that you can move forward and know that Beanzie was so loved, part of the family, and realize that Beanzie knew that in his heart too....

    Someone once said that when they had to put their dog down, that they held him, and they wanted their young child to be part of the passing, that they wanted their son to witness how peaceful it was, and be part of it as a learning experience...while the dog was in the process of going to sleep the mother just looked at her husband and asked "why did he have to go so soon...why couldn't he live longer?" and the small child took his mom's hand and said, "Mommy, people live to be really old because they aren't real smart and it takes that long to learn the things we're suppose to learn, but our Dog was so smart, it didn't take him long at all!" Out of the mouths of babes....

    You go ahead a's good for the soul....and remember Beanzie is right there with you....laying on the couch, even in your just have to be REAL still to hear, feel, and see him....

    Love and prayers.
    3745 days ago
    {{{hugs}}} shares tissue box & tears.... i hope your grief will ease soon and that you'll be able to enjoy all the memories for your life together. i know it feels impossible and it's hard to lose our family like that. i like to think of our furbabies as waiting in the arms of the angels when they sleep, and playing with friends when awake... until we meet again. don't know if you've seen the rainbow bridge. it helped me, although i cried a river...
    e.htm ~ hope it helps :)
    3745 days ago
    Polly and family, Beanzie is still with you. You may hear her bark or feel her presence. This is her way of thanking you for allowing her to be a part of your lives and family. She will not leave you until your pain eases. When you are ready, you must tell her and allow her to move on. In the spring, plant a bush in your garden in memory of her and it shall be called the Beanzie bush. May this message give you strength as it is sent with much love. Hugs, Keke
    3745 days ago
    So sorry for your loss ....Beanzie was well loved and had a wonderful life with you as her best friend. ......I also recently lost a dear pet and I understand. love to you all sallyanne
    3745 days ago
    3746 days ago
    Polly it was lovely to talk with you on the phone tonight and I can tell by your voice that you will be strong. look how we all love you Mammy xx
    3746 days ago
    sweety, I know exactly how you feel i lost my 18 year old cat a couple of years ago and i still think of her and my old dog that i had from the age of three to 20years old we had her cremated and her ashes are downstairs
    she was about my age neither died of sickness but their death still hurts i now have a 15 year old dog who's a lovely dog but he's getting old too i was devastated when both my animals died with my cat i stayed with her until she died so she would not be alone but things will look better soon
    don't you worry HUGS to you.
    3746 days ago
  • FARREN1255
    I'm sorry to hear that your Beanzie is gone. I'm thinking of you and your family.

    3746 days ago
    Hello Polly, I am so sadden that Beanzie is no longer with you. Oh but she is!! Polly, Beanzie will always be in your heart and you in hers. Love never dies Polly and she will always be at your side. One of my babies died 2 years ago and even another came along but her collar is still hanging on the coat rack. Her leash is still hanging with it and her dental bones are still on top of the freezer. Only because I know she is still here with me and I won't let go of that.

    Take care Polly
    Love you
    3746 days ago
    Thinking of you and your Benzie.

    3746 days ago
    My heart goes you to you and your family. Bless you and your memories of Beanzie.
    3746 days ago
  • AVA1967
    I remember loosing my own babies and the deep heart ache, that I felt. I still do sometimes, when I remember them. With my own babies (two wonderful dogs), I learned that sick animals often visit the Spirit world (goes across the Rainbow Bridge) many times, before they finally go there for good. Just like us humans, they find friends to run with and play with there, and they keep their ties of love to us, and visit from time to time. I have found that to be true. We will always remain connected in our hearts. I can only give you my condolences. I know this is a very difficult time. At least she will no longer feel any ailments, and instead be young and healthy again, full of energy and playfulness. My best wishes.
    3746 days ago
  • BUSYMOM206
    Polly, I'm so sorry to hear of your dear one departing. However, she did surprise everyone not once, but twice. First time when she held on for Colin. Which, if her prognosis wasn't good, took a lot of effort on her part...kudos to her! The second time was when she went out on her own terms. Peacefully in ones sleep is, I'm fairly sure, how everyone wants to go. I can't imagine animals being any different. Kudos to her again! Sad that you couldn't be with her. But again, she did it on her terms and she wouldn't want you to be sad.
    3746 days ago
    Polly my heart breacks for you and your family.
    Remember that you took loving care of Beanzie.
    I wish I was there just hold you and let you cry on my shoulder.
    3747 days ago
    Polly, I am sorry for your loss of a loyal and beloved family member. My thoughts are with you and your family.
    3747 days ago
    Polly, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Beanzie. I know what you're going through, and sad to say that my own beloved cat Muffin is going through the same type of thing. It is heart breaking to watch your pets deteriorate in health. I'm glad that Beanzie passed peacefully. Know that you gave her a wondeful life and gave her as much love that she gave to you.
    Big hugs to you Polly.
    3747 days ago
    POLLY i am sorry for your loss xxx My dog is not looking well, they are like your children, you are lucky you have friends who care & love you xxx as you know some people think they are only pets, they dont know until they have a pet and lose it xx My other dog when i lived at home passed away when i was 14 the pain was unbearable i am here if u need to talk love mary xxxxxx
    3747 days ago
    Polly I have tears in my eyes while I type here. It is never easy trying to find the right words t say. Saying I Love you Polly will not change things for you. But I do love you and so do many more. Again that fact does not change things or take away your pain. When I returned home today I had mail waiting for me from the lovely KeKe alerting me to yor blog. See how many people care about you.

    Beanzie is now at peace and you have a broken heart I'm sure Colin and Stan the man will also be upset. Bless you all Polly.
    I'm sure you will all help each other to deal with the sadness. Time will pass and hurts will heal it is the way of life. You will draw from your inner strength and by doing this you will be able to cope. Just remember Polly that you all loved Beanzie and in turn Beanzie loved you all. So while you were all together what a wonderful love you all shared.

    Polly Always your special friend forever Mammy
    3747 days ago
  • KOOCH4



    3747 days ago
    Dearest Polly, I am so sorry to hear the news of your loss. *Open arms for a big hug*. Now it is your turn to come and cry on my shoulders as you've allowed me to with you. I am here for you my dear friend. Hugs, Keke
    3747 days ago
    I am so sorry. Dogs have such a short life compared to humans yet they become so much part of the family.

    3747 days ago
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