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Monday, September 03, 2007

We were discussing this in my LJ weightloss community and I think it's a good list and I want to share it over here too!

Top 10 things that I TOTALLY wasn't expecting weight loss to change about me:

1. Clothing. I never really cared about it before. Now I kinda like it because it accents my smaller body. I might even enjoy shopping, and I actually wore a DRESS of my own volition once. I sometimes even go out of my way to dress up nicely and look good!

2. Being cold. All. The. Time. I'm always cold. I like it insanely warm. I don't understand, I used to like it very cold, and I was always hot. Now I'm wearing a sweater and shivering at normal room temperature.

3. Being able to walk up stairs without getting out of breath. I always thought that you were supposed to be out of breath after going up stairs. My mom always was, and I've never NOT been until now. Still kinda amazes me that now when I get out of the subway I'm barely breathing faster than normal.

4. Energy. I thought I had a lot of energy before, but WOW I have energy now. I can spend hours and hours on my feet and not feel tired. And not have sore feet or knees. It's a great feeling!

5. Looking fit/feeling like I fit in at the gym. It's really nice. I know I'm still heavy, but I look fit. I've got muscles, I can run on the treadmill and use any piece of gym equiptment with good form. I'm a "regular" at the gym... people nod and smile when they see me. It's a good feeling, feeling like I belong.

6. Confidence. I thought I was just a "type B personality"... but I'm not. I've suddenly become really outgoing and friendly and enjoy starting conversations with random people. Maybe part of it is just getting ready for my career which involves a lot of talking to people. But I enjoy interacting with people, and I love talking about health, nutrition, and weight loss.

7. Healthy food. There are so many delicious things that I'd never tried until I started trying to lose weight. I don't know how I was living mostly on pasta before... my skills at cooking have improved so much since starting to lose weight. I loved cooking and food before, and I love it even more now. There is nothing more satisfying than getting some excellent fresh veggies and making them in such a way that their tastiness is highlighted. I am so happy that I'm taking the time and effort to eat the best possible foods.

8. Motivation at work. Now that I learned how to do this difficult thing that takes a lot of commitment and dedication, I'm ready to move on to doing more. I know how to handle a daunting problem and overcome it. One step at a time!

9. Outdoors! I grew up in a not-so-safe neighborhood in Manhattan where it wasn't safe to go outside to walk. Now I live in Boston and I'm getting over that deep rooted worry of being mugged or raped or murdered. I love how I live near parks, and how everything is withing walking distance here. I can point to something and walk there, or run there, or bike there! I can look at a map, pick a route, and bike! I can pick out something fun to do and then do it! Hiking, skiing, anything really. I'm fit and I'm happy and I've got wonderful friends who put up with my desire to do things on mountains. All things I could never do in NYC because nobody had a car, and school trips were few and far between. I love planning adventures!

10. Saying "no, I'm not interested". It's something I've been learning how to do. Whether to food or to men who aren't worth it. It feels good knowing that I can make choices and that it's OK for me to have an opinion. Rawr.
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    I am new to this site and stumbled across your page. What an inspiration. I loved your list. I'm very impressed by your life-changing experience. I've really never had to 'watch my weight' until recently, as I've gotten older. I have lost 18 lbs and want to lose 10 more, but I can relate to your list...even though my accomplishment pales in comparison. Congrats on going for...and getting!...the 'you' you knew you were. :)
    3603 days ago
    What a wonderful list! Thank you for generating it. You have given me a lot to think about at a time when I need to re-commit to my program. Ann
    3810 days ago
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