Who would have believed it?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Honestly?... if anyone had told me 2 years ago that I'd be regularly swimming 50 laps at this point in my
life I would have laughed in their face (rude, huh?... it's a control thing... *sly grin*). But here I am, swimming my goal, 3 times a week.

I started out swimming in May of 2007 with pain and breathing problems out the wazoo. But how I got started is kinda cute, actually... the whole pool thing started with a challenge from my mother. Mom & I decided to check out the "big" pool shortly after we joined the health club for water therapy. Mom said "grab a lane and swim a few, Juanita." Come to think of it, I DID laugh. And then she did that 'mom thing'... you know? The thing where they raise one eyebrow and give you the look? So naturally I said "sure, Mom, no prob" and off I went. Three gasping near-death lengths of the pool later, I told myself "NEVER AGAIN!" But 2 days later - having finally caught my breath - I tried again. Go figure! I made it 4 lengths but again swore to myself that it wasn't worth the pain. And yet, I came back 2 days later and tried again. I'm not sure when I first did 10 laps, but I can tell you that everyone in my family heard about it. *wink* Every trip to the pool, I tried to do a little bit better, either with distance, time, or technique. I pushed myself. It was something I really wanted. As a swim team mom, I watched my kids compete. I never got tired of watching them swim. Maybe swimming brings back those days. Or maybe I push myself because I COULDN'T swim back then. I was a heavy smoker and I struggled with breathing even walking through the mall. November the 15th was the 6th anniversary of the end of my smoking habit. And now, I can swim.

To be a better swimmer, I've spent hours studying freestyle and back stroke technique, and I've watch all the instruction videos I can find. I also do upper body strengthening to make my pulls stronger, and I've "way-upped" my resistance on the stationary bike and work out on the elliptical trainer at least once a week to strengthen my legs. I walk and/or jog 2 or 3 times a week, as well. The folks at the gym tell me often that I'm "on a mission". Maybe I am. It's been 6 and half months since I started swimming. I never would have believed that I could have improved like I have - not at my age and weight. It's something I thank God for every day, and is, to me, clear evidence that He is still in the miracle business.

I attend a senior water sculpting class with my mom after I swim my laps, to support and encourage her in her therapy (who am I kidding? I love the class!), and it's full of awesome folks that are all pulling for me. Every time I get to class, they ask me "How many today?" And "how much weight have you lost this week?" Can I ask for more encouragement then that? And yet, I have Spark People, too.

I am truly blessed.
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    50 Laps you have got to be kidding me, if I did 2 laps, I know I would die! That is incredible. I love how you started with your swimming, what a great story. Kudos to you mom!!!! Keep it up, you are awesome!!!
    3773 days ago
  • G.I.JANE
    Wow! You are doing great!!...!!!!! Congrats : )
    3776 days ago
    ps, I love, Love, *LOVE * that picture you attached to your blog!!
    3777 days ago
    Awesome post, Juanita!! You're *such* an inspiration!! I was gonna blow off my cardio on my exercise bike tonight, but you reminded me that I'm "on a mission," albeit a soggy one (*wink*), too. ......... The folks in your water sculpting class sound a lot like "my" seniors. They are so motivational b/c of their support. I have to laugh, tho, b/c at lunch Friday, one of my regulars, who had to miss b/c of a dr appt, asked me "how many" from across the dining room. I naturally thought she was talking laps, so I motioned back, 22 & then patted myself on the back. She came over after she was finished & said she thought I was fibbing b/c I can't take more than 20 on the bus! She was asking "how many" folks went that day! Ha! *blush* ......... Keep up the good work, my friend. Me? I'm pushing to half your 50 Wednesday! ........... Swim on! ~Nancy
    3777 days ago
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