Another day, another chance

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Last blog was a bit down, and while I don't have anything specific to say today, I feel I can't leave the most recent blog sitting there like that.

I can't say I bounced back well from the weekend. I had a big cookie on Monday, and a scone on Tuesday. These are 'sometimes foods' that I might have every now and then, but following that weekend, and each other, not a good plan. As in, they're not taboo, they're okay once a week or so, but having just eaten an entire large pizza, it probably would've been best not to have them.

And exercise-wise, I'm still playing catch-up. I didn't get much Monday night, and Tuesday's cardio class was only 45m, not 60, to allow for some abs work. I planned for a 30m walk each day at lunch, but it's been raining so I haven't gone. So when you consider I'm eating at the top of my range, calculated for an hour a day of exercise, I'm probably still not making as good decisions as I could.

But, another day, another chance, right? I did get some C25K training in on Monday, took a half hour off work to get it done. I think I kind of need to kick-start again on the eating well and getting exercise thing.

I did find myself yesterday thinking that I miss the old ways. I liked being fat. I mean, I didn't like being a large size, but I enjoyed eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and however much of it I wanted. I don't like having to restrict myself. While I try not to deny myself anything because that leads to binging, I do have to restrict my food quite a bit on old habits to meet new calorie ranges. It's a permanent thing - it's just "healthy eating", not a restrictive diet, but it's a change to what I'm used to, and it's hard at times.

But I'm not giving up. I didn't enjoy being large. I like eating, but it has consequences I do not want. I am enjoying being thinner and fitting smaller sized clothes. I'm also enjoying being more active.

Actually, I think maybe the lack of exercise is what's led to the eating and the feeling of "I wish it was like before". I have also been just generally feeling down. A colleague asked me yesterday "What's wrong, you look like death?" I said "I feel like death". Nothing was wrong. No specific reason to be down. I just felt 'blah'. I think the lack of endorphins has done this. If I get going with the exercise again, I will feel better, I will be more upbeat, I will eat better.

It's hailing right now. I'll start later. ;)
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    sometimes your body can use a short break like this. I do it regulary and find it helps me avoiding to stay too long at the same weight, while still dieting.
    I eat a whole large pizza once a month and I allow myself some treat every day. Dark chocolate helps with the endorphines and is not too bad for you.
    I hope your mood in general gets better - I came to like you a lot and enjoy your sense of humor.
    I wish you sunshine and always keep that hot chocolate with the natter ready for you!
    3749 days ago
    ha ha..that last line just says it doesn't it! I hear you Uni! I know you well enough now to know this is a temporary slump...by the end of your blog you'd made a decision to improve...just like the girl I know. :) Let me know what I can do to help motivate...
    3750 days ago
    We are here for you if you need anything.
    3750 days ago
    Hang in There! I know exactly how you feel. But this time will pass. And you have come sooooo far. Sometimes I think we need these little set backs to kind of give us a kick in the butt and get us gong again.
    You might try something I did which was make a list of all the good things and bad things going on right now. For me it was a wake up call and I was able to stop being o negitive an was being more positive.
    Good luck and remember I am here to support you!!!

    3750 days ago
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